Horny slut fisting her ass while brushing her teeth

Horny slut fisting her ass while brushing her teeth
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The story is clearly of a shemale/transexual nature please don't read on if your into that. Chapter 1 Jazz stood naked in the middle of her bedroom floor, the thick grey carpet feeling lush beneath her feet. Looking back over her slim shoulder, she admired herself in the mirrored wall that, like the mirrored ceiling, was a feature of the room. Jazz took in her body and her eyes scanned herself critically. Starting at her feet she examined her smooth shapely legs. She thought her calves were a little muscular and made a mental note to try and do something about it.

Her eye's moved to her pert little bottom and she pushed it up and out, arching her back as she did so. "Hmn" she murmured thoughtfully as she swivelled her hips, checking herself from different angles, and, happy with herself, smiled and flicked her long brown hair away from her face with a toss of her head. She moved her hands down to her buttocks and cupped them, squeezing them gently before caressing them, the white flesh feeling soft and cool to her touch.

She spanked herself gently and watched her ass jiggle before she placed a hand on each short secret blowjob girlfriend tube porn and spread her cheeks and exposing her tight little asshole.

A moment later she shook her head to clear it, her mind wandering before she'd finished her examination. She turned and faced the mirrored wall, undeniably pretty she stood about 5ft 8" and 120 pounds, and again she flicked her long hair out of the way to give her an unobstructed view. Having only recently woken her face was free of makeup giving her a healthy girl next door look, her full rosy lips in a permanent pout. Her brown eyes sparkled as they took in her breasts, perky, full and firm 32B.

Small dark areolas surrounded her nipples that pointed up at 45deg. Her hands roamed over herself cupping her tits and squeezing them. She took hold of her nipples between thumb and forefingers and rolled them making her catch her breath. Closing her eyes she squeezed and kneaded herself, her breathing getting heavier as she felt the mia li was so please the way he treats her hairy asian hairy pussy feeling begin.

The morning cocktail of drugs were taking effect and it wouldn't be long until she felt it necessary to masturbate. Jazz's left hand left her breast and moved down over her flat firm tummy before lightly tracing up the length of her swollen, erect 8" cock.

Chapter 2 Jason stared at the small advertisement on his computer screen. He'd almost missed it as he viewed his favourite porn sites and was just about to navigate away from this Asian shemale site when it caught his eye. On the ad banner blinking slowly it read: Do all kinds of sex turn you on? Do you long for cock and pussy? Can you spare 12 months of your life? Do you want to earn serious rewards? If you answered yes to these questions and if your male aged 18 to 25 then click here.

Jason hovered the mouse over the advertisement for a full five minutes before he muttered "fuck it" and pressed his mouse button. A new web page opened up, it looked very professional and was about a company called Secscience.

It stated they were a secret subsidiary of a well-known pharmaceutical company looking for people to engage in a 12 month trial. The successful participants would be housed in a purpose built facility and have all their expenses paid as well as receiving a monthly pay cheque and finishing bonus.

They would have no contact with the outside world during the trial and so upon finishing would have 12 month's pay as well as their bonus. The trial would consist of testing a combination of new drugs and treatment via specialised medical equipment. If interested he had to fill in a questionnaire and send them a photograph, an interview would follow with the trials set to begin in 6 weeks.

Jason was intrigued and thought that looking at the questionnaire could do no harm. It took Jason about 90 minutes to complete the questionnaire; there were medical questions and questions about his family and social life then came the sexual section: Had he had sex with a female?

Yes, several times actually, Jason was 18 now and had had a few girlfriends, he was cute and didn't find it too difficult to attract members of the either sex but he was a loner, didn't have many friends and had none that you'd call close. Sex with his girlfriends had been awesome. He loved to fuck and liked slutty girls who weren't afraid to experiment with him. Had he had sex with a male? Yes, once, sort of.

When he was 16 he'd stolen some liquor and by himself found a secluded spot in the woods and drunk himself to oblivion. He'd fallen asleep and when he woke his trousers and underwear were around his knees, a man of about 40 was stroking Jason's hardening cock.

It felt good and Jason groaned to signal to the man that he was awake and aroused. "You like that then boy?" he'd been asked. Jason had nodded and the man had pulled his trousers and boxers right off. Jason's cock was stiff and the man released his own from his grubby overalls. "My turn boy, give it a stroke." Jason had gingerly reached out and held the fat dick, it hardened in his hand and as he wanked it, growing gradually to a stiff 9 or 10 inch monster of a cock.

The man soon began to pant and pulled Jason onto his hands and knees, positioning himself behind him he'd spat on his fingers and rubbed them around Jason's asshole. Placing a dirty hand on Jason's buttock he pushed a stubby finger into Jason's ass.

Jason had squealed in pain at first but gradually his ass had opened to allow the man to finger fuck him. The hand left his buttock and Jason glanced back to see the man tugging his cock hard. Several times the finger was pulled from his ass and the man spat directly onto his loosening hole lubricating it and Jason started to push back eagerly when the finger was returned, reaching under himself to pull on his own cock.

"You're horny now kid ain't ya?" Jason had nodded hard. "You're nearly ready to be fucked. You want my big dick boy?" "Yes." He'd whispered, grinding his hips back onto the finger deep in his ass. Then they'd heard a dog bark and the finger was abruptly pulled from him making him gasp. The man leapt to his feet and tucked his cock away as a woman came into sight. She hadn't noticed the two of them but was moving toward them, about 100 yards away. "Get dressed quick boy, damn I hope to see you around." Jason had hurriedly pulled on his clothes and watched the man disappear.

That was his only time with a man, he supposed it was a sexual assault really but since he'd enjoyed it so much how could he complain.

He often thought of that day and what it would have happened if they hadn't been disturbed; fucked by that man and his huge fat dick. Did he have a regular girlfriend/boyfriend/sexual partner? No. Did he busty asian webcam slut orgasms for you masturbation fingering a job? Yes, he had a crumby job at burger joint, minimum wage bullshit.

Could he get a leave of absence for 12 months? Definitely, he'd walk out on Don's burger bar in a second. The questions continued and built up a psychological profile of Jason and went into detail about his likes/dislikes and feelings about subjects that sometimes seemed quite unrelated. When he'd finished entering the information was asked to attach a photo or take one with his webcam.

A full body shot horny mom with son and daughter required in just his underwear of preferably naked. Jason was keen to make a good impression and so stripped off all his clothes and stood in front of his laptop as it took a snapshot of him.

He'd felt his penis begin to stiffen as he stood there, feeling naughty. Secscience thanked him for his application and informed he'd be contacted via e-mail in the next couple of days. Jason thought about disappearing for a year, no-one would miss him. He didn't socialise with anyone from work, his parents were divorced, his mother had run out on him and his dad and his dad had sunk into depression. They hadn't spoken in over a year and Jason had rented a room above a garage from an old married couple Fonzi style, a few streets down from his childhood home.

He had skillful girl gives a hot blowjob hardcore amateur siblings and knew he could go and not look back. Two days later he received an e-mail from Secscience, he'd reached the second stage and would be required to attend an interview. The interviews would take place all over the country and would be in his city in 2 weeks' time.

He'd be booked into a room at the Plaza hotel on Friday to Saturday, all paid in advance. An interview followed by a medical if he was successful would take place on the Saturday, in a suite, starting early.

He was to bring his passport with him for security screening. Also to ensure he could travel as the trial would be taking place in Mumbai, India. Chapter 3 Two weeks flew by and Jason arrived at the plaza looking as smart as his limited wardrobe allowed. "I believe you have a room booked in my name?" He'd asked the reception. Sure enough he was shown to a modest double room and told that he was expected in Suite 2b at 8am.

Breakfast would be provided at the interview. As Jason sank onto the bed he was excited, scared and strangely horny. He'd been wondering since day one about the trials and what they'd involve, because of where the advertisement was placed and the subsequent questions he'd been asked he was sure the trial was of a sexual nature. He was quite hoping it would involve him getting laid regularly.

He ordered room service and watched some TV before falling asleep at around midnight. He slept soundly and dreamt of his mother strangely, something he hadn't done in years. Catherine Rogers poured herself a coffee and selected a pastry from the buffet table. She sat at her desk and scanned through her notes on the boy she was expecting.

She'd worked for Secscience for two ebony chick harley dean has her pussy wrecked now and was very excited by the latest project; it really could transform the world, literally. She was the project manager and would oversee all aspects of it, with her team of medical personnel. 38 years old, buxom, blonde and pretty, it hadn't been easy for her to be taken seriously in the business world, especially when her troubled past came to light.

Secscience had spotted that her particular 'passions' could be a real attribute in some of their projects and she'd progressed quickly. Cathy wore a smart grey business suit.

The buttons of her white blouse strained under the pressure of her 36D breasts. The matching skirt was short, displaying her bare shapely legs to the interviewee. These interviews always left her feeling hot and she dressed sexily under her suit in her favourite lingerie.

Cathy knew that during lunch she'd have to visit her room to relieve herself. In the next room a doctor and nurse readied their equipment, a thorough examination including x-rays would be required with the results being analysed immediately. They were only four weeks away from trial start now and with only 5 confirmed participants out of the eight they required, time was short.

Jason, eighteen years old, slim build, effeminate looks she read. Loner and open to various sexual preferences. His psyche test was very receptive. He seemed perfect. There was a knock on the door. "Come in." Cathy called out. The door opened and a young looking boy walked in.

He wore an ill-fitting suit which made him look even younger. "Hello, you must be Jason?" Cathy asked. "I'm Catherine Rogers, but please call me Cathy." She extended her hand and the boy took it and shook it gently.

"Pleased to meet you." He said nervously. Cathy offered Jason a coffee and pastry and as she made it for him she explained what was going to happen. "You mustn't worry Jason, just relax, we're going to have a chat for a while and I need to really get to know you so be honest with me.

Once that's all done you'll have some lunch before going next door to have a full medical. Then we'll meet back here and have another talk, discuss you results and decide if you're going to India. I'll tell you all about the trial, how much you'll be paid and answer all your questions. How's your coffee?" "Fine thank you." He replied. The coffee was an important touch because it hid the taste of the truth serum hat had been added to the beverage.

It was only a small amount. Just enough to fully relax the lad and ensure that the answers he gave her would be honest. "Let's go over to the couch shall we?" Cathy led Jason to couch and sat opposite him in matching chair. Smiling all the time to put him at ease Cathy began to go through the questionnaire that Jason had filled in online.

She checked the answers he'd given looking for inaccuracies, making notes in her notebook. Everything checked out and she noticed his eyes grow heavy as the serum took hold. "So Jason, tell me about your sexual experience with another guy." Jason told her the story of the woods. Every now and then Cathy would interrupt to ask a question. "How did that make you feel?" or "So you liked it?" At the end of the story she asked him, "so from what you've told me you wanted to feel that cock inside you?

Did you at any point want him to put it in your mouth?" Jason swallowed hard and nodded. "Jason, I'm going to show you some videos and we'll discuss what's happening in them okay?" She picked up a remote and pressed a couple of buttons until a screen sprang to life in front of them.

It was a film of a young woman on her hands and knees, naked. A large black cock was being fed into her mouth as she was fucked from behind by another. She looked over at Jason who staring intently, she could see a bulge in his trousers.

She paused the film, "Do you like the film?" "Yes." Jason replied faintly. Cathy asked what he thought of as he watched the film. She asked him if he imagined he was one of the men fucking the girl, pushing his cock into that tight wet pussy or did he put himself in the position of the girl and imagine what it felt like to be fucked from behind whilst sucking a long hard dick.

Cathy measured the boy's reactions carefully as she showed him film of all kinds of sexual genres and asked questions designed to establish an accurate profile of the applicant's sexual tastes. After that she discussed with him his family and social life, this time she tried to establish whether during the trial anyone would start asking awkward questions or contact anyone in authority. Secscience didn't want anyone poking around their projects. After several hours they were done. "Okay Jason, it was lovely talking with you," Cathy beamed, "why don't you go and grab some lunch next big tits brooke wylde goes from dusting to fucking pornpros johnny sins and hardcore When Jason left the room Cathy went over her notes.

Jason was exactly what she'd hoped for. He was open to all kinds of sex, he was clearly bisexual and whilst he didn't find the male form directly attractive, the thought of being fucked by a dick greatly turned him on. He liked the idea of being dominated but serious BDSM wasn't his thing. He was diminutive, effeminate, good looking with a lovely demeanour. Another serious plus was his lack of family ties; Secscience had already carried out background checks and knew all about his home life and lack of good friends.

Jason was not going to be missed during the trial. Cathy was sure they had their 6th subject. Jason sat and moved his food around the plate with his fork. He'd enjoyed talking to Cathy. He'd felt a bit weird for a while then, like the time he'd first smoked weed but he found it really easy to talk to her and for the first time in ages he hadn't felt like a freak.

Cathy had told him some of the things she liked and Jason thought she was going to fuck him at one point. She was smoking hot he thought.

She had huge tits and was really pretty for an older woman. His cock pressed against the inside of his trousers as he thought of the films he'd watched. He was amazed he hadn't felt shy or embarrassed. Now he had an afternoon of medical tests to go before he'd find out if he'd been selected. Chapter 4 Cathy shut the door of her hotel room behind her and carefully put her suit jacket onto a hanger and hung it the closet. "Now, have you been good while I've been away?" Lying on her bed was a young prostitute that Cathy had picked up last night.

The girl was tied to the bed with leather straps so she was spread eagled and had an orange ball gag tied securely in place. She had been asleep, quite exhausted after a night of degradation. Cathy move about the bed unfastening the girls restraints, she wasn't concerned about the girl fleeing; she hadn't been paid yet after all, no, the fastenings were purely for Cathy's pleasure.

"Undress me." She commanded and the girl dutifully knelt on the bed and began to unbutton Cathy's blouse. The girl had short mousy hair. Cathy had made her remove all her makeup when she'd arrived and because of her small breasts and slim hips she had a young boyish look. The girl had removed Cathy's blouse and now unzipped and pulled her skirt over her round hips and sit fell to the floor. Cathy stood, knickerless, her tits spilling out of her red lacy bra.

She pulled the girls head to her hairless cunt and parted her legs. She was really wet following the mornings work, practically dripping. The girl dutifully began to lick and suck at her pussy her tongue working Cathy's clitty. "Hmn, that's nice baby." Cathy murmured her eyes closed and head back. Suddenly she pulled the girls head away.

"No time for niceties, get on your hands and knees." As the girl crawled into the centre of the hot teen creampie xxx my annoying stepbro Cathy recovered her strap-on from her bag.

It was a large black 10" affair with a girth of about 7". Fastening it around her waist she squirted some lubricant onto it before dropping the bottle back into her bag.

She climbed onto the bed. A black ring protruded from the girl's anus and Cathy gently pulled it and a thick butt plug began to slide out. The girl moaned as Cathy let the plug slip back in before pulling it out until the girl's ass was stretched to the full girth of the plug, repeating the process several times. Cathy's mouth began to water as she watched the girl's ass expand and contract around the plastic plug.

Since exhibition en camera cachee devant le livreur pizza nanas exhibitionniste and voyeurisme last night she'd certainly loosened her up.

Finally she withdrew the plug completely the girl's ass gaping deliciously before resuming its normal proportion, well, almost normal. Cathy positioned herself behind the girl and looked down and positioned the monster dildo at the girl's ass. The girl knew what to expect and braced herself, her head buried in the bed. "Owwwwww!" cried the girl as Cathy pushed her hips forward, forcing her rubber cock into the girl. Cathy knew the girl's ass was ready for the dildo, and her pleasure or pain was of no consequence to Cathy anyway.

Pulling back the next thrust almost fully inserted the dildo and Cathy began pumping hard and fast. A small protrusion at the base of the strap-on rubbed against Cathy's clit and it didn't take long before her orgasm approached.

She rammed into the girl relishing her squeals and cries as she ass fucked her hard. Cathy's orgasm burst through her and her legs trembled. "Oh fuuuuuuck!" She cried, fucking in long deep strokes to keep the pressure on her swollen clit, her cum trickling down the inside of her thighs. Finally she withdrew and the girl fell forwards onto the bed.

Cathy unstrapped herself and again found herself wishing she had a real cock. She had a personal interest in the Secscience project. Chapter 5 Jason watched Cathy anissa kate likes to ride her man the room and grab a sandwich of the table of food, she smiled warmly at him.

Jason thought she looked a little flushed. "How was your lunch Jason?" She asked him. "Fine thank you." he Replied. "Are you ready for the next stage?" Cathy enquired. Jason said he certainly was and was led to the next room. A smiling nurse in a starched white uniform greeted him.

"Thanks Cathy, we'll take it from here and return him to you in a few hours." Jason spent the next 3 hours being poked, prodded and x-rayed. He had several tubes of blood taken and the usual blood pressure etc. The worst was a lumbar puncture which hurt like hell but finally he was done.

"That's it" said his nurse, "I'll take you back to Cathy." Cathy was waiting behind her desk and Jason sat on the other side to her. She was studying her laptop but just as the silence was becoming uncomfortable she looked up and smiled.

"Everything is looking great so far" she said "we've just got your blood work to look at and they're processing that right now. I can't see there being any issues so…welcome to the project." She extended her hand to Jason and he shook it, grinning.

"Right, I'd better tell you all about it then." Chapter 6 Jason lay on his bed in the hotel and tried to process all the information he'd just been given. He'd receive just over $100,000 for the trial. He'd get $5000 a month plus a $50,000 finishing bonus. To get the money he'd participate in a revolutionary, top secret drug trial. He'd receive injections and a combination of drugs that would alter his appearance completely and modify his behaviour to a degree.

He'd live on a compound with seven other subjects. They'd have a swimming pool, gym, cinema, games room and their own individual apartments. They could socialise together or be alone, as they wished.

When they stopped taking the drugs at the end of the trial their bodies should gradually return to normal, more or less. Jason hadn't needed time to think; he signed the papers and was told to be ready to leave the country in 2 weeks.

His visa would be taken care of and a car would be sent to the address he'd given them. He was given $500 as an advance. "I'm really looking forward to working with you Jason." Cathy had said beaming at him.

Chapter 7 Jason had quit his job the very next day and spent the 2 weeks getting ready to disappear for a year. He didn't have anyone he particularly wanted to say goodbye to, he visited some of his old haunts but there was nothing there for him. He boxed up few bits and pieces and took them to welfare until he had just a large holdall of his belongings left. When the day arrived and the knock on the door came a large black man in a business suit and dark glasses stood at his door.

"Are you ready Jason?" He asked. "Sure am." He replied and followed him to a black mini-van with blacked out windows.

The man took his bag and tossed it onto the back seat and gestured for Jason to sit next to it. As he drove the man introduced himself. "I'm Don; I'm in charge of travel and security on the project. I'll be travelling all the way with you today and will be available during your trial 24/7. Cathy will be with you most of the time but I'm always there to look out for you guys, okay?" Jason nodded, he couldn't imagine why they'd require security, but Don sexy blond viktoria pure gives footjob before getting fucked extremely capable in that department and Jason felt very relaxed with him immediately.

"Shall I put some tunes?" Teen eve ellwood loves sucking xander corvus huge cock asked, "What stuff do you like?" "You got any dance music, you know, club tunes?" Jason asked. "Sure, I've got some pretty cool house music here somewhere." With that Don rummaged in the glove box until he found what he was looking for and the van was filled with thumping bass for the 1hr trip to the airport.

Jason was confused when they were whisked through security and customs and led down a private gangway. A shuttle picked them up and drove them to a glistening private jet. "No way!" Jason exclaimed. "Yes way" laughed Don, mimicking his voice. They climbed the stairs and entered the interior. They were met by an attractive stewardess who welcomed them on board. "Hi Sarah." Don said as they moved inside. Cathy was waiting for them and had a young guy with her.

They both stood and Cathy made the introductions. "Jason, this is Michael, he's another subject for the trial, Michael, this is Jason." The boy was tall and thin and like Jason, had a feminine look about him. The boy grabbed Jason by the shoulders and pulled him towards him kissing him on both cheeks. "Jason! It's lovely to meet you sweetie. We're going to have so much fun!" He hugged Jason tightly before releasing him and looking him up and down, inspecting him.

"Well you're just gorgeous!" He exclaimed camply, his hands on his hips. "Cathy, are all the subjects this pretty? I'll be in heaven, really I will!" Cathy laughed and pulled Michael away and they all sat. The large leather chairs were arranged facing each other and he four of them strapped themselves in ready jessa rhodes gets drilled by her horny stud in bed take-off.

Soon they were airborne and Cathy informed them that four other subjects were already at the facility and the last two would arrive in a few days. The trial would begin in ten days. As they talked, Sarah brought in a bottle of Champagne and four glasses. Don opened the bottle and poured them all a glass. They toasted the project and when they'd finished the bottle another was brought out but this time Cathy and Don didn't partake. "Someone has to stay in control" they laughed.

Mikee got up and sat on the arm of Jason's chair throwing an arm around him. "I'm quite drunk sweetie, aren't you?" Jason felt quite tipsy too and told him so. Mikee whispered into his ear. "That Don's quite a stud isn't he, I'll bet he's hung like a horse too." He kissed Jason lightly on the cheek again before jumping up collapsing back into his own seat. Soon he was asleep and Jason followed not waking up until they landed in Mumbai.

After being whisked through customs again, they were picked up by another blacked out mini-van. It was 9pm when they landed and after a 45 min journey to the facility they tired and hungry. Large electric gates swung open silently as they drove up a palm tree lined avenue.

They stopped outside a glass atrium and disembarked. As they stepped out of the van Cathy told them "I'll show you to your apartments you can eat alone tonight and in the morning I'll show you around and you can meet the boys." Inside the atrium they could see corridors led off in several directions there were signs saying things like "Medilabs" and "Banquet Hall" or "Games facility" with arrows pointing down a corridor.

They took the one that said "Private apartments". Soon they were outside again and walking down tree lined pathways as if in the grounds of an expensive hotel. Mikee was prancing around excitedly asking Don Question after question. Cathy stopped Jason and pointed up a slope, "this is yours here, say goodnight Mikee." Mikee skipped back and planted a huge wet kiss on Jason's mouth.

"See you in the morning gorgeous, Don here is going to take me to bed." He giggled. Don just raised his eyes to the heavens in reply and they continued on their way. "God, he's going to be a handful" Cathy laughed. "You on the other hand are the silent type eh? I like that." Cathy led the way to a chalet style apartment and opened the door.

Jason surveyed his surroundings. They'd walked into the living area; there was a large L shaped couch with a glass coffee table. Jason could see a large Flat screen TV, Blu-ray player and stereo. There was a dining area which led to the kitchen. It was nicely furnished and way nicer than anywhere Jason had lived or even stayed in before.

Cathy gave Jason a set of keys and pointed to a laptop on the dining room table. "Anything you want to know is on your laptop, you have internet access and can look at anything, you can't however send anything out.

It's all one way traffic I'm afraid. There's an intercom here," she said, pointing at a standard intercom on the wall. "If you need anything there's always someone on the other end.

I'll be back for you at 9am. Someone will bring you an evening meal in half an hour; I suggest you have a shower now." Jason wandered around his apartment, the bathroom was lovely, a huge shower big enough for two easily and a round whirlpool bath that could fit four. He found the bedroom one whole wall was completely mirrored as was the section of ceiling above the bed. "Kinky" he thought. Taking Cathy's advice he showered and pulled on a bathrobe that was hanging in the bathroom.

Horny asian fingered and eager to suck

A delicious dinner of seafood was brought to him by a pretty young Asian girl in what looked like a hotel uniform as promised, and afterward he went to bed sinking into a wonderful deep sleep. Chapter 8 Cathy wandered through the inner sanctum of the facility. This area had strict entry requirements, and she, Don and a couple of the Doctors were the only ones who came back here. There was a large seating area with comfy chairs arranged in front of a bank of large flat screen monitors.

A man in a white lab-coat was sat, flicking the monitors through different views and keying pressing the screen of an electronic tablet as he made sentries. "Hi Peter" Cathy said, taking a seat beside him, "everything quiet." "Yes, not much happening tonight, although Lee is drunk and restless again." Peter pointed to one of the monitors. It showed a boy in his early twenties, naked except for some board shorts he was sat on the couch of an apartment identical to Jason's.

A laptop was on his lap and he bdsm virgin blondie hard core bdsm clip tube porn watching something.

"What's he watching?" Cathy asked. The doctor pressed a button and one of the monitors displayed what Lee was intently viewing. The site was "Amateur anal teens" and Lee was enjoying watching a girl being ass fucked in a gang bang by what appeared to be the college football team. The facility was completely wired with cameras and microphones.

Cathy and her team could watch and listen to everything that happened wherever the boys were allowed. The apartments especially had several cameras hidden away in each room. The mirrored ceiling and wall hid several and they were all controllable. Cathy scanned the monitors watching her subjects, Jason was just sex 18 school girls porn his dinner and Mikee was.

Cathy giggled as she watched Mikee dancing naked in front of his mirror. He must have just got out of the shower. His flaccid penis swung backwards and forwards as he moved about comically. Little Kyle was already in bed, Danny was enjoying a book in the bath and Rick was watching sports on TV. Satisfied that all was well, Cathy was just about to get up when Lee wriggled out of his shorts He had a huge dick and it was fully erect, standing at 10" long.

He wrapped a hand around it and began to masturbate. Cathy sank back into her chair to watch, she felt a familiar wetness grow in her panties.

Lee rhythmically pumped his cock as he watched the girl take another cock in her ass. He placed the laptop on the couch beside him and kicked of his shorts. Placing his feet on the coffee table, he spread his legs and cupped his balls with his free hand, massaging them. Bending over he spat onto his dick, and worked the lubricant in. His hand left his balls and joined the one on his dick, his cock long enough to take both hands and he worked a twist into the up and down motion.

Cathy watched as he threw his head back and his cock erupted, ropes of cum spraying over his tummy. Cathy rose and smoothed down her suit. "I'll see you tomorrow Peter. Goodnight." Peter waved at her, not looking up from his notes. Cathy was suitably aroused and decided to go and find an Asian maid wiling to be taught her particular brand of pleasure.

Chapter 9 The last day before the trial began had arrived, brothers and sisters full movies eight boys had all arrived and spent a few days getting to know one another and get used to their surroundings.

The facility was all they could want, palm trees around a gorgeous swimming pool with slides. They had an indoor pool and spa too. They had video games and pool tables, table tennis, normal tennis, gym and cinema. They were encouraged to eat well and exercise as Secscience wanted healthy subjects.

The boys were gathered in the banquet hall for an afternoon meeting. Cathy addressed them. "Okay, today is the last day you'll be you as you know it. We're having a farewell party tonight to say goodbye to the old you and hello to the beginning of the new and improved you. There will be drinks and dancing, we'll invite the help to join us, some boys and girls, some of whom you've already met. Let's have fun!" The boys whooped and chattered excitedly, Jason too.

He looked at his new 'friends'. Lee was the bad boy. He'd been on the streets, selling himself to men and women to make ends meet. He'd seen the advert when staying at 'client's house'.

They were looking at porn together and Lee had seen the ad and gone back to it when his 'client' fell asleep. Lee was a difficult kid, 20 years old and rebellious. He'd been warned to be good or he'd been sent home. Danny was a classic geek. He was smart and quiet. He enjoyed reading but still he shared the sexual interests they all did. He had been orphaned when he 5 years old.

Mikee was the campest of all the boys, openly bisexual he wasn't afraid to show his interest in everyone and everyone. He was about 5ft 8" and had an athletic build. Rick was the athlete, very fit and about 5ft 9". He had a slim body was defined in muscle. Kyle was the youngest and smallest, he was only just 18 and stood at only 5ft 6" he was chubby with puppy fat and very shy. He was beginning to come out of his shell now since being taken under the wing of Shaun.

Shaun was a punk, 19, 5ft 10" and 150 pounds. He had short spiky black hair and tattoos. His ears pierced and a stud in his nose. He'd taken a liking to Kyle immediately. Dylan was pretty and blonde. Both sexes always found him immensely attractive and he had an easy way about him. Jason had hung out with Dylan most. He was the oldest at 22 seemed world wise.

The boys all scattered noisily to get ready for the party. Chapter 10 Cathy watched the monitors as the party got underway. A light punch was provided and was being drunk by all.

She had assembled about 12 of the help, 6 girls, and 6 boys to join the party. The help had been assembled from Thailand and the Philippines. They'd been lured away with the cash that could be sent home to their families.

They were well rewarded and received bonuses for 'additional' services. Most of them had been bar girls and boys anyway. Now they were all either dancing or splashing around in the pool. She could see the punch was beginning to affect some of them and they began to break off into pairs or threesomes to have a tiny slut gets destroyed by hung masseur and a cuddle. They were under strict instructions not to copulate but Cathy would allow some foreplay; a blowjob or a fingering seemed okay.

She decided to join them. This would be very difficult for her, she had to maintain a professional distance in front of the boys and watching what was about to unfold would be hard.

Never mind, she would find a fresh piece of meat to take back to her room later. Chapter 11 Jason sat with the rest of the boys in the meeting room.

There was a lot of whispering and giggling going on as they discussed last night's antics with each other. Jason's morning had been interrupted by the loud speaker telling them to get ready for a meeting in an hour. "So, did you fun last night?" Jason turned and saw Dylan had sat next to him. Dylan was grinning broadly. "Yeah, it was awesome." Jason replied.

Just as Dylan began to regale Jason with his tales of last night, Cathy strode in. "Good morning boys," she began, "I trust you all had a fun evening." Much giggling and laughing followed. "Now we begin the trial in earnest.

It is serious business now. You shall all have many hours in the medilabs today. Some of the procedures will require a local anaesthetic and you shall all begin a course of drugs." An individual nurse will be assigned to you to prepare you and help you with your drugs and also any side affects you may encounter.

Please wait until your nurse collects you and takes you to your apartment." Nurses in starched white uniforms entered the room and began to locate their assigned boys.

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It wasn't long before a lady approached Jason. She was in her mid-twenties with long blonde hair tied up in a bun. She was a kind, pretty looking woman with freckles and Jason felt very relaxed in her presence immediately.

"Hi Jason, my names Claire. I'll be your nurse for the rest of your stay here. Let's go to your apartment shall we?" Jason followed Claire to the apartment. On his bed a hospital gown had been laid out with some slippers and a white fluffy dressing gown. "Right, let's get you into this gown sweetie." Jason looked at Claire shyly. "Now don't be shy darling, I'll be carrying out intimate examinations of you and we'll be the best of friends, I've seen it all before, let me help you." With that Claire began to undress Jason.

She smiled warmly and chatted about how lovely all the facilities were and how he mustn't be afraid. Once naked she got Jason to put on the gown. Jason and Claire waited for their appointment in the medilabs. They chatted and watched some TV until finally they were called. Once there, a doctor introduced himself and started immediately.

Jason swallowed a blue tablet and was placed on a soft padded table. There was a large vertical machine. Several probes were attached to various parts of his body which Jason could snaked back to the machine.

Jason was informed that this was their scanner. It was capable of carrying out all kinds of tests. It would measure his height, weight, take his temperature and measure his various body parts and take pictures inside and out. They could then prescribe the correct doses of drugs. He'd be put in the scanner weekly. The blue pill he'd taken would after a fierce game of croquet liz honey was stil his penis erect, he mustn't be embarrassed.

Jason felt himself redden as his erection began. Claire looked at him as a tent grew in his gown and smiled warmly. Jason did his best to hide himself behind his hands. After 5 minutes Jason felt like his cock was going to explode. Duke student belle knox has the tightest pussy sweet eighteen first time throbbed beneath his gown and felt hard enough to hammer nails. He was asked to stand in the scanner and raise his arms and hold on to some handles attached to the roof of the machine.

"Okay sweetie, we're going to close the door, hand me your gown and keep still, this will take about five minutes." Jason removed his gown and covering himself as best he could, passed it to Claire. The door was closed. An intercom clicked into life.

The doctor's voice said "Okay Jason, hands above your head and hold the handles. Very good, now keep still." The scanner made a low throbbing noise as it looked at Jason it great detail.

This was a multimillion dollar piece of equipment that the company had developed itself, shortly to be sold worldwide. It measured everything to provide an accurate digital 3D image of Jason. The dimensions of Jason's body would be recorded and every change noted.

The scanner also looked inside at his bone structure and organs. Suddenly, several flashes from the cameras blinded Jason. Digital photographs would provide the 3D representation with actual real time looks. After he'd been scanned, he given some blood and then waited with Claire for the doctor to check everything before ordering his drugs from the pharmacy. About an hour later Jason had tori lux snatching and machining a local anaesthetic before having an extremely painful injection into his spine, buttocks and arm.

He would receive these injections weekly. He was then given a paper bag with several bottles of pills. Claire would administer these daily, some several times a day, and so it began. Chapter 12 After a couple of months noticeable changes occurred to the boys, their facial features softened. Those who shaved, no longer needed to.

Their pubic hair, the hairs under their arms and on their legs and arms was thinning. Their hips were widening and becoming fleshier and they were growing breasts.

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Only small, tiny buds of bosoms, like a young girl but undeniably boobs. The other change was to their rectum, the drugs made a change to mucus glands within the rectum and now when the boys were horny and got an erection they found that rectal fluid was discharged from their anus. So now they got wet like a woman. They also found that they much more sensitive in that area as well as the prostate and most could achieve orgasm by stimulating either area.

A welcome side effect was an increase in penis size, they could expect between 10% and 20% increase over a year. Their voices changed and their Adams apples retracted. Finally was the change to their personalities.

They were all highly sexed now and thought of little else although they could function normally. Some had become sexually aggressive and predatory, unfortunately there had been casualties. Rick had raped his nurse, he was strong and had locked her in the bathroom and fucked her mercilessly.

By the time security had broken down the door he was deep in her ass, having torn her quite badly. He wasn't seen by the boys again. Danny had had a bad reaction to the drugs, becoming quite ill and had to be taken off the programme. The treatment was sometimes painful. Their bones ached, especially where changes were taking place, their hips, chest and face all hurt after the injections.

The tablets left them feeling nauseous. The boys were encouraged to be sexual but there were guidelines. Masturbation was actively promoted but full sex was forbidden. They were all give a large variety of sex toys, both gay and heterosexual. The nurses were now given an extra role; they were to be used to help relieve the boys and teach them certain sexual practises that they might require. Some of the boys pushed the boundaries sometimes, Shaun and Kyle were reprimanded several times and Mikee was constantly trying to get anyone and everyone into bed.

Jason had been summoned to Cathy's office and told he'd be in for a big bonus if he could remain an anal virgin. There would be no toys of that nature for him. Jason had agreed but would soon regret the decision as his friends all masturbated with dildos and vibrators.

Six months into the trial and they looked very effeminate. They'd lost all pubic, leg and arm hair. They attended classes and learnt how to apply makeup, do their hair, dress, talk and move like a woman, they were given a new wardrobe of sexy women's clothes and encouraged to dress and act as sexily as they could. Lingerie was an essential. They were allowed to pick any new name they wanted but it was suggested that it was gender neutral.

Jason became Jazz, Mikee became Micky. Lee became Lennon. Dylan became Dakota, Kyle became Kendall and Shaun became Sidney. The 'girls' now really looked the part. They had wide fleshy hips and asses, thin waists and real busts of various sizes.

They had all grown their hair long with exception of Sidney who kept hers short and spikey and preferred the 'alternative' look, it suited her tattoos.

The injections were reduced and the periods of pain less frequent as was the nausea. Chapter 13 Micky stroked her cock unable to believe the changes in 10 months, she felt her ass moisten and wondered if Bobby, her nurse was around. Putting some gay porn on the monitor and lay out on her huge bed with her back against the headboard and spread her smooth legs. Watching herself in the mirrored wall she ran her hands up her inner thighs and cupped her smooth balls before stroking her cock.

She pulled back the foreskin admiring the extra length she'd gained. Her other hand squeezed her breast and she wished they big like Kendall's so she could suck her own nipples. Unable to contain herself she rolled herself onto all fours and parting her legs she reached back and massaged her ass lips. She was soaking wet already and a finger slipped into her ass easily making her sigh softly.

Pushing her ass into the air and head into the bed she slowly finger fucked herself, pushing her index finger deep into her ass. Micky moaned as the feelings intensified, it was still amazing to her how good this felt and how she could now reach orgasm without even touching her hot japanese fashion model makes it out homemade and blow job. Even so it was double the pleasure when she did and so, reaching under herself with her other hand she began stroking her cock.

It wasn't long before Micky felt the need for something more substantial in her ass and rolled over to reach under her bed to retrieve her box of goodies. She browsed through her selection of dildo's and vibrators and pulled out the 8" realistic dong. She resumed her position on her front and rubbed the dildo over her moist ass lubricating it. Slowly Micky pushed the end of her rubber dick into her ass, prising open her ass lips. She groaned as she pushed past her sphincter and it slid slowly in.

Slowly she withdrew it and repeated the process, pushing it deeper into herself. Her butt was pushed into the air and she bent her head back to watch in the mirrored wall, marvelling at the sight, still almost unable to believe that the figure on the bed was her. Unable to resist any longer she started to thrust the dildo into herself hard and fast.

"Hmmmmmn." Micky moaned. "Micky, are you home!" a voice called out. "Bobby, I'm in the bedroom." Micky replied, not missing a beat. "Well, look at you, you horny little bitch." Bobby said, entering the bedroom.

She kicked off skinny teen girl ass fucked by black men shoes.

"Do you need a hand with that?" Without waiting for an answer, Bobby climbed onto the enormous bed and took hold of the dildo and continued fucking Micky with it in long strokes. "Ooh, you're nice and wet." Now Micky had her hands free she was able to support herself on her hands and knees and began to push back onto the cock. "Oh, oh, oh fuuuuck!" She cried. Bobby reached under her and grasped Micky's cock, it felt slick with pre-cum. As she wanked her cock Bobby pushed the rubber dick in and out of her slippery ass hole.

Micky bucked on the bed feeling an orgasm approach. Bobby stopped suddenly. Micky gasped as the pleasure she was experiencing ceased. "Don't stop Bobby!" She hissed. Bobby removed the dildo and retrieved another from Jazz's box; this was a huge black thing, thick and veiny and 12" long. Bobby handed Micky the one she'd just removed, slick with her ass juice. Bobby rubbed the dong around Micky's ass covering it in ass juice to lubricate it.

Bobby began whispering to Micky "You've got two studs who want to fuck you Micky. Show me how you can suck on a big hard cock while you get fucked from behind you slut. You want his big hard cock don't you Micky?" "Yes." "His hands are all over your body, he's finger fucked your ass to get you all wet and ready.

Are you ready for his big fat dick you dirty bitch?" "Oh god yessss." Bobby's hands roamed over Micky's body, she parted her ass cheeks and slipped two fingers easily inside her hole. Micky groaned but Bobby quickly pulled them out and spanked Micky hard. "Suck that cock." Micky obeyed closing her mouth over the rubber cock and licking her own juices from it hungrily.

"You're feeling so horny aren't you baby? You want the man to fuck you with his thick cock don't you; you're feeling dirty and naughty aren't you? You know it's wrong but you don't care, you just want to be fucked in the ass with a long, hard dick" "Yes, yes yessss FUCK ME!" Micky was humping and gyrating. Bobby smacked her buttocks hard again. She rubbed the end of the dildo around Micky's ass again and pushed the tip gently forwards.

Micky gripped the bed sheets as her ass lips were prised open. Slowly, slowly, Claire pushed forwards. "Can you feel his big thick cock opening your tight wet ass?" "Oooooh, he's so biiiiiiiiiiig" Micky hissed. The dildo was big and thick but Micky's ass was nicely warmed up and wet. Bobby pushed and twisted the dildo. Micky's ass opened as she relaxed her sphincter to allow the thick rubber toy bizarre japan bottomless tug of war group blowjob game. She wailed as she was opened up.

"JESUUUUUUUUUUUS!" The cock felt enormous. Bobby teased her, stopping where she was. "He's too big for you baby, let's stop." "No, don't stop." She panted. "Fuck me; fuck my ass with your big hard cock." Bobby pushed again and the dong passed the point of resistance and started to slide forwards.

"Oooooh." Micky groaned, "Oh my god yes." It felt wonderful, the huge girth sliding into her. Bobby pulled back gently and then pushed forwards again, forcing a little more of the huge dick into her patient. "Hmn. You like that don't you sweetie? Outlandish fantasy of adorable girl bound and double hardcore bondage like that dirty man fucking you with his big thick cock. You want him to fuck you deep and hard don't you?" "Fuck yes; fuck me deep and hard in the ass!" Bobby obliged and started to rhythmically pump the enormous toy in and out of Micky's ass.

It soon became slick with her ass juice and Bobby managed to push over half of it into Micky. She was transfixed with the sight and was soaking wet in her own panties as soon as she was done here she'd have to go and masturbate herself; Unless she could find someone to fuck. Reaching under Micky she started stroking her dick, pulling back hard on her foreskin.

Micky resumed sucking her dildo for all she was worth as Bobby fucked her hard and fast like a man about to cum. "Oh Jesus, I'm gonna cum!" Cried Micky as her orgasm began. Bobby felt her cock twitch and rammed the dildo deep into her ass making her squeal. She watched Micky's ass lips contract and pulsate around the shaft as her orgasm hit her. "FUUUUUUUCK!" Micky cried, cum spraying from her cock as she bucked on the bed.

Once she'd finished ejaculating she collapsed forwards onto the bed, her tummy in a puddle of semen. Bobby slowly and gently continued to fuck Micky making her groan quietly in appreciation. Finally Bobby withdrew the cock slowly. It popped out and Bobby admired Micky's 'gape' before her hole returned to its normal proportions. "Ooooh" Micky purred. "That was wonderful, thank you Bobby." "That's okay honey, I'm glad you liked it. You get cleaned up and I'll see you later." Micky closed her eyes and smiled in satisfaction.

She wondered when she'd get some real cock again. Chapter 14 Don walked into the viewing area and saw Cathy was sitting in comfy chair watching the monitors.

She was clearly flushed. She'd probably been playing with herself again thought Don. "How's it going Cathy?" He asked. "Fine." She replied curtly, probably annoyed at having been interrupted.

Don sat beside her and looked at the monitors. The girls were getting ready after their morning medicines. He could see why Cathy was looking flushed. Micky was in the process of being fucked with a big black dildo, her nurse pumping it in and out hard. Rough daddy girl and guy gang mother playmates daughter proving papa wrong was amazed at the transformation of the boys to T girls.

He knew what the programme was all about but had no experience in this field before this assignment. He had never had any interest in shemales or men but he had admit, these girls were fucking amazing. They had the looks and bodies of models and they fucked like porn stars. Sure they had cocks, but that aside he thought they looked horny as hell. Given a chance he'd be happy to push his big black dick into one of them.

Hell, he'd like to fuck all of them. "So, do you have everything ready for Kendall's guest?" Cathy asked, bringing Don out of his daydream. "Sure. Everything is set. He'll be escorted in as requested. Don had been asked to arrange security to bring a well-known foreign dignitary in to the complex for a liaison with Kendall. The girls were about to start making money and lots of it.

Chapter 15 Cathy watched the black limousine pull up in front of the building. Don stepped out form the front of the car and opened the door and out stepped the German ambassador. They moved toward the building and the guest wing.

The guest wing was equipped like a presidential suite of a first class hotel. There was a dining area where guests could enjoy a Michelin star meal and the best wines available. There was a private swimming pool, spa and movie theatre. They would of course be treated to all of this in the company of the girl or girls they had previously chosen.

Liaisons could last between one night to one week depending on how much money the client wanted to spend. This was the climax to the clinical trials, not only would the drugs and equipment be sold for profits that could scarcely be comprehended, but Cathy had decided that the girls would wet and wild babe drilled by a cock. Secscience had created a living, breathing sex toy and she was going to make a personal fortune out of them.

Secscience wouldn't have any idea of course, the staff would all think it was part of the trials and the money would be funnelled into a hidden account here in Mumbai.

The girls could cater for many preferences. They had been advertised to a select group of clients that required total discretion to indulge in their 'tastes'. They wanted and could afford the best and that is what they would get. The clients would specify exactly what they wanted and the girl or girls would be prepared and readied.

This particular client had chosen Kendall, probably on account of her large breasts and fuller, hourglass shape. Cathy switched on the monitor to the guest wing, the cameras installed there would provide them with the necessary safety for their girls, they were too valuable to be 'broken'. She watched as the German, Boris, entered the room and Don showed him around before excusing himself.

She watched Boris look around before removing his jacket. He poured himself a large whiskey and looked over a dinner menu. He was quite a large man with a round podgy face, probably in his mid-fifties.

He was balding and his stomach fell over the waist of trousers. Cathy felt a little sorry for Kendall but knew her training and treatment would ensure she delivered a first class service. On the monitor Cathy saw Kendall arrive, she was dressed as the client requested, in an expensive classy evening dress.

Her hair and makeup were professionally done with her long auburn hair tied up. She looked as if she was about to attend an Oscar ceremony. Kendall knocked on the door and Cathy watched the other monitor as Boris rose and walked to the door, opening it to allow Kendall to enter.

Cathy was surprised at how nervous she was. This was the first liaison they'd tried and a lot rested on the outcome. Boris kissed Kendall on the cheek and put his arm around her waist.

His hand found her buttock and Cathy could see him squeeze it as he led her into the room. Watching and listening closely, Cathy viewed proceedings as they dined. Kendall played her role beautifully, giggling and blushing like an innocent young girl as Boris leched over her. Kendall was under instruction not to drink too much; she'd been given an extra dose of drugs prior to the liaison and could barely contain herself as it was. The dress she wore had a split up the side running high up her thigh.

As the meal went on hot black babe with a great ass fucked hard teased Boris by allowing it to open to reveal her expensive white lacy stockings and some of her suspender belt. Cathy laughed as Boris kept furtively glancing at her legs. By the time the meal was over Boris could wait no longer, he rose from the table and took Kendall by the hand.

He guided her to bedroom of the suite and Cathy changed cameras. Boris turned Kendall around and unzipped her dress before stepping back and sitting on the edge of the bed.

Kendall slowly and seductively wiggled out of her dress and let it slip to the floor before stepping out of it. Kendall was dressed in expensive white lacy lingerie, stockings, suspenders with garter belt and matching bra and panties. She looked every inch a woman, curvy and voluptuous with a 3828-38 body. Cathy was pleased they'd brought in boys with various body shapes.

Kyle had been a little on the heavy side but this had transformed beautifully and now Kendall had the biggest breasts of all the girls measuring 34DD. Boris asked her to turn, admiring her as she slowly spun for him.

Kendall, still in her high heels approached Boris and began to unbutton his shirt. Boris's hands roamed over Kendall's body Cathy heard a slap as he playfully spanked Kendall's chesty black beauty vickie starxxx facial in the bang bus hardcore cumshot. Kendall finished unbuttoning his shirt and pulled it out of his trousers and removed it.

Boris was a very hairy man. Kendall ran her hands through the curly hairs on his chest and kissed Boris deeply before breaking away from the kiss and sinking to her knees in front of the German and unbuckling the belt of his trousers. Boris leant back on his hands to move his gut out of the way so the girl could unfasten his trousers. Lifting his buttocks she tugged his trousers down and then off leaving Boris sat in his white boxer shorts.

Kendall hooked her fingers into the waistband of his boxers and again he rose off the bed to allow her to remove them, carefully lifting them over his throbbing erection. Cathy saw he reasonably well hung, his dick poked up a good seven inches through a thick bush of black curly hair but whilst not particularly long Boris was thick like a baby's arm.

Kendall places her hands on his thighs and opening her mouth wide, pushed her head down, swallowing his thick cock into her mouth. Boris leant back and closed his eyes as Kendall delivered a first class blowjob.

"Ya, ya, es ist gut, es ist gut." He whispered in appreciation as Kendall's head bobbed up and down.

Your balls are going to be swollen and blue

Don and a doctor entered the viewing area to join Cathy. Everyone was interested to see how the project was going. They sat beside Cathy. "Is everything going as planned?" asked the doctor. "Absolutely." Replied Cathy. "Kendall has behaved impeccably and as you can see they are getting to know each other intimately." The doctor nodded thoughtfully. "So we are happy with the current drug regime?

She hasn't been too aggressive?" "No, she's been wonderful so far, perfect for this client, obviously we can alter the dose given just prior to liaison to suit our customer's needs." Cathy replied.

"Don's picking up the football star and his wife next weekend, he's requested Lennon and I believe he's going to require something more sexually aggressive." Their next client was nasty mature fucked a big cocked guy major, very well-known football star.

He was a household name and married to a famous singer. If their secret ever came out it would ruin them both and cost them millions and millions in lost revenue when their sponsors dropped them like hot potatoes.

They turned their attention back to the screen. Kendall was now laid back on the silk sheets of the bed. Her bra and panties had been removed as had her high heeled shoes but her stockings, suspenders and garter belt remained. Boris had his head buried in her large boobs sucking and nibbling her nipples as he kneaded them roughly. Kendall cooed and encouraged him. "Ooh Boris, you're so naughty, you like my big titties don't you. Hmmmmmn yeah, suck my titties." Boris reached down between Kendall's legs and grasped her little circumcised penis.

Kyle had had the smallest penis and now even with the growth Kendall's dick was only about 6" long. Boris stroked Kendall's dick and cupped his smooth hairless balls. Kendall groaned as Boris jerked her and then moved his head down and sucked Kendall's entire dick into his mouth. "Ooh Boris, that feels sooooo good." Cooed Kendall, reaching down and squeezing her own tits.

Soon Boris flipped Kendall over and pulled her on to her hands and knees. Kendall parted her legs and thrust her ass into the air. Boris stared at her wonderful ass for a moment and then roughly pawed and squeezed her fleshy buttocks. "Mein Gott!" He exclaimed and spanked her ass cheek hard making it wobble. Kendall squealed and received another slap, harder this time making her squeal again. Boris then pushed his head between her cheeks and began to lick furiously at Kendall's asshole.

"Oh Boris, oh my goodness, you're an animal!" Kendall giggled. Soon though the only boy dating sex fairy tales club fisting she made were of real pleasure as Boris pushed his tongue inside her and lapped at her ass lips.

Cathy and the men could see Kendall reddening and she grasped the bed sheets. Her mouth was in pink pussy acquires fucked hard hardcore massage permanent 'O' and her eyes were closed. "Oooh, Oooh, fuck yes." She moaned. "You're gonna make me cum Boris." Upon hearing this Boris pulled his head away, Cathy and the guys could see her asshole glistening; A mixture of Boris's saliva and her own rectal fluid.

Boris grunted and grasped her buttocks squeezing them hard before pushing his index finger deep into her ass making Kendall moan. Slowly Boris finger fucked Kendall, soon adding a second finger to join the first, pushing them both in as deep as he could. Kendall supported herself on one hand and squeezed her tits with other pinching her nipples. Cathy could tell from the noises Kendall was making that she was about to orgasm and adjusted her camera so it was zoomed in on her ass.

Sure enough after a couple of minutes she came hard. "Oh baby I'm cumming!" She cried. Boris pushed his fingers deep into her and Cathy watched closely, licking her lips as Kendall's asshole spasmed and gripped his greasy fingers.

Eventually, Kendall's body stopped shuddering and Boris withdrew his slippery fingers and leant over and whispered something in her ear that Cathy couldn't make out. Kendall nodded and laid her head on its side on the bed, supporting her weight and reached back with naughty lesbos fill up their huge asses with cream and splash it out hands and grasping her buttocks, spread her ass cheeks.

Boris positioned himself behind her on his knees and guided his cock toward her wet ass and wiped it around before pushing the tip forward. "Oh fuck!" Kendall groaned as her ass lips spread to accommodate the thick uncut cock. Cathy watched closely as Boris gripped Kendall's waist and pushed, forcing himself in. Kendall wailed as he pushed past her resisting muscles. Cathy felt her mouth go dry and her pussy fill with wetness. She glanced across at Don and the Doctor. They too were transfixed at the sight of Kendall's asshole stretching to accommodate the girth of Boris.

Finally Boris began to slide more easily forward and he pushed hard, sinking right in until his stomach touched Kendall's ass cheeks. "OH MY GOD!" Kendall cried and Boris withdrew and plunged all the way in again. Cathy and the guys then witnessed a brutal ass fucking. Kendall, already spent from her own orgasm was fucked hard and fast. Still spreading her butt cheeks, her face squashed into the bed, she wailed as Boris slammed his thick cock in and out of her until he came.

"MEIN GOTT!!" Boris shouted his body spasming and shuddering as he squirted his seed into her, sweat running down his hairy back. He collapsed forwards onto her, still inside her, gently thrusting and kissing her neck. "Hmnnn." Kendall purred. "You were wonderful darling." Kendall spent the weekend in Boris's company being fucked senseless. He wanted to get his money's worth all right.

Each morning Kendall slipped away to have her drugs administered before climbing back into bed ready for their morning fuck. Boris couldn't get enough of young Kendall. He found himself with an almost permanent erection and was taking her several times a day.

The privacy afforded to them was perfect and he was able to fuck her wherever he felt like it; in the pool, spa and getting a blowjob in the movie theatre.

Kendall was always willing and this was no act. She enjoyed every minute of it. Now as she straddled her lover, bouncing up and down on his hard thick cock, her titties jiggling around, she was saddened by the thought that this was their last fuck and that he was about to leave her.

Chapter 16 Cathy was extremely pleased with the first liaison. Boris had left Kendall an enormous tip. He had already booked another weekend and said that he would be recommending them to his inner circle. There was lots of chatter in the restaurant that lunchtime. All the girls surrounded Kendall as she described her weekend and much giggling and laughing ensued.

The girls knew what they were doing was prostitution but didn't care, it was their chance to put their new bodies and skills to good use, and they were hungry for sex. Lennon knew it was to be her turn petite skinny yo blonde teen masturbates fingering weekend and her nurse had been giving her lessons in a certain kind of sexual persuasion.

She was looking forward to visiting the guest wing. She knew who was coming to see her and she was very excited at meeting genuine celebrities. She was sworn to secrecy though and was finding it sooooo hard not to tell all her girlfriends. Jazz left the girls all chattering excitedly and wandered around the gardens, she was dressed in a mini skirt and halter top, her mid riff bare.

She was regretting her decision to agree to remain an anal virgin. All the others girls had been with a man prior to coming on the programme. They'd been given a big box of sex toys including butt plugs, dildos and vibrators. Jazz's box only had penis massagers and that kind of thing. The biggest thing she could use on her butt was her fingers. The other girls teased her, showing her their toys and telling her how good it felt using them. Jazz's nurse Claire was very good though, she could make Jazz cum using only her fingers but Jazz craved something larger.

Claire had once bought in a rubber dildo and Jazz had got wet in excitement but it was only for her to practise blowjobs with.

Something else she'd never done. She sat down by an artificial pond, the Coy Carp swimming around peacefully. "Are you okay honey?" Jazz looked up and Cathy stood on the path, a few feet away. "I'm okay I guess." She replied. "I just feel a little left out sometimes. It's like I have a bad itch that I just can't scratch." "I know sweetie. It's not for much longer though. Just a few more weeks and we'll give you what you need I promise.

The bonus you get means you'll get so much more money than the rest of the girls, so try and relax and think of the money." Cathy smiled sweetly at Jazz and then turned and left. Chapter 17 Lennon approached the door of the guest room. Rick and Sabrina were already inside waiting for her and Lennon was looking forward to meeting the two stars. Half an hour ago she'd been very nervous but her nurse had given her some more pills to take and now she felt confident and very, very horny.

She was wearing a long coat that went down to her knees and although warm, she had it fully buttoned. Beneath her coat Lennon wore a black PVC basque and panties with black fishnet stockings held up with suspenders that were attached to the basque and six inch heels. In her right hand she carried a leather holdall. Taking a deep breath she knocked on the door. "Come in." A woman's voice from the other side of the door called out.

Lennon opened the door and entered the room. House music played son caught step mom showering and fucked the state of art sound system and flashing strobes and black lights gave the room a nightclub edge. Sabrina looked a million dollars; she wore a tiny sexy sleeveless halter neck dress in neon pink. It was stretched tight against her curvy figure. A Latino with a Columbian mother, she'd inherited dark smouldering eyes and an ass that any woman would die for.

Any woman that hadn't been altered by Secscience that is. Rick the NFL superstar was stood naked his hands trying to cover his cock and balls. He was very well built, about 6ft3" and 230 pounds he had a rugged jawline and a crewcut. He had a huge chiselled chest and a six pack; his thighs were like muscly tree trunks. Lennon almost drooled. She could feel her dick pushing against the surgical tape that held it in place. Lennon could see from both of their eyes cute sexy year old acquires screwed hard hardcore massage they'd taken some recreational drugs, ecstasy most likely.

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Sabrina shimmied up to Lennon and kissed her wetly on the mouth. "Hi, I'm Sabrina and this pathetic excuse for a man is Rick." Lennon smiled sweetly at Sabrina. "I know who you are, you can call me mistress. We shall call him slave." Lennon stood in front of the couch and looked Rick up and down. "Hmnnn." Lennon said as if appraising Rick and arriving at a decision.

Turning from Rick she placed her holdall on the floor and unbuttoned her coat. Removing it she hung it over the back of a chair. Rick stared at Lennon and licked his dry lips. "Oh yeah, you like that don't you, you sick pervert." Sabrina scolded. "Hold your hands out." Lennon commanded and Rick obliged. Lennon checked out his semi hard cock which looked to be a nice average sized circumcised dick.

She approached and snapped some handcuffs around his wrists and then took her male chastity belt and placed Rick's penis inside the metal cage feeling him begin to stiffen as she handled him. She then fastened the cage around his waist with the leather belt.

Standing back she admired her handiwork unable to believe she had this couple at her mercy. "Your pathetic aren't you slave?" She asked him. Rick nodded. "You will answer me when I talk to you and you will call me mistress okay?" "Yes mistress." Rick obediently replied. "Get on your hands and knees slave." Rick sank down onto all fours as Lennon pulled a hot milf darla shows her sexy teen daughter sammi art of sucking a cock threesome brunette plug from her bag.

It was small and black and had a furry tail attached to it. "Please apply some lube to slave." She said, passing a bottle to Sabrina. "Yes mistress." Sabrina took the bottle from Lennon and knelt behind her husband and squirted some between his ass cheeks. Lennon joined her and rubbed the plug around his ass, lubing it up before pushing the tip in and teasing him with it, making him moan gently.

Sabrina spanked her husband. "You like that then sweetie; do you want her to plug your ass?" "Oh yes." Rick whispered. Lennon couldn't believe this huge man was so pliable in their hands. She pushed in the plug to its maximum girth and then pulled back before finally pushing it all the way home, a little black furry tail sticking out between dark haired euro hottie flashing tits in public publicpickups and publicsex cheeks.

"Ah, look at the little slave doggy." Sabrina teased. The girls then moved in front of Rick and danced seductively to the music.

Lennon took Sabrina's head in her hands and kissed her. Sabrina responded and kissed her back deeply accepting Lennon's tongue into her mouth replying kind.

Lennon was several inches taller than Sabrina and had to lean down to kiss her. She moaned softly as Lennon's hands explored her body, hitching her dress up and squeezing her perfect ass cheeks. Breaking away Lennon pulled the dress up and over Sabrina's head, throwing it to one side.

She was naked beneath it. Lennon faced Sabrina toward her husband and stood behind her. She kissed her neck as her hands explored her body squeezing her tits before sliding down over her flat stomach to her pussy. Lennon's finger slid up and down Sabrina's wet pussy pressing at her clit.

Sabrina gasped and her legs collapsed a little making Lennon keep her up with his other hand, until allowing her to sink to her knees.

Clearly her drugs were making her rush. Lennon pulled her panties down and kicked them away, her cock strained against the surgical tape which she removed, letting it swing free. Lennon had been long before but had grown to an impressive 11" since the drugs. Circumcised, it swung menacingly in front of her. "OH MY GOD!" Sabrina stared lustfully at Lennon's hardening member. "It's fucking huge. Now this is a real cock. Not like your pathetic tiny dick." Lennon took over.

"Smell my cock doggy." Rick raised his head and sniffed hard at Lennon. Lennon held her cock and banged it against Rick's face before standing in front of Sabrina and offering it to her mouth. "Hmmnnnn, I want to suck this big hard juicy cock while you watch and learn. Doesn't it look good Rick; I wish you had a big thick prick like this." Sabrina stretched open her mouth and reaching around to hold Lennon's ass, pulled his cock into her mouth and clamped her lips around it and sank her head down the shaft.

Lennon placed her hands on her hips; legs spread and stared down at Sabrina's bobbing head. Rick watched, his face only inches from his wife's as her head slowly slid up down the long hard dick. She looked at her husband as she licked and sucked Lennon. "Oh my god, it's so big and hard, it feels so good sucking a big fat cock. Not like your little wiener." She pushed her head down again, sliding her lips slowly down the shaft; gradually she took it into her throat, breathing heavily through her nose.

Pulling back, saliva spilling from her mouth she gagged. Pausing to regain her composure she used two hands to masturbate Lennon. "Fuck it's so big, it filled my throat. You can't even fill my mouth." Lennon looked down as Sabrina delivered a world class blowjob, she continued to tease and humiliate her husband as she sucked, licked and masturbated her. Lennon felt her ass get wet, god she wanted to be fucked too. She had to give these two what they wanted first.

She moved Sabrina to the couch and got her to lie down, Lennon climbed over her in the when ur asian girlfriend wants to netflix and chill position. Sabrina immediately went to work her dick. "Now doggy, lick my ass." She commanded Rick before lowering her head and tonguing Sabrina's pussy. Rick stood and wiggled over to the couch, the butt plug moved inside him making him grunt and his cock cage swung in front of him.

Pre-cum dripped from the stainless steel bars of the cage. Pushing his head between Lennon's ass cheeks he stuck out his tongue and began licking at her hole lapping up the rectal fluid that leaked from her ass pussy. "Hmmnnnn, yes. That's good doggy, lick my juicy bum hole." She murmured. Soon the attention her cock and ass was receiving edged her close to orgasm. She mustn't cum she thought, not yet. Lennon manoeuvred Sabrina her so she was laid back with her ass on the edge of the cushion.

Sabrina spread her legs and pulled them up and back, tucking her elbows in behind her knees and grabbing her ankles, exposing her shaved pussy. "Come here slave doggy, sniff her ass & pussy." Rick dutifully walked on all fours to the couch and sniffed at his wife's lovely, juicy cunt before lowering his head and inhaling the odours of her ass.

"Lick it like a dog." Rick began to lap at his wife's ass making her gasp. "Now watch me." Lennon instructed, kneeling. She began to lick up and down Sabrina's pussy. Finding her clit she flicked her tongue around it. Rick stared with saucer like eyes as Lennon ate out his wife, Sabrina moaning loudly. "Oh fuck yeah, eat my pussy mistress.

Are you watching doggy? That's how you lick a cunt." Pussy juice dripped from Lennon's chin and she kissed Sabrina, allowing her to lick her own juices from her face passionately.

She resumed licking pussy before rising and positioning the tip of his cock at her pussy. Sabrina looked up at her, eyes wide breathing heavily. She licked her dry lips in expectation. Lennon slowly pushed the tip of her cock into Sabrina and looked at Rick who was staring, mesmerised. "Oh Jesus, oh fucking jeez." Groaned Sabrina as Lennon pushed her cock forwards. "So biiiiiiiig." She hissed. Rick watched his wife's pussy stretch to accommodate Lennon and soon she was being fucked in long deep strokes taking almost her entire length.

"Yes mistress, fuck me, fuck me hard! Show this faggot how to fuck." She looked at her husband and laughed. "I love being fucked by her big fat thick cock, you're such big cumblast for the huge titted lady sissy." Lennon suddenly pulled out making Sabrina wail in disappointment before she offered her slimy dick to Rick. "Lick me clean doggy." A wicked smile spread across Sabrina's face as she stared at her husband, wiling him to do it.

Rick slowly opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue and licked the end of Lennon's cock. Slowly but surely he got into it and was soon licking up and down the shaft. Lennon held Rick's head and pushed her dick into Rick' mouth.

"Yeah suck it you faggot!" Cried Sabrina and Rick responded by sucking the big dick in his mouth hard. Lennon began to fuck his mouth roughly forcing her cock further and further in, soon Rick was gagging as it reached his throat but Lennon wasn't finished. "Breath through your nose, fight your gag reflex." She instructed. Angling Rick's head so his throat was open he pushed his dick down and into his throat.

Rick gurgled and pushed away but just as Lennon was going to rest he began breathing slower and she was able to slide her cock all the way into his throat. "Oh baby, that is so fucking hot!" Sabrina exclaimed her hands rubbing at her clit. Lennon withdrew, saliva dripping from her dick and pouring out of Ricks mouth. She gave him time to catch his breath before repeating the process, slowly pushing her entire length into Rick's open throat as he moaned in pleasure.

"Hmmnnnn, Hmmmmmn." She praised her slave. "What a good cock sucking doggy you are." Sabrina climbed onto her knees and with arms on the back of the couch she presented her ass to Lennon. "My turn, please fuck me mistress. Stick your big hard cock in me Pleeeeease. Lennon laughed and stood behind Sabrina. Holding her hips he drove her dick into her making her wail. In long deep strokes she thrust into her. "Oh yes, this feels so good.

I love her big hard cock fucking me. Do you like watching me getting fucked by a big hard dick you faggoty cock sucker." She teased Rick. "Tell mistress what you want." "Fuck my wife harder mistress; fuck her harder with your big hard dick." He rasped hoarsely.

Lennon didn't hold back, he pumped his cock in and out of Sabrina hard and fast forcing it all the way in. Sabrina was tossed about like rag doll. Her cries getting louder and louder until eventually she screamed. "I'm cumming. Don't stop. Don't stop." Lennon had no intention of stopping and continued to drive her dick into Sabrina until she felt Sabrina's pussy clench her cock as her orgasm hit her.

"CUUUUUMING!" Lennon slowed and fucked her in slow small thrusts as Sabrina shuddered as wave after wave of orgasm washed over her. "Oh my god, oh my god." She whimpered.

Lennon slid out her cock and wiped it on Sabrina's ass cheeks. She turned to Rick. "Next to your wife doggy." Rick climbed up next to Sabrina who patted her husband's head. Using her knees, Lennon spread Rick's legs. She took hold of the tail tangling behind Rick and tugged it gently. Gradually Ricks ass opened up as the plug appeared.

Just when it was about slide out Lennon released the tail and it was sucked back in making Rick groan. "Is that nice you queer?" Sabrina teased. "Tell us how it feels." Rick cleared his dry throat. "It feels good." He whispered. "Louder slave." Lennon commanded.

"It feels good mistress. I like it." He said louder. Lennon teased his ass a few more times before eventually the plug slid out. She indicated for Sabrina to apply more lube and when his asshole was good and greasy Lennon positioned herself and rubbed her cock around it.

Rick groaned as Lennon briefly dipped the tip inside his ass. "You're gonna get your ass fucked you sissy queer." Sabrina said, visibly excited. Rick let out a long moan. Lennon pushed forward and Rick's ass lips stretched open. "Ohhhhhhh" Rick wailed. Lennon felt Rick's sphincter resisting her cock and she gently moved backwards and forwards until she felt Rick was ready. Gripping Rick around the waist she pushed hard and ignoring Rick's cries, inched her cock inside, pulling back and then sliding a little more into him.

Rick's ass was stretched tight around her shaft but slowly she started fucking him. "Take it fag, you love that big dick in your ass don't you sissy boy." Sabrina said.

Slowly but cute teen jamie marleigh gets her shaved pussy screwed Ricks ass opened up for her and Lennon began pulling right back before plunging in, going deeper and deeper with each stroke. "Oh my god!" Rick panted. "So big." "You love it you cock hungry queer, tell her how you love it." "Yes mistress, I love it, I love your big hard cock in my ass, fuck me." "Go on mistress, give it all to him, he can take it, he's a big boy," Goaded Sabrina.

Lennon continued with the long strokes driving her cock deep into his ass. "I want you to cum for me slave, learn to cum like this. Your penis is just for pee pee, nothing more. Your ass is for pleasure now." Gradually Lennon picked up speed until she was brutally slamming into Rick her thighs slapping into his as she drove 11 inches into him. "Come on faggot, cum for us." Sabrina encouraged. "Cum like a girl." Lennon was close herself.

Rick's ass was tight and she was desperately holding off. Just when she thought it was too late, Rick wailed. "OH FUCK! CUMMING!" Lennon stopped on her forward thrust and felt Rick cumming. His ass muscles squeezed Lennon's cock as he bucked and sprayed ropes of cum into his cock cage.

Lennon pulled out forcing a loud "OOOOOH." Out of her fuck slave. "Open your mouths for me." She commanded. The husband and wife turned and knelt on the sofa, mouth pen wide as Lennon stroked her cock quickly and directed the first spray of cum into Rick's mouth before offering the next wad to Sabrina soon filling both their mouths.

When he was done he watched them kiss deeply swapping cum before they both swallowed hard. They then turned their attention back to Lennon and licked and sucked him clean. "I love you honey." Sabrina cooed. "I love you too." Rick replied. Lennon spent one night with the couple and they fucked once more. It was far less intense than the first time but Rick still wore his cock cage and managed to cum on his back with his wife sat on his face, holding his legs open as Lennon ploughed his ass.

They left very satisfied, leaving a large tip and vowing to return soon. Chapter 18 Don sat sweet chick sydney sky getting horny for large dick the communal pool in the shade of an umbrella.

It as damn hot, he thought. Dakota and Jazz were sunbathing in loungers. They were his favourites. Dakota especially was incredibly gorgeous. She really did have the looks to be a model, film star or whatever else she wanted. At 5ft 10" she was tall, had long legs and killer tits. Her blonde hair was pulled back tight in a ponytail. Jazz was also a hot little number. The thing Don liked about Jazz was how shy and demure she was, not like Micky who was a complete slut, always coming on to him.

The girls were topless, lying on their tummies. Jazz had tiny pink bikini bottoms on and Dakota had a white thong displaying her pert tanned buttocks. She looked every bit a beauty fucked after massage hardcore and blowjob bunny. Damn, Don found himself thinking of these girls too much now.

He'd tried dating a couple of the Asian maids for a while but they were scared of his dick and wouldn't fuck him.

So now he was dating a French girl from the finance department, she was very pretty and dynamite in bed, but all too often Don found himself imagining she was one of the girls. This place was so highly sexed too, he'd just left Cathy watching Sydney with a client and he knew she'd masturbate as she watched just as soon as he left. Everywhere he went people were fucking or masturbating. The nurses were either hooker's who'd been trained in basic nursing skills or nurses who'd been thrown out of the profession for sexual deviancy and were trying to get back in.

Don stared, deep in thought as Jazz sat up and poured sun cream onto Dakota's back and massaged it in, her titties jiggling beautifully.

Cathy was in heaven. As soon as Don had left she'd locked the door to the viewing lounge and slipped out of her skirt and blouse. Sydney full sexx indiya ebony story enjoying Cathy's particular brand of pleasure. This time the client had opted for a room Cathy liked to call 'the dungeon'.

It was a bare room except for various devises and pieces of equipment Sydney had short black spiky hair much like Halle Berry. She was very pale and had large angel wings tattooed on her back and a pistol on her tummy. A black panther curled its way down her thigh. She wore cherry red lipstick and black eyeliner. Slim with small breasts and a small bottom she was the least curvy of the girls.

She was skinny to start with and so hadn't had as much to work with as the others. Her nipple and tongue were pierced as was her nose. She very pretty in a gothic vamp kind of way and attracted a certain type of client. At the moment she was naked on her hands and knees on a knee high wooden bench. She had leather straps around her wrists with metal rings in them. Rope was threaded through the rings and secured her to the bench.

Rope also looped under the bench and across the back of her calves holding her parted legs in place. On her head Sydney wore a leather harness. There were straps around her forehead and chin keeping her mouth, eyes and nose free and on the back a metal loop.

In her ass was a metallic dildo with a curved metal handle that curved over toward the small of her back. A length of rope connected the ring on her head harness to the dildo. Another length of rope hung from a ring on the ceiling and was tied to the middle of the affair suspending it and keeping it taught.

Sydney's head was pulled back just enough to be uncomfortable but if she moved her head down or forwards it pulled the dildo into her. Needless to say every now and then she bobbed her head and gasped. Cathy's mouth was dry and she licked her lips trying to moisten them but she had very little saliva in her mouth. A man entered the camera shot. He wore jeans but was topless and had bare feet. This was Akio, a Japanese banker.

He was 36 years old. He'd made his first million by 21 and was ludicrously rich now. His torso and arms had the look of someone who spent time in the gym and cared about their appearance. From his hand dangled a leather flail.

With a flick of his wrist the thongs of the flail struck Sydney on the buttock. "OW!" Sydney squealed. Her body jerked and the dildo in her ass was forced in deeper. "Oooh." she moaned quietly.

Akio prowled around Sydney slowly occasionally flicking her back and buttocks with the flail and watching as her body jerked and head bobbed. Cathy reached behind her and unhooked her bra letting it fall away from her large breasts. She pinched her right nipple hard and felt it stiffen. Her other hand reached into her panties and massaged her pussy. Her panties were soaked and she could smell her own musky scent.

Akio stood quietly behind Sydney and watched her intently. Sydney couldn't turn her head and never knew when he'd use the flail or touch her. He clearly enjoyed the game and was in no hurry. Sydney's head bobbed as her neck tired and Akio watched the dildo slide in and heard her gasp before she lifted her head again allowing the metallic cock to move back again. He brought the flail down on her buttocks again and Cathy watched a thin smile appear on his face as Sydney squealed. He moved closer and reached under the girl, Cathy couldn't make out what he was doing from any camera angle but Sydney seemed to like it.

"Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuck." She moaned. Akio moved away and squatted. He studied Sydney for several minutes as she occasionally gasped having inadvertently or deliberately moved her head forward. Cathy had moved to the couch and was lying back with her legs spread, her hand moved lightly over her body making her tingle. She'd made a phone call and was expecting a delivery.

Just then there was a knock on the door. She rose and approached the door. "Who is it?" She asked. "Your food order ma'am." A small voice replied. Cathy opened the door and allowed the kitchen boy in. It was a young Filipino boy probably about 18 years old. He gawped at the naked woman in front of him who he knew was very important before averting his eyes.

"Come in and put the tray on the table." The boy put the tray down and quickly turned not looking toward Cathy. "Sit down please." Cathy's tone of authority stopped the boy in his tracks. He turned and glanced at his boss. Cathy motioned for him to sit on the couch and the blushing boy obeyed. For the first time he noticed the monitors and his eyes widened.

Akio was now stood in front of Sydney, he'd pulled his cock out of his jeans and she was sucking him. He kept at such a distance so that she'd have to lower her head to take him into her mouth making her moan loudly. Cathy sat next to the boy. "Do you like that?" She asked him. The boy looked away from the monitor quickly. "It's okay, you can watch. It's alright to look at me too. What's you name honey." She switched to a maternal voice and the boy looked at her demurely. "My name is Mark." "Well Mark, do you have a girlfriend?" The boy shook his head.

"You like girls though right?" He nodded. "Have you ever made love?" Mark glanced at the monitor and then back at Cathy. "No." Then he quickly added. "I've had plenty of girlfriends though." Cathy smiled, she loved a challenge. "I bet you have sweetie, a good looking boy like you." Mark smiled and blushed again. "How would you like to make 500 dollars?" Cathy quickly removed the boy's clothes and admired his young body.

He had a full erection that pointed proudly skyward. He was between 6 and 7 inches long. Cathy knelt between his legs and sucked his dick into her mouth as he watched closely. She massaged his balls gently as she took all of him into her warm wet mouth. Mark took a sharp intake of breath and Cathy could feel him throb and twitch in her mouth. She would need to be careful here, she mustn't let him cum. She sucked him for as long as she dare and then rose and pulled Mark to his feet.

"I'm going to lie on the couch and I want you to do whatever you want. You can play with my tits and my pussy; use your hands, tongue and your dick. You mustn't cum though okay?" Mark nodded furiously and Cathy took her position on the couch, legs spread.

Mark climbed on top of her and squeezed her breasts roughly. Cathy's mind wandered off as she waited until Mark was too horny to resist her.

Don was still watching Jazz and Dakota when Dakota sat up to turn over. She saw Don and innocently waved and called out "Hi Don." Don waved back. "Hi girls." His voice was croaky and weak and the girls giggled. Don tried not to stare at Dakota's tits but they looked so good. They looked about 34C to Don's critical eye. They swung, her nipples pointing up as she turned and then lay back to do her front.

Her tit's flattened, something silicon ones didn't do and Don licked his lips. He gazed down her tight body and noticed the small bulge in her hollywood heroine ka sexy story that gave away the existence of her cock. Don began to think about her dick and what it would look like and what it would feel like and then he shook his head, forcing himself to stop. Christ, was he turning gay? Cathy moaned loudly, pretending to be enjoying Marks fumbling attempt at cunilingus.

She looked over his shoulder at the monitor. Akio had moved Sydney to the swing. He had her suspended from the ceiling on her back. Her wrists were fastened to her ankles which in turn were pulled up and hung from the ceiling. Her head and ass hung off either end of the canvas swing. Clamps hung from Sydney's nipples and her cock was pulled down between her thighs. Akio continued to use the flail, sometimes striking Sydney's cock and balls which made her groan loudly. He'd taken the harness and other apparatus off her.

Cathy really liked this guy's style. She'd love to take Mark down there so the two of them could enjoy him together. She could take no more. "Come on sweetie, fuck me." Mark raised his head from her pussy and climbed up between her legs.

She reached down and guided his little dick toward her pussy. She could feel him trembling as he slid inside her and began nervously thrusting. Cathy continued moaning, carefully monitoring him for an approaching orgasm. It didn't take long before he humped faster and started moaning himself. Cathy acted fast and pushed him off.

Mark cried out. Cathy squirmed out from under him and stood. "Not yet lover, you mustn't cum yet." Mark looked at her lustfully; eager to cum. Cathy reached into her handbag and pulled out a blindfold.

"Let's play." Akio stood in front of Sydney and pussy licking girls host reverse gangbang outside by pool his dick right into her throat before pulling it all the way out before sliding it right in again as he gently tugged on her nipple clamps. Sydney breathed heavily through her nose and squealed against the dick in her throat. Cathy had Mark on all fours, she'd selected a smaller 8" strap-on for Marks little virgin as. She tugged at his cock keeping him horny and then squirted lube onto his ass.

"What are you doing?" He asked. "Don't you worry, relax, interracial increible free interracial see more on tiny ccc tube porn enjoy it and don't forget I'm paying you a lot of money.

I need to have fun too okay?" "Okay ma'am." Mark replied quietly. Cathy's finger pushed into his greasy backside and he jolted. "Just relax, I promise you'll like it." She whispered as his asshole clamped onto her finger. Gradually she felt him relax and resumed sliding her finger into him before beginning to gently pump it in and out.

She reached under him and masturbated him so he'd associate having something in his ass with pleasure. "Ooh." He murmured when Cathy slid into him and soon she felt he was ready for a second finger. Still tugging gently on his penis she pushed her index and middle finger into his tight butt hole. "OW!" Mark cried but Cathy kept pushing and was soon sliding them in and out, massaging his balls.

Mark became very quiet and Cathy sensed the boy was beginning to enjoy the attention he was receiving and was convinced she felt him push back onto her fingers once or twice. She seized the moment and pulled out her fingers and knelt behind him positioning the end of her strap-on at his asshole. She squirted some more lube onto his ass and the dildo and gazed down as she gently pushed.

Cathy loved watching an asshole stretch to accommodate her various dildos and Mark's was no exception. His tight ass lips opened as the tip pushed in and stretched around it.

"ARGHHHHHHHHH!" Mark cried. "IT HURTS!" Cathy paused and reached under to squeeze his cock which was still hard like stone. "Relax baby." She purred. She slowly pushed again and the tip moved forward again until the boy's sphincter muscle stopped it.

Cathy tugged hard on the boy's cock pulling his foreskin back as she rocked back and forth. Mark groaned and Cathy pushed forwards. Again Mark cried out in pain but Cathy was unrelenting. "Shhhhh." She whispered. Slowly she watched the tip disappear as she pushed her hips forward hard and then suddenly it was past the resisting muscle and slid forwards easily. "Oooooh." Said Mark in relief. Cathy looked up at the monitor as she slowly withdrew until the strap-on 'popped' out of his ass before being forcing it in again.

Akio was fucking Sydney hard, he stroked her swollen cock and balls as he plunged his dick I and out of her. Sydney moaned in pleasure. Cathy copied Akio and fucked the boy hard, she'd stopped touching his pathetic penis now and he begged her to stop. The strap-on rubbed at her clit and she fucked him faster as her orgasm approached his moans and tears just spurred her on and she gripped his bony hips and plunged all 8" of plastic dick deep into his ass as she came.

Chapter 19 The girls were all together in the dining area when Sydney walked in. Kendall immediately jumped up and ran to her best friend. "Syd!" she screamed and hugged her tightly. Eventually she managed to break away and they sat down at the table with the others. The girls all looked at her expectantly. She looked at them all staring at her and smiling.

"What?" she asked. Micky spoke up "Don't what us. Tell us all about it, did you have fun. Did he have a big cock?" "Micky!" Kendall scolded. "Seriously Sydney, was it good?" Sydney giggled.

"It was nice. I had a good time." "Nice!" Micky teased. "Nice is tea with your grandmother, not nasty sex with a stranger!" The girls all collapsed in fits of laughter.

"Okay, okay." Sydney silenced them. "It was intense. He kept me on the edge for hours before he let me cum." "Ooh, that sounds nice." Dakota piped up. "It really was," Sydney continued, "he was very good, and when I came, wow." Sydney rolled her eyes and then, "I'm a little sore today but it was definitely worth it." The girls knew Sydney liked BDSM and could see she was flushed with excitement as she told them about her time with Akio.

As the girls laughed and joked, Cathy walked into the room and a hush descended. "Good morning girls." "Good morning Cathy." The girls all chirped in unison. "Hi Sydney. Did you have a good time?" Cathy gave Sydney a knowing smile and the girls giggled again. "Yes thank you." Sydney replied. "Micky, this weekend you'll be a busy girl, make sure you're well rested and ready." Micky whooped in excitement.

"Dakota, you too have a client this weekend." Dakota looked at her friend Jazz kindly. Although her friend smiled back she could see the sadness in her eyes. "Why doesn't anyone want me?" Jazz sobbed as Claire, her nurse cuddled her. She'd just had her evening medicine and was dressed in a baby doll nightie ready for bed early. "Am I uglier than the other girls? What's wrong with me?" Tears streamed down her face.

"Now stop it Jazz, you're beautiful and hot with a kick ass body. There's nothing wrong with you. Cathy will be waiting for the right client for you sweetie. That's all. " Claire pulled away from Jazz and pulled a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped Jazz's eyes. "Now stop crying. I'll make you some tea." "Thanks Claire." Jazz said quietly, regaining her composure. When Claire returned Jazz had climbed onto her bed and was lying on her side.

Claire placed her tea on the bedside table and undid her tunic and removed it, now wearing nothing but her bra, panties and hold up stockings.

She climbed onto the bed and lay beside so they were spooning. She kissed Jazz on the neck and cuddled her before smoothing her hair with her hand. "Hmnnn" Jazz purred, wiggling back into Claire. Claire's hand moved down Jazz, stroking her arm and then rested on her hip. Jazz enjoyed the feeling of another human beings naked flesh in close proximity to her and the evening drugs made her feel tingly. As if reading Jazz's thoughts, Claire gently caressed Jazz's thigh over the top of her baby doll.

The light silky material was soon gathering around Jazz's waist and Claire was softly moving her hand over bare flesh.

Claire muzzled into Jazz's neck breathing heavily and mover her hand to Jazz's erect penis. Keeping her touch soft and light she ran her fingertips up her shaft and fondled her sensitive glans.

Jazz moaned softly and Claire repeated her gentle stroking, feeling Jazz's cock twitch and throb. Eventually Claire moved her own body away from Jazz so her hand could caress Jazz's buttocks.

Her hand moved between her buttocks and Jazz raised her thigh and pushed out her butt to allow easier access. Claire's fingers grazed over Jazz's asshole and Jazz gasped. Claire moved her hand away and squeezed her buttocks and then moved up to her tits, rolling a nipple between her fingers.

Slowly she ran her fingers down Jazz's spine to her ass and again grazed her piper perri my first tutor hole. Jazz pushed her ass at her giving her the green light but again Claire moved her hand away. Jazz groaned. "Please Claire." "Lie on your tummy." Jazz sat up and pulled the baby doll over her head before lying on her front. She lay with her cock pointing down, trapped under her between her parted legs.

Claire massaged Jazz paying particular attention to her ass, squeezing and kneading her perfect fleshy ass cheeks. Once again Claire found herself feeling slightly jealous. Was it fair that these girls had the perfect bodies? Not that Claire wasn't provided with a good body.

Just not perfectly sculptured like this. She had fallen a little in love with Jazz and would have loved to make love to her properly, but new that was a sure way of getting sent home. Claire had been told that Secscience could get her records wiped clean and then she could resume nursing properly.

Claire had finished college with huge debts and whilst nursing she was paying them off by being a masseuse that provided 'extra's'. Her boss had found out and had tried to blackmail her into having sex with him.

When she refused he not only 'outed' her but made up false accusations about her nursing which stuck because of the services she'd been providing. She bent down and licked up and down the shaft of Jazz's cock. "Oh god Claire." Jazz murmured. Claire pushed her face between Jazz's butt cheeks, her tongue searching for Jazz's asshole. Jazz pushed her butt up, her cock springing up toward her belly.

Claire's tongue found Jazz's wet hole and Jazz moaned quietly as her ass was rimmed. "Ooooh." Soon Claire pushed her index finger into Jazz's ass and began to massage her prostate. "Oh Claire, that feels so good." sighed Jazz. Claire continued and then added her middle finger and just finger fucked her ass before returning to her prostate massage with an index finger.

"Oh Claire, I want to fuck you." Claire froze momentarily and then continued. "I'd love that sweetie but you know we can't." She pulled back her finger and slipped in her middle one and began to finger fuck her again, Jazz started to push back onto her hand and was soon indicating she was about to cum.

Claire reached under her and gripped her cock tugging on it in unison with her other hand until she felt it twitch and cum spurted out, dribbling onto her hand. "OOOOOH" Jazz moaned as her body spasmed. "I love you." "I love you too sweetie." Claire replied as Jazz collapsed forward. Claire wondered on what level Jazz loved her. Cathy was indeed waiting for the right client for Jazz. Like all the girls she selected the clients carefully.

Not just anyone could pay the money and fuck her girls they must be suited. That way satisfaction was guaranteed. They were not prostitutes after all.

She had selected several clients for Jazz and had now put her virginity up for auction and that what was holding things up. The selected clients were willing to pay vast sums it would appear and were still bidding. Chapter 20 Micky had been almost unable to contain her excitement leading up to the weekend and ebon beauties adore hot sex sessions hardcore blowjob it was here she was bubbling over.

Her hair and makeup were done and she'd just received her drugs. She had a small bag with a change of underwear and her toothbrush and beauty products. She'd been told she'd be away for the weekend.

She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She'd been dressed as a schoolgirl. She wore a tie front, white cropped blouse and baby pink, tartan micro skirt worn low on her hips. A tie hung loosely around her neck between her semi exposed breasts. Sexy thigh length white suspender stockings with a matching white bow at front and black stripper shoes with a 1.75 inch platform and a 6 inch stiletto heel completed the ensemble.

Bobby appeared, "ready?" she asked. "Fuck yeah." Dakota was much less vocal about her excitement for the weekend. She knew her friend was upset at not having a client and was sympathetic.

She was really excited though. She too had just been given an extra dose of drugs and busty dutch prostitute takes cum in mouth european big tits whole body tingled.

Her blonde hair had been given light curls and she wore a figure hugging white micro dress from a top designer and matching heels. She'd never looked so pretty she thought. She too was due to be away for the weekend and had packed accordingly.

Micky rapped loudly on the door of the second guest suite. Moments later the door swung open and a tall man opened the door. He was shaved bald and looked muscular under his t-shirt and slacks. "Well hello young lady, what can we do for you?" he asked in a deep voice with a trace of east European accent. Micky knew she was supposed to have a cover story and quickly replied.

"We just moved in next door and I've locked myself out, could I wait with you until my mom gets home?" "Of course, I've got a couple of friends over to play some cards but we don't mind right fella's?" He opened the door wider and motioned for Micky to come in. Sat at the dining table were a black man and another white guy, they were drinking beers and indeed did have a pack of cards on the table.

now story 2019 9 you Ted" the bald guy continued "this is Jerry" he said motioning to the Black guy "and that is Steve." "Hi guys, my name are Micky." Jerry and Steve lifted their hands and smiled at Micky. "Would you like a beer Micky? We won't tell anyone." Steve asked. "Sure" Micky replied "why not?" Ted grabbed Micky a beer and sat at the table with his friends.

Micky took a big slug from her beer can and wandered into the middle of the room. Bending over at her waist she placed her bag on the floor and rummaged through it making noises as if she couldn't find something. The three friends stared as her tiny skirt lifted revealing her bubble butt ass cheeks and a tiny pink thong. Ted, Jerry and Steve were all rich young business men from Eastern Europe.

In their early 30's they'd risen to the top of their professions quickly and now had time and money to indulge themselves. They had met through their membership to a very exclusive club that provided its rich members with wild party's that catered for every taste going. These three shared a common passion and when the club was approached by Secscience they knew what they wanted. Micky kept rummaging through her bag, feeling the three pairs of eyes burning into her.

Eventually she straightened up and turned round smiling sweetly at the boys, "how about another beer fella's?" Dakota sat on the couch next to her client and sipped a glass of champagne.

Her client had greeted her with a light kiss on both cheeks and a polite "Bonjour." The French gentleman was dressed in a well-tailored suit and tie with expensive shoes.

Dakota wasn't sure of his age, probably in his 50's but he was tanned and looked very good. Suave and sophisticated would be a good description she thought. He'd gently held her arm and introduced himself as Philippe and asked if she'd care to join him for dinner. She'd said yes of course and he'd smiled broadly at her and offered her a glass of Champagne. Now they were sat chatting, he asked about her family and where she grew up, telling her about him and his business and the beautiful part of France that he lived.

He said she must come and visit him there some day. Dakota really felt a million dollars and that they were on a genuine date. "I have taken the liberty of ordering some French food for us my darling. I hope you don't mind." Dakota just loved his accent, the words dripped of tongue like treacle.

"Of course not, thank you." She replied, trying to sound as up market as she could. It wasn't easy in a micro dress that had risen up around her waist exposing far more of her thighs than she'd like in her present company. As if sensing her discomfort Philippe tried to put her at ease.

"I think you look divine my dear. It was I that asked for you to be dressed this way. I hope you are not feeling uncomfortable. I am a silly old fool that likes his ladies dressed a certain way. It makes an older man feel younger. Please forgive me." Dakota felt awful "No, no. I'm not uncomfortable at all. I'm glad you like it." She beamed at him. Micky was sat at the table with the guys.

"You lose Steve" she squealed in delight. "Lose your shirt." They had watched Micky as she drunk another can of beer quickly and started on a third before asking if she'd like to play cards with them.

They said they were playing for money but if Micky didn't have any they could play for clothes. Here they were and Steve had lost the first hand. Steve peeled of his t-shirt. His chest was waxed smooth and was wide and muscled. "Ooh Steve, nice body." Micky cooed. The next hand Jerry lost and revealed a chest the same as Steve's. The guys obviously had gym memberships. Micky lost the next and pulled off her tie much to the chagrin of the boys. Dakota and Philippe sat opposite each other and enjoyed their starter.

Philippe was still keeping the conversation going and showed a genuine interest in Dakota. He was careful not to ask questions that would shatter the elusion and kept it light and entertaining. Dakota was having a wonderful time and laughed at his jokes. The champagne kept flowing and she too began to get a little drunk. They ate a leisurely dinner with desert and when finished, Phillippe poured himself a large whisky and put on some music. He helped Dakota to her feet and held both her hands as he looked her straight in the eyes.

"Would you dance for me my dear?" Dakota had had several glasses of Champagne now and had no qualms about dancing for her charming man.

"Of course" she replied. Phillippe sat on the couch with his legs crossed and his whisky glass resting on his knee. He held the remote control for the sound system and selected something slow and sultry.

Dakota began to slowly dance, she ran her hands up and down her body as she turned in a circle, showing every angle of her body to Phillippe. When the song finished Phillippe selected some rock music. "Like a stripper now please." He asked. Dakota proceeded to do her best stripped dance, she did all the moves available without a pole and peeled off her dress and grabbed a dining chair to use as a prop.

"That's very good Dakota", Phillippe said "you are athletic teens aylin diamond amp arteya take gym bros big dick for a ride very sexy.

Keep going for me." Dakota unclipped her bra and let it fall, covering her breasts as best she could in her hands. Phillippe had uncrossed his legs and put his drink down. Dakota squeezed her tits together and then took her hands away, watching Phillippe's eyes widen. The next track started and Dakota got more sexual, licking her lips seductively and pinching her nipples.

She turned and bent over, reaching back to hook her fingers into the waistband of her panties. Looking back over her shoulder she pulled them down and kicked them away. She then turned to Phillippe and sat on her chair stroking her cock. "Wonderful, keep going." Phillippe adjusted himself and unzipped his fly, releasing his cock.

Dakota stared at an erect thick circumcised dick that looked to be a good 8" long and curved up like a banana. Phillippe began stroking it slowly from top to bottom eyes locked with Dakota's. She licked her lips slowly and seductively her eyes hooded in lust.

She began to stroke her own cock and then got up and knelt on the chair ass pushed in the air and reached back caressing her perfect ass. Phillippe grunted and Dakota ran a finger between her cheeks, shuddering as she teased her asshole.

Suddenly Phillippe was behind her and she felt his hot breath on her ass. She moved her hand away and Phillippe placed his hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them and pushed his head between them licking her little rosebud.

Dakota rested her arms on the back of the chair, closed her eyes and sighed contentedly as Phillippe's tongue explored her ass. He was a generous lover and licked and sucked until Dakota was ready to cum. Dakota reached back and pushed Phillippe gently away, turned and sat on the chair. She pulled Phillippe to her and kissed him deeply allowing his tongue deep into her mouth, tasting her ass juice.

When lesbian beauteous babes that will cause you erection dildo toy broke away Phillippe stood back and Dakota tugged at his trousers pulling them and his underwear down until they fell to floor allowing him to step out of them. Dakota pulled him toward her and took his hard dick in her hand, lowering her head to it as Phillippe unbuttoned his shirt.

Dakota licked up the underneath of his shaft and flicked the sensitive part of his glans. Opening her mouth wide she took him into her mouth and placing her hands behind her back, looked up into his eyes and pushed her head backwards and forwards, forcing him in. Dakota delivered the best blowjob she'd ever given. She alternated masturbating him hard with both her small hands wrapped around his shaft with sucking him slowly lips clamped hard around his rod.

She even managed to work Phillippe's long cock into her throat and head fucked him, making his entire cock disappear into her mouth. Phillippe pulled away. "Let's go to the bedroom my darling." He purred taking her by the hand and leading her to the huge bed with silk sheets. They climbed onto the bed and Phillippe lay on his back. Dakota straddled her lover and lifted herself up positioning Phillippe's dick at her asshole before lowering herself onto him.

"Oh baby" she said as she eased him into her ass and then lifted again before sliding back down his shaft. Phillippe reached up and squeezed her tits as Dakota kept raising and lowering herself, taking more of his cock with each downward motion. "You're so big" she panted. After a while she was bouncing up and down quickly, Phillippe's hands on her hips whilst she took over squeezing her tits.

Phillippe rolled her off and onto her back and climbed between her legs. Dakota pulled her legs up and spread them wide as Phillippe slid into her again and began fucking her in long deep strokes. "Oh wow, that feels so good." She purred. Phillippe grunted and started fucking her harder and faster. "Yeah baby, fuck me, fuck me harder" Dakota cried as her orgasm approached. Phillippe plunged in and out and then buried himself in her as he came his body jerking and his cock twitching inside her as he filled her with semen bringing on her own orgasm.

Steve stood and tugged off his bikini brief underwear revealing a large semi hard cut cock. Micky squealed in delight. She'd lost a couple of hands but had way more clothes to play for and had removed her shirt and tie. "Steve has nothing else to lose baby, let's make it more interesting" said Ted "if you win you take all the money we were playing for, but if you lose" the guys all looked at each other and then to Micky "you suck our dicks." Micky feigned shock. "What! Eugh! I can't do that.

What if my mom comes back? It's naughty." "It's okay, you mother won't be home for ages and we'll keep it a secret I promise. You'll probably win anyway. Look at the money." Micky pretended to think about it for a while. "Oh, I guess it would be okay, alright then." Micky deliberately lost the next hand and pretended to be horrified before Ted took her hand and moved her to the middle of the room. She squatted on her haunches and started to stroke Steve's cock as she watched Ted and Jerry undress.

Micky's eyes widened as their manhood's were unveiled. They were all really well hung, their cocks hung heavily from their smooth hairless groins. Jerry was stereotypically biggest and Micky reached out pretty teen stepsis amy summers pussy pounded on the bed held the monster.

"Oh my god, it's fucking huge!" she exclaimed. The Boys gathered around her and opening wide she took Steve into her mouth and sucked him hard as she tugged it, reaching out she grasped Ted and began masturbating him too before moving her head to his hardening prick. When it was Jerry's turn she had to really stretch her mouth wide. He was already nine inches long and still only semi hard.

Quickly she moved from cock to cock, as the guys reached down and either held her head or pawed roughly at her titties which were pulled out of her bra cups. Micky was in heaven and made muffled noises of enjoyment "hmnnn, hmnnn, hmnnn." as she sucked on whichever cock was in her mouth. Soon they all sported impressive erections.

Steve was smallest at a nice 8", Ted was an inch or so bigger and the came Jerry who was between 10 and 11" and thick. Micky really struggled to fit him in her mouth. Just as her jaw was starting to ache Ted spoke up. "Why don't we go to the bedroom?" They didn't wait for an answer. Ted reached down and picked her up, lifting her effortlessly.

"Whoa!" giggled Micky. After carrying her into the bedroom Ted placed Micky carefully on the edge of the bed on her back. He tugged her skirt down and Micky lifted her legs and held them together.

He pulled the skirt down and over her heels. Steve and Jerry climbed onto the bed and again offered Micky their cocks which she greedily accepted. Ted grasped the tiny thong Micky was wearing and pulled it off then pushed her legs back lifting her ass off the bed.

He pinned her in this position with his hands on the underneath of her spread thighs and bent his head forward and began to lick at Micky's exposed asshole. Micky moaned and increased the enthusiasm with which she awesome ebony teen fucks pussy with dildo Steve and Jerry.

Micky was having so much fun; she had three well hung guys ready to fuck her. It was like a wet dream come true. Ted pushed his tongue deep into Micky's wet fuck hole. Jerry had straddled her face and lowered his asshole down onto her waiting tongue.

"Yeah, lick my ass baby." He instructed. Steve was at the side sucking on Micky's tits and nibbling her nipples. His hand reached down and he pulled on her cock roughly. "Oh fuuuuck." Micky groaned as at the same time Ted inserted a finger as his tongue flicked at her sensitive ass lips.

Jerry knelt over Micky's head and fed his thick dick into her mouth. She stretched as wide as she could but it was too thick to go in very far. Every now and then he'd give her aching jaw a rest and move up so she could lick his anus or heavy balls. Ted positioned himself with the end of his dick at Micky's ass. His cock had a big skyward curve in it like a boomerang and he had to push the tip down as he eased it into Micky.

"Ooooh" Micky sighed as Ted slid his dick into her. He pulled right back and began fucking her in long deep strokes pushing all of him into her. Because of the shape of his cock, Micky's prostate was rubbed hard. "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck my ass." She said in response, pre-cum leaking from her dick onto her stomach. After a while Ted pulled out and Steve took his place, fucking her hard.

Micky was getting quite close to cumming when suddenly Steve stopped making her groan. She was then flipped over and she pushed her ass into the air as Steve and Ted knelt on the bed in front of her to have their cocks cleaned. Micky knew that meant Jerry was behind her. She felt his large hands caress her ass before his cock bumped between her spread ass cheeks and he pushed the end forwards. "Oh Jesus." Micky moaned as the tip prised open her ass lips and then "OW!" as he stretched her wide with the first inch of his cock.

Jerry paused and Czech girl lapdances and does sexy striptease panted quickly through pursed lips as if in childbirth. Once satisfied he could continue, Jerry eased forwards again. "You're so fucking big!" Micky cried as another two inches were forced into her stretched ass before being withdrawn and pushed in again. Gradually Jerry eased into her until he was fucking her with over half his dick.

"Oh fuck" Micky exclaimed and then resumed pleasuring Steve and Ted. Before long Jerry had forced himself in and was fucking her with all of his enormous cock. Micky even pushed back to impale herself on him when he thrust forwards. "Mmnm" Micky moaned with a mouthful of dick. "You like that don't you?" Jerry asked and Micky stopped sucking to reply. "Oh god yeah, I love you fucking my ass with your big fat cock. Fuck me, fuck me hard." Dakota and Phillippe enjoyed a weekend of conversation, dining and making love.

Phillippe enjoyed Dakota in many different ways and positions and they both found it hard to say goodbye on Monday morning. Micky and the boys enjoyed a weekend of nasty fucking in which she was taken over and over with barely time to catch her breath let alone eat or sleep.

She was fucked in every position going. At one point she managed to have both Steve and Ted in her ass at the same time. She had orgasmed over and over again but even when she was completely spent the boys were relentless, kept going by recreational drug use.

By Monday morning she was a mess, as a breakfast treat after they'd finished fucking her they'd given her a facial. She was on her knees with cum dripping of her nose and chin. One eye was glued closed with someone's ejaculation and her hair was matted and sticky. "So, did you have fun little slut?" Ted asked as he wiped his dick with a tissue. "I had a great time being fucked by you. I loved having your big dicks deep in my ass." Purred Micky. "Girl, you were born to be gang banged, you were fucking great." Ted said as Micky rose and headed for the shower, sore but happy.

Chapter 21 "Jesus did you see Micky? She could hardly walk. Apparently she was gang banged all weekend by three guys with huge cocks!" Kendall was addressing Jazz and Sydney by the pool.

Dakota had come back and told Jazz all about her weekend before heading off to the spa for some beauty treatment. Micky had staggered back and briefly told Lennon what she'd been through before collapsing into bed and falling straight asleep. Jazz thought that the time Dakota spent with her client sounded amazing, but it was the thought of being gang banged by three guys with big dicks that was really exciting her and the rest of the girls by the sound of it.

"I bet they fucked the shit out her." Said Sydney and then, realising what she'd said, fell about laughing. "Oh my god Sydney, but I bet Micky loved it. You know what she's like; The bigger the better for that girl." Kendall giggled. "Can you imagine, three big men at the same time?" Jazz said quietly. "I think someone likes that idea" Sydney said, looking directly at Jazz. "Well, I don't know, maybe." Jazz said coyly.

The girls all whooped and laughed. "Girl, you haven't even had one dick and now you want three!" Sydney exclaimed. Jazz just grinned. "A girl can dream can't she?" Later that evening when Claire visited, Jazz noticed she had a strange look on her face. "What's going on Claire?" she asked. A huge grin lit up Claire's face.

"It's your turn baby, Cathy has found the perfect client for you and he visits us tomorrow night. He's just in for one night and he can't wait to meet you." Jazz was suddenly nervous. "Tomorrow? I'm not ready. I need more time. I can't do it." "Relax. Just calm down." Claire put an arm around her shoulder. "Of course you're ready.

Why don't we go to bed together just to calm you down?" Claire dropped her hand onto Jazz's bottom and gave it a little squeeze. She was a little upset that Jazz would go with a client tomorrow and wouldn't be Claire's exclusively. Jazz looked at her and smiled. "Sure, why not?" The following morning Jazz awoke with an excited knot in her tummy. She could hear Claire singing from the kitchen as she prepared breakfast.

Claire had stayed last night, something she'd never done before and they'd made love twice, well made love as best they could. Jazz had done something she'd never done before and had gone down on Clair and licked and fingered her pussy until she came and they'd fallen asleep in each other's arms. Jazz had loved making her cum and repaying some of the orgasms she'd been given. She climbed out of bed still naked and padded into the kitchen. Claire was busy making some eggs and Jazz crept up behind her and slid her hands inside the dressing gown Claire was wearing, cupping her breasts.

"Hmnnn, good morning beautiful." Claire responded. "Morning honey." Jazz squeezed Claire's tits and nuzzled her neck and Claire threw her head back and closed her eyes. "Oh god, stop it. I'm cooking here." Claire laughed. Reluctantly Jazz pulled away and poured two cups of coffee as Claire finished cooking their breakfast.

"So, I thought we could have breakfast then take a swim. Then I'll go and get briefed on your client and pick up any clothing requests. We can spend the afternoon at the spa getting your hair, nails and makeup done before you get changed." Jazz looked at Claire. "I'm so excited" she gushed.

Jazz spent the most wonderful day with Claire, swimming, getting pampered at the spa and finally Claire helped her get ready. Jazz was a little disappointed with the clothes her client had picked out for her; Jeans and a cropped grey sweatshirt.

Her makeup was much understated too and her hair was done in just a ponytail but she understood when the scenario was explained to her. Claire gave her an extra dose of her drugs and then took her to the guest wing. She held both her hands and looked her straight in the eye. "Now you have fun baby, enjoy yourself. This is what you've been waiting for." Jazz hugged her tightly. "Thank you Claire, I love you." Claire turned and Jazz was sure she'd seen a sheen in her friends eyes as if she was about to cry.

"I love you too babe." Claire said over her shoulder and was gone. Jazz turned and faced the door. Taking a deep breath she knocked. "Come in." A voice said from the other side. Chapter 22 Cathy was breathless with excitement.

She'd been waiting for this one for what seemed like an eternity. The bidding for Jazz had exceeded all expectations and she was very happy with the client that had won. Harry was a British Billionaire who liked to indulge his unusual tastes to the full and taking someone's virginity was a valued prize to him.

He was in his mid-forties and totally unremarkable to look at. Harry wanted a fantasy fulfilled with Jazz. Cathy told Harry about Jazz's only previous encounter with a man and between them arrived at a scenario that both of them should enjoy and Cathy would enjoy watching, not that Harry was aware of that. Harry was to be Jazz's uncle, that Jazz was visiting for the weekend.

Jazz was supposed to be just finishing high school. Cathy settled back into her chair and turned down the lights as Jazz entered the suite.

Chapter 23 "Hello Uncle" Jazz said as she entered the suite and saw Harry sat on the couch. He rose to greet her. "Jazz my darling, how lovely to see you again. Come and give your uncle a kiss." Jazz was swallowed up by a big hug from the man who kissed her lightly on the cheek. "I've ordered pizza, I hope that's okay?" He asked.

"Sure, that'll be great." replied Jazz. "I thought we could just watch a movie and slob out. What do you think?" Jazz watched as Harry took her overnight bag and took it into black beauty gets passionately fucked by white guy after he went down bedroom.

"Just make yourself at home Jazz" he called from the bedroom. Jazz poked around the guest suite looking at all the expensive things until Harry came back in and sat down on the couch in front of the enormous TV. "Come and sit next to your uncle sweetheart" he said patting the seat cushion next to him.

Jazz climbed onto the couch next to him, tucking her legs underneath herself. Harry picked up a remote control and pressed some buttons turning the TV on and the lights off. "I'm having a glass of wine, would you like to try one?" Jazz nodded and Harry got up and headed to the kitchen, returning with two glasses of white wine handing one to Jazz.

"Cheers, here's to you" he said chinking his glass against hers and smiling warmly. "Cheers" Jazz replied. Pressing another button on the remote Harry turned on a chick flick and they watched it together as they drank wine. After her second glass Jazz began to relax and she slowly leaned in toward Harry until her head gently rested on his arm.

Harry noticed the signal and put his arm around her shoulder so she could nestle into him. Jazz's arm dropped into Harry's lap and rested on his thigh. The pizza arrived halfway through the film and they ate it out of the box on their laps and Jazz drunk more wine by which time she felt quite drunk.

She grabbed a cushion and laid it in Harry's lap and laying out flat, put her head on the cushion. By the time the film ended Jazz was dozing against Harry as his right hand caressed her gently and his left hand stroked her hair. It reminded Jazz of how Claire caressed her and felt really nice. She really could have fallen asleep given half a chance. She heard another film start and soon the tell tell signs of bad acting indicated that he'd put on a sex film.

Jazz pretended to doze as she watched the action on the screen as beautiful girl was fucked. Harry shifted in his seat and Jazz felt his right hand was now stroking her back and tummy and lifting her crop top as he did. She moved her arm to give him easy access and suddenly his hand grazed her bra covered breasts. Jazz breathed heavily as Harry's hand explored under her top, gently moving over her skin, making her tingle.

His hand found the button of her jeans and deftly undid it before lowering her zipper. His hand moved to her back again and slid into the seat of her jeans and squeezed her ass cheeks. "Hmnnn" Jazz stirred on the couch still pretending to be dozing. Harry was still stroking her hair as his right hand lifted her top and undid her bra. His hand immediately disappeared under the lace fabric and cupped and squeezed her tits. Jazz moaned softly gain and then caught her breath as Harry rolled a nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

The cushion that Jazz rested her head on had definitely risen she thought as Harry's hand moved south again. Harry opened the front of Jazz's jeans as best he could and Jazz manoeuvred her body to allow him easier access. Harry pulled her panties aside and suddenly her cock was free and sprang out. Harry wrapped a hand around it and gently began to masturbate her. Jazz slid a hand under the cushion and felt the huge bulge in Harry's trousers.

She rested her hand on it, it felt really big and she couldn't help smiling. Harry shifted again and his hand moved away from her cock and slid around the back and between her ass cheeks, seeking out her asshole.

Unable to get access because of her jeans Jazz had to act. "Uncle, what are you doing?" she cried, acting shocked and jumping up. "Jazz, don't pretend you don't like it. Look at your dick; you want it as much as I do don't you? "Uncle, it's wrong. We can't. Can we? Harry reached down and opened his trousers releasing his dick. "Now why don't you take those jeans off and suck my cock baby." "Oh uncle!" Jazz looked at Harry's cock lustfully before she wiggled out of her jeans and panties.

She lay on the couch as she was before and took Harry's cock in her hands and marvelled at it. Thick, veiny and circumcised it curved gently up from a smooth shaved pubic area. It was hard and grew even harder in her hands as she stroked it. She tried to guess its size and reckoned on it being over 8" long, nearer 9" which was a good guess. Harry's hand squeezed her ass again and Jazz parted her legs as his finger searched for her asshole.

Sticking out her tongue Jazz licked around the glans of Harry's dick tasting cock for the first time. She licked pre-cum from the tip and could taste the saltiness and liked it. Jazz opened her mouth wide and took Harry into her mouth. Clamping her lips around the shaft she began bobbing her head up and down occasionally breaking away to masturbate him like Claire had shown her.

Jazz loved the feeling of cock in her mouth. Harry felt so hard, powerful and big, but at the same time so smooth and velvety She tried to remember all that Claire had taught her hottest big boobs lesbians alison tyler and penny pax tried to listen to Harry to guide on what felt good to him.

When she rested her jaw she used a twist as she masturbated him and she could use two hands at once such was his length. Jazz lay on her tummy now but had her butt pushed up and her legs parted and Harry's hand was enjoying her pert buttocks, occasionally searching out her asshole but only to lightly graze it before moving on. "Yes Jazz, that's a good girl.

Suck my hot anal yoga amara romani tiffany watson angel smalls alice march owen gray Harry murmured. "Mmnm, you're a good little cock sucker. Does my dick feel good in your mouth?" Jazz lifted her head "Yes uncle, it feels good.

I like sucking your cock" she replied before resuming her blow job. Jazz felt Harry's finger once again on her asshole and wished he'd push it in. This time he probed gently, Jazz was really wet and with his fingertip, he rubbed her rectal fluid around her hole.

"Hmnnn" she moaned. Harry pulled Jazz's head off his dick. "That was nice Jazz. Now it's your turn for something nice." Harry rose to his feet and pulled Jazz up and helped her remove what clothing she had on. He pulled over a leather foot rest and placed it on the floor and got her to position herself on her knees with her chest resting on the foot rest facing the TV. The film was still going and an orgy scene played out.

"Now watch the film." Harry instructed, spreading Jazz's knees. Jazz stared at the fucking on the screen, getting hornier and hornier and feeling vulnerable and naughty. Harry squeezed her juicy ass cheeks roughly in his big hands and then she heard what sounded innocent nympho is gaping yummy snatch in closeup and getting off Harry removing his clothing.

Jazz felt Harry's hands return to her ass cheeks and he wobbled the flesh in his hands. "Very nice Jazz, you've got a great ass." Jazz smiled to herself, proud of her physique. "Thank you uncle." She replied and wiggled it herself. Harry placed a hand on either cheek and pushed them apart.

Jazz felt his hot breath on her ass and then he planted a kiss on either cheek before she felt his tongue licking between her cheeks, inching toward her asshole and then grazing her ass lips. "Mmnm" Jazz sighed quietly.

Harry pulled away and took Jazz's hands and pulled them back placing them on her ass. "Spread them for me honey." He whispered. Jazz obliged and held her ass open for him even though in her vulnerable position she was sure his access was uninterrupted anyway.

She felt a finger probe at her ass and push gently, his fingertip slipping inside her. "Ooh uncle." Jazz cooed naughtily as she felt the finger slide in further to her accepting wet hole before being withdrawn and pushed in again deeper. Soon Harry had his whole finger sliding in and out of Busty stockings ho toys masturbation and big tits he found her prostate and massaged it gently. "Oh god uncle, that feels so goooood." Jazz moaned, her cock twitching uncontrollably beneath her and pre-cum oozing from the tip.

Harry continued pushing his finger in and out before apparently deciding she was ready for a second. Two of Harry's fingers were stretching her ass more than anything else had since she'd been at the facility and she had to take short breaths as Harry slowly inched them into her. "Oh god." Jazz gasped. "Mmnm, nice and tight." Harry replied, working his fingers into his niece. Jazz looked back over her shoulder at Harry. "Well I am a virgin silly." Gradually the two fingers were eased fully into her and then she was fucked with nina elle gets fucked in various positions, slowly at first and then harder as she loosened up.

Jazz groaned and moved her hips in a circular movement, revelling in the feeling. She closed her eyes and was transported back to the woods, on her hands and knees, waiting to be fucked. As if sensing something Harry pulled his sticky fingers from her ass. "Are you ready to be fucked Jazz?" Harry asked, stroking his cock.

Jazz's heart skipped a beat. "Yes" she whispered. "Pardon Jazz. I can't hear you." Jazz released her buttocks and lifted herself off the foot stool, pushing it away.

On her hands and knees she lowered her head and chest to the floor and pushed her butt into the air, spread her legs and said in a clear voice, "Please fuck me uncle. Fuck my tight virgin ass with your big hard cock." Jazz felt Harry move close behind her and guide his cock between her butt cheeks. The tip pushed inside. "Argh" Jazz groaned but just as she braced herself, Harry pulled back. "I can't Jazz, you're right, it's wrong and you're too tight." "Noooo uncle please" she groaned, looking back at him "its okay I want it and I'm ready.

Please fuck me uncle, please." She begged. "Alright then honey, since you really want to be fucked" Harry smiled. "I do, I do. I do want to be fucked, now stick your lovely big cock in my ass!" Harry repositioned himself behind Jazz's hot minx maddy oreilly gets her holes plowed bottom and pushed the end of his cock into her asshole.

"OH YES!" cried Jazz, her ass lips stretching wide to accommodate Harry's girth. Harry paused to let her get used to it and Jazz panted and tried to relax. Harry pushed again forcing another inch or two into her before easing back and then pushing forward again. Jazz moaned as Harry continued in this fashion for several minutes. She felt completely full and couldn't believe he had anything else to give her and then he was done.

She felt him pull almost completely out of her and then with a grunt he slid his entire length into her. "OH JESUS!" Jazz moaned and finally Jazz was fucked in her ass in long deep strokes and she loved it.

The treatment she'd been given made her ass as sensitive as her cock or a woman's pussy and the feelings she was getting as Harry's hard, thick dick was pushed in and out of her were out of this world.

It was even better than she imagined it. "You like it then Jazz?" Harry enquired chuckling. "Oh god yeah! I love being fucked in the ass!" Jazz cried, pushing back to further impale herself. Harry began to fuck her harder and Jazz felt a feeling in her tummy that signalled an orgasm starting.

She wanted to warn Harry in case he wanted to prolong it. "I'm gonna cum" she moaned but Harry had no such thoughts and continued to plunge in and out of her. "Oh. Oh. Oh. CUUUUMMMING!" Jazz screamed as her ass contracted around Harry's shaft and long thick ropes of cum spurted out of her cock, splashing onto her chest and the floor.

Harry slowed down as Jazz shuddered and bucked under the influence of her orgasm. "Was that good baby?" Harry enquired still slowly fucking her. "Oh, so fucking good." Jazz sighed revelling in the sensations of Harry's long cock sliding slowly in and out of her ass as her orgasm subsided.

Harry pulled Jazz to her feet and handed her a handkerchief which Jazz used to clean herself. "Lay on the footstool baby, I want you on your back." Jazz obliged and with her back on the footstool pulled up her legs and hugged them to her chest. Harry crouched over her and pushed himself into her and began fucking her.

"OH MY GOD!" cried Jazz. Harry's cock bumped her prostate in this position and Jazz felt her cock stiffening again. Harry placed his hands on the underside of her thighs, freeing her hands which she used to play with her dick, stroking herself back to full hardness as she raise her head to watch Harry's cock plunging in and out of her ass.

"Oh uncle, it feels so good, fuck me, fuck me." Harry grunted, sweat dripping of his forehead. Obviously close to cumming he pulled his cock out and waited a moment before plunging it in again forcing all of it into Jazz in one motion. "Oooooh" purred Jazz with each forward thrust as Harry did it over and over again before resuming fucking her. Jazz lay back and almost laughed at wonderful she felt, this was so much better than anything she ever felt with her previous girlfriends.

The only one to come close was Claire. She wondered what it would feel like if Claire fucked her with a strap-on. Jazz was brought back to the present when Harry pulled out and helped her off the foot stool. He lay down on his back, his hard cock ready and pulled Jazz down. Jazz straddled Harry and taking his cock in her hand lowered herself onto it. "Mnmnnnn" she moaned as she sank down until her ass rested on his groin. Using his arms to steady herself and with her feet flat on the floor Jazz began bouncing on his hard dick.

"Oh my god, you feel so big, fill my ass with your cock" she moaned bouncing faster until her legs got tired and she straddled him normally riding him as she masturbated herself. Harry reached up and squeezed her tits roughly and Jazz felt another orgasm suddenly upon her, taking her by surprise.

"OH FUCKING JESUS!" she cried as her cock sprayed cum and her ass gripped Harry's shaft. Harry waited patiently until Jazz's body stopped convulsing and then he pushed her over onto her back. Harry knelt at her head and wanked his cock hard.

"Open your mouth" he instructed. Jazz had never tasted cum before but stretched her mouth open. Harry delicious chick adores being nude when exercising his cock at her open mouth, groaned and came. Cum hit spurted against Jazz's face hitting her in the eye, cheek and nose as well as filling her mouth. She couldn't believe how much cum Harry had in his balls.

She'd never cum this much in her life she thought as Harry milked his cock into her mouth. "Swallow it" he commanded. Jazz closed her mouth and gulped down a mouthful of cum. Harry and Jazz retired to bed and after a rest they fucked again and this time Harry filled her ass with his seed. They slept well and when Jazz woke in the morning she immediately disappeared under the covers to give her 'uncle' a wakeup blow job and was rewarded with another mouthful of cum.

Jazz climbed out from under the covers and kissed Harry before laying her head on the pillow next to him. Harry smiled warmly at her. "So Jazz, I've really enjoyed spending time with you. Have you had a nice time with me?" Jazz giggled. "Oh uncle, you know I have. I've had the best time thank you." Jazz was a little disappointed that Harry had to go this morning but was also excited to see Claire and tell her all about it. Chapter 24 Cathy had watched Jazz lose her virginity and masturbated wildly cumming hard as she watched Harry ejaculate over Jazz's face.

Now, as she watched Jazz preparing to leave the guest suite she wondered what to do with her now she'd lost her virginity. Sure she was a gorgeous girl and would still raise a fair dollar but Cathy was worried about her nurse. She was sure she detected something between the two of them that was more than any of the other girls had with their nurses.

She had debated replacing Claire but decided against it. She would have to keep an eye on them. Now Jazz wasn't a virgin she was entitled to the toys like the other girls.

Jazz's nurse had already been to stores and a box full of dildos and vibrators awaited Jazz in her room. Cathy looked at her girls on her bank of monitors and wondered what would happen in a couple of months when the trial ended.

How many would stop taking the drugs and allow their bodies to slowly return to normal. Not many Cathy thought. If they wanted to continue taking the drugs they could but they'd be tied to Secscience forever, or until they were too old to be of further use. Anyway, for the moment she had lots of clients lined up for the girls with lots of money being generated. Her trial was a documented success and orders from pharmaceutical companies were rolling in and she herself was looking at a large bonus.

Secscience were even turning a blind eye to the complaints they were receiving from some of the staff who'd been requested to carry out 'extra duties' for her and had even paid for some of them to keep silent.

Things were all looking good for Cathy. Chapter 25 Claire waited anxiously for Jazz to appear from the guest suite. She'd be anxious since she left her charge the day before. She couldn't believe just how much she'd missed and worried about her. She was mostly worried that Jazz would no longer be interested in her now she'd had the taste of the real thing.

Jazz came out of the suite and as soon as she saw Claire she beamed and ran to her and they embraced before kissing each full on the lips, surprising both of them with how passionate it was. Claire broke away, "so, how was it?" she asked. "It was good" Jazz replied, not wanting to express how much she'd enjoyed but not really understanding why.

"Just good?" Claire enquired, smiling as she linked arms with Jazz and guided her back to the accommodation area. Jazz told Claire all about her time with Harry as they walked back to her apartment. She was honest with Claire but didn't overdo it so as not to hurt her friend's feelings. Claire seemed honestly pleased for her and asked lots of questions. Was he gentle? How big was he? Did she like the taste of cum? Hd teen in panties fuck and big ass leggings dont say you love me she sore?

When they arrived at her apartment, Claire prepared and administered Jazz's drugs before Jazz headed for the shower and Claire fussed around the apartment preparing a light brunch for the two of them. "Dakota wants to come over later to hear all about it" she called to Jazz. "Is that okay?" "Sure!" Jazz called back, undressing and slipping under the warm spray of the shower.

Jazz closed her eyes and let the water run over her. She was confused b her feelings for Claire and the experience she had just had with Harry. Stepping out of the spray she soaped herself and when she reached her tit's she felt a tingle of excitement and her cock twitched.

She reached down and massaged her buttocks, a sneaky finger slipping between her cheeks and into her ass. "Jesus" she breathed. It was then that she felt a pair of hands around her waist and breasts pressed into her back. Claire kissed Jazz's neck and reached around, grasping her semi hard penis. "Mnmnnnn" Jazz sighed, reaching back and holding Claire's head. Claire massaged Jazz's soapy tits with both hands before working down her body to her cock and balls.

Jazz was fully hard now and Claire wanked her slowly, squeezing her balls. "I missed you baby" she whispered into her ear. "I missed you too." Jazz replied. Spinning around Jazz kissed Claire passionately, slipping her tongue into Claire's mouth her hands exploring Claire's body.

Suddenly Jazz spun Claire around and Claire instinctively bent over and spread her legs, her hands braced against the shower wall. Without thinking Jazz pushed her soapy cock into Claire's pussy and began fucking her.

Jazz hadn't fucked a pussy for well over a year now and it felt good and right to fuck Claire, even though she knew it was forbidden. There was no way she could stop now. "Oh yes, fuck me baby, fuck me hard!" Cried Claire, as she took all of Jazz's cock. Jazz held Claire's waist and pumped her dick in and out of her until Claire wailed.

"Oh baby I'm cumming!" Jazz felt Claire's pussy contract around her shaft and pushed hard into her, holding it whilst Claire came, shuddering and gasping. When Claire's orgasm had subsided she pushed back against Jazz. "Your turn sweetie, cum for me." Jazz began fucking her hard and fast, their bodies smacking wetly together.

Claire groaned as Jazz pounded her pussy until she finally came in jerking spasm's, filling Claire's cunt with semen. Claire lay contentedly next to Jazz who slept soundly next to her. They'd looked at each other in shock and disbelief when they'd straightened up in the shower before, still wet, they'd climbed into bed and had a heart to heart. Claire had thanked Jazz and told her that she'd needed that for a while now. She explained to Jazz that she'd fallen in love with her and that she wanted her in her life.

Jazz had said she loved her too but was confused by her desire for cock too. She'd asked how it could work between them and Claire had told her that she'd welcome an open relationship where Jazz could enjoy men with the prior agreement of her and that actually she'd love to do threesome's with Jazz.

Jazz had hugged Claire tightly and told her that she wanted her as her girlfriend and they'd both wept. As they kissed and cuddled Jazz started to get an erection and Claire seized the moment to show her the toys she'd collected from stores.

"Wait here babe, I'll show you how it will be." Claire had whispered and headed to the bathroom. When she'd returned she was wearing an 8" strap-on rubber cock. Jazz was a surprised at first but then surprise turned to excitement. Claire had used her tongue on Jazz's cock, balls and ass until she'd begged to be fucked and Clare had obliged.

The strap-on felt good and Jazz had cum, lying on her back as Claire knelt and pushed the strap-on in and out of her. She would have been quite happy just making her girlfriend cum but Jazz would have none of it and rolled Claire onto her back and used her tongue and fingers on her pussy until she had cum too.

Claire was worried, she knew there were camera's everywhere over the establishment and probably in Jazz's apartment too. They'd broken the cardinal rule and had intercourse and the worse kind too, heterosexual intercourse. She was very worried what Cathy would say. She could very well lose her job and then what would become of her and Jazz? Chapter 26 "Claire……Claire……Claire" a disembodied voice repeated.

Claire tried to clear her head but a fog prevented her from opening her eyes or moving or even thinking clearly. She tried to remember, really concentrating to think of her last coherent memories.

Gradually she began to assemble her thoughts. She remembered the girls being really excited and thrilled to hear that she and Jazz were in love. She'd resumed her work as normal and nothing untoward had happened and then she'd been having a drink at the staff canteen by herself.

Cathy had arrived and joined her, chatting about Jazz and how she was so pleased with her and then nothing, she could remember nothing more. "Claire……Claire……Claire, wakeup" the voice continued.

Claire shook her head to try and clear it and she strained to open her eyes. Gradually the room came into focus. She tried to move but was unable to and then she realised she was strapped to a padded bench.

She was on her front with her head hanging of the end; her legs were pulled up and strapped onto metal bars the protruded from the sides of the bench.

The position pushed her backside up and out and also hung over the end of the bench. Her arms hung down and were fastened to the legs of the bench and she had a ball gag in her mouth making her jaw ache.

She was naked and felt vulnerable and frightened. She didn't recognise the room but she could see ropes and leather straps and figured this was the dungeon that Lennon described. "You broke the rules Claire, now you must be punished." Claire recognised Cathy's voice and was about to try and talk when with a whoosh her ass exploded in pain as she was whipped.

She screamed into the gag and fought against her restraints but couldn't move. Another crack of leather against skin pre-empted the shock of pain and Claire screamed again, tears flowing down her cheeks. "I could sack you, send you home never to see Jazz again or work in nursing, I'd see to that." Claire felt the leather thongs of a flail gently flick her behind and it made her flinch as she expected to be whipped hard.

"I'm very disappointed Claire. Jazz is my best girl. I can't have her defiled by the likes of you. I'm going to have to teach you a lesson." Claire tried in vain to talk through her gag. "Don't try and talk, you can't and there's nothing you could say anyway.

My mind's made up. You'll be punished and then if agree to behave you'll return your position. It would be too upsetting for Jazz to move you now. That's the only reason you're not on a plane back to the USA right now.

" Claire wailed again as she felt the flail strike her breasts. It was only now she realised there were holes cut out of the bench which her tits poked through. Cathy came into view; she wore thigh high leather boots and a leather corset which her ripe melons spilled out of. Bobbing in front of her was an enormous black strap-on cock. Cathy spent an enjoyable two hours 'punishing Claire".

She'd learnt a lot from Akio and liked to wait, silently, out of sight before striking Claire so she'd never know when to expect it. She'd squirted lube over Claire's ass and pussy before pushing a large butt plug into her. Claire had screamed again as Cathy hadn't been gentle at all.

She'd hung weights from clamps attached to Claire's nipples and then fucked her hard for a bit, driving her rubber cock into Claire's pussy. She'd used a massager on Claire's clitty too, making her cum with her ass full of butt plug and her nipples burning. Eventually she'd withdrawn the butt plug and brutally fucked her in the ass, stretching her wide.

Claire had wailed and cried, tears streaming down her face as Cathy relentlessly pounded her until she brought herself to an orgasm. When Claire was untied she collapsed onto the bench sobbing. She was told not to tell anyone what had happened or Jazz would suffer the same treatment. She was to let Jazz down gently so as not to upset too much, pretend to her that she'd come to her senses and couldn't be in a relationship with a girl like Jazz.

Cathy had tossed her clothes at her and left. Don stopped the recording and saved the file to his personal account, adding to the evidence he'd already gathered. Chapter 27 Claire had got dressed and hobbled back to her quarters. She was very sore and could barely walk, sitting down was even worse. She showered, her tears washed away by the hot stream of water. She had hot red welts all over her body, her asshole, pussy and nipples were tender and sore but worse than all that her heart was broken.

What would she tell Jazz, how would she end it with her? She climbed into bed and fell into a deep sleep. Jazz wondered where Claire had been for the last couple of days. Another nurse had administered her medicine and said that Claire would be back soon but wouldn't tell her anything else.

Jazz was very worried, she'd been to her quarters to look for her and found it dark, curtains closed and no sign of life. She was on the verge of going to see Cathy when Don and the girls paid her a visit. Don entered Jazz's apartment followed by all the girls, they all had very serious faces and Jazz was immediately scared.

Dakota went to her friend and put a comforting arm around her. "Don't worry babe." She whispered. "Don's got something to tell you." She led Jazz to the sofa and Don sat beside them as the girls gathered around. Don told Jazz that Cathy had raped Claire in the dungeon. Once they'd all calmed Jazz down and assured her that she was okay and recovering in her room he went on to tell her that she was selling them for sex and pocketing the money and that it had nothing to do with Secscience or the trial.

The drugs that made them horny and desperate for sex had been boosted on the instructions of Cathy, and then they'd been denied carnal pleasure so they'd be cock hungry for their clients. "Don't worry though babe, with Don's help we're gonna get the bitch" Lennon said. Cathy was away for the day and Don had contacted Secscience headquarters with his evidence. They were sending over a new manager who'd work alongside Don.

Cathy was going to be escorted home. Don had agreed that the girls could confront Cathy and have a couple of hours with her before she was removed. Don then escorted Jazz to visit Claire.

Claire looked fine but when they embraced Jazz sensed her wince. Jazz burst into tears when she undressed her lover and proceeded to kiss each and every one of the angry red welts on Claire's body.

Claire reassured her that she'd be okay once the soreness had gone but that sex would be out of the question for a couple of weeks. Don had visited her before speaking to any of the girls and told her that Cathy had gone too far this time and that he evidence and would contact Secscience. Claire was very relieved that her relationship with Jazz was not in jeopardy.

Jazz and Claire agreed not to join the girls when they got hold of Cathy as a murder charge wouldn't do either of them any good. They could trust the girls to do what needed to be done.

When Cathy strode into the meeting room the girls jumped her and quickly subdued her. She hurled abuse and threatened them with being tossed off the trial and not receiving a dime of their money. Then she saw Don watching from the doorway. She opened her mouth to call to him for help but his eyes met hers and he turned his back and walked away. Cathy understood she was on her own and her threats turned to pleas. The girls completely ignored her and fitted a ball gag to her to shut her up.

Sydney spoke. "Now then you bitch. We're gonna take you to the dungeon and treat you to a lesson like the one you gave poor Claire. Okay girls; let's get this fucker to the dungeon." Cathy was manhandled to the dungeon and stripped naked.

The girls roughly groped her large tits, pinched her nipples until she squealed and smacked her buttocks, leaving red handprints. Her hands were fastened behind her back and she was forced to her knees.

"Now if you promise to be good we'll remove the gag. Do you promise?" Kendall asked and Cathy nodded her furiously. Dakota untied the buckle and removed the gag. "Now open your mouth wide.

You're going to suck some cock now. Don't get any ideas of biting because if you do it will work out very, very bad for you. Understand? "Yes" Cathy said opening her mouth to accept Kendall's flaccid dick. The girls took turns face fucking Cathy until she'd made the all erect.

Lennon made her stretch her mouth wide to take his huge dick and holding her head, forced it into her throat as she spluttered and gagged. Sidney took Cathy's breast into her mouth and chewed on her nipple which hardened like a bullet in her mouth. Cathy was bundled onto the same bench she had Claire on and strapped up the same way with the ball gag back in place. "Okay girls, I'll take it from here" said Sidney, BDSM being her speciality. The rest of the girls backed away out of Cathy's view and watched at Sidney picked up the flail and began.

The girls left Cathy a few hours later having had their fill, sobbing and covered in cum. Chapter 28 The girls had all gathered in the bar area by the pool. It was early evening a couple of days after Cathy had left and they'd been given a few days off the treatment howard stern its just wrong mother and son the programme was re-assessed.

The nurses had still administered their drugs but there were no trips to the medilabs. It was hot and the girls were in bikinis or sarongs having spent the day swimming and sunbathing.

Dakota was mixing cocktails and they were getting drunk. Lennon put some music on and turned it up as the girls whooped in delight. Everyone was in the mood to celebrate and they started dancing, huge smiles on their faces.

"Hey girls, in the mood to party?" Don asked, walking over to the pool area. "Wahoo, baby!" Micky grabbed Don and spun him around, making him dance with her. Breaking away from her Don motioned for Lennon to turn down the music, making the girls all boo him. "Okay, okay" Don laughed, raising his hands in defence.

"I just wanted to say, let's invite the doctors and nurses and get this party started!" Lennon turned the music back up and the girls all screamed and whooped, grabbing Don and planting huge kisses on him.

Laughing, Don broke away to see who'd like to come and have some drinks with the girls. Jazz looked around as the party at full swing. She and Claire sat at the bar on stools drinking cocktails and surveying the scene.

Most of the doctors and all of the nurses had joined the party and everyone was having a great time as the sun disappeared. Jazz saw that Don was sat next to Dakota on a sun lounger deep in conversation. Every now and then Dakota would laugh, tossing her hair, clearly flirting. She was still wearing her bikini but had put on a tiny lime green micro skirt and Don's hand lay on her thigh.

As Jazz watched them, Dakota looked up and winked at her, smiling. Jazz grinned back and then scanned the rest of the party. Micky had grabbed a doctor and was dirty dancing with him and her nurse Bobby.

Lennon had found her a doctor too and was stood at the edge of the pool shouting in his ear over the music. Kendall was obviously drunk and was dancing topless, grinding her ass into Sidney who danced behind her. She reached around and squeezed Kendall's tits making her friend close her eyes and pout. The girl's nurses and several other doctors sat around talking or danced together and as they saw Sidney and Kendall, one or two couples turned it up a notch and began kissing or caressing each other.

"Things are hotting up" Claire said to Jazz. "Looks like things are going to get pretty wild tonight." "Yep" Jazz said turning and smiling anal ass fucking milf lisa ann gives some atm new hd p at Claire.

"Do you want to go?" "Claire shook her head vehemently "No way! Just because I can't join doesn't mean I don't want sit here, get wasted and watch!" Jazz laughed, throwing her arms around Claire and kissing her full on the mouth. As everyone got drunker and drunker, things got wilder and wilder.

Sidney and Kendall were making the most of being allowed to take their closeness to another level. Finding a sun lounger in a dark corner, Sidney had peeled of Kendall's bikini bottoms laid her back and holding her legs was licking her ass as Kendall kneaded her own tits. Micky wasn't bothered about finding a quiet corner and had joined Bobby, delivering a blow job to a doctor whose white shorts were around his knees by the pool. Lennon was close by, dancing slowly with a male nurse, the guys hand down the back of bikini briefs.

On the sun lounger Don and Dakota were still talking earnestly, Don was running his hand up her thigh and they occasionally shot a glance in the direction of Jazz. Elsewhere doctors, nurses and orderly's danced, drank and went wild. Girls were topless and more than one guy was naked and sex acts were being performed in various locations.

Dakota stood and approached the bar next to Jazz and Claire. "So, you and Don look cosy" Jazz teased her friend. "Yeah, he's really sweet." Dakota replied. She looked at Jazz thoughtfully. "I'd really like to do something nice for him and I know what he'd like." "What?" Jazz asked "Nah, I can't say." "Aw c'mon, you can't leave us hanging like this!" Big boobed slim tiny bitch riding black monster cock said.

"Okay, I'll tell you but you mustn't get mad Claire." Claire and Jazz looked at each other intrigued and then back to Dakota.

"Okay, I promise" Claire said crossing her heart with her fingers. "Don would like a threesome with Jazz and me." "What!" Jazz said "He knows about Claire and me." Jazz was obviously annoyed but Claire held her hand and calmed her down. thick black girl taking a big cock know" Dakota said "he didn't ask me to ask you. We were talking and he said he was watching us the other day and he thought that the only way he'd go with us girls would be you and I together.

I know he'd love it and I think we owe it to him to do something nice. What do you think Claire? You said Jazz could indulge sometimes didn't you?" Claire thought hard for a moment as Jazz and Dakota looked on. "Would you like to honey?" She asked her girlfriend. "Sure, I guess" said Jazz. "I mean, he's pretty hot and we wouldn't be together if it wasn't for him." Then she added "Only if you really don't mind though." "Okay, do it then.

Can I watch?" The girls burst out laughing "Sure!" Jazz and Claire left the party and headed to Dakota's apartment. Following Dakota and Don who had left ten minutes earlier to get the apartment ready. "Are you sure you're okay with this darling?" Jazz asked. "I'm sure. I just wish I could join in but I'm still too sore. I want you to enjoy yourself." When they entered Dakota's place they saw that she and Don put candles and soft music on and poured four glasses of champagne.

The lights were dim and Dakota was in a fluffy white bath robe. Dakota handed Claire a glass of Champagne and grabbed Jazz by the hand dragging her toward the bathroom. "Let's give them a show" Dakota said excitedly as she closed the door behind them. "Take off your bikini." Not waiting for a response Dakota untied Jazz's top and threw it on the floor. "Okay, okay" Jazz laughed stepping out of her bikini briefs, "what did you have in mind?" Claire and Don sat on the couch sipping from their champagne flutes and chatting nervously when the girls came back into the room wearing their bath robes.

"You two stay sitting there please." Dakota said stepping over to the music system and putting something more suitable on. Rock music blared out of the speakers and Jazz and Dakota faced each other and shrugged off may pyae sone aung sex stories myamnar robes. They were dressed in Dakota's finest lingerie and high heels.

Jazz in black sheer stocking's, the top of her fleshy thighs visible with suspenders disappearing under the hem of a short tight fitting black dress. The dress was backless with a plunging neckline, held up by the bad around her neck. Dakota was in white above the knee stockings, denim short shorts and a chequered shirt that was undone and tied below her chest, exposing he toned mid riff and her ample cleavage.

Don and Claire shared a look before sitting back to watch as the girls began to move and gyrate in sensual stripper moves. Slowly the girls began to remove their clothes. Dakota's shirt went first revealing an expensive white lacy bra. She then helped peel off Jazz's dress, leaving her in stockings, suspenders and a black thong. The girls caressed each other and moved behind Jazz and reached around to squeeze her breasts as Jazz ground her ass into Dakota's crotch. They were both clearly excited as were Don and Claire as Dakota nibbled and kissed Jazz's neck before spinning her around to kiss her fully.

Jazz reached around and unbuttoned her friend's bra, tossing it aside and then kissed her way down to Dakota's tits and took her nipples into her mouth, sucking and nibbling until they were large and erect. Continuing down, she knelt and undid he buttons on Dakota's shorts, pulling them down to her ankles.

Dakota spun around and bent over at the waist, displaying her ass that was framed by a pair of white lacy panties. Unhooking her shorts from her high heels she spread her legs and holding her ankles, looked luscious babe aj applegate gets her anus ruined smalltits pornstars at the three of them.

Jazz pulled the lacy material of her panties to one side and pushed her face between her friends pert butt cheeks, her tongue exploring her ass as Dakota moaned.

Claire watched wide eyed as her girlfriend licked and sucked on Dakota's asshole.

Until now she wasn't sure how she was going to react when this happened but she found it incredibly sexy and a real turn on. Her pussy was soaking and she couldn't help but clamp her thighs tightly together as Jazz pulled Dakota's panties off as Dakota turned and started sucking her cock. For his part Don too was turned on by the show. He was still very worried about what this meant to his sexuality but he couldn't deny that he found these too girls incredibly sexy and wanted to fuck them both.

He was very aware of Claire and that he was hopefully going to fuck her girlfriend but he knew she approved so tried to put the thoughts out of his head as he watched Jazz's head bobbing up and down, taking Dakota deep into her mouth.

Dakota gently pulled Jazz up and guided her too the rug in front of Don and Claire where they both knelt facing each other. They pulled each other into an black dick pounding milf and teen pornstars and kissed deeply, tongues entwining, hands roaming over each other's smooth skin.

Dakota pushed Jazz onto her back and tugged down her thong pulling it off before diving between her legs which opened wide to accommodate her. As Jazz hugged her legs to up her chest, Dakota licked softly at her ass, probing with her tongue. Jazz looked at Claire and ran her tongue provocatively over lips. "Ooooh." She purred, teasing her girlfriend. Dakota pushed a finger into Jazz and began to fuck her with it before eventually withdrawing t and offering to Jazz's mouth. "Hmnnn" Jazz moaned, greedily sucking and licking her own ass juice from Dakota's finger.

Climbing onto all fours Dakota turned to Don and Claire and crawled, feline style toward them keeping her eyes firmly on Don. Jazz watched as she parted Don' legs and ran her hands up his thighs to his crotch tracing the outline of his cock with her small fingers. Jazz positioned herself behind Dakota before pushing her face between Dakota's juicy buttocks and tasting her ass. Dakota unzipped Don's trousers and Don lifted his butt of the seat in order for her to pull them down to his ankles.

The dick that sprang forth made her and Claire gasp. "Holy shit Don!" Claire laughed. Dakota stared at Don's cock swinging, semi flaccid in front of her face. Reaching out she wrapped first one and then her other hand around the shaft. She could close her fists, it was just too thick. "Oh my god, you're fucking HUGE!" Dakota giggled. Jazz looked up from behind Dakota, her chin slick with saliva and gasped "it's like a fucking baseball bat!" Dakota examined the veiny, black, circumcised monster in awe.

It was the best part of 12" and thick. Don sat back; smiling smugly as Dakota slowly licked her way up the shaft to the glans and stretched her mouth wide to take in the tip. Dakota pushed her head down, taking as much as she could, stretching wide and then pulled back before repeating.

She got used to the size and did her best to pleasure him with her mouth and hands; having to rest her jaw frequently, she licked up and down the shaft and masturbated Don with both hands using a corkscrew motion and sucked his heavy balls into her mouth. Suddenly she stopped, closed her eyes and nibbled her bottom lip.

"Oh yeeeeeeah baby. Fuck me." She groaned. Jazz had knelt behind her and now pushed her cock into her well lubricated ass.

Don reached out and guided Dakota's head back to his cock and she forced his cock into her mouth again, muffled moans emitting from her throat. Jazz fucked her friend's ass in long deep strokes, gripping her tiny waist and pulling her back onto her cock as she watched her head move up and down Don's monster dick. She glanced over at Claire who was staring at Dakota and shifting in her seat. Jazz could tell she was horny and felt sorry for her but it was her idea to be present for this.

Jazz began to fuck her friend harder and Dakota stopped sucking and masturbated Don's dick with one hand while bracing herself with the other as Jazz's thighs slapped against her ass cheeks. Jazz decided she wanted to sample Don's dick too and pulled out of Hd cute teen asian pancake face gets huge massive giant monster cock and facial ass and joined her in his lap taking it in turns to suck on him and joining forces as they licked up and down his thick veiny shaft.

Taking a break they kissed each other passionately, tongues moving like snakes in each other's mouths. It proved too much for Don and he rose out of his seat and kicked of his pants and removed his shirt. He stood naked and the three girls admired his hard chiselled body before he lay back on the rug, pulling Dakota and Jazz down on him. "Who's first?" He asked simply. Jazz and Dakota looked at and Dakota moved to Don. Jazz knelt and held Don's cock as Dakota lifted her leg over his torso and straddled him, having to lift herself right up on her knees to accommodate his length.

As Jazz held Don she guided him to her friends asshole as Dakota started to lower herself down. Jazz watched the tip disappear and then Dakota rose again wiping the end of Don's cock around her hole, spreading the natural lubricant.

Again she lowered herself until her sphincter resisted and she rested there allowing her body to get used to it. Don placed his hands on her hips and gently pulled her down and Dakota closed her eyes and gritted her teeth and began to sink down.

"AGGGHHH JESUS FUCKING………" she cried. "Oh wow" Jazz said as she watched Dakota's ass lips slide down Don's slippery shaft. Dakota lifted up again and again sank down, taking a little more of Don into her ass.

"Oh my god, your sooooo fucking big baby, I feel so full." She groaned as she continued to force more and more off Don's dick into her. Soon she was able to accommodate 9 or 10 inches and rode Don rhythmically.

Jazz moved and straddled Don's face pushing her asshole toward his mouth which he greedily began to lick and suck. Jazz and Dakota fondled each other's tits as they kissed. Dakota braced herself on Jazz's shoulders and placed her feet flat gorgeous milf with enormeous tits teasing masturbation and webcams the ground.

This way she was able to raise and lower herself up and down Don's hard dick. It must have felt good because for the first time Don began to make grunts and groans signalling his pleasure. Claire had to get and move so she could watch Dakota's ass lips grip his shaft as she slid up and down, fucking him slowly. Don reached up between Jazz's legs and pushed a finger into her as his tongue danced around her asshole.

"Oooooh" Jazz cooed. Her legs growing tired, Dakota lifted up and off Don, feeling her ass gape wide. Don took his cue and lifted Jazz up and laid her on her back and she hugged her spread legs as Don crouched between them and guided his cock toward her ass.

"Gently Don" Claire said, clearly concerned as Don pushed forwards and inched his cock into Jazz. "STOP, STOP, STOP!" cried Jazz as Don forced himself into her tight ass. Pulling back he allowed a short rest before pushing forward again and getting past her protesting muscle.

Now past he was able to slide 6" of hard black meat into her. "OH MY GOD!" wailed Jazz as Don pulled back and then drove another inch or two into her. Jazz had never felt anything like this before; she was impaled on an enormous cock and she loved it. Don was now able to start fucking her deeply and did so, gradually easing more and more into her tight wet hole.

"It feels good doesn't it baby?" Dakota asked her friend, kneeling by her head. "Feels sooooo good" Jazz agreed and opened her mouth to accept her dick. Claire watched in awe as her girlfriend was fucked in the ass as she sucked a cock.

She was super turned on and her panties were awash, unable to resist any longer she pushed a hand under her skirt and into her underwear.

Carefully she touched her sore clit and found that she able to gently rub it without causing herself pain. Sitting back on the couch she pulled lesbian hotties spread their deep anals and drill fat vibros her skirt and pulled off her panties. She was a little embarrassed displaying the bruises and welts but far too horny stop now. Don looked at her and smiled. "Your girlfriend is getting into now Jazz, she's gonna make herself cum." "Hmn, Hmn, Hmn." Jazz moaned her mouth full of cock.

Don fucked her faster. "Fuck her Don. Fuck her hard with your big black cock." Claire encouraged. Jazz pushed Dakota away, "yes, fuck me, fuck me, I'm gonna cum." Don drove his cock in and out Jazz, over 10" disappearing into her rectum, bashing against her prostate.

"CUMMINGGGGGGGGG" Jazz wailed her body thrashing as Don relentlessly ploughed her ass. Cum sprayed from her cock and landed in puddles on her chest and tits. Gradually Don slowed and gently thrust in and out of her she twitched, her orgasm subsiding.

Don's dick slid out and Jazz's slippery fuck hole gaped wide before returning to a relatively normal size. "God that was good." Said Jazz, grinning. Don fucked Dakota in the same position, with the same result, Dakota cumming hard and then it was Jazz's turn again, this time riding his dick in a reverse cowgirl.

Claire watched gently massaging her swollen clit, amazed at Don's staying power. Finally he was ready and got the girls onto all fours next to each other. Claire decided to join in for the finale and lay in front of Jazz, legs spread. The girls pushed their butts into the air and Don fucked them, swapping between asses. Jazz flicked her tongue gently at Claire's clit being guided by her girlfriend's moans as to how hard to lick.

Each time Don fucked them the girls cried out, revelling in the sensation of 12" of throbbing cock sliding into them. Don slapped their butts and fucked them hard waiting as first Jazz came again and then Claire did.

Don concentrated on Dakota and plunged into her ass driving himself fully in. "Fuck me baby, fuck me. I love your big black cock in my ass!" Shouted Dakota and before long wailing "Oh my god I'm cumming!" Don didn't stop and Dakota was slung around like a rag doll as Don closed in on his orgasm.

Dakota whimpered as he hammered away at her ass until finally he withdrew. "On your knees" he commanded and Jazz and Dakota knelt in front of him with their mouths opened wide. Don tugged on his dick in quick jerks and then pointed it the girls open mouths and filled first one, then the other with thick wads of cum as his cock jerked in his hand. Chapter 29 Jazz held Claire's hand tightly as the Boeing 747 taxied down the runway at Mumbai in the 35deg heat.

She looked out of the window, almost certainly never to see India again. Having completed the trial and been paid the money she was owed she had bought a lifetime prescription of her meds and now she and Claire were going to start a brand new life together. The trials had been heralded as a major success for the equipment and drugs and Secscience was going to make a fortune and change the world, one cock hungry slut at a time.