Hazed teen rides strapon reality and amateur

Hazed teen rides strapon reality and amateur
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GIFT FOR VALENTINES DAY It all started a few months ago when we went to the doctors office and my wife met Dr Miller. One look at Dr Miller and you knew she preferred women. She had very short and neatly trimmed blonde hair.

She stood about 5'5" and 110 pounds. She carried herself like a man but had just enough feminism to know she was a woman. The cute Dr made my wife stop and notice, as I soon found out why.

My wife asked me when we left if I thought Dr Miller was cute? I told her yes and she replied, " I thought she was and she even made me wet, if I was ever going to be with a woman it would be her." I never knew my wife felt that way and it made me jealous at first, but as I thought about it awhile it actually turned me on to think about watching my wife with another woman.

That is when I got the idea for a surprise Valentine for my wife. My wife's name is Kim, she is 5'11"with long blonde hair and legs that never end. She has large 44D breasts and a perfectly round ass.

She turns heads every where we go and carries herself very sexy. Her face is that of an angel that you can never get tired of looking at. This is the story of what I set up for my wife to have a very special Valentines Day.

"Sweety, I booked us a room at the Fantasy Inn in Lake Tahoe for Valentines Day this year." She looked at me and smiled, "sounds like fun, I will be looking forward to it." The day finally arrived and we had just checked into our room, it was beautiful.

Everything was in red velvet and in the middle of the room was a huge heart shaped bed, in the corner was a Jacuzzi large enough for 4 people. A large flat screen TV was on the wall visible from the entire room. The shower was clear glass with 2 shower heads opposite each other. If it wasn't for our dinner reservations in 30 min. we would have jumped in the Jacuzzi. Off we went to our candle lit dinner and several cocktails.

I knew our time schedule for the evening and was trying to keep the surprise by staying on time. We returned to the room at 9:00 pm and decided to hit the hot tub as we shed our clothes and I watched my gorgeous wife step into the bubbling water. I opened the champagne and we toasted to the beginning of a great evening. After our toast Kim asked, "what do you mean beginning, isn't the night about over?" "No my Love it is just getting started." She looked at me like I was a brick short of a full load as she picked up the remote and turned the TV to one of the 2 porn channels.

"Now this is what I call relaxing, a good porn, soothing bubbles in a candle lit room." Kim replied. At 9:45 I suggested we move to the bed and escorted my sexy wife over to the soft heart shaped bed. I told her to lie on her back and I gently tied her to the bed with soft velvet cloth and told her to relax and enjoy the night was all about her pleasure.

I started slowly running a large soft feather up and down her body, circling her nipples as I watched them stiffen and become erect. Then I moved it slowly down her flat stomach and over her soft shaven pussy on down each of her legs to her feet. I then replaced the feather with light strokes of of my fingers stopping to part her pussy lips ant circle her now hardening clit as my tongue licked circles around her nipples.

She quickly had an orgasm as she bit her lip and raised her pelvic off the bed with a low whining moan of pleasure. Just then there was a knock on the door. Kim was startled and said, "Please don't answer it cock loving milf slut blows off hard fat cock me tied up like this." "Relax it is probably just more drinks from room service, I will take it at wild legal age teenager beauties play dykes door." I opened the door and right on Que was Dr Miller, "I did not know you made house calls Doc." "I am here to give Kim her physical as she is due." Dr Miller entered the room and there is no doubt of Kim's surprise as she was as red as the room she was in.

My wife was in no position to do anything but lay there. "What do you think doc?" I asked.

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"Well she looks beautiful and healthy but her complexion is a little red so I am going to have to give her a thorough exam." She set her medical bag down on the bed next to Kim and pulled out her stethoscope and placed it on Kims left nipple. I sat down on the bed to watch as Dr Miller then pulled a small vibrator out of her bag and step father stole my pants sliding it up and down Kims pussy lips. "Yes, her heart is picking up pace quite nicely, I will be able to continue the exam." Said the doc.

My cock was very hard as I watched this woman run the vibrator up and down my wifes body, circling her hard nipples and parting her pussy lips and then circling her clit.

My wifes hips began to move in sink with the docs motions and I new she was about barbara dare jerry butler jon martin in classic xxx scene theclassicporn and vintage cum. "Not yet honey, we can't let any of your sweet nectar go to waist." Replied the doctor as she put a heart shaped pillow under Kims ass to raise her as she slid her tongue into my wifes wet wanting pussy.

The vibrator was working her clit as the mouth of the doc was sliding a tongue as deep as she could to suck my wifes cum as she let loose with a huge orgasm. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!UUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM" Kim moaned as her body shook and quivered. The doc now took a large rubber dildo from her bag that had two heads on it and slowly started pushing one end into my wifes dripping wet pussy. She untied my wifes legs so she could spread them wider and Kim took full advantage as she took as much of it in as she could.

After achieving max penetration she let the dildo lie still as she stood and undressed herself revealing a nice petite hard body with very small breasts that had tiny hard nipples and a pure blonde pussy that she kept nice and trimmed. She grabbed the unoccupied end of the rubber dick and shoved it up her already wet pussy and they began to fuck each other in rhythm as my wife cried out for me to release her hands. I quickly obliged and she reached for the docs hard little tits and began to squeeze and caress them.

Kim then asked me to squeeze her huge tits together and suck both nipples hard and I very delightfully did so. Kim had already cum twice and I could tell another was building in her. The doc now took the small vibrator and started running circles around Kims clit as they fucked each other, they were fucking each other so hard that their pussies would touch.

I felt Kims body start to shake as she let out a scream of pure delight and came so hard she soaked the bed. She told me to lick all her juices from her slit as the doc continued to fuck her.

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I savored every last delicious drop of cum into my mouth as I sucked up every sweet bit of her taste. Seeing my wife have such a major orgasm sent sudden waves of pleasure thru the doctor as she began to release her juices onto the rubber dildo she was sliding in and out of both pussies.

They continued to fuck each other as Kim undressed me to get access to my very rigid cock. As soon as my cock was exposed she wasted no time pulling it to her mouth and she started sucking it, first the head and then all the way till my balls were resting on her face.

She sucked hungrily as her hands rubbed and squeezed the docs tits. Doc slowly released her brazzers dirty student fuch school xxx grip on the rubber dick and slowly pulled it from my wifes dripping cunt. She then started kissing the inside of Kims knees down her thighs to her wet pussy lips as I watched her tongue slide up and down the parted wet slit, stopping only to stick her tongue deep inside her honey hole to lick all the sweet juices that were flowing.

The sounds of my wife moaning in pleasure and seeing her pussy being eaten were so hot I could feel myself swelling in my wifes mouth and when doc started circling Kims clit with her tongue and Kim started to have yet another orgasm as her pussy vigorously was pumping docs face, I released my load of cum down her throat as she swallowed every drop and sucked all she could out of me.

I pulled out of her mouth and sat back in the chair as I continued to watch my wifes pussy be licked and sucked by a very cute doctor. Kim reached over and pulled the doc on top of her and buried her face into the wet blonde muff. She had always said she could never eat pussy, it must have been the heat of the moment, because Kim was diving in like a pro as her tongue was sliding up and down the bright pink slit.

Doc started grinding her mound faster and harder onto my wifes mouth as a wave of numbness started in her spine and covered her whole body and she exploded into my wifes mouth. She came so much my wife had to swallow quickly to stop from losing any of the sweet nature flooding her mouth. This sent Kim into a frenzy of several orgasms that lasted continuously for several beautiful girls take care of big cocks, each stronger than the other.

Doc could not swallow all of Kims cum as it just flowed out her pussy and soaked the bed and her face. Kim andy san dimas horny brunette in lingerie me over to her and said, "I need your hard cock in me now, FFFUUUUUCCKKK me hard now, pleassseeee fuck me. I slammed it in all the way and she kept sucking and licking on the docs cunt as my cock pounded her pussy for all it was worth.

I fucked and she sucked for several minutes and then as if in unison we all came at the same time and then collapsed on the bed and fell asleep all cuddled together with my beautiful sexy wife in the middle.

A few hours later I woke to find the doc and my wife in the shower washing each other. This was hot, seeing my wife rubbing soap all over a cute blonde and watching my wifes body being soaped by another woman. My cock grew hard at this very hot event as I enjoyed the view. Docs hands rubbed soap all over my wifes big tits and Kim returned the favor as the each enjoyed each other. Then the doc using the pulsating shower head started rinsing Kims pussy and when the water hit my wifes clit I could see her knees buckle.

Doc stayed around the clit for a couple of minutes and then replaced the pulsating water with her tongue, Kims head tilted back and her eyes closed as it was obvious she was in great pleasure. Kim started pumping her pussy faster into docs face as doc took her finger and slid it into Kims tight pussy.

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Kim reached down and pulled docs head hard into her muff as she screamed and shot her hot sweet juice all over the docs face. Doc then had Kim bend over the shower stool with her nice round ass in the air as she started rubbing a vibrator up and down my wifes still throbbing pussy lips, every third or forth stroke the toy would penetrate into her tight hole. After several minutes of the pussy being toy fucked the doc slowly moved the vibrator up and entered my wifes ass with it and put her face into my wifes muff and started licking her gash as she fucked her ass with the vibrator.

Kim motioned for me to come in the shower and sit under her so she could suck my cock. With every thrust of the vibrator into my wifes ass hole, my cock was swallowed to its end and it was not long before I blew my hot cum into her mouth as she swallowed every last drop. She then sunny leone very hard fucked porn beeg download a major orgasm that caused her to collapse onto the floor of the shower.

The doc helped her to the bed where they continued to suck and fuck each other the rest of the night. When I woke up in the morning the doc was gone and my wife layer cuddled next to me with the biggest smile on her face I have ever seen.

My wife has told me that it was the best night of her life and our sex life has been great ever since. She says she feels closer to me than ever before because she knows it took a lot of love for me to give her such a Valentines gift.

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