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Amazing beach sex with hot soffia gucci
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An Obsession or Two Part 1 It wasn't intended. It wasn't a conscious decision. Hell, it wasn't even a curiosity or a fantasy of mine. It just happened. I was a product of the 21st century. I grew up on the internet, Facebook, Twitter, and several other types of social media. Therefore, by the time I went off to college, I was somewhat desensitized to certain things—sex not least among them. Growing up in a home without a mom, but with just my dad and older brother was challenging. But that just seemed to desensitize me even more.

Dad tried his best to insulate me from Brian's shenanigans, but he was a year older than me and quite the jokester. I had to get used to him strutting around the house in his tidy-whities with his boner obvious, or even worse, him walking naked from his room to the bathroom with it waving proudly in front of him.

When he'd see me, he'd laugh, grab his boner and wave it all around, "Come and get it." That was just Brian. I'd roll my eyes and shake my head.

* * * * * One night, I was in my dorm room at UT Austin, and chatting in a local Dallas chat room on the internet. A guy named 'DifferentStrokes' sent me a private message that read, "I have something you'll probably want to see." I laughed out loud. I found it funny that every guy in the chat room automatically assumed I'd like to watch them jerk off. I contributed some of that to the picture I'd posted on my profile.

I wasn't nude in that picture by any means, but it was a rather sexy picture. I was in a silk tank top, braless, and with more than a little hint of my D cup tits showing.

"Thanks, but I don't care to see you jerk off. I get dozens of offers like that every night." Which was true. "That wasn't what I was offering to let you see." Okay, so now he had my curiosity piqued. "Give me a hint." "Oh no. I won't do that. Watch and you'll find out." I couldn't imagine what he wanted to show me, so 'what the hell', I clicked on his cam icon, fully expecting to see him jerking off, despite his denials.

If that was the case, I'd just close his video. It wouldn't scar me for life. Sure enough, when his video image came into focus, he was standing naked in his bathroom facing his bathtub.

And, as I suspected, he had his hand around his hard dick. But damn beautiful canela rides a massive cock in the cab as I was about to close his video, I noticed something different about what he was doing. He wasn't jerking off 'exactly', even though his actions were similar to that. With fiset time school giral xnxx upstroke of his hand, a stream of pee shot out of his dick and splashed onto the wall behind his tub.

After several such spurts, he stopped stroking his rather impressive dick and removed his hand. There was a stream of pee arching high in the air, almost straight up. I had to laugh as I closed his video, 'THAT was different'. ***** I was yawning, so I crawled into phoenix marie an danny d anal and turned off the light. I giggled again while struggling to get the image of that guy out of my head. I'd finally managed to slip off to sleep when Angie, my roommate came in.

I was surprised to see her. It was Friday night, and she usually spent all weekend at her boyfriend's house off campus. "Sorry." She said when she saw me stir. "I was trying to be quiet." "That's okay. I wasn't really asleep anyway." I lied to make her feel better.

"So, what were you doing all evening while I was getting plowed from behind until I couldn't take anymore? Oh wait! Don't tell me. You spent the evening in the Dallas chat room watching some cowboy jack off." I chuckled, "Not exactly, but close enough." She rolled her eyes as she reached behind her and unclasped her bra, tossing it over the back of the chair. Damn she had huge tits. They sagged though, so I was glad mine weren't that big. "Well, if it got you all hot and bothered," She said as she stepped out of her panties, "You're going to have to take care of yourself.

I'm beat. I'm going to take a shower and crash." Angie was one of the most sexual people I'd ever met. Japanese x rated full movies had an awesome body with DD tits that looked WAY too big for her slender body.

She was bisexual, and even though I was straight, I wasn't opposed to fooling around with her when we were both too horny to sleep. She had an incredibly talented tongue that never failed to get me off several times. I'd even seriously considered taking her up on her many offers for me to join her with her boyfriend. I probably would have, if I thought there was a chance I could come away from it still a virgin.

I wouldn't mind giving Greg a blowjob, which would be my first, and letting him eat my pussy, but I knew there was little chance of keeping things limited to that. That would be, after all, the best of both worlds in my opinion.

I could 'dabble' a little with sex without doing the whole 'dating' thing and putting up with a horny boy pressuring me to do more, and even worse, branding me as his girlfriend and pestering me to go out all the time.

I was definitely not in college to get a 'MRS Degree'. I was eventually going to become a lawyer, and that meant maintaining the best possible grade point average I could. I couldn't afford any distractions. Sex would just have to wait. ***** The next morning, Angie was still asleep, so I tried to be quiet as I got up to pee. We kept the room fairly cool at night, so I grabbed my laptop and crawled back into bed.

After logging in, I went straight to the Dallas chat room. 'DifferentStrokes' name was in the list of people in the chat room.

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I giggled when I remembered the show he'd given me the night before, but I resisted the urge to message him. After several minutes of saying "Hi" to the regulars, I saw a message pop up from DifferentStrokes. "Let me know in advance if you want to see a repeat performance." I giggled and then typed my reply, "I didn't think guys could do that." "LOL, it gets easier with practice." "Do you practice that a lot?" I asked him. "Only a couple times a day. You can always come over and watch in person, you know." "I'm at college in Austin.

I won't be back in Dallas until Summer Break." "I can wait." "I have to warn you: I'm a virgin, and I plan to stay that way." "Hum, that's too bad, but I'm not opposed to a trick your gf dont fall in love slut, or even a handjob.

Is that possible? After all, if you're here, it's going to be your job to get me hard enough to show you what you want to see." "LOL, it looked to me like you did just fine on your own, or was there someone off camera I couldn't see?" "No, I had to do it myself, but that's not my first choice. I also had to take care of 'things' myself after the show, and that's not my first choice either." "Poor baby.

Lol." "So, are you going to come over and watch in person this summer?" "I'll think about it." "Okay, just so you know, I'm going to turn my cam on this afternoon and do an encore." "What time?" "Let's say two." "I'll see how my day goes." And then I closed the message box and logged out.

FUCK Tina, what the hell was that all about? Why do you want to see that again? Are you really that perverted or kinky or whatever?

Or are you just horny? I closed my laptop, lay back and slid my hand inside my panties. A few seconds later, I was moaning and bucking my hips. I must have been louder than I intended, "Need some help with that?" Angie asked from across the room.

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I'd already given myself a preliminary orgasm and was building toward a better one, "Sure, if you don't mind." She giggled, "I need to pee.

I'll be right back. You get naked." A minute later, I was pulling on my nipples roughly while my roommate licked my pussy. It didn't take her long to give me a mind-blowing orgasm. "Oh Fuck!" I moaned out as I arched my back and thrust my hips up to smash my pussy to her face harder, pinching and pulling my nipples to the blissfully painful point. Angie was laughing as she got up and walked back to her own hippie girl fucking outdoor and sucking cock, "That was fast." "You need me to--" "Thanks, but I'm still sore from last night.

Greg was in rare form." "Gotcha." ***** "He gets his dick hard and pees straight up into his bathtub." I couldn't resist telling Angie about it. "No Way! They can do that?" I shrugged, "I guess so. I'd never heard of it either. If you want to see for yourself, he's going to do it on cam again at two." "Will he be able to see us?" "He didn't ask, so I didn't turn on my cam last night." "It might help him get it up." She said tanned slut gets to taste some cum pornstars and big tits a giggle.

I rolled my eyes, "You just want to show him your tits." She laughed, "And that's a problem because?" "Hell, it's not a problem for me, unless you try to talk me into showing mine. I'm not going to go there." "You're such a prude. It wouldn't hurt you to loosen up a little, you know." "Call me a prude if you want. I'm not going to flash my tits to the world. Once you do that on the internet, you can't take it back.

It's out there forever." "I don't give a shit." Angie said in a matter-of-fact tone. ***** "My roommate wants to watch too, and she has a couple of things she wants to show you." And then I turned on my cam in a way only DifferentStrokes could see it. "Wow! Very, very nice." He typed back when he saw Angie standing beside me totally naked.

He watched her cup her huge tits and bounce them up and down for him, and then tease her hairless pussy. "Okay, you're on." I typed to him. He looked at Angie for another minute and then turned to the bathtub. His cam was positioned in such a way that gave us a great view.

Once again, he began stroking his big cock. Angie put her hand on my shoulder and said, "He's just jacking off." "No he's not. Just watch." Sure enough, a few seconds later, the first spurt of pee flew out of his dick and splashed on the wall, and then another and another.

Finally, he managed to get his stream going, so he released his dick, put his hands on his hips, and peed almost straight up for a very long time. "Oh my God!" Angie exclaimed, "That is way too cool.

I'm gonna have to see if Greg can do that." "He said it took some practice." I told her. By the time he was finished and turned back to his laptop to see our video feed, Angie had two fingers inside her pussy. It was right by my ear, so I could clearly hear her wet fingers fucking herself and rubbing her clit furiously.

"Do you need to sit down?" I asked her. "Hell yes." So I got up and let her sit in my chair. I made sure he had a clear view of her splayed pussy.

Just to pay him back for such a balloons amp lesbians puma swede alexis texas show, I stood behind her, reached over her shoulders and began playing with her incredible tits.

"HOLY SHIT!" He typed when he saw that. ***** "I need you to help me finish." She told me in a raspy voice when I turned off the cam. And then she got up and moved to her bed. A few seconds later, I was licking and sucking her clit. Actually, I didn't mind doing that at all. I'd enjoyed it from the very first time, and continued to enjoy it the dozen or so times I'd done it since. Having that much control over another person's orgasm made me feel powerful.

I assumed it would be the same when I finally started giving blowjobs. "FUCK!" She moaned out when I finally managed to give her a great orgasm. I teased her, "That didn't take long. I guess watching him got you really horny, huh?" "Hell yes!" I chuckled, "I don't blame you. That's what got me going this morning too." ***** Greg and Angie asked me out to dinner on Saturday night. It wasn't the first time, so I agreed to go. Angie was very open with Greg. He knew she was bisexual, and they'd had more than one threesome together.

She told him she and I fooled around sometimes. I was a little embarrassed when she told him with me sitting right across the table, but I got over it, especially when he took it right in stride without making a big deal out of it. He'd responded simply, "Cool." And Greg knew I was a virgin and planned to stay that way for the foreseeable future. He didn't make an issue out of that either. He'd said only, "You don't know what you're missing." And then he changed the subject.

That evening, while we were waiting on our food, Angie told him about DifferentStrokes and what he did on cam. That did get a reaction out of him, "Ouch! That doesn't sound like fun, even if it is possible." "You've never done it?" Angie asked him.

"Not like that—not standing up. Sometimes when I wake up with a piss hard, I have to sit on the toilet and scoot back as far as I can so I can still piss in the bowl without aiming it down too much. A man can't piss with a hardon if he's pushing it down.

So yeah, I guess standing up and pissing up into the air would probably be easier. I've never tried it." "You should try it for us." "US?" I piped in. "Hey" Angie defended, "Think about it. If it was that much fun to watch on cam, just think how much better it'd be in person." "You just want an excuse to get me over there with the two of you." Angie rolled her eyes, "I promise you'll get back to the dorm still a virgin.

. at least your pussy will. I make no promises, express or implied, about your mouth." That got a chuckle out of Greg. "I like the sound of that." Angie giggled and said, much too loudly to suit me, "Oh, you want to get her blowjob cherry, do you?" "Well, you got her pussy eating cherry going both ways," He told her, "fair is fair." "Guys" I scolded them with my tone, "It wouldn't hurt you to lower your voices a little.

And I'm sitting right here, so please stop talking about me like I'm not." "Oh stop it." Angie scolded me right back. "It's not like you and I haven't had this conversation before. Greg being here doesn't change anything, except we just might be able to talk him into doing something for us." "Why do I feel like I'M his payment, IF he agrees to do it?" "Angie giggled, "That's because you are." Greg laughed out loud, "Works for me." ***** The minute we got to Greg's home, Angie pulled three beers from the fridge and sat them on end table next to his recliner.

After practically ordering him to drink them before they got warm and NOT to go pee, she began taking off her clothes, "C'mon, Tina. The pool is amazing." When I hesitated, Angie rolled her eyes. She was already totally naked, "Oh hell." She said, "C'mon" and she took my hand and led me into the kitchen. She poured two shots of Tequila and handed me one. And then she said, "Down the hatch" and tossed back her shot, "C'mon, what are you waiting for?

It'll loosen you up." "That's what I'm afraid of." "Oh hell. It's just going to be you and me in the pool, and I've already seen you naked. . like a thousand times." "Okay, okay." And then I headed out the patio door and began taking off my clothes.

When I was totally naked, I turned to Angie, "Satisfied?" In the pool, Angie giggled, "I'm going to leave hot blonde chick jessa rhodes rides her neighbors dick pornstars hardcore up to you to get him hard, but when he sees you naked, I don't think that's going to be a problem." I giggled, feeling a little frisky, "Oh, that's too bad.

I was hoping he'd need a little more than that." Angie caught me by the shoulders and turned me to face her, "Hell, you can still blow him, but I think you should wait until after the show. We don't want him getting off too soon." "I just might do that." I said, hoping I sounded more confident than I felt. ***** It was probably thirty minutes before Greg came out to the pool and told us, "Okay, I'm ready when you are." Angie, realizing that I was feeling a little frisky, purposefully kept me that way.

She called out to her boyfriend, "Oh no you're not. We want you to be really, really ready. Hang on." And then she looked at me and raised a daring eyebrow, "Go inside and get him another beer." I protested, "He's already had three." Angie just giggled, "I know, but I want him to get a good look at you naked.

That should get him hard." I feigned resistance, when in truth, the idea excited me greatly. I'd never been totally naked in front of a boy before, except when my brother snatched my towel away from me when I came out of the bathroom after a shower. So, I climbed out of the pool, dried off and headed inside.

Wow! Just strutting around naked so boldly in front of Greg had my pussy wet. When I got to the kitchen, I took a swig from the bottle of Tequila before getting Greg a beer from the fridge. When I got back outside, I took a deep breath and walked right up to Greg. I was shocked to find him totally naked, and his cock was already semi hard. He took the beer from my hand and set it on the concrete, and then he said, "Don't move." I watched him get to his feet, and then he turned to me, immediately putting his hands on my tits and kneading them.

I was too paralyzed to move, but I finally managed to turn my head toward the pool. Angie was standing in the water a few feet away. She had a huge grin on her face. "Having fun?" I asked her. She laughed, "Not as much as Gregie is." Hearing that, I turned back to Greg, "May I get back in the water now?" He chuckled, and tightened his grip on my tits, "Yeah, I guess, as long as you let me do some more of this later." "Okay then.

You can let go now." ***** In my mind, we would end up in the bathroom with Greg standing next to the bathtub. That's not at all what happened. About ten minutes after finishing his fourth beer, he got to his feet. I was delighted to see that his average-size dick was fully hard. "C'mon ladies." He said to us, and he walked over to the edge of the concrete. "Do you want us to do it for you?" Angie asked him when we stepped up on each side of him. "Nah, I'd better do it." He said as he began trying to coax pee out of his hard dick.

It took him quite a bit longer than it'd taken DifferentStrokes, but I didn't mind. I was really enjoying seeing his dick up so close. After a few minutes, he finally managed to shoot a short stream of pee into the air and onto the grass in front of us, and then another and another.

Finally, those short spurts turned into a tight teen natalie lust filled with cum stream arching high into the air. Greg turned his dick loose and put a hand over each of us, immediately grabbing a handful of tit. "Oh my God!" Angie exclaimed. "I second that." I agreed as I watched his pee arch up into the air. "That's too fucking hot!" "Actually, it's not that bad." Greg admitted. "It doesn't hurt like when I have to point it down some." I couldn't resist.

I reached over and slid my hand around his cock while he was still peeing. "Not too tight" he instructed me. God! I loved it so much; I hoped it would never stop.

But of course, it eventually did. I didn't even mind when the last little bit dribbled out onto my hand. Angie giggled, "Okay, girl, you're up. It's time for your first blowjob." "Here?" I asked, somewhat incredulously.

"Sure." Greg said, "Right here at the scene of the crime." Angie prodded me on, "You get started. I'll be right back with three shots." My heart was beating so violently; I was afraid I'd have a heart attack. But I was determined too. I got on my knees in front of him and kissed the tip of his hard dick. It tasted a little salty, which I assumed was the last remnants of his pee, but I didn't let that deter me from my mission. I began licking up and down his shaft, kissing the engorged head every time I got to hinanos big tits sucked and fondled until she is insane with need top.

When I put my lips around the head, I was amazed at how warm and soft it felt. I loved the way it felt against my tongue. I'd just started lowering my mouth on it when Angie returned, "How's she doing?" Greg let out a chuckle, "Like a pro." After laughing, Angie said to me, "Hell, you could be drawing blood with your teeth and he wouldn't complain. There's no such thing as a bad blowjob, is there, Gregie?" "I'm not sure I'd go quite all internal elaines firm and round ass gets dp and a river of c tube porn far." He said with a chuckle.

And then Angie said to me, "Take a time out long enough to drink this." And she handed me the shot glass. I didn't want to take his cock out of my mouth, but I forced myself to.

I downed the contents of the shot glass and then went immediately back to sliding his dick in and out of my mouth. Angie got onto her knees beside me and began playing with my tits. "Put your fingers around the base and move it up and down in time with your mouth. Grip it fairly firmly." "Yes, just like that." Greg encouraged me, "That's perfect." A few minutes later, Greg said, "You're about to get a mouth full of cum." Angie began tugging at my nipples, "Don't worry.

Just get ready for it. You'll be fine." Sure enough, his dick began shooting cum into my mouth. I was ready for it, but the first spurt or two still surprised me.

After that, I just kept my mouth over the head and continued stroking it with my hand. It didn't last that long, but I loved it. It didn't taste bad at all, but it did take me a few seconds to get used to the texture. When I finally let Greg's dick slip from between my lips, Angie immediately pulled me in and gave me a passionate kiss. When we came up for air, she half squealed, "That was awesome. How did you like it?" "I LOVED IT!" I said honestly.

"Get him some more beer so we can do it again." That caused Angie and Greg to burst out in laughter. ***** We did in fact get to watch Greg pee into the air a second time before the evening was over. This time, it was Angie who gave him a blowjob. "God! Watching that has me sooooo fucking horny." "I'm sure you know you have my permission to fuck him." "I wish I could take you up on that." I told her, "but I promised myself I wouldn't, and you promised me you'd help see that I make it back to the dorm still a virgin." She shrugged, "I guess I should have let you blow him again, but I wanted you to watch me do it.

If we stay the night, you can blow him next time. In the meantime, I'll get you off, and then you can watch us fuck." She and I were sitting on the sofa in Greg's living room. He was taking a shower. "You don't have to ask me twice." I said as I leaned back against the cushion and pulled my feet up to my butt cheeks, spreading my knees wide.

Dutifully, Angie slid to the floor and began licking my pussy. Just as Greg emerged from the hallway, she raised my hips a bit and began licking my ass. She'd never done that before, and it felt so good; I let out a moan of pleasure. Angie looked up at me long enough to say, "If you like that, you're going to love getting fucked there." And then she went right back to licking my ass, even forcing the tip of her tongue inside me.

"Holy shit!" I moaned out when she began rubbing my clit while still tonguing my ass. Greg walked up to watch for a minute, and then he sat down beside me and began playing with my tits. "OH GOD!" I cried out as a second, much more powerful orgasm flooded over me.

After my third orgasm, I had to make Angie stop.

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I couldn't take anymore. She got up and ran down the hall, 'I'll be right back." She returned less than a minute later and tossed Greg a tube of something.

And then she pulled a pillow from the sofa, got on her hands and knees, and stuck her ass in the air. "Greg, get over here. I want Tina to watch you plow my ass." When he had her ass and his dick lubed up and knelt behind her, Angie turned her head to look me in the eyes. Her face contorted slightly when he pushed forward, but then she grinned at me and showed me a wink.

"Next time, we'll trade places." I'm sure that caused my eyes to widen, but while watching them, I thought to myself 'Why not?' I could 'dabble' with him without him getting all 'clingy', and I'd still be a virgin. . technically speaking. It would be the best of naughty lesbians fill up their enormous asses with whipped cream and s worlds.

The only thing I had to get over was the total fear of having something in my ass. That was a scary thought. The more I watched him slam his hard dick into her ass, the more I warmed to the idea.

Greg must have been reading my mind. He looked over at me with a wide grin, "Just let me know when your ready." "Not now!" Angie almost yelled. Her voice sounded both raspy and panicked, "No way I'm going to let him stop now. He owes me four or five good cums." I giggled, "Hell, Greg, it sounds to me like you've got your work cut out for you." He looked over at me and shook his head, slamming hard into her ass the whole time, his thighs slapping her butt cheeks loudly, "Nah, piece of cake.

I'm just getting warmed up." It was about that time when Angie slid her hand up and began rubbing her clit. She furrowed her brows at me and bit her lower lip hard. And then she let out a loud moan. A few seconds later, she opened her eyes again and showed me another grin, "That's one." By the time Angie came for the third time, Greg seemed to be under a great deal of distress. He was still fucking her in the ass hard and fast, but his breathing was labored and he was sweating profusely.

Finally, he let out a loud grunt and yanked her hips back toward him, holding her impaled to the hilt while he only moved his hips from side to side. That's all it took. Angie, screamed out in pleasure, and then she collapsed onto the floor. Greg followed her to the floor, keeping his cock buried deep in her ass. I waited until Angie recovered enough to show me a grin to express my feelings about what I'd just seen.

I said only "WOW!" She let out a giggle, and then she told Greg, "Get off of me now. I can't breathe." After she rolled over on the floor and stretched mightily, she told me, "Greg and I need a shower. You can join us if you want." "Thanks, but I'm going back into the pool." ***** I woke up the following morning in a precarious situation. I was squeezed between Angie and Greg, and I badly el story pornde mariam lugo to pee.

Seeing no other options, I crawled over Greg, trying my best not to wake him. He was on his back, and I had to chuckle when I felt my thighs slide across his hard cock. I'd just sat down on the toilet when Greg walked in.

I thought both he and Angie were still asleep, so I hadn't bothered to close the bathroom door. "Sorry." He apologized. "I can't wait." "I'll be done in a minute." I told him. "Maybe I'll just try it the new way." He said as he pulled the shower curtain aside and stepped up to the bathtub. I was still peeing, but I only had to lean slightly to my left to have a great view of his actions. He was doing exactly as he had outside the evening before, slowly stroking his hard cock in a manner not inconsistent with jacking off.

I was just finishing as he was beginning to achieve some results by coaxing a couple of short spurts of pee from his cock. I dried myself quickly and then stood up beside Greg. I waited until he got a good stream arching into the air. And then, when he removed his hand from his cock, and without asking his permission, I slid my hand around his hard cock, being careful not to grip it too firmly.

It only took a second to ded out of home son and mom sex my pussy tingling. Feeling of his warm cock as it spewed out his pee into the air in a high arch was extremely exciting to me.

Also not unlike the evening before, Greg immediately put his hand over my shoulder and hugged me to him, his hand finding my tit and kneading it. The minute the last spurt of pee shot from his cock, I slid in front of him and sat on the edge of the tub, immediately taking the head of his cock into my mouth.

And again, there was a slight tangy or salty taste. I'd been moving my mouth and my hand up and down on Greg's cock for a couple of minutes when I heard a giggle from the direction of the door. It was, of course, Angie. "You go girl." She encouraged me as she came into the room and sat on the toilet. Even after she finished peeing, she sat there and watched me give her boyfriend a blowjob. And also, just like the previous evening, when I was finished milking his cum out of his cock, she moved beside me and kissed me passionately.

"Wow! What a way to start the day." I giggled as I got to my feet. "I second that." Greg said with a laugh. ***** It was Sunday and I needed to get back to the dorm to study. Greg and Angie dropped me off in front of the dorm, but Angie didn't get out of the car. "I'm not through fucking him yet." She told me with a giggle.

It was late when she showed up at our dorm room. I was already in bed, but I hadn't fallen asleep yet. "Well, did you have a good evening?" I asked her. She chuckled, "Shit, I can barely walk." "I'll take that as a yes." "Don't worry, by this time next weekend, you're going to know exactly what I'm feeling." I understood her meaning, "Yeah, I've been giving that some thought.

Honestly, I want to do it, but it scares me a little." She nodded, "No problem. We'll just have to get your ass ready between now and then. Just leave that to me." "Okay then, I have an early class, so I need to get to sleep." ***** "Okay, are you ready?" Angie asked me. It was Tuesday night just before bedtime.

I was naked on my hands and knees on my bed, and she'd just spent about ten minutes tonguing my ass while I rubbed my clit to a nice first orgasm. "I think so." I responded pensively. I looked back and watched her pull her small vibe from the plastic tub of hot water. She dried it, and then lubed it up, and my ass. "You have to relax. The more you relax, the easier it will go in." "I'll try." I said, turning back to the front and burying my head in a pillow.

"Fuck!" I screeched when she began pressing it into my ass. It hurt like hell. "You're all tensed up. You have to breathe and relax." And she kept pushing on the vibe. I really did try to relax, but with little success. I huffed, "Just do it." And then something happened. The pain didn't go away, but it got easier.

"Okay" I panted through the pain, "It's not so bad now. How much of it do you have in me?" She giggled wildly, "About an inch, but don't worry, that's the worst of it." And then I felt her push even harder. As more of the vibe entered me, the pain got less and less. And then Angie said, "That's all of it. Just be still and let your ass adjust to it being in there." After maybe two full minutes, I felt her start to pull it out.

That actually felt kind of nice. "Ummm" I moaned. Angie giggled again, "Just wait. You're going to love this." And she began sliding the vibe slowly in and out of me. "Oh wow!" I said as I began rubbing my clit again. It only took a few seconds for me to have another nice orgasm, this one better than the first.

Angie's voice sounded excited when she said, "Okay, you're ready to get fucked. Just stay as relaxed as you can and you'll enjoy it." My roommate was right. When she began fucking my ass more urgently with the vibe, the pleasure was more intense than I could have ever imagined. "Hell yes! Fuck me!" When my third orgasm hit me, it was so powerful I almost blacked out. I had to stop rubbing my clit, and then I fell forward on the bed. The vibe still embedded in my ass.

Angie laughed as she crawled off the bed. "Make sure it doesn't fall out. I'm going to wash my hands and pee." I just lay there, very much enjoying the feel of having the vibe inside me. When she returned, she took her bottle of Tequila from her closet.

"A celebration is in order." And she filled two shot glasses. Normally, I'd never have even one drink on a school night, but I rolled over onto my side and propped myself up on an elbow. I had to reach around to insure the vibe was still fully embedded. And then I took the shot glass and threw back its contents. "One more." I said with a giggle, holding the empty glass out to her. When Angie handed me another shot, she chuckled, "Tomorrow night, we'll go for the next size up.

That one is about the same size as Greg's dick." "Sounds great to me." I two on two pussy hammering smalltits and homemade after downing the shot of Tequila. ***** It was difficult for me to concentrate in my classes the following day. All I could think about was Angie fucking my ass with a larger vibe. I wasn't afraid of it anymore—not in the least. I was totally excited about it. That night, I hurried through my homework so I'd be ready when Angie got home.

And then my excitement got slammed into the dirt. She called hot oriental wench strips and fucks dildo apologized, but she was going to stay the night with Greg. "Fuck!" I practically shouted my frustration. I sat on my bed pouting until I had an idea. I got up and went to Angie's closet, got out her bottle of Tequila and took a long swig, shuddered, and then took a second.

Next, I went to the bathroom and filled the plastic tub with hot water. I took her larger vibe and lube from her drawer, put it into the water, and took off my clothes. I lay back on my bed on a towel and began playing with my pussy, making sure to slide a slick finger down to my ass occasionally.

It didn't take long before I was sliding first one finger and then a second into my ass. After my first orgasm, I felt I was ready. I dried the now warm vibe and lubed it up, and then used a finger to lube the inside of my ass.

Wow! It was difficult to get the head of the phallic-shaped vibe inside me. Actually, it didn't hurt as bad as it had the night before. I attributed that to the fact that I was in charge, and therefore more relaxed. Just as Angie had done, I stopped when I had the vibe fully inside me and waited for my ass to adjust to it.

And then I began pulling it out slowly and pushing it back in. After only a minute or two of that, I used my other hand to rub my clit and I started fucking myself with the vibe. On a whim, I turned the vibe on, but I turned it off quickly. Greg's dick wouldn't vibrate, and that was, after all, what I was getting myself ready for. I gave myself three more great orgasms before stopping.

What I did next was difficult. I got out of bed and went back to Angie's closet, careful not to let the vibe slip out of my ass. I didn't have any early classes, so I carried the bottle back to my bed. I pulled both of my pillows up to the headboard and sat back against them while I took small sips from the bottle. Even though I wasn't moving the vibe, just clinching and unclenching my ass muscles sent waves of pleasure through me. Finally, I capped the bottle and sat it on my end table.

Then I scooted down on the bed and just lay there until I finally fell asleep. ***** When Angie came in the next morning, she didn't expect me to still be asleep, so she wasn't quiet.

"Oh, shit, I'm sorry." She told me. And then she spotted the bottle on my end table, "Ahhh, that explains why you're still in bed. It took me a minute to clear the cobwebs, and then I immediately became aware of the vibe still in my ass. I got a smile on my face as I remembered the wonderful time I'd had with it the night before. "So, what brought that on?" Angie asked me in a concerned voice while standing over my bed. Finally, I managed a giggle and threw back the covers.

When I rolled onto my knees and stuck my ass in the air, I said, "Wanna take that out for me?" Angie started laughing. She was still laughing while pulling her vibe from my ass, and still while she carried it into the bathroom and put it into the sink.

***** Angie and I went to Outback Steakhouse for supper early Friday evening without Greg. "He's home drinking his supper." She told me. "Beer?" I asked with a giggle. She nodded, "I told him to go easy and alternate between the beer and bottles of water." "What if he can't wait until we get there?" She showed me a naughty grin, "Then he'll be cut off for the rest of the semester, and he knows it." I laughed, "That's only two weeks." "Shit, he can't go two days without sex.

Two weeks would kill him." "Still, let's eat up and go put him out of his misery." I told her. She giggled, "I don't think his misery is the real reason you're in a hurry. Be honest." "Okay, so I might be just a little anxious about what will happen later." ***** When we walked through Greg's front door, he scolded Angie, outlandish fantasy of adorable girl bound and double hardcore bondage both of us, "It's about fucking time.

I'm dying here." He was already naked, but his dick wasn't hard, so Angie looked at me and giggled, "You can do the honors." I feigned irritation by rolling my eyes and letting out a long sigh, "Okay. It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it." And I dropped to my knees and began taking his dick into my mouth. "Careful" he told me when I didn't stop after getting him fully hard, "You blonde chick want you to fuck her more videos on wwwsexfixtk get it in the mouth, and I don't mean cum." So I released him and led him by his dick into the bathroom.

With me on one side of him and Angie on the other, he began stroking his dick slowly with one hand, while hugging me to him with his other hand. Of course, he had a firm grip on my tit. I didn't know if the whole thing was getting easier for him, or if he just needed to go really badly, but it only took him a few seconds to have a full stream of pee arching high into the air. As I'd done before, I reached over and slid my hand around his cock, aiming it back and forth.

"Damn, we're going to have to disinfect the whole fucking bathroom." Angie said with an excited laugh. "We'll have to start doing it outside again." I told her. Greg let out a relieved sigh "Ahhhhhh" and then he said, "You don't hear me complaining." It was a very long time before his stream began to dwindle. By that time, I was so fucking turned on; I sat down on the toilet and turned him to me, taking his dick into my mouth immediately. I tasted a little more pee this time, but I didn't care.

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I wanted his cum. "Hey" Angie scolded me, "Don't be so greedy. You're going to have that in your ass later. You should let me have him first." I responded by flipping her off. ***** It was almost two hours when Angie suggested we go to Greg's bedroom. "It's a lot easier on the bed." She told me, "You don't want rug burns on your knees." When I was in position on my knees near the foot of the bed, Angie slid to the floor and began sucking Greg's dick while he tongued my ass. It didn't take much of that to make me experience my usual preliminary orgasm.

"She's ready." Greg told Angie. So she got up and fetched the tube of lube. After using her finger to lube the inside of my ass, she applied the lube to her boyfriend's hard dick. I was surprised at how relaxed I was, even after having only one shot of Tequila. "Are you ready?" Greg asked me as Angie spread my butt cheeks for him. "God! I'm soooooo ready." I told him as I gripped the bedspread to brace myself.

After the momentary pain of the initial pressure passed, I felt his dick slide slowly into my ass. After only a few seconds, I told him, "Fuck me now. I'm ready." Greg didn't have to be told twice. He began slowly working his magical dick in and out big ass amateur rough riding large dick carmen caliente curves thick my ass.

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Angie urged him on, "Fuck her now, Gregie. Give it to her good." And then she moved around the bed, pushed my hand away from my clit and began rubbing it gently for me. "I'll take care of this. You just enjoy." Oh My God! It felt so good, I never wanted it to end, and Greg didn't disappoint. He fucked my ass until my eyes crossed. The combination of him fucking me and Angie rubbing my clit was almost too much for me. . ALMOST! I don't know how many times I came, but it was several.

When I finally collapsed onto the bed, he stayed on top of me and kept fucking me without missing a beat.

"Don't stop." Angie told him, and he obeyed. It was a long time before I felt his dick grow even more, and he began flooding my insides with his cum. That didn't escape Angie's notice. "That's right, Baby. Fill her ass with your cum." ***** When I woke up, I felt empty inside, and it disappointed me. I missed the feeling of being filled with Greg's hard dick.

After going pee, I started looking through the house for them. I finally found them outside in the pool. When Angie saw me step out onto the patio, she called out, "Well, how's our ass?" "Lonely" I giggled back, and we all laughed. ***** End of Part 1 Please vote, leave a comment. Thanks Tina