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Another cock for her twat hardcore blowjob
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As my eyes slowly opened, the smell of blood filled the air. I didn't remember how I got here or where I was but I wanted to leave. I realized I was surrounded by tree's and I could hear a steady stream nearby.

I struggled against the ropes that bound my hands above my head but they didn't budge. Some other girls were beside me but they appeared to out cold. My arms and legs were hurting as they started to go numb. The sun was getting lower behind the tree's as I heard a wolf howl close to me.

I looked around to see were it was but the only thing I saw were limbs. A large creature stepped out from behind the tree's.

In the back of my head I knew that I should be terrified by him, but it was like the animal had me under his control as he gracefully glided toward me. I saw that he had large scares across his face and along his body. He stood on two legs as he neared me and howled out as more creatures came forward. I heared a scream from beside me as I relized that the others were wide awake and terrified.

The creatures began to turn into something more human like. "Its been a long time since I last saw you Revy. What the hell do you think your doing out here on such a dark and cold night?" said the largest creature.

A chill run down my back as the creature turned to full human form and their before me was Trey. "I never thought that I would have the pleasure of seeing you again." He run his hands down my face and let his sharp nails scratch their way down to my stomache.

"You don't look all that happy to see us." The other creatures started to laugh. "I.let me go!" I pulled hard against the ropes but I had no luck. Trey hit me hard. "I don't think i'll be doing that," he spoke with a hate-filled tone "your way to valuble to me for that. As you probably already no that last attack on the werewolf world was with gas filled bombs. The gas did nothing till about a month ago.

All of our females started getting sick and they all died. We came to earth to gather more females to breed with and we chose all of your group." I felt my heart stop as he spoke those words.

Trey cut the ropes and we all fell to the ground.

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The other male creatures began to fight over who they wanted as Trey grabbed me for himself. They lead us all down a small valley and down the river banks to a small cave.

A faint purple glow cam from the cave. Tyson, one of the other creatures, spoke "This is the way back our world. When we get their you are to stay behind Trey. Don't look or talk to anybody or you might get killed." We entered the cave one at a time. When we came out the sky was dark. Smoke filled th air. Eye's from everywhere turned and watched.

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Growls escaped their mouths. Trey lead us up to a castle. It was very dark with several tree's in the front. "Here's your room's. Their not fancy or anything but it's all any of you need. Revy come with me." I followed Trey down a long hallway and we stopped infront of a large door. He pushed it open and I let out a little gasp when I saw all the weapons and armor. He pushed me down on the bed and started to kiss me.

I pushed him away but he grabbed my arm and hit me across my face. I started to get tears in my eyes as I spoke to him in "Please.please Trey don't do this to me." Blood started to run down my arm as he sank is claws slutty lesbian babes are opening up and fist fucking anals deeper.

"And why not?" he growled at me. "I will mate with you rather you want it or not." I begain to cry harder as he rubbed my neck. "Just do it and get it over with." I knew that their was no way I could fight him and I would be the only one hurt. He began to smile and rub against my body. This body was warm against me and I could feel him breathing on me. He pushed me down on my back. He started to kiss me along my jaw line and on my lips.

I put my arms around him and pulled him close to me. He saw suprised but not for long. His hand found it's way to my shirt as he started to undo the buttons. My shirt fell to the floor. I lifted his shirt over his head as he undone my pants and his soon followed. His cock was still the same as it use to be. I took the tip of it into my mouth and stared to move my tounge in circles. He started to grow harder. My body wanted him in me and he new it.

He moved over me and slowly but it cock deep in me. He worked slowly first but as he thrust he became more wolf like.

His cock grew from 13 in to 16 in. I was in so much pain I couldn't speak. Soon he was moving so fast I couldn't keep up with him. I began to whisper out his name.

He released his seed deep into me. I fell limp in his arms as he pulled out. I was covered in sweat. He help me against him as he turned back to human form. We were both breathing heavily. He spoke to me heavily "Did I hurt you?" I could barely speak "A little bit but i'll be ok." He looked deep in my eyes. He looked kinder then what he use to be. "I love you Trey and I always have." He smiled at me.

"Sleep now my little Revy. Your transformation will began soon." I feel asleep on those words.