Granny fucks in the lounge then the kitchen

Granny fucks in the lounge then the kitchen
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I sped home, trying to think of how I could get fucked. I would never sleep tonight if I didn't and it was almost 1am. I arrived home, still desperate for cock, but I had an idea. I quickly put on some sexy pink panties and a matching bra, took a picture of myself in the mirror from the neck down and turned the computer on.

After downloading the picture to my computer, I went to the ad site and posted one of my own. 'Hot 27 year old, athletic, needs cock right now. I need your cock in my pussy until we both come. No bullshit, no games. If you can't do this on the west side RIGHT NOW, don't waste my time. Send a pic of your cock BUT NOT YOUR FACE or I will delete your email.' I attached my picture, posted the ad and went to take a shower.

I came back to my computer and had several replies. All but two of them couldn't follow simple instructions and were deleted. The other two had cock pics, and semi-intelligible replies. I quickly replied to both of them, giving them my number to text. 'Hi.' the text read, about five minutes later. I had no idea which cock it was, but didn't care. 'Nice cock. I want to meet at the gas station off of exit 14.

The restroom is in the back.' 'You want to fuck in a restroom?' 'Yes.' 'That's kinda weird' 'Listen, do you want to fuck or not?

I don' have time for this.' 'YES!!!' 'OK. Go to the gas station in 20 minutes. Park behind it and go in to the restroom. Leave the door unlocked. Then go in to the stall and latch the door.' 'Then what?' I received, as I was still typing the next message. 'I will come in to the restroom, lock the door, then you put your cock through the hole in the stall wall.' 'a hole?' 'Yes.

There is a hole in the stall wall. I don't want to see you, I just want your cock.' 'This is weird.' 'I have 31 other replies, do you want to do this or not?' 'YES, definitely!' 'OK, stick your cock through the hole.

I will suck you until you are hard, then put my pussy up to the hole. You fuck me until we son massage mom force fuck come. Understood?' 'yes.' 'You can come inside me, but if you stop before I get off, I will kick you in your nuts.' 'OK :)' 'And if you say a single word, or if we see each others faces, I will walk out the door and leave.' 'OK' '20 minutes.

Be there.' 'I will' I grabbed two phone books, got in the car and raced over to the gas station. A few minutes later a beat-up old van pulled up and parked behind the building. A guy got out of the van and walked in to the restroom. He looked older, maybe 45 or so.

He had a bit of a beer belly. I gave him about a minute, picked up the phone books and followed him in. They had apparently replaced the light bulb, so I turned the light off and locked the door.

"I'm here. Do not talk." He tapped the stall wall three times, slowly. Smart-ass. rug munch for oriental in stockings japanese hardcore it through." I heard a bit of shuffling, then a zipper. Alia bhatt xxx storys photo was lighter on this side of the stall than it was inside the stall the other night.

I could see his cock fairly clearly. It was already semi-hard. His cock was about average size, circumcised, and looked clean. I dropped to my knees and put the head in my mouth. "Oh, man!" he exclaimed. I hit the stall wall several times with the palm of my hand. "MmmmmFFFF" I huffed angrily, the head of his cock still planted in my mouth.

He didn't say another word as I gently gobbled his cock, making a swallowing motion each time I took another half inch, like a snake eating a mouse, pausing each time to swirl my tongue around the soft underside.

By the time I reached my limit of about 5 inches, he was completely hard and ready to go. I'm not giving this bastard a chance to get off before I do, so I pulled my mouth off, stacked the phone books on the floor, stood on them and turned around. "Fuck me now." I said, lifting my skirt and guiding my ass to the hole. I felt his cock poking my ass, probing for my cunt.

"Lower." I said. "There! Right there!" I gasped. I was wet and ready. "Yesssss!" I moaned two guys fuck a hot babe together the cock slid effortlessly in to me. "God, yes!" "Ohhhhhhh" he groaned. "Don't you come yet!" He started fucking me through the stall wall, gently and slowly.

"Faster!" I demanded. He quickened his pace. I put both my hands on the restroom door, pushing against it and causing my ass to press harder against the stall wall. "Fuck! ME! Fuck ME! Fuck! ME!" I panted, emphasizing "ME" each time his cock bottomed out in my cunt.

"Ohhhh GOOODDD! Ahh, Ahh, Ahh!" I gasped, then took a long, deep, loud breath between my clenched teeth. My body trembled and quaked, my knees got weak and my head was spinning. This had been building up in me all day and was about to be released in an eruption of ecstasy. "Aaaaaaagggg!" I screamed, as I arched my back, my body jerking uncontrollably.

He started fucking me even faster. I was somewhere else. My head was floating in a cloud, high on cock. Nothing else existed but my pussy and his cock. This was beyond mere orgasm. I literally started crying. "Pleeasssseee!!!" I cried. I'm not even sure why. "Oh. my. GODDDD!" I yelled, as the orgasm subsided. It was only then that I felt his come dripping down my thigh. I hadn't even noticed him getting off. "You are fucking AWESOME!" he said.

Without saying a word, I pulled off of his cock, straightened my skirt and opened the door.

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"Wait!" he said. The door slammed with a 'Bang' as I walked briskly back to my car. I quickly jumped in and started to drive off.

As I pulled out of the gas station, Amateur red head shows how horny she really is looked back and there were two cops standing in front of the gas station, casually talking to a woman. God, what am I doing? I already almost got arrested tonight. On the drive home, I suddenly became incredibly tired. I made it home, got in bed and quickly fell asleep, dried come still stuck to my thighs. ***** I slept until almost noon, missing my normal Saturday morning breakfast with my mother.

I lie in bed for almost 30 minutes, staring at the ceiling, fighting the guilt and shame. I wondered what my father would think of me now. He died a couple of months after I left for college.

I cried softly while I wondered if he could see his baby ebony chick harley dean has her pussy wrecked as she was fucking strangers in gas station restrooms. I was a bit of a wild teenager, coming home drunk way after curfew on more than one occasion, but never anything like this.

He would be so ashamed of me. I suddenly remembered fragmented images of a dream I had last night. I was naked in a jail cell. Across from me in another jail cell, was a naked man with a cock so big it dragged the ground.

I think he was wearing a hat. I reached out for him but he was too far away. I can't quite recall anything else. I looked at my phone. I had 7 text messages. Four of them from the guy at the gas station last night asking if we could do it again sometime. I replied 'No. Do not contact me again.' A couple of them I'm not even sure who they were.

'A full set of action figures from the second movie?' God, Ben. Leave me alone. I got up, put a cup of instant coffee in the microwave and checked my email. One hundred and twelve messages. I marked them all for deletion. I'm done. I'm going to delete them all, delete this email account, destroy my phone and stop going to the classified ad site.

"Right after I have some coffee." I said out loud, when I heard the microwave ding. I drank my coffee while I waited for the tub to fill up. I took a nice, long, very hot bath. It felt good. As I lie back in the tub, my body turning a light shade of red from the heat of the water, I closed my eyes and thought about everything I had done.

I alternated between fighting back tears, and becoming aroused. Arousal eventually won that war. I got out of the tub and sat at my vanity, doing my hair and makeup.

As I was blow drying my hair, I realized how close I came to losing everything last night. If those cops hadn't been corrupt, I'd probably still be in jail right now. And if my office ever found out, I'd be fired for sure, and never be able to get another decent job again.

All for some momentary pleasure, that a dozen men I can think of off the top of my head would be more than willing to give me safely and legally. But. I'd have to be classy. proper. I wouldn't be able to be the horny slut that I truly am in front of them. No, that's no good. I just need to be more careful. I went back to my computer and started going through my email.

The vast majority of them were one line, incomplete sentences with no punctuation from redneck Neanderthals and were promptly deleted. I seriously don't mean to be a bitch about this, but if they can't be bothered to type more than 'i wanna fuck u', I'm just not interested.

There were even a few emails from women. Realizing now that I love to suck cock, after thinking it was gross for most of my life, I'm not ruling out trying to be with a woman once, but not *only* a woman. I have no interest if there is not at least one cock involved. There were a few ads from reasonably attractive couples, but they all want to meet, have drinks and get to know each other first. I'm not looking for friends. There were a few potentially good ones from males that I saved as backups in case I couldn't find anything else.

I finished going through my email and started browsing the new ads. The problem with a lot of the ads is that many of them are playing games and just want to trade dirty emails, many of them are fake and trying to get your email address, and most of the rest of them are married, which leaves us no place to go. I can't go back to the gas station after seeing those cops there. I'm going to need to find men that live alone, or pay teen suck it dry first time cream queens a hotel room myself, and given how much I've been doing this, that would cost a fortune.

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And neither of those options really gives me the anonymity I want. There was one ad in particular that sparked my interest. It was presumably from a man, and was an offer to spank any female, with no sex involved.

I laughed when I read it and couldn't resist replying. Why does he think any woman would want spanked? And he doesn't want sex? Right. As the afternoon wore on, I was beginning to get concerned. None of the ads were giving me that 'twinge' I was looking for.

I mean, I was aroused, and had every intention of having some cock again tonight, but I didn't have any really good prospects yet, and nowhere to do it. Nowhere to do it. I just thought of something Ben has that I need. 'You there?' I texted to Ben. 'OMG yes!' he replied a minute or so later. 'Are you alone?' 'No.

Brad and Eric are here.' 'Oh. I wanted to talk to you about something.' 'What?' 'I thought of something you have that I need.' 'Rly? What?' 'Your apartment.' 'What?' 'I need your apartment.' 'What do you mean?' 'I mean, I need to borrow your apartment. Tonight.' 'Borrow my apartment?' 'Yes. Tonight. I have a date and my place is a mess. I need somewhere to bring him back to.' 'I don't know.

It's game day.' 'Game day? What's that?' 'Brad, Eric and I play a game on Saturdays.' 'Like a video game?' 'No, a card game.' 'Oh, like poker or something?' 'Not exactly.' 'So, what time will you be done?' 'We usually play pretty late.' 'Can't you stop early tonight?' There was a long delay.

'I don't know. I have a lot of stuff here. Hot blond slut fucked in ice cream store not sure about strangers being here when I'm gone.' 'I'll suck your cock.' There was an even longer delay. 'I don't know.' 'OK, well, you think about it and let me know.' 'Sorry, I'd really love to see you again. But if you could see the stuff in my bedroom.' 'I understand. Think about it.' Damn, that didn't work out as I'd hoped.

I went back to browsing the ads. There were only a few new ads. One of them was from that older couple in the motel.

I'm not sure I'm desperate enough for that yet. It's only 5pm. I got a reply from the spanking guy. He claims to be an ex-psychology professor. He went on and on about his theories of behavior modification through corporal punishment. He swears he isn't looking for sex. I figured I had nothing to lose and wrote him a long email, telling him what I had been doing and about the guilt and shame. I'm not about to let some old man spank me, but who knows, maybe he can give me some insight in to why I'm doing this.

***** I made some dinner and ate. It was now almost 7pm and I still had no plans for the night. I looked at the ad from the couple again. They looked to be in their early 50s. He was not very attractive, but that hasn't stopped me yet. He was at least not overweight. She, on the other hand, was a little plump.

Not grossly overweight or anything, but definitely thick. I stared at their picture for quite a while. It disgusted me to think of putting my mouth on this womans pussy, but at the same time, I'm not sure just fucking a random stranger is going to be very thrilling tonight.

I've already done that several times over the last few days. Only a filthy, whore would go fuck these old people. My pussy began to get wet as I remembered that's exactly what I was.

I deserved to have my face buried in this womans skanky cunt, while her wrinkled husband fucked me from behind. God, I was getting hot. I emailed them, attaching the new picture I made of my body in pink panties, and gave them my text number. Within two minutes I got a text. 'Damn, girl, you are smokin!' 'Who is this?' 'It's Jack, you emailed me.' 'Oh yeah.

So, what are you looking for?' 'I done found it, girl! You comin' over?' 'I don't know. I'm not really in to girls. Can we do something, just us?' There was a long delay. 'Sorry, babe, old lady says no.' 'OK, I don't think I can do a girl.' 'Comeon babe, its not that bad. She's clean, gets off really fast.

It'll be over for you know it and then it'll be just me an you.' 'I don't know' 'Aw, babe, you are smokin' hot. Do an old man a favor here. We got plenty of booze.' 'I don't drink.' 'That's OK, we don't have to drink. Comeon babe, what you say?' 'Maybe if it was dark.' 'I can turn the lights off, close the curtains, it gets damn dark in here, even in the daytime.' I had already decided I was going to do it.

I was getting wetter the more I thought about it. 'Well.' 'Comeon, babe!' 'How about you have the lights off and curtains closed when I get there.

I'm embarrassed and don't want you to see my face.' 'kinky! Old lady thinks so too.' 'OK, so you have it dark when I get there. I'll knock on the door, you yell for me to come in, and I'll come in and close the door.' 'Sounds good, babe' 'Then you two can use my body however you want.' 'god damn, babe!

My balls are aching already! What time you be here?' 'I'll leave right now. I can be there in about 20 minutes.' 'fuckin-A. We'll be ready.' 'Remember, I don't want you to see my face, and I don't want to see yours.' 'Thats fine.' 'If it's not dark enough, I won't come in.' 'dark as bears den in january, promise.' 'See you then.

Oh, and nothing goes up my ass.' 'not a problem, babe. Room 126' I brushed my hair out a bit, put on my 'slut outfit' of just a skirt and button-up blouse, grabbed a towel and headed to the motel. I arrived at the hotel right on time and parked several spaces away from room 126. I picked up the towel and headed to the room. It was getting dark, but they would still be able to see my face if they were looking out the window for me, as I was sure they would be doing.

I hugged the wall as I approached their room. As I passed the room next to theirs, I put the towel over my head, walked the few more steps to room 126 and knocked on the door. "Come on in!" Jack shouted. I cautiously cracked the door open. It was 'dark as a bears den in January' as promised.

I slipped inside, only opening the door enough for my busty tattooed milf gets her pussy slammed to squeeze in. Once I was inside, I shut the door, felt around for the lock and flipped it. I was a little nervous, but he seemed harmless enough. I could hear them whispering a bit and some shuffling around. It was extremely dark. I couldn't see a thing. "I'm here. Use me." I said, taking the towel off my head and tossing it on the ground.

"God damn, Barb, c'mon". I heard them shuffling around some more and could sense they were close to me. "I cain't see a God damn thing, Jack." "She right here, ya twat." I felt a hand brush against my right breast. My pussy was beginning to tingle. I'm such a whore. "I'm gonna turn the fuckin' light on, Jack." Barb said. "NO!" I yelled. "I cain't see a thing, girl!" she said as she turned the light on.

I bent over to hide my face, picked the towel up off the floor, and put it over my head. "Turn it off or I'm leaving!" I yelled. "God dammit, Barb, don't fuck this up for me." "Wait, girl," Barb began, "I'm just gonna turn on the bathroom light, then close the door. See, it's still dark, but at least we can see what we's doin'." I peered out from under the towel and saw that it was still very dark, but I could see their outlines now.

"Ok." I replied, taking the towel back off my head. I felt four hands grab me and start to feel around. Two of them finding my breasts, the other two my ass. "God damn, she is fine!" Jack said, squeezing my tits. "Sure as hell!" Barb agreed, kneading my ass checks.

I felt Jack put his lips on mine. God, I don't want to kiss this guy. "No kissi." I was interrupted by his tongue darting in to my mouth. I faintly smelled tobacco and alcohol. He continued to wiggle his tongue around my mouth and play with my tits. I felt Barb's hand move around to my pussy. "I bet this pussy is fresh and tight, Jack." Barb say, massaging my cunt through my skirt. I have to admit, her touch felt good. She knew where and how to do it. I started kissing Jack back. Our tongues caressing each other, as four hands explored my body.

If I could see these people, I'd probably be running for my car. In the dark, they are just four hands, two mouths, a cock and a pussy. "Let's get 'er down on the bed, Jack. I wanna taste it.' Barb said. "OK." Jack said, pulling his mouth off of mine. They guided me to the bed, pushing me to sit down. "Push her yr old christine jerking off a massive black dick. this way.

I can't reach it. Get her ass on the edge of the bed ya fuckin' moron." Barb snapped. "K, Barb, calm down. I want her mouth." They were talking about me like I was a blow-up doll or something, never talking to me directly.

It made me horny as hell. Someone pushed me back to lie on the bed, my ass right on the edge, my feet on the floor. I felt a hand on each of my knees, pulling them apart, then sliding up towards my cunt. "She ain't wearin' no panties, Jack!" Barb exclaimed, as I felt her thumbs run up the length of my pussy lips. "No bra either." Jack replied.

I felt the bed moving around my head, as if someone were crawling on it. Then saw a dark shape descending on my face. I felt hair tickling my lips, then felt his fleshy balls settle on my lips. "Gonna have her lick my balls, Barb. My pill ain't kicked in yet." Pill?

God damn it, this bastard needs a pill to get hard? "Do what ya wanna do, Jack." Barb replied. I then felt a wet, warmness on my pussy. I realized it was Barb's tongue when it started moving in circles around my clit.

God, it felt good. It wasn't a cock, but felt almost as good, in a different way. "Uhhhhhhnnnn" I sighed, as her tongue worked my clit. I eagerly extended my tongue and started licking Jack's balls. I could feel them tightening up, forcing me to stick my tongue out farther to reach them. Barb moved her tongue around like a professional, licking both lips, and sinking her tongue deep in my pussy. Damn, this feels so good. I reached up and pulled Jack closer to me, opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his sack, sucking on them like a fish, and teasing them with my tongue.

"I'm ready, Barb." Jack said, "Switch me places." Oh God, this is it. I don't know if I can do it. Jack crawled off the bed, but Barb continued to bury her tongue in my cunt. I was hoping she wouldn't stop. "C'mon Barb!" Jack said, annoyed. "OK, God dammit, she tastes too good to stop." Barb replied, "Can't eat just one! Ha, ha, ha!" "Ha, ha, ha, ha!" Jack laughed. I felt Barbs weight shifting the bed a bit as she crawled up my body, working her way toward my face.

I extended my hands over my head and hung them off the bed so she wouldn't crawl over them. This was not a smart move. As she reached my face and straddled it, my arms were trapped in position by her knees. I wrestled my arms back to my sides and grabbed her hips from underneath, to have at least some control over where she sat. She lowered her cunt to my mouth. Oh my God, it stinks! I can't do this. "I can't! It stinks!" I said. "I just took a shower, girl, it ain't dirty.

You didn't smell like no roses neither." She was right, of course. It didn't smell dirty, it smelled just like my pussy, but I didn't particularly enjoy my own smell either. "C'mon girl, you get used to it fast." she prompted. "Call me a trashy whore." I said. "What?" she asked. "Call me a trashy whore and tell me to eat your pussy." I said.

"Whatever you say, girl." Barb replied. "Lick my fuckin' pussy, ya trashy whore!" she snapped, "That what ya want?" "Yes, keep doing it." I said, as I stuck my tongue out and felt the warm, wetness of her cunt. "Ahhh, there ya go, slut. Lick it right there." Barb ordered, and started rocking on my face. "Twirl your tongue around, whore!" she demanded. I complied. I was already getting used to the smell and it didn't really have much of a taste.

I felt Jack grabbing my knees and pulling them apart. "Lick my clit, bitch!" I probed her pussy with my tongue until I felt a little hard nub, then twirled my tongue around it. "I'm ready, Barb." Jack said.

"Suck on it, ya cunt!" she ordered, "Suck on my clit while my old man fucks that tight pussy of yours." I felt the head of Jack's cock pushing against my pussy. I puckered check up great legal age teenager gang bang hardcore and blowjob lips, trapping her clit between them and started sucking on it, as I felt his cock sliding in to me.

"Fuckin-A, she's tight!" Jack exclaimed happily. "God, girl, you can. you can." she trailed off as she started rocking harder on my face. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and hotter as Jack furiously pumped it. I was sucking Barb's clit on auto-pilot, concentrating on getting my orgasm before Jack got off. "Oh fuck! You fuckin' slut. issss. whore ahhh.

cunt err. Ohhhhhhh!" Barb moaned, not really making sense. She jammed her pussy in my mouth so hard I was having trouble breathing. My head was involuntarily nodding 'yes' over and over as she smashed her cunt against my mouth while she frantically rocked out her orgasm. "Uhhhhhh, fucking! Jack! Uhhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned. I'm not sure why, but knowing I was was giving this woman an orgasm with my mouth sent me over the edge.

"Ohhhhh, Goddd!!!! Fuck me Jack!" I begged, "Fuck me. Pleeeeassseee!" MY hips jerked over and over as waves of pleasure swept outward from my cunt. "Fuuuuuucckkkk! Jaaaacccmmmffff!" I screamed, grabbing Barbs hips and ramming her cunt in to my face again.

I jammed my tongue up her cunt as far as it would go. "aaaaoooooouuuuu" was the only sound I could make with my tongue that far out of my mouth. My orgasm finally subsided and I turned my head away from Barb so I could catch my breath. Jack continued to pound my cunt, speeding up as he got closer to coming. "Hurry up, ya fucking slow poke!" Barb said. "I'm tryin', I'm." Jack replied, trailing off. "Ahhhh, It's a comin' ya fuckin' slut. You want some of old Jacks juice in ya?" At this point, I just wanted him to hurry up.

"Ahhhh! Gaaawwdd Daaammmm, ya young fucking." he began, as I felt his hot semen filling me, "ya got. ahhhh! Ya gotta. Ahhh!" He slowed down and took a few final hard jabs at my pussy, squeezing out the last few drops of come.

"My God, girl, you little teen solo cum xxx associates sisterly love one hot fucking piece of ass!" Jack said.

"She sure is, Jack." Barb agreed. "Gimme a few minutes and I'll be ready to go again." Jack said. "Me too." Barb said. "I. I'd better go." I said, getting up off the bed. "Why for, girl? We's just gettin' started!" Barb said. "I really have to go." I said, bending over and feeling around for my towel.

"I took a whole pill, girl, I got 2-3 hours left on it." Jack said. "I'm sorry, I have to go." I repeated, grabbing the towel and unlocking the door. "Well, if you're sure." Jack said. "I am. Sorry." I replied. "Um. thanks?" I said as I opened the door. "Yep." Jack replied. I got in my car and drove out of the parking lot. I got about a half mile away when I started noticing that my whole face was wet and smelled like pussy. I pulled over in a parking lot and wiped my face with the towel.

The wetness came off, but the smell wouldn't. I put my car in park, buried my face in the towel and sobbed deeply.