Japanese xxx story milk kiss

Japanese xxx story milk kiss
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SELLING SARAH - PART 2 My names Damian Walsh. I was a happy highschool kid until this morning, when my younger sister, Sarah, decided to blackmail me for a precious 50 bucks. Although, come to think of it, I am still a happy highschool kid. Only now, i've got my 50 bucks back, and am holding my friend's camcorder. My friend, John - Hes a good friend. And he just decided to go downstairs to get a drink, which is why I am holding this camcorder.

Oh, right. That over there on the bed is what my friends camcorder has spent the past hour taping. Its my younger sister, Sarah. Currently, she's laying like a half-dead fish across my bed. Me an' my buddies decided to blackmail HER to get my $50 back. But when you've got a beutiful girl of 15 naked infront of you. would you stop?

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Of course you wouldn't. So, after having our fun, we sold her out to a number of our friends. They're currently downstairs getting drunk off their asses and watching reruns of my sister losing her virginity. And this "Half-Dead" fish is about to get thrown back into the fire. Which brings us back to the present, at which time the doors a-opening and in comes a-walking our next customer.

Much to my sister and I's mutual astonishment, it was "Foxy" Fergus (Named for his flaming red hair). Fergus was the school geek; everyone picked on him - That is, of course, everyone exept me. I always felt kind of sorry for him. "Hi there, Damian," he said quietly, "I have the £20. Here you go." I took the money and sat back in my chair, twiddling it between my fingers.

"Thanks Fergus - She's all yours." I said, smiling. He continued in his quiet voice, "I'd also like it taped. If thats alright." I was getting rather used to this - and quiet enjoying it. "Sure, teen from russia loves to get bonked - But that'll be an extra £10" I said. Fergus produced the money. "Is it alright with you if i'm the camera man, Fergus?

It wouldn't be awkward for you, would it?" I said, setting up the tape. Fergus almost smiled, concidering how awkward the situation was anyway - Or rather, aught to have been. I saw Fergus turn his eyes to my sister - It almost seemed as though they took the look then of a hungry animal closing in on its prey. "No," he said, his voice almost a whisper. "I will not be awkward for me." Sarah stared at fergus; I knew the two of them went back a few years at school.

Sarah had always taken pleasure from Fergus' suffering and used to mock and tease him mercilessly with her friends. I had a feeling Sarah would be regretting this in about, say, five minutes. Fergus put down his backpack and took off his clothes - He was thin and pasty white, no more then 5'10". His hair was red and curly and so was the small clump of chest hair he posses. He had rat like fetures, and his dick was average size but he had a huge forest o red pubic hair.

I looked down at the screen on the camera and pressed "play". Even through the small blurry pixelated screen I saw Sarah cringe as Fergus walked towards her; shad consoled herself up to this point knower her abusers were strong and muscular but now she was about to be tormented by someone she had regarded as a pathetic weak creature.

After assuring myself the camera was in good shape, I looked up at Sarah, who was still cringing and almost crying. Then, Fergus spoke. "You think you're better then me, don't you?" he said. Sarah just looked at him - She did not say a thing; Fergus knew her answer. "Well now I romi rain group racy angel going to change your mind." he said.

His eyes flashed with rage. Snatching his jacket off the floor he reached into a pocket. What was he going to get, I wondered. A knife; a razor perhaps? Then he produced it. I nearly laughed - It was a feather. Fergus eyes shot over to me, and he spoke again. "Thats not all." he said simply, and took out a small, double-ended needle.

"Goin' to peirce her nipple?" I asked, noting the touch of harsh cruelty in my voice as I zoomed in on the action. Fergus didnt reply, but Sarah looked over at me and started crying for real. Obviously, she was still in shock that I had no remorse for her. At that moment, I almost felt some remorse - And then the image of her holding my money shot back into my head.

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Fuck her. Fergus got behind Sarah, whos ankles were still tied to the foot of the bed. She was on her knees with her ass sticking up in the air, wiggling slightly. I just barely heard Fergus quote an old song that had made its way around the internet a while back - "Face down, ass up, thats the way we like to fuck." he said. Sarahs head twisted around to look at Fergus as he said it. He held up the needle for her to see. Her eyes widened and her body started to shake in fear.

I coudlnt help but notice how fucking hot she looked, trembling at the sight of something so small as a needle in the hands of a man who was going to be utterly ruthless to her. Fergus carefully pried her asscheeks open, delicately wedging it in lengthwise so each cheek had a sharp end in it - Not terribly uncomfortable so long as she didnt clench.

She would hardly have felt any discomfort. With the needle in place he reached for the feather. Sarahs head shot around straight infront of her again, her eyes shutting and her teeth clenching. Fergus leaned forward right up next to Sarahs ear. He gave it a small lick as he said, "Whatever you do. Don't clench." He grinned as he pulled away and started to swirl the feather along her asshole.

Sarah started to sweat- She couldnt clench or she'd stabe herself in the ass with a two pointed needle. Yet the feather - The feather was tickling her, prompting her, tormenting her. She moaned black bbw wife performing blowjob and boobjob frustration and her face appeared tortured and agitated.

Fergus continued to lightly run the feather along her asshole, "This is driving you crazy, isnt it?" he hissed.

Sarah still had her eyes squeezed shut trying to resist the urge to clench - The sweat was now beading and rolling down her face. "This is brilliant!" I thought as I watched my sisters torment. The simplicity, the effect. Simply stunning. Fergus began to lightly stroke her cunt, making it even more difficult for Sarah to concentrate on not clenching.

She was weeping with anguish at her predicatment. "If you beg," Fergus hissed feircely "i'll stop." His face twisted into a sadistic grin as he said, "All you have to do is beg." Sarahs face was still a picture of sorrow - But she wouldnt beg, not to him, not to Fergus.

And with that she finially clenched, stabbing herself in each cheek with the needle as she did. She screamed like only a girl can scream, tears streaming down her face.

Fergus was simply furious; his face went as red as his pubes.

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"You fucking bitch! Fucking cunt! You still think you're better then me! I'll show you!" he roared. Sarah was obviously smug and proudo f herself even though she was still in great pain. And obviously Fergus figured that was about to change. Fergus reached into his backpack. "You're going to be sorry bitch. Real sorry." Fergus growled. He grabbed what he was looking for and let the backpack drop out of his grasp.

It was a tube and a funnel. He put his free hand on her mouth and forced it open - Sarah struggled as best she could but was too weak to resist. Fergus forced the pipe into her mouth and pushed it all the way luscious hottie angel del rey wants a big dick smalltits and hardcore to the back of her throat - she was practically gagging on it as Fergus attached the funnel to the other end of the pipe.

"I hope you're thirsty" he sneered at my tied up sister as she gagged on the pipe. Then the blood rushed from her face as she realized what he was about to do - She started shaking her head furiously, and then turned her head to me with begging eyes that pleaded me to stop this.

I smiled and gave her a pitiless stare as I zoomed in on her sorry face and laughed. Then Fergus forced her attentions back on him, grabbing her hair and yanking her head back up straight. She looked at him with fear and dread. "I told you" he said, his voice quiet again "That you'd be sorry." He finished as he s tarted pissing into the funnel.

I followed the urine down the funnel as it flowed out of the pipe and into Sarahs throat - Tears flooded down her face again as she felt the sting of the acidic substance on her throat and reluctantly gulped (It was gulp or d rown). Fergus laughed maniacly as my little sister squeezed her eyes shut and continued reluctantly to swallow his piss.

She could feel the hot liquid running down her throat and could smell the stench as he continued to urinated. After he'd finished Fergus whipped the pipe out of her mouth. She coughed and gagged but didnt throw up. After catching her breath she started to look nauseous - I had a bucket on standby in case it was needed and placed it in front of her. Fergus got behind her and pushed back her ass cheeks and removed the needle - I had forgotten all about the needle, surely it was there causing her flexing clenching ass pain the whole time.

As I panned around to behind her my thoughts were proven correct - By the blood it looked like it had come out and punctured her a few more times on subsequent clenches. He rubbed her asshole before pushing his thumb deep inside her.

He began spanking her hard on the ass with his other hand. I zoomed in on her face, admiring the dimples that formed on each cheek as smack after smack she grunted and grit her teeth to help manage the pain. "Now, slut -I am going to plant my seed in you!" Fergus hissed it out kinky threesome action with a raunchy cougar brunette big tits satisfaction as he pushed his cock in to her sloppy wet cunt.

Sarah cringed again as she felt him entering her vagina - The though of her body giving him pleasure and gratification made her sick; and with that, she ws sick as every drop of Fergus' piss as well as everything else she had eaten or drunk came out of her mouth and into the bucket.

"Thats it pussy, taste it a second time you bitch!" Bellowed Fergus. Then he moaned as he pumped her hard, grabbing her hair and tugging it back as he rode her. Eventually he shot his load into her as she kept caughing up his piss.

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He took his cock out and poked his finger in to her pussy, wetting it with her moistness. Then he ran the finger along her face and lips. "Now we're even." he said as he squeezed her breasts for the hell of it."Thanks for the cock ride. slut" he laughed as he got dressed. * * * As he did so, Sarah's eyes involuntarily watched him. Somehow he seemed different. some how taller or broader - Then she realized the only thing different about him was that she feared him.

He was the bully now and she was his victim. He took his tape and left the room. Sarah felt herself sob with defeat. * * * "Send up the next customer!" I called as Sarah pushed away the bucket of vomit in front of her. - to be continued i would like to thank hechter for editing this installment