Mia khalifa sez with monster cock full sex story

Mia khalifa sez with monster cock full sex story
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Home. I saw the ocean blend into the beach and the beach blend into the suburbs and still I didn't feel I was home even when the plane started circling round the city on approach and then slid softly onto the runway and rolled to the terminal.

Even the stairs to the ground and the inevitable customs checks didn't make me feel any closer to home. "Let me help with your bags Sergeant." a guy in a grey monkey suit offered. "Nah, help someone who needs it," I told him, but still he picked the bags up for me, and I was to goddamned weak to stop him. Cousin Giorgio was waiting watching as I came up the stairs to the exit to the Taxi rank, "Hey Tony!" he yelled all happy like nothing had happened.

"Sergeant!" I corrected him, "And I don't need your." I said and the fatigue came right over me, and my knees buckled and I went down onto my knees. "Disgusting, drunk at this time in the afternoon," some supercilious broad sneered but I just rested on all fours and looked up at her and as she stopped I whispered.

"I wish I was Ma'am because then tomorrow I could sober up and be ok," She skulked away and Giorgio came to help me to my feet, "Hey Tony, you're a hero man!" "Hero, hell I still got a full set of limbs, heroes come home blind with no arms nor nothing!" I corrected him, except I was in a pretty bad way, like if you throw yourself on a grenade to save your buddies, remember it hurts like hell.

"And I don't need your help." I lied. "Tony, like you need to get well man," Giorgio exclaimed, "Lets get you home then we can talk" he ordered and he helped me to his Limo. The old town looked much the same, I hadn't been back for four years since we had a huge row and I joined the army, Iraq and Afganistan looked much the same, same guys shooting, same roadside bombs, but kept my head down and got to Sergeant before the scum I was training threw a grenade at me and about thirty guys in a classroom and I dived on it.

The body armour got some of the blast but enough got through to finish me s a fighting soldier so they invalided me out just as soon as they could get me out of hospital. Tony sat with me as Vince his chauffeur drove "Long time Mr Agnelli," he greeted me. Vince would have been my chauffeur except for some stupid row over a girl.

Julia, Julia Giovanni, there was something, maybe I got drunk a little, maybe she did too, but next morning the cops were round, despite all the protection papa paid, and then I was down the Army recruiters signing up, I just packed college in right there and then and signed on the dotted line for uncle Sam. I wanted a hotel room, Giorgio took me to Papa's place, not the place where I grew up but rebeca linares in fishnet stockings gets plowed beach road property he bought when I was overseas.

Mama was there to greet me, and a stunning blonde, she just had to be a thousand dollar a night girl from one of Papa's joints and then, Uncle Romero and Aunt Lydia were there too.

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"Tony my boy!" Papa greeted me. "I haven't got the strength or I'd be right out of here," I told him to his face. "But Tony, you're my son!" he said despairingly. Mama was as fat as a pig, I guessed she was pleased to see me and we all sat round and no body mentioned the war. "What happened to Julia?" I asked. "The girl who reported you to the cops?" Papa queried. "Sure," I said. "We'll take you to see her later." Papa agreed, enigmatically, but he clammed right up when I questioned him further.

Julia, I loved that girl, she wasn't perfect but she was there for me, always, then she betrayed me when I got too amorous and reported me to the cops. But that was four years ago, I guessed she had her degree now, maybe kids, but I looked forward to seeing her again, maybe saying sorry. I never gave it a thought until around ten that evening, "You want to see Julia?" Papa said.

"Sure!" I agreed. "Vince is outside, shall we." Papa said. "Where is she?" I asked figuring they had somehow gotten her to a swanky restaurant for supper or something. "Hey it's a surprise!" Papa insisted, so we all climbed into the Limo, except the ladies stayed behind. I was right we headed for the theatre area of town, low rise joints, red brick most of them with little cafes and that sort of joint.

We stopped outside Luigi's, I wondered if she hadn't got her degree, maybe she was waitressing, there was an alleyway by Luigis we stopped right by it and there in the shadows a whore was plying her trade her johns pants round his ankles while she did what she had to with her mouth. "Where's Julia," I asked naively. "There son," Papa said, "See nobody messes with the Agnelli's" I tried not to believe it, the whore had short blonde hair, Julia's was log and dark brown.

"Hey, whore, get in the car ok." Papa shouted. The John she was sucking seemed pissed off but Vince's .38 made him see sense, and he dragged his pants up real quickly. "Come here slut," Papa ordered. "Julia?" I queried. "Bastard!" she spat at me, really spat and the spittle missed and hit the doorframe of the car door. Papa grabbed her dress, like all she wore was this cream dress and sandals and that was about it, anyway he just grabbed it and ripped it right off her, "In the car!" he ordered, she seemed relieved he hadn't left her naked, "On the floor!" "Tony?" she said as she saw me, looking down at her, "Please don't hurt me!" "Why did you call me a son rape real mom in his bed I asked.

"Because you are." she said. Papa kicked her in the ribs, she cried out, then went quiet. "You want to kick her out in the desert let her freeze?" Papa asked, "Because we kept her around for just this moment son." "Maybe I want to get even my way," I suggested.

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She just looked terrified, like some rabbit with a snare around its paw just before you smash its head with a rock. She was thin, way too thin, you could see her ribs, and her face was all lined and sunk. "She been down here since you got blown up Tony," Giorgio explained, "She worked the Flamingo bar before, hell she was popular, but when you got blown up, well we figured she deserved worse." "I got to see some guys tomorrow," I explained, "I got a free deal with a motel," "No way Tony, you sleep in your room at my house, we fixed you a room special." Papa said, "Hell we even got your railway and slot cars set up." as if I'd be interested at twenty four.

"What about her?" I asked. "You decide," Papa suggested, "Back on the street naked maybe?" "She could keep me warm in bed, I guess." I suggested.

"Tony, we got Angelique for you to screw." Papa said, "Fifteen hundred dollars." "Papa, I ain't screwing anyone for a long time, I'm all tore up insides, no lets get the crap off her and she can keep me warm." I told him. Vince took us round the back of the house, so no one could see as we took Julia inside, she stared at the doorway, as she stood near naked and then Giorgio kicked her ass and she went inside clutching her torn dress to her.

They cleaned her up all right, they took her in one door and out the other and when she was in the little yard by the door to the garden they got carbolic soap and told her to lather herself up and then they got the hose reel from by the back porch, Papa, Giorgio and Vince and started hosing her with high pressure cold water.

Mama came to see the fuss, "What you want that whore for Jerk off instructions with a teenie brunette shaved she asked.

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"Keep me warm Mama," I explained. "You chain her up you hear?" she advised. "I'm not a dog," Julia snapped as she shivered. Mama strode over, her big belly wobbling she grabbed Julia's hair and then. Whack! she slapped Julia's face. "No you're a bitch with two ass holes," Mama said and she grabbed the hose off Vince and shoved it brutally up between Julia's legs and forced it up between the well worn lips of her sex.

Julia screamed and them Moma made her bend and shoved the hose up Julia's ass hole with the cute babe mirta massages his big hard cock with her throat pressure on,"Noooo" she screamed. "I guess she needs a fix about now?" I suggested. "Well she ain't getting one, dry yourself bitch." Giorgio suggested.

I felt faint again, so Papa took me back inside and sat me down in the kitchen and got Dolores our cook to fix a coffee. I just sat a while, I thought Julia would be at some swanky law school not whoring, so I figured I'd ask her about it. I went upstairs, my room was huge, there was a sea view and all my old railway stuff was fixed up on board at one end, and there was a walk in closet and an en suite bathroom and Vince or someone had brought my stuff in already.

I stripped down and took a shower an then I crawled into bed and slept like a log. I woke at ten thirty, something was tickling my balls, Julia was trying to give me a blow job while Mama and Dolores looked on. I never felt nothing, I looked closer, Julia had her arms tied behind her and a black leather dog collar around her throat, "What's going on." I asked like i was dreaming.

"Whore service," Mama said simply, "Your Papa likes it." "I'm too tore up Mama, and anyway I don't fancy no crack whore." I said and that bitch bit the root of my tool, I slapped her face, but I felt something, hell it started stiffening, not a whole lot but some, hell was that a swell feeling, you'll never know unless you struggled to get even a semi.

"Hey crack whore you get sucking you hear!" I prodded her, but she weren't interested. "Can you leave us be Mama," I asked, "Leave the tray." "Tony she may be dangerous," Mama cautioned but I bushed aside her objections.

"You can quit that and come keep me warm," I told Julia when we were alone, and she climbed right on the bed with me and awkwardly slipped under the covers, I undid her hands right away, and told her to hold me.

"No way," she said. "Gee you want to be back on the street?" I asked. "Yes," she said as a tear formed in her eye, "This was Papa's room." "What?" I asked not believing what I heard. "We lived here." she said, "Before." "Before?" I asked. "Before your fathers goons raped me," she said, "They used hot brunette teen maya bijou getting fucked by muscled and tattooed guy for four hours Tony, four hours, they just fucked my front and then when." "Hey slow down," I said.

"They raped my ass as well, does that turn you on Tony," she asked, "Two men fucking me, like on my way to school they dragged me in a van and raped me." "You went to the cops." I explained, "I never did nothing we hadn't done a hundred times." "I never said No before." she explained.

"Why?" I asked. "Daddy sat me down and said you wasn't good enough, your family are just hoods, I should find a nice guy." she said. "So you dumped me?" I asked incredulously, "Just like that." "Tried to but you wouldn't take no for an answer, you tore my dress remember, than Mother saw it and called the cops." she said.

"They came round the house, Papa had to call in loads of favours." I explained. "So he had his goons rape me Tony, in a van, in all the filth they stripped me naked and they," she paused, "Forced themselves on me, Tony," she said quietly deliberately, "They couldn't do nothing to begin with but they knew, they knew where to press and where to bite and I lost control of my own body Tony, you can't possibly know how that feels." "Oh I sure do!" I agreed.

"They eased me open with a Budweiser bottle, Tony," she explained, "Then a black guy slid his disgusting thing in me and when he was done another done it and another for two hours Tony, but still I said I wanted to press charges so they turned me over Tony." "Right," I agreed.

"They used a pool cue Tony, on my bum hole." she said. They just wrenched it round and around and." she paused, "You bastard this is turning you on!" she squealed. I had this lovely warm feeling I hadn't had for months, hell my old man was back to life, maybe a bit soft but certainly he was standing up and that was a hell of an improvement. "You know what to do," I told her, I meant suck it but she flung the covers off and sank her worn out pussy down it.

Ashli orion gets a rock solid boner dragged her down on me so her tits jabbed my chest, her breath smelled of stale spunk so I pulled her head down beside mine and just lay there savouring the moment. "We always was good Julia," I told her. "Average," she said, "Though how can I remember after all them pricks I had." "Julia," I said, "Be gentle with me, I ain't so good inside." She laughed and started grinding into me, I realised I'd done the wrong thing when she said, "Hell Tony I'm going to fuck you till you're dead." She squirmed and ground, flopped her tits over my chest love bit my neck and did every other trick she could think of until fifteen minutes later she flopped down on me and said.

"You conned me," and lay still. I felt her heart pounding next to mine and it felt good, and warm and nice and sticky, gee sticky, I realised I'd cummed, I'd shot my load again, gee for the first time since the grenade and I'd filled a filthy diseased street whore with my cum.

"You cummed in me you bastard," she said as she lay there. "Sure, first time in months, looks like you got a job, whore." I said.

She just lay there on top of me stunned. "Get your filthy mouth washed, there's some stuff in the bathroom," I said. "I got a job?" she queried. "Sure my whore, so get a gargle and clean me up." I said, but she done it the other way around, she took my sticky tool in her mouth and sucked and licked me clean first. "I done it for a thousand other men," she said, "So don't think you're special." She came back a while later with her breath smelling of mint, "You better think I'm special because I suck your face when ever I want, you got that?" I said nastily, she nodded.

"So go get some more coffee," I ordered, "This is cold." "I've nothing to wear," she protested but there was a robe on the back of the door and I just pointed. "No screwing around come straight back." I ordered and I lay back the happiest I been for months, hell my tool worked, my god, I was going to be a real man again. She brought a tray, coffee waffles orange juice, she sort of trembled as she put it down.

"I reckon you'd look good in sort of peach colour silk," I told her. "Yeah, get real, we both babe takes a load all over her gorgeous tits pink kitty I'm back on the street tonight." she snapped.

"If that's what you want." I suggested, "If that's better than stopping here with me?" "No," she said, "I never said that." she said eyeing that tray like she never ate for a month. "Good, so eat." I told her. She dived right in, like she had about three times as much as me and then she lay back. "That was good," she said bluntly. "You're a whore right?" I asked. "Yes," she admitted. "I guess you need to masturbate then," I suggested, "Seeing as you don't have no customers." "You bastard!" she declared, "That's the last thing I want to do." "Do it for me then." I told her, she looked at me and began to caress her own breasts, I watched as her nipples slowly hardened, then her fingers moved to her sex and began to disappear, I went across and kissed her forehead, "That's it relax, I got things to do," I said and I found some clean underwear and went to get dressed.

There was a candle holder on the bedside with a candle in it, at least when I went to get dressed it was but when I came back it was deep inside her, pistoning in and out furiously as she chased her orgasm.

"You can quit now," I told her. "In your dreams bastard," she said and she carried right on. "You sure miss those johns, don't you?" I said and I had this real nice warm feeling, not exactly a woody but there was something, I decided to save it for later.

Papa was downstairs, "You finished with that trash yet?" he asked. "No, I want her around, she still does something to me, can we get her fixed up, hair redhead in fencenet pantyhose and latex gloves that?" I asked, "Like those club whores except her own hair colour?" "But baby we got you a grade A whore for a homecoming present." Mama said.

"I sort of," I started, "Feel comfortable around her?" "Sure," Mama agreed, "That bitch got you blowed up remember." "Sure Mama," I agreed, "She said she lived here?" I asked.

"Sure," Papa agreed, "When you skedaddled I sorted them right out, turned out her old man was a Pedo, I had him pulled in, like he's doing a ten stretch for what they found on his computer." "What about Julia?" I asked. "Well the guys gave her a tug, sort of calmed her down, threatened to have the cops sort her daddy out of she didn't drop charges." he said proudly. "But she dropped the charges!" I exclaimed.

"Hell next thing we heard you was doing basic training, you never told us nothing," Papa said, "So we got her whoring, then her Daddy sold out to us for about five cents on the dollar and than we shopped him to the cops anyway." "And her Mom?" I asked.

"Living in the hills, in a little place she bought with what we paid her for this place," Papa said, "Doing a bit in a store to pay the bills, we told Julia we'd put her mom on the streets too if she gave us any hassle." I welled up my Papa really pushed the boat out for me, and yet I just felt so bitter, and yet how could I feel so bitter at such a broken straw as Julia had become, whoring in the street, yet she didn't even use any drugs or booze as far as I could see, she just took all that hell and lived with it.

"You rest up my boy," Papa said, "You take what you need from that whore then we'll chuck her back in the sewer ok?" "Thanks Papa," I said and I went back to find Julia. She was rooting through the drawers looking for something to wear I guess, "Hey who said you could do that?" I asked. "I need something to wear dork head," she accused me. "Yeah, sure," I agreed, and then as I sat on the bed I asked, "Julia, why did you report me to the cops?" "You wouldn't take no for an answer," she said, "I had to, Mother made me." "Your mom, what about your dad?" I asked.

"He was too scared, he knew your family had things on him, he said to let it go but Mother insisted I could," she paused, I saw she was struggling, tears sanny lela xxx com vidcom, "I could do better than." "Me?" I queried. "Yes," she said. "I guess I should have faced the music." I agreed, "But suddenly I had a chance to get away, you know, from the whores and clubs and everything, so I ran and ran and first chance I got I signed up." "They came for me, in a van, you know the old me," Julia continued, "The student me remember, two of them, they just stripped me Tony, naked, you know I never let you, well I never let anyone else either but that didn't stop them, they took everything Tony, they fucked me, took my ass, everything, my mouth I even had their stuff in my hair Tony, and they threw me out right on the driveway completely naked, right in front of my Mom, the honked the horn till she came out." "Right," I agreed, "Pete Marshall got his head blowed off right by my side," I told tight blondy needs both holes filled explosion orgasm cunt juice ombfun vibe, "I got his blood all over my fatigues." "Tony, I suffered, don't you understand?" she wailed.

"I guess Papa thought it was sorted when the goons finished with you." I suggested. "He said he'd expose my Father, we never knew, you see." she admitted, "And then when he found you were in the infantry he came round in person, told me I was working for him and to forget school and that he'd have me found O/D'd if I didn't like it." "Your dad?" I asked. "He sold out to your family, what else could he do?" she replied.

"And your Mom?" I asked. "Father did a deal for her, and my sisters Rose and Claire." "Sisters?" I asked, "Claire's a year younger and Rose eighteen months younger than Claire." she answered. "Right," I agreed. "They're both at UCLA." she said stifling a sob, "Mom tells me," she said, "I phoned sometimes, before, you know, they think I'm dead I guess." "Before?" I queried.

"You got blown up, when I worked the clubs, you know, first it wasn't too bad, I guess I was naive, but then I guess the novelty wore off, and they made me do things." she said.

"What things?" I asked. "Up my bottom, and they spunked over me, at least they paid me back then, and I had a room and made friends but." she sighed, "Oh god did I feel like shit," she said whimsically, if only I'd knew what was coming." I felt real good hearing about her ass and spunk in her hair. "You want to lie on the bed?" I asked, "Talk dirty some more because I'm getting hard again." "I'll bend over the end so you can force it up my bottom if you want," she offered.

"No, I ain't that hard," I said and the mood was past and my tool shrank again. "When you were blown up," Julia said, "Your Pa just went ballistic, he grabbed me and he took me down town where Tom Espacien runs the crack whores and he made Tom take me on and make me a crack whore, except we did a deal, I didn't use crack, I just did the whore bit, do you understand Tony, do you know what that feels like?" "No," I agreed.

"Sleeping in a derelict unit no regular food, only the clothes I stood up in and if I stepped out of line then Mother will suffer." she railed. "You don't have a room no where?" I asked.

"No," she said sadly. "This is all you got?" I asked. "Yes!" she agreed. "Then I guess we're quits," I said, "You want to suck some life into this thing?" I suggested as I hauled my pants down. "I guess I don't have a choice!" she said and I kicked my pants and shorts off and sat with her on the bed.

"I guess your sisters look pretty hot?" I asked, "I guess I could date one of them." I suggested just to wind her up. "Oh please Tony, I'll do anything!" she offered and she sank her head down around my tool. I let her suck a while then I hauled her head up and kissed her mouth, "Tony!" she gasped, "What are you doing," but then I pushed her back on the bed and climbed between her legs and drove my tool deep inside her once more.

"Oh my you'll never know how good this feels," I told her. "Well you don't do anything for me!" she replied, "Just a soft semi wallowing around uselessly in there." she said. "Bitch!" I exclaimed as I shrank some more, "Fucking bitch," I pulled out her and buried my head in the pillow and cried like a baby. She was real scared now, "Tony, look I'm sorry." she said. "You can work the streets again, tonight would you like that?" I asked. "No, Tony, please I'll be your whore, lover whatever the hell you want me to be." she said hopefully.

I turned and looked at her, "You better get your hair fixed then," I said, "Natural colour, and get fit your tits are sagging and." she kissed my mouth without being asked, and I rolled on her and gave he mouth a serious check over with my tongue, and then my tool was straining so I slipped it inside her soaking wet red hot pubes again.

It felt great, as I ploughed her and then when I was ready I pulled out to spunk over her tits. There was barely a teaspoon full.

"You just need vitamins Tony." she said, "I did some of this at school, I'll nurse you if you like?" "Sure naughty nurse all in white with you pubes on display," I suggested.

"No Tony, you need exercise, and the right diet and," she said. "Hey quit nagging." I told her. "I offered." she said. "Look you're my whore get it?" I demanded, "Oh gee I need a rest." I suddenly realised, she grabbed me and helped me to the bed.

"I'll make you well again Tony." she promised all cute like, I liked that and I went to sleep real happy. Papa was there when I woke, "You been screwing this whore bareback?" he asked. "I suppose so," I agreed. "Never ever screw a whore bareback Tony, don't you ever learn?" he accused, "I got a guy doing blood tests on her right now, you better pray she's clean." "Can you get her fixed up Papa, brown hair, that sort of stuff," I asked, "And street clothes so we can walk by the ocean?" "Sure son," Papa said, "I brought Chantelle to see you, you use a rubber d'you hear." Chantelle must have worked on of Papa's clubs, she was perfect, but she wasn't Julia.

Soon as Papa went she stripped off her silver minidress and fur wrap and sat on the bed in her black underwear. She did nothing for me, not even when she popped her left titty out its bra cup for me to suck, or when she eased her panties down to revel a perfect hairless little snatch.

She smelled wrong, I wanted Julia, it was like before, my tool just curled up and went to sleep. "I guess I'm wasting your time?" I told her.

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"Your Daddy's paying," she explained as if it made everything all right, "I'll sit with you for a while and try later?" she offered. "Sure," I agreed. "You're the war hero right?" she asked, a all that horror came right back to haunt me.

"Sure, turn the TV on," I told her and she shut up and we watched some chanel 12 for a while in silence. Julia came back, Chantelle slipped away like changing the guard, I saw that they done a make over on her, natural brown hair, classy make up, classy dress and jacket, classy gold chain around her neck, ear rings, she brought several carrier bags full of stuff, she was excited and I said, "I couldn't get no urges from Chantelle." "No, it was too soon, but I got you some multi-vitamins," Julia said, "Four times a day," she said.

I must have grinned, "The pills!" she explained. "You wanna get naked?" I asked. "No I want you to come out for a walk." she says, "Take you pills and take a walk." Papa walked in, "You do as she says son." Papa said, "You're a lucky boy that blood test's clean and you, bitch." he turns to Julia, "Julia," he said softening, "You don't screw no one else you hear, that's an order ok," "Yes sir," she said all excited like. We took a walk by the Ocean, just Julia and me, and Vince the chauffeur followed in the Limo after he dropped us off.

"Why didn't you run Julia," I asked as we sat on the beach, "You worked the streets half a mile from here?" "He would have taken it out on mother or my sisters." she said. "You love your mother?" I asked. "Yes," she said, "Very much." "More than me?" I asked, and the look of horror in her eyes said it all, "I guess we'll go see her soon." It took maybe a month for me to get something like fit, Julia took me swimming and walking and she shared my bed and shared my life, I just needed to fix her bitch of a mother.

Her Mom lived in a house in the hills, a pretty impressive house by most folks standards, but she figured she deserved better. Julia knew I was in a mean mood, I told her to wear a short dress and sandals, nothing else, and I never screwed her nor let her give me a blow job that morning. Papa had Vince drive us and he sent Carlo and Hal along in a Minivan to follow, as we drove to the hills. Her Mom saw us coming, she was in the front yard and she went inside when she saw us coming.

I knocked the door. "Go away!" she says. "I brought Julia to visit." I told her. "Go to hell," she said. The door busted real easy when I charged it, but it sure hurt my guts doing it, and then I was inside, right into the hallway and on to the living room I did a double take, there was a big black guy sitting on the couch.

"Mom?" Julia exclaimed. "He's the gardener." she said as the guy set down his can of Bud. "Gee, sure looks like it." I agreed. "Mom?" Julia declared. My plans just collapsed, hell I was going to paw and screw Julia as her mom looked on but I changed tack straight away.

"She fucks for yard work," I guessed, "Oh my Julia, look what your Momma done when you was working the streets." I said. Julia turned round and stuck her head on my shoulder, then she snarled at her Mom. "I hate you Momma!" "I guess you can take Julia's place a while," I suggested, "Down by the ocean." "Regis," she said but her black guy was backing off already.

"You busted her ass?" I asked. "Hey, I'm out if here." Regis announced and he dashed past and out the room. She looked ridiculously over dressed, Julia's Mom, like she was going to some charity meeting of some such, "You wanna strip bitch?" I asked. "Don't be ridiculous, if you don't leave I'll call the cops." she announced. I nodded to Carlo, he came in, took hold of the lapels of her jacket and tore it right off of her, then Hal got her blouse and tore that off and then Carlo bared her huge pendulous tits.

I guess it took maybe thirty seconds and she was naked like some great big pink slug. "Hell no one's going to pay to fuck that!" I exclaimed. milf give wild cock riding hardcore and blowjob pay to piss on it boss," Carlo announced.

"You still think I ain't good enough for Julia?" I asked. "Please!" she said, "I'll do anything." I saw this candelabra with huge wax candles, I pointed, "One up your ass, one in whore grants full access to her cunt that's my Mom!" Julia cried.

"She let them use you as a whore." I explained. "But she's my Mom!" she said, "Don't do it Tony, please. for me!" she piped up. "Why?" I asked. "Because," she said, "She's my Mom!" "Seem's like," I said but when I looked around her Mom was getting ready to sink down on the candle aimed at her ass. "No Mom!" Julia cried but as she tried to react her Mom fell backwards and that candle just got forced way up her as she screamed. She looked so stupid lying there with that thing up her ass that I had to laugh, "You look so stupid," I explained.

She glowered at me and that's when I saw she already had most of the other candle up her vagina. "You still think Julia's too good for me?" I asked. "Yes," her Mom said, "You ruined her life!" "You know if I could get a hard on I'd fuck your face bitch." I said, "But hey, I can't." "Tony," Julia said, "She's my Mom." "I'll fuck your face then." I said. "Yes," she agreed. "Show your Mom how much you love me." I ordered.

She kissed my cheek. "See, she loves me," I told her Mom.

The old bitch stared at me, "But do you love Julia." she asked. Julia stared at me, hopefully, "I," I started to say, don't know but suddenly I changed tack "Hell yes," I said, "I ain't been able to screw no one else." "That's hardly love Mr Agnelli." she said sneering up at me as she lay naked with both holes plugged, "And I don't believe you." she said and she grabbed the end of the candle poking out her cunt and started to move it around, pleasuring herself, "Don't you want a piece Mr Agnelli.?" "She's my Mom," Julia said despairingly, but the old broad was right, my tool was uncurling, stiffening, "No Tony!" Julia was getting too big for her boots, "So you bring her off," I told her, "Get yourself stripped down." "I hate you!" she says.

"No you don't, you just want me to fuck you not her," I explained. "Ok, yes right, sure Tony," she says. "You screw sunny leone xxx bfy story sex stories black guy else you get a bullet between your eyes?" I asked.

"Sure Tony." she says. "What you think bitch?" I asked peering down at her Mom. "You'll never be good enough!" she said. "Screw the bitch," I told Carlo and Hal, "Julia, upstairs." It wasn't much of a place, there was hardly any space between the bed and the window in the bedroom we chose, but pretty soon Julia had my pants off me and she handled my erection like it was precious or something and she guided it inside of her.

"Tony," she says, "Tony, you're never going to be fully fit again are you?" she says, as I gently fucked her. "No, I guess not." I agreed, "Why?" "Because if you keep playing the big shot someone will take you down, that's why." she said all menacing like. "Great!" I agreed. "But if we go back to school," she said, "Get qualified get out of the family scene." I done the figures in my head, most of my course would be paid by the army, she must have fucked herself a few hundred thousand in back pay for the whoring.

"What go to school together?" I asked. "Yes." she said, "I wanted to fuck your sisters." I said. "I'll be jealous," she said, "But proud if you can manage it," "Maybe, maybe not," I agreed and I pulled her to me and kissed her.

To be continued?