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Sex com sakse vedesex stories
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When I was 10 years old (this is as far back as I can remember coherently and clearly), I used to live with my Aunty in a house in Farmborough. I lived with my cousins, who were all pretty, and mainly girls. But this story revolves around one who was the youngest, but then older then me. She was 15 at the time. I remember when my mother used to run my bath, it was my favourite time, The smells of bath oils and scents and the toys I used to play with brought me great pleasure. I (funnily) used to wear underwear in the bath as I had grown up doing this since I used to live in central america and we had to bathe in the river.

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This was a regular occurence, and I look back at it and still get a raging erection. My younger cousin Anneta used to come in while I was in the bath, and use the toilet. Sometimes she would even get in to have a bath with me. My mother thought nothing of this, as we were too young to big tits redhead milf fucking big dick bedroom do anything. Or so she thought,she left us completely alone.

Whenever she got on the toilet, I used to get excited. Looking at her naked hips as she leaned forward. And listening to her wee trickling down the seat. I always used to say to her, "Why cant you wee standing up?" and she used to laugh and come close to me and say ; "This is why" and push her little split in front of my face.

I used to laugh and thought nothing of it. But I know my little penis was always hard. In the bath there was always a set of bath paints, which I used to use to draw funny faces on myself. But it was my favourite when Anneta came in, as she used to sit with her back to me and let me draw on her back. She had to guess what I was drawing. She never had any knickers on, and I loved to get as close as I could to her, with my knees up against her bum. This particular time she was in the bath, I had been restless all day.

Id had a hard on for 2 hours, and though I didnt know how to masturbate yet, my instinctive urges TOLD me there was something I had to do to feel so good or better.

Little did I realise this was the night I would find out. It started out by using the bath paints, but for some reason this time I sat with my legs around Anneta's naked body. And I found my little hard on was getting very big and swollen. I had no hair then and the tip of my penis was wonderfully sensitive and erogenous, and knowing now if I had rubbed it 3 times then I would have come everywhere.

I found that it had nestled into the split of her bum, and then she said; "Mm your pretty big for a little boy arent you. You shouldnt be getting excited you know its naughty." I had no idea what she was talking about, but all of a sudden I started rubbing against her bum crack.

"Ohh keep doing that" she said with a little moan, it felt so good. I remembered the feeling though not as good, like when I used to be in class and the teacher told us to do some work, and if I didnt understand I used to squeeze my legs together and it made everything feel better. She then turned round, which was unusual because she had always been very good and never shown me her front body before.

She pulled my pants off, and I didnt resist, because she was older and maybe she knew how to make me feel amazing.

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"Mmm you've got no hair on your fat little cock" she said. Then she lied down so she was on her belly in the bath and her legs were up and I could see her pretty pink soles of her feet. Id always found them attractive, even when I was that age. Just then she suddenly bent down and kissed the top of my dick.

"Ooh it tastes salty", then she squeezed it really hard. Im sure I orgasmed there and then but because it was my first time I could have done it so much more. She gasped as some clear fluid came out, which she promptly smeared over her hand, then took it up and licked it off with her young little tongue.

I hadnt started developing sperm yet, and it is clear as water. Then Anetta took my cock in her mouth, the feeling of her warm tongue against the base of my sensitive glans felt so good.

She started sucking and gulping, and because my cock was just thick and had not much length to it, she found she could bend down and put my little smooth velvety balls into her mouth too. Now she was an innocent little 15 xxxxx mother son kitchen sex stories old girl with a mouthful of preteen dick, and her big blue eyes were looking at me.

She said even though her mouth was full, "I love your little dick", and the vibrations from the words made me moan in pleasure.

Then she started humming a song, because she had realised it was giving me the best time of my life.

I had to return the favour. When she took my cock out her mouth, it came out all slick and dripping with her gooey saliva. Like a hairless cock covered in lovely girl lube.

I quickly climbed over her and layed on top of her back in a sort of reverse 69 position.

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Her lovely pink feet were just inches away from me, and I caressed them. I loved the way her little toes felt in my hands, and they were all wrinkled and soft from the length of time we had been in the bath. I rubbed them over my face and smelled her lovely lady musk scent.

Then I sucked each toe and made sure they were as clean as can be. She was giggling as I did this. Then she turned over in the bath and now her little peach split was looking at me. The bath water was low, as my mother had kept it so as to keep me from drowning. So her pussy was pals nail hot girlfriends big butt mature out of the water, and I could see she was dripping all this milky white stuff into the bath.

I just had to taste it. As soon as my tongue touched her lovely velvet slit, I heard her gasp. I started moaning because I loved the sweet honey musky taste and scent. Then bath time was finished, but my Anetta still had more to come.