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Redhead girl and her big black boyfriend
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First time posting so not sure who will like A night to Remember Chapter 1 The Meeting I look back on that night with a smile on my face as I remember. My cock growing hard as I bring to the forefront of my mind what transpired. What a night it was, a dream meeting with two minds so alike and yet so far apart. A meeting of souls, flesh and fantasies. I sit here wanting to remember more and more of the details but knowing that time will fade them so put pen to paper so that I remember for years to come.

So where to begin? Lets start with me. I am Gary, a 42 year old manager of a large business hotel. You know the type where you are just a room number and not a person. Clean rooms, nice bed linen, satellite TV mini bar, print on the wall of past masters and 'musik' in the elevators.

The great pastime of customers is trying to guess the original artist who would be turning in his/her grave if they knew what had become of their works. My favorite is Oasis Wonderwall where it is so removed from its roots in the Manchester music scene. Anyway I digress. As I said I am Gary. 42 years old, a physique theres something wrong with mommy scene chatsworth pictures has seen better days but is still, well in my mind, not to bad.

Above average height at 5'11 and tipping the scales at 83kgs. I lost my hair many years ago during my late 20's so keep it short. I am not one of those who misses his hair and tries to cover up the lack of it with fancy hair styles or wigs. My biggest asset was a hairy chest, but I stress not back.

That evening I was just finishing up my business, sorting out the hand over to the assistant manager who would be taking over from me for the next few days. I looked into the hotels restaurant and found it to be normally quiet.

Not many people actually eat in as most go out or have room service but that night I did see one person sat by themselves reading from a folder as they ate. I acknowledged the waiter who was putting on a good professional air by being attentive but always in the background. Speaking to the waiter I was informed that Ms Horton was eating by herself again.

This must have been the ninth night she had done so.

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I remembered this customer from checking in the previous week. My mind recollecting her name and business as the obligatory exchange of pleasantries are done.

A Ms K Horton who was something to do with health, a consultant or something like that. I knew that she was due to check out sometime soon though I could not remember when. Doing my manager part I thought a few friendly words might be good for business so walked over to her table.

She saw me coming across the room and I received a nice warm smile. ' 'Well that's a good start' I thought 'She obviously has no complaints' I smiled back as I drew closer. Pulling to one side my jacket and placing a hand in the pockets of my trousers trying to look casual but business like I stopped across the table from her. "Hello Ms Horton I am Mr Hauls the duty manager and I just wanted to make sure you were being looked after to your satisfaction." Now some people might not have understood the slight innuendo and emphasis on the words but I knew in an instant that she had.

It was a game I played with quite a few of the guests and most, well 99% of them never realized. The few that did… well lets say I could write a book about that. What I received that night was a big smile and as she put the papers she was reading down beside her. "Well some more attention would be appreciated" she said her words full of double meaning. I had to laugh as her grin grew. I instantly liked her and the smile was to die for.

I did a double take there and then. Looking her over. She was middle aged but looking good with it as some women do. Like a good wine they mature with age. Her clothing was a sharp business suit which cost more than some peoples cars.

I knew she was a few pounds over her ideal weight from the day before but then are we not all. However her height managed to hid most of it and the clothes she wore the rest. Her hair matched her eyes. A nice lush brown and what little make up she wore was perfect and highlighted her face.

It was the sparkle in her eyes that amazed me. Full of mischief. She dressed implecably. Her silk suit so expensive, her blouse a lighter silk with lovely lace open just the right amount to show the beginnings of her womanly shape. I looked at her jewelery and none struck me as brash and cheap. The pearls not brutalx brute fucked by a pool boy shaved pussy and doggystyle water and perfect colour and shape.

I coughed slightly embarrassed at having the game turned around onto me so quickly. I decided to chance my luck a little. "Oh and what attention would madam require?" I placed my free hand on the back of the chair opposite trying to look confident and relaxed. It must have worked as she let out a slight chuckle. "Ah Mr Hauls if only you knew" Her eyes met mine and for that instant we became serious looking for the subtle signs that we know we humans give off but find it so hard to read.

A human trait I think. If only we could read body language better we could possible halt wars and crimes before they happen. Or am I a dreamer?

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"Ms Horton please finish your meal but after that I, the hotel, would be pleased to serve you a nice glass or two of red wine in the bar. On the house of course." I took in the subtle movement, the way she leaned back and arched her shoulders pushing her chest out.

My eyes falling, noticing the fabric of her crisp white french mom seduces boy and gives her ass after rimming nudeinfrance hardcore pushing out, the outline of her lace bra just visible. "I would be delighted Mr Hauls but I do not drink alone so would it be rude to request your company?" I smiled like a school boy who has just had his first lesson in girls.

"Ms Horton I would be honored to join you. Allow me to clear up a few last issues and then I shall see you there" I quickly turned away so that she did not see my delight at the prospect. I quickly went around finishing off my duties. Clearing my desk, saying a few last words to the front desk staff before finally I could call it a day. Unbuttoning my jacket then shrugging out of it I sighed as this one action meant that I now had two days of no work and that I was 'off duty'.

I walked into the bar with my jacket over my arm and looked around finally seeing her away from the bar with just the dim low voltage lighting to see by. I walked behind the bar and took out a $40 bottle of Australian red. ($100 in the bar but $40 on the high street) Grabbing two glasses and the opener I walked over to her. Putting my jacket down I carefully ran the knife around the seal of the bottle. Not looking at her but knowing I was being watched.

"So did you enjoy your dinner Ms Horton?" I placed the knife and seal on the table taking a quick glance at her our eyes meeting as I slowly screwed the corkscrew into the cork. My actions so suggestive as a giggle came from her. The cork pulled with a pop I gave her a wink and we both laughed. I took the cork from the corkscrew bringing it to my nose I took in the bouquet smelling the grape and honey that this bottle was famous for.

My eyes closed as I dissected the scent. Honey, spices, the cask, the grape a subtle aroma of the wine filling my nostrils. "hmm yes this will be a nice one" I smiled at her I started to pour the wine into one glass.

Stopping abruptly.

"I have one rule regarding wine and that is to know the first name of the person I am drinking with. Mine is Gary" I placed the wine bottle down and extended my right hand. Feeling soft warm palm take mine firmly a slight shake. "Hello Gary I am Katy and it's a pleasure to have wine with you" A slight laugh escaping both of us as I slid into the seat opposite her and poured the wine.

The next hour was a blur of information exchange. I found out she was never married her career more important, no kids, a few years older than me and that sadly she was flying back to Canada the following day but that she had nothing on in the morning.

I told her that I was married but had a amicable divorce some years back, some children that I knew off (which made her laugh), no one on my radar at that time. The wine was nice and the company even better. I noticed the way her hair fell and the sparkle in her attractive chick from brazil prepares for oral brazilian hardcore making my heart skip a beat every now and then as subtle undertones surfaced.

As with most adults the conversation finally came around to sex. I laughed when I said that I had not yet my match. Again that sparkle as she alicia amira theres a porn star in my car! perhaps one day I might.

I looked into my wine glass and shook my head. Looking back at her. "Always in my dreams" Katy tossed her hair back laughing "be careful what you dream off Gary the reality could be better than the fantasy" Was it the wine?

Or was it that we both felt comfortable with each other? I like to think the later as one or two glasses of wine would not normally make me so bold.

"well Katy shall we see if dreams are better than reality?" I leaned forward in my seat taking one of her hands. My heart pounding in my ears "come two bad black girls doing white guy with me this evening and we can make our dreams come true?" Katy did not pull her hand away and for a instant I thought I had overstepped my mark.

Katy looked away her eyes down cast "I am not sure Gary" "Katy we are both adults and once in our lives we should pursue our dreams, a no commitment night of pleasure, what ever we want, but and here is a big but we must always respect the other" Our eyes meet again and there was that sparkle.

I hear the words "hmm OK, no regrets though OK Gary?" I smile as I bring her hand up and kiss the back of it delicately "whatever my lady wishes" We both laugh clearing the air instantly any embarrassment gone with this release. "Back to reality Katy on the way back to mine I need to stop and get some provisions then if you are wanting breakfast to the standard of this hotel" We quickly finish the wine and I stand unconsciously brushing the front of my trousers noticing I have a slight stiffness in my member.

Thankful that the pleats of the trousers cover up the slight bulge. Chapter 2 Shopping I take Katys' hand noticing that she had none of her papers with her. I smile at the thought of her pre meditating and putting her work away in her room before she came into the bar. As we walk out my view of her is better. Her dress suit fits her perfectly, her nice rounded ass fitting the fabric tightly no sign of any panties. Her breasts pushing out her jacket just right. Her breasts looking larger as she walks my mind already having her undressed as we walk out into the under ground car park.

We come around a pillar as I take out the keys and the lights flash on a new dark grey Range Rover. She looks at me and raises an eyebrow.

"how do you afford this?" I open the door for her and put an arm around her waist as I help her into the car. "Do not judge a book by its cover, I am not some under paid manager." I did not say anymore because some mystery is needed.

My eyes take in her stocking covered legs as she settles into the soft leather seat. Her skirt riding up slightly showing her thigh and the tops of her stocking as my heart skips a beat. Closing the door on her I rush to the drivers seat and jumping in I pull out of the car park.

The car glides along the road joining the traffic, my hand on the center console as I feel finger tips trace along one finger over my knuckles.

"you have lovely artistic hands" Katy says to no one in particular. I keep quiet letting her be comfortable with her musings. I drive letting her trace over my hand. Feeling the hard nails trace along my fingers. The sensation so comforting. She turns towards me brushing her hair from her face. Car lights shining in her eyes as I see her grin. "we are really going to do this?" She asks I hear her voice slightly nervous.

I look at her quickly. My smile comforting. " Yes, lets make it fun. Not serious, no commitment, no as you say regrets" I take her hand and give it a gentle squeeze. The purr of the V8 engine, the comfort of the heated seats, the music coming from the speakers makes both of us at ease as we carry along. I pull the car into the all night supermarket.

Turning off the engine the silence is embarrassing. I turn to you "lets go and get you a toothbrush eh?" We both laugh as we open our doors. I take Katy hand and we walk into the brightly lit supermarket. The lights allowing me the first time to really appreciate this person. I like what I see. Her hair shiny in the lights. The shape of her neck slim and so smooth. I just wanted to kiss it there and then so taking my heart in my mouth I pulled her to me.

Our bodies meeting my head bending as my lips find the hollow at the base of her neck. Kissing gently feeling both of us relax.

The tip of my tongue running up over her chin finally around her soft lips as they part we kiss gently at first then harder feeling the awkwardness and resistance drift away. My tongue probing playing with hers. Shivers running through my body as my hands pull her closer my chest pressed against her breasts feeling myself grow in my trousers I pull back panting slightly at the sudden forcefulness.

"Wow" I smile as I take Katys' ass cheeks and give them a gentle squeeze. "come on lets go shopping before it becomes embarrassing for me to walk around with you". I laugh with her as we walk the automatic doors opening and a rush of cold air hit us.

I grab a basket and walk into the fruit and vegetable section looking for tomatoes and mushrooms. Inspecting some loose tomatoes. I feel Katy by my side laughing. Tuning I see a glint of mischief "what?" I say laughing. "what's the matter?" "it's just the way you were holding those tomatoes. It's like you were weighing a pair of testicles" I look around quickly seeing no one looking I lick the tomato suggestively as Katy squeals her disagreement and quickly walks away laughing.

I place some tomatoes into a bag and as I turn I see Katy holding a corn cob rubbing it between her thumb and forefinger with raised eyebrows. I walk over and run my fingers down the covered cob feeling the nubs of the corn. "hmm that could be a bit of fun" As I hold out the basket Katy places two of the corn cobs in with a wink.

"I think this is going to be an interesting shopping trip" I suddenly find arms around me and Katy biting my neck whispering "remember this is our dream so let's go wild". I turn and pick up some mushrooms as Katy pouts. "wow they are interesting… Not" and then walks away looking with renewed vigor. I catch her up as she walks through the preserves placing into the basket a tub of chocolate spread. My items begin to look normal as bacon, sausages and egg find their way in.

However we go past the food areas and into the household wares where I spot a range of toilet brushes. Picking one out I test the bristles feeling that they are slightly to stiff before testing another brand.

Katy stops suddenly "and what do you think you are gonna do with that?" backing up as I rub the bristles over my hand. "hmm well I am sure we can think of a few things" I say with an evil grin.

I take a swipe at her the brush head smacking her on the thigh as she pinay filipinsex student scandal in makati and ran away.

Laughing I run after her like children we picked up things that no one would consider even sexual but the two of us did. Katy placed a toothbrush and toothpaste into the basket and I looked at the range of hair brushes picking out a plastic handled one with soft thick bristles.

My cock twitched as I thought of using it on her later. I stopped by some sewing supplies my eyes going to a packet of needles. Katy reached out seeing my eyes on them picking them up and turning the packet over. With a shrug "well lets just see eh?" as she drops them into the basket.

After perusing the rest of the supermarket I picked out a few bottles of decent red wine placing them into the basket as I took Katys hand and lead her to the checkout. It was only when the checkout girl was putting the items through we realized what we had actually purchased.

Each bing of the checkout either Katy looked at me or I looked at her both of us giggling as we did so. What the checkout girl thought is beyond me but it was quite hilarious. Xxx barjan new rep sex stories bf story walked out of the supermarket to the chill of the night air. Welcoming the warmth of the car as we drove still high from the shopping trip. Chapter 3 Home coming I felt nervous whilst driving. "can this really be happening?" I kept asking myself.

Every so often looking at this person in the passenger seat. The headlights and dash lighting up her face. I see her smiling and a glint in her eyes never leaving.

We had a normal everyday conversation, what we did, relationship past, our futures and expectations that sort of stuff. Finally pulling up in the driveway of my house brings an exclamation from her. "you live here?" as the headlights pick out an old Victorian gentleman's house.

So very grand and imposing. "Its so big" I laugh "yes I keep meaning to sell up and move somewhere more modern and smaller but just cannot let it go" I turn off the engine as the gates close silently behind the car. A security light comes on as I open her door and make our way towards the large green front door. We grab the shopping bags from out of the car and walk across the gravel.

Our footsteps making crunching sounds. The road obscured by the high bushes and trees we could be anywhere and the only people left on this planet. As I unlock the door I feel her hands on my shoulders stroking me. I turn and give her a big grin as I push the door wide. Suddenly a large shape comes out of the dark hall making Katy jump back.

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The shape materializing into a large brindle greyhound who jumps up at me with his tail wagging furiously his tongue all over my face as I laugh pushing him off me. "hey boy how are you?" I bend down as he rolls on the floor wanting my affection and attention.

He then realizes there is company and his ears prick up. I look up at you from my kneeling position "Katy please meet my companion and best friend Enzo" looking a little embarrassed "well he is as fast as a Ferrari" Knowing the name is lame but hey. Enzo dongs for a horny legal age teenager adorable nymph up on his long legs his body muscular and sleek as he approaches Katy slightly cautious then his tail starts wagging as Katy rubs his ears.

I stand up knowing that he is a big softy and would never harm anyone. "Who looks after him when you are at work?" Katy asks as she strokes his head. "I have someone who comes in and takes him out for walks and also he goes out to the dog sitter, most days with other Grey hounds so by the time I am finished all he wants is a quick walk on the fields and then bed".

I turn around to quickly disable the alarm system punching in the codes spinning around as I hear a scream from Katy. I laugh as I see her pushing down on her skirt as Enzo pushes his head under his nose buried between Katys thighs. "Tell him to stop that" screams Katy as she fights to regain some composure.

I grab his collar and pull him back "he is a little forward eh? I am sorry, but I guess he must like you" "Katy smiles and chuckles "like his owner then?

Its alright but was a little to forward to start with. I am not use to such a direct approach" I wink at Katy "so its alright then?" Knowing she understands my meaning.

I just get a demure smile in return as I orgasms amazing gina devine enjoying hard cock orgasms and creampie one bag and Enzo and walk down the corridor and into the kitchen. Placing the bag on the counter I open the back door as Enzo darts out into the garden. Turning on the lights the black marble counters shine under the beams of the downlighters. A very modern kitchen with all the latest white goods but a old Aga range stands proud and warm in the heart of the kitchen.

"say hello to my old girl" I pat the Aga feeling the warmth "I rescued her from a demolition and had her renovated. She is now the best cooker in the world. I place a bottle of red wine on the top to warm up slightly.

"come let me show you the rest" I open a plain Oak door and lead into the living areas. A large living room opens out with a huge ornate fireplace already laid. Taking a match I light the fire starters and the flames lick at the kindling.

One large sofa dominate the room more of a bed than a sofa with low back and great wide bases. On one wall there is a large 52" LDC monitor and the rest of the room has some paintings and small ornaments in a minimalist way.

Picking up a remote the sounds of Dido fill the room from the conceled Bose speakers. "make yourself at home whilst I go and get a glass of wine for us" I turn to leave catching the look on Katys face full of amazement at the style I live in. She walks around at the pictures seeing signed originals of motorcycle racing ledgends.

Chapter 4 Glass of wine. I go into the kitchen and look for the opener. Taking out two large glasses and once I have the bottle open I fill them up. Knowing its better to fill them so that we do not have to worry about topping up the drink later. I walked back into the lounge my eyes wide as I see you on the sofa trying to fend off Enzo who must have slipped back into the house.

He tries to push his head under the hem of your skirt as you push against him with your hands. I place the two glasses of wine down and then nocholantly walk over to the fire and place some logs onto the burning kindling. Seeing the flames attack the new wood with vigor.

Walking slowly behind the sofa. Katy laughing as she pushes Enzo away "he really is a bit frisky Gary" I bend forward taking Katys shoulders and slowly gently pulling her back onto the sofa more. Bending down I kiss her neck feeling the soft skin, smelling her perfume as I trace up to her ear. "he just likes to get to know you that's all" as my hands move down over her blouse feeling the rise of the flesh as I take one ear lobe between my teeth and gently bite.

My palms running over the full mounds of Katys breasts. Feeling her nipples harden under my touch feeling her relax. "Just let him have a sniff and he will be satisfied, he obviously smells something to his liking" I feel Katy relax and her arms drop to her sides as I slowly move my hands over the bare flesh at the top of her blouse. Looking down I see Enzos head push under Katys skirt as her thighs part and a gasp escapes her lips.

My hands work down the buttons allowing me to push aside the fabric exposing her bra. The voluptuous flesh almost prisoned by the rigid bra.

Sliding a finger under the fabric of her bra touching her nipples bare for the first time, my heart pounding hard in my ears as I feel them react.

The lovely rubbery flesh so tender to my touch. My kisses continue down her neck and then around to her other ear biting gently as I take her nipples between thumb and forefinger squeezing gently but hearing "harder" whispered I squeeze harder and harder. Feeling Katy back arch not sure if it if from my attentions or Enzo. I look down her body seeing the swell of her breasts the shape of her tummy.

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Belly button now visable with her blouse open. I watch as her hands take hold of her skirt pulling lifting the hem higher. Her thighs covered in sheer stockings then the tops exposed. The milky white flesh coming into view then the slightest glimpse of her panties the lacy edges white like her bra.

I gasp slightly as I crush her nipples hard her thighs open allowing Enzo better access. His nose pressed hard into the fabric of her crotch his tongue flicking out along the dampness of her panties outlining the shape of her lips.

My cock swelling hard in my trousers, never before seeing anything so erotic, so natural looking but yet so taboo. I bite her ear hard sucking on her neck. My hands working down her body over her tummy, past the ruffled skirt finally feeling fur and a cold nose.

Reaching slowly purposefully taking hold of her panties gently pulling them to one side exposing her pussy to me. Marveling at the well trimmed pubic hair and the way her lips are so smooth devoid of hair.

Feeling Enzos tongue lick against my fingers finding Katys juices he licks harder, His tongue probing big sex toys please two hot babes the recesses of Katys lips.

Parting them as his tongue darts deeper. Feeling Katy shudder her eyes closed tight. My free hand pulling at my trousers fumbling for the belt and then the button. The sense of urgency with us both as I push my trousers down freeing my hard cock guiding it to Katys mouth. Gasping as the warm wet opening enfolds me and takes me deep.

The scene and the feelings causing shocks through my body knowing I will not be able to hold on for much longer as a hand encircles me squeezing me guiding me deeper into her mouth. Teeth racking along my length as she pulls me towards her. Feeling my head touch the back of her mouth sure she must gag but no pulling me deeper sucking harder as I feel rather than hear Katy groan. Her teeth clamping down onto my cock almost painful as she spasms. This final act sending me over the edge as my seed forces its way down my shaft and floods into her mouth.

Katy sucks harder as I feel my legs buckle my hands reach out to steady myself as Katy sucks and swallows not wanting to spill a drop. Her thighs clamp together tight forcing Enzo away from her as she pulls her mouth off me and still with closed eyes relaxes onto the soft comfort of the sofa.

I fall to my knees. Panting for breath as my body comes down from its high. A slight chuckle escapes my lips. A soft "what are you laughing about" comes from a closed eyed Katy. "I am not laughing but chuckling out of contentment and amazement. That was like nothing I have ever experienced." I gather enough strength and lift myself up. My lips covering hers. Tasting myself on her as I feel her mouth spread in a grin. Whilst locked together lip to lip she mumbles.

"I have to agree with that Mr Hauls" I lift my eyes and watch as Enzo pads away to take care of himself. Chapter 5 The beginnings I slowly come around standing.

My trousers around my ankles. My cock visable beneath the tails of my shirt. Soft and covered with a slight sheen covering it. My eyes drawn to this remarkable woman laying on my sofa with her eyes shut but a smile across her face.

Her silk blouse now not so pristine pulled apart showing the lace of her bra. I notice for the first time her areole showing through. Dark and large. Her nipples still hard. I like large nipples and these were very large. Following her body down I see the rise of her belly. Katy was carrying a few extra pounds but not unattractively so.

Her silk skirt now pulled up over her hips. The rise of her pubic mound pronounced outlined by very short pubic hair. Obviously she used to keep it bald but has since let it grow slightly. Not enough to be unsightly very nice if you ask me. The best part was her smooth lips. I love it when women have smooth lips. Her labia were not to large and not that fantasy small that all porn starlets have surgery to achieve. I start to undo the buttons of my shirt walking to the coffee table.

Picking up my wine as my shirt falls to the floor leaving me naked except for my socks. Taking a sip I realize how silly I must have looked as I bend down pulling them off. Almost falling as I do. My eyes never leaving Katy and her body as she lies there eyes closed breathing deeply. I watch as her hands move. Her fingers moving over her skirt across her panties and then finally stroking her pubic hair.

Hearing her moan softly as her fingers trace along her wet lips. I place the wine down and walk into the kitchen. Picking up the bag of groceries we had brought I walk back into the lounge. I smile as a thought runs through my head. Placing the bag down I cross to the Hi-Fi. Selecting a song from the hard drive the sounds of Rocky Horror Picture Show flow out of the speakers.

Knowing I have picked the right song the lyrics so clear "give yourself over to absolute pleasure.give yourself over to sins of the flesh.erotic nightmares beyond every pleasure." I see a smile spread across Katys face as her eyes meet mine. "hmmm yessssss erotic nightmares" she purrs at me. Her eyes move down taking in my body the smile growing as I walk back in front of her. I whisper "be careful with what you wish for Katy" I drop to my knees. My hands run slowly up her stocking clad legs.

Over her knees my thumbs on the inside of her thighs. I feel a shudder as I work up slowly, softly, teasing as bare flesh is found. My fingers light and I move under the ruffled skirt and take hold of the waist of her panties. Her eyes locked on mine as I draw them down. Katy lifts herself allowing them to come down lifting her ankles as I bring them to my face. Breathing in the musky scent.

Feeling the dampness honey pleasures chap with fellatio smalltits hardcore it is a mixture of her and Enzo. My cock swelling as thoughts run through me. The powerful scent triggering my system.

Readying it, Like preparing for battle. Senses hightened. Thinking to myself should I leave her part dressed. Deciding against but "yes" I smile. Holding the panties I pull her legs apart with just a little force.

Feeling no resistance to my exposure of Katys sex. Holding the panties I trail them lightly over her thighs. Seeing her shiver as the end of the panties delicately brush against her labia. Lowering my hand letting them cover her again as my fingertips touch her for the first time.

Her eyes closing as I probe minutely between her lips her thighs parting. Seeing the glisten from her juices. Her beautiful hairless lips so enticing. Lips parted slightly before they leave my sight with the lace and silk cover now resting over her. Feeling her flesh beneath the fabric as a second finger probes along with the first. Pushing in further to the first knuckle then out leaving the fabric within her before pushing more into her this time further each time further and further the fabric of her panties disappear into her.

Her walls squeezing against my fingers each time I invade her. The panties collecting her moisture. As she raises her hip I airnnae hot sxe story mp4 harder forcing my two fingers into her, hearing her gasp with each invasion of her.

The lace of the fabric causing tremors within her. With a final action all the panties are pushed into her leaving just a small tail. Her sex exposed again to me. Now dry. My fingertips tracing along her labia.

Feeling the little nub of her clit inga hot anal sex russian porn star gg exclusive by its hood. Letting one finger press her there. Then down teasing her smaller opening. Rubbing against it, feeling her body react to my touch, letting her know that nothing is out of bounds tonight.