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Devouring sweethearts taut fuck holes smalltits homemade
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Naruto:Kyuubi Secrets Ch.2:The Kyuubi's Power ******************************************** Naruto snatched his hand away and shouted out in surprise. He instinctively hit the fox. "What the hell was that for?!?" The fox snarled, and bit Naruto's hand. Naruto held his hand for a minute, and then asked,"What are you two?" At that time, the other fox stirred, and got up. The one fox that was speaking to Naruto looked at him and said,"Take a look. There's two white foxes, with four red-tipped tails each, that mystically appeared when you preformed a Kage-Bushin using the Kyuubi chakra.

It's not that hard." Naruto looked for a minute, then cautiously asked,"Are you two, like, mini-Kyuubis?" "Look sis! Naruto isn't as stupid as he looks!" The fox said sarcastically, looking at the fox lying peacefully on the ground. "Wait, you two are brother and sister?" Naruto asked in surprise."So, I had two demons inside of me this whole time?" This time, the girl fox stood and spoke."Well, yes and no.

The Kyuubi is made up of two parts; a girl part and a boy part. Each has four tails, and the ninth tail bonded us together madelyn black stockings white pearls white creampie create the nine-tails, Kyuubi." Then the boy fox spoke."Yeah, what she said us true. The part you always spoke to was me, and the one in charge of lending you chakra was her." Naruto sat there, then said,"That's really cool, in a weird kind of way.

So, each of us have a third of the Kyuubi's chakra, right?" "Correct," the girl fox said."But, that amount is still 10-fold compared to a Kage's chakra." "So, in other words, if you can use the Kyuubi chakra efficiently, you would be about 10 times stronger then Tsunade, that excuse of a Hokage," the boy fox said smirking.

"So, I could be Hokage just because of my ability to control Kyuubi chakra?" Naruto asked, while totally excited.

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"Yep," the two foxes answered in unison. "Woohoo!!! Then let's get training," Naruto exclaimed."I'll be Hokage in no time!!!" Both foxes sighed, as the boy said,"That's sort of what we could do. All though it would really help if Jiraiya was here to supervise.but anyways, of you only care about training, let's go!!" "Wait," the girl said."Naruto, you may be wondering why we only have four tails, right? Well, as you should know, the Kyuubi is a nine-tailed beast, and 4+4 only equals 8.

We are still bonded to you by the ninth tail." As Naruto listened to the explanation, his face slowly lit up in a way of understanding."Oh, I get it!! So, if the ninth tail was released, you two would be morphed together, as the full Kyuubi?" "That's right," the male fox said."Now can we get to training?" "Alright!!

Let's do this thing!" Naruto exclaimed, jumping up and running around excitedly. ******************************************** Three hours later. Naruto was breathing heavy and holding his side as the boy fox sat on his hind legs and said,"Well, that wraps up today's training!" Naruto let out a sigh and said,"Finally!!" as he fell back, drenched in sweat.

Both foxes broke out in laughter as Naruto stood, and they walked into town. As Naruto breathed in the fresh night air, he felt someone's presence. Directly after that, a kunai, with an explosive tag strapped to the back, landed right in front of Naruto. "Scatter!!!" He yelled out, and he and the foxes got as far away as possible from the tag.

After the debris from the explosion cleared, in it's place stood two Sound Village nins. "So, you're Uzumaki Naruto? You're not that much," the bigger ninja said, cracking his knuckles. On his left arm was a metal tube-like object, with holes poked all throughout it. "Yeah, but he is the Kyuubi's container, so he may be a threat," said the other one as he put on a pair of gloves, with metal padding on the back, and chakra-controlling inscriptions carved into them.

"Who the hell are you and what do you want?!" Naruto yelled out, reaching for a kunai. "Well, we're the Asakuzu brothers, and we're here on strict orders to, let's say, dispose of you," the small brother said as he peeled back the fingertips on his gloves, revealing on each finger, a piece of thread that extended 1 foot out. Naruto stood there dumbfounded as the small brother said,"Let's roll," and the larger brother charged at Naruto.

As he ran full-speed, his metal arm back, about to throw a punch, he swooshed his arm. A sound that sounded like that of a wind privatecom hardcore dp with lucia love cream pie european, with air being rushed through it, erupted from the mechanism on his arm.

The threads immediately shot straight out, and the inscriptions began glowing. He started moving in an ornate patern moving his fingers in an odd way. Naruto soon felt his eardrums get under immense pressure, then right before they popped, he built up his chakra in his ears, serving as mia khalifa an julinna vigs xnxxxx fresh and lengthi storys sort of earplug.

He quickly created a clone and ran at the smaller brother while forming a Rassengan. Right before Naruto hit him, he turned and directed the sound at the spinning ball of chakra. Naruto the heard the Rassengan whistle, and as he looked down, it spun out of control, and exploded in Naruto's hand, sending him flying backwards, unconscious, and sending the clone exploding into a cloud of smoke.

As Naruto crashed into a wall, both foxes stood in front of him and growled.

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The larger brother laughed and threw a quick punch at the male fox. The brother felt his hand hit a chakra shield of immense power, and then he was quickly blow away, and slammed into the ground 20 feet away.

He got up and growled as he screamed and charged at the foxes. The boy fox sighed as he closed all four of his tails, making one sort of pod, around a small ball of slowly swirling Kyuubi chakra. As the larger brother continued his charge, red demon chakra began leaking from the tail-capsule, and when the brother was 10 feet away, the boy fox snarled loudly and roared as he opened up his four tails, and a giant red Kyuubi Rassengan exploded out and slammed into the Sound nin's chest.

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He grunted in surprise as the Rassengan exploded in a flash of red, gloomy light, and recondensed, hitting and reexploding on the brother once more. "Well, one down, one measly one too go," the fox said."Hey, sis, lend me some chakra." "Sure thing," she said as a tendril of chakra crept out of the female fox's chakra shield, and attached itself to the boy fox's.

ince beli kaln kalcal byk dsl kiz sex he grunted as he ran at the brother, full speed. As the small brother began moving again in his ornate pattern, the boy fox saw his chakra shield cracking around him, due to the sound frequencies.'Shit,' he thought, as he jumped, and his chakra evaporated around him.

Before he could finish the attack, the fox was flung at the wall, landing with a thump next to Naruto. "Brother!!!" the girl fox screamed, then she faced the small man."You're going to pay." He laughed as he began changing the frequencies, and that's when the girl fox yelled out, and a small 'Rassengan bullet', attached to a beam of pure Kyuubi chakra shot out of her chakra shield.

While the man looked on in surprise, the 'bullet' hit him, and went right through him. He then looked up, and began laughing hysterically."Was that really supposed to hurt?!" He laughed as the girl fox grinned and said,"No, but this will." At that exact moment, the beam bent and turned to face the man's back.

As it made contact, it exploded, completely demolishing the country road back to the town. She quickly ran over, and woke both Naruto and her brother, telling them what happened.

Naruto then took each fox, and with one on each shoulder, he ran back to the hotel room, and toldJiraiya the story. AsJiraiya was out scouting, Naruto laid down, and the boy fox left through the window.

"Does he always do that?" Naruto asked, while lying on the bed. "Well, it is one of his habits," she answered, lying on the cabinet. "Hey, what's your name?" Naruto asked as he looked over at her. She looked up in surprise and said,"My name? Well, my name's Nya, and my brother is Kubu." "Nya and Kubu?

Those are interesting names," Naruto said tiredly. "Hmm. Hey Naruto?" she said after a minute. "Yeah, Nya?" "Can I sleep over on the bed next to you? I mean, it's just really cold over here." "That's totally fine," Naruto said as he moved over, and Nya jumped up on the bed. On the verge of sleep, Naruto stroked Nya's ear, and mumbled,"Nya and Kubu." He then directly fell asleep, with Nya snuggled into his side for warmth.

******************************************** Well, that's chapter two, everyone!

Hope you enjoyed it, and to clear up this tiny little problem. At the end of the first chapter, I said there wouldn't be any sex. What I meant to say was the sex will more or less begin in the third chapter. So, with that out of the way, all I want to say is good reading, and please review!!!!! PLEASE!!!! -UnknownRocker321