Ebony chick katt garcia rides big cock of handyman

Ebony chick katt garcia rides big cock of handyman
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My street corner girl. by LorenLost Hey, Hey, What can I do? I gotta woman and she won't true! I walk the town, keep searching all around. Looking for my street corner girl. Traveling riverside blues. Robert Johnson She was there waiting, looking a little pissed Cause I was late. Climbing in she looks hot! That tite little body wrapped in a tiny little flowered dress bobby sox and white sneakers.

"I want to get high before," she says sliding over to touch his leg.

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Looking her over he smiles, "Of course my dear, I will get you lit before I fuck your brains out!" Oh good, she purrs. Then you can take me up the hill and fuck me! Parked off the road now, She mixes a big hit up, sitting cross-legged with her dress pulled up around her hips and bouncing just a little. He can just see her shaved pussy waiting to be touched.

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She pushes the plunger in slowly and the dope flows into her veins. "What a rush." She mumbles her head falling back and her hand moving to her pussy. "Did that shot make you wet?

I bet your ready to get fucked now, aren't you just the little slut when you get high??" Her face is buried in the seat; Knees back up under her and Her ass high in the air!! He stands over her at the open truck door.

"What a sweet little ass you've got!" He says, swatting her exposed butt. Wrapping his hands around her ass he pulls her ass cheeks open shoving his tongue deep into her cunt. Holding her down, ass spread open he licks and teases over her pussy then stuffs his tongue deep into her asshole!!

"Fuck yea . Ohhh lick my ass honey!" He thrusts again into her tite hole then leans back giving her a another good swat on her round ass and exposed pussy! "Oow! Hey!" she cries. But soon she is moaning and telling him to suck her hot little pussy again.

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He works a third finger into her tite little fucking asshole, Pushing and twisting against the slow grind of her hips. Strong fingers fuck her ass slowly as his tongue works over her dripping snatch.

What a little whore you are, a good hit of dope and you've got your ass is in the air, some old man finger fucking your sweet ass and talking dirty to you! Yea babe, I know you love it!! "And you love to fuck your little whore don't you?

Now stuff me with your fat cock and make me scream!" She taunts him, shaking her ass! "Is that what you want? Are you ready for me to fuck you now??" He laughs. Giving her a hard slap on the ass, then grabbing her legs and pulling them toward him before dropping them when her toes will just reach the ground.

He guides the head of his swollen dick to rub up and down over her dripping pussy while with the other hand he reaches up taking a handful of hair and pulling her back onto his thrusting cock. "Fuck yes… Take that hard cock you fucking slut!" He growls to her, ramming every inch of his aching cock into her throbbing little cunt.

She moans and twists under him as he pounds her pussy with long deep strokes. He pulls her hair back and kisses and bites her neck telling her over and over what a hot little slut she is and yui ayana is such a slutty babe this fine looking japanese woman is ready to get fucked by so many h he loves to fuck her.

Leaning back he slows down, hands running over the curve of her hips, damn she looks sexy like this. He can feel her trembling, she takes a deep breath and pushes back against him. His thumb pushes into her asshole; he can feel her ass squeezing him as he strokes his prick deep in her cunt.

He is slowly pumping her cunt and his thumbs are pushing and pulling at her ass. She is rolling her hips and moaning to him Oh yes, Oh god yes fuck me, Fuck your little whore! this is how he liked her!!

No problem now!! Looking down at her slender body beneath him, Her hips grinding against the thumbs in her ass and his cock in her pussy. He could feel her getting closer to the edge and starts to fuck her harder and harder& Pulling her close he growls in her ear Come on little girl Cum for me!!

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Feel my thumbs in your ass? I want to fuck your tite fucking asshole with this fat cock!! He can feel her getting closer now and leaning back he strokes her hard and deep while he is looking down at her ass.

She is rolling her hips and moaning to him Oh yes Yes. Oh yes, I m coming, Oh god Yeees!! Please fuck my ass she begs him while he pounds her pussy as she comes for him. She is going wild under him as he pulls his rock hard dick out of her twitching cunt and guides it up to her asshole!! She cries out as he pushes deep into her ass, Oh yes, fuck yes, fuck your little whore in her ass. Holding her down he pulls all the way out then slams the full length of his cock back into her tight little ass.

Now she is his completely and he horny babes just want to get pounded off!! She squirms and twists under him as he starts to ram into her ass again and again pulling her hair and spanking her then squeezing xxxx first time six inda com tit's while he fucks her ass even harder. "Oh fuck you fucking slut, I love to fuck your hot little ass & you love it too don t you??

Just love to have my hard cock pounding your ass??" "Please come in my ass!" She cries, "Come in my ass and make your little whore come again for you!!" Lifting her up completely he jambs my cock into her and explode shooting hot come deep in her ass.

Then she is coming for me, Her ass squeezing my cock and her whole body shaking as I give her ass my last few strokes, gently I lower her down to the ground, still shaking and hold her close as I slowly fuck her clenching asshole and she milks the last drops of come from my cock… " You always did have a sweet little ass my dear." I say as I help her up and hand her bag, I get back into my truck and then slowly drive off watching her in the mirror while she walks off down the hill.

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