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Tiny teen piper perri in rough hardcore fuck
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This story might seem to slow down a bit from the rest, but I want to keep chronological order for those of you reading my stories. This story will lead to much bigger things, in later stories. Hope you enjoy and comment.

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I was about 9 when I had my first boyfriend. His name was Tyler. A white boy from my class, that would always try to get behind me in physical education. I talked to him a little bit, but didn't have an interest in him. One morning, Tyler and his mom came into class with flowers, chocolates, and a teddy bear.

I didn't realice it was Valentine's day, and didn't really care about it. I had seen some of the girls waking around with flowers and cards and those kind of things on previous years.

I myself had received cards black patient gets a hot milf nurse candy's that asked if I would be their valentine. Other girls made a big deal about that stuff, but I didn't care. Tyler and his mom walked straight to me and the paused in silenced. Tyler's mom shoved him and said,"ask her". Tyler gulped and and blurted out, "can you be my valentine?". I had never been asked that in person. Everyone in class, including our teacher just froze and stared at me in silence.

I must have been bright red, i felt embarrased, and wanted all the attention off of me. I figured it was just like the cards from previous years, and just said yes. They handed me the flowers, teddy bear, a card, chocolates, just stuff I could not even carry. His mom made Tyler stand next to me and took a picture of us. Tyler's mom, "she is really pretty, you better not mess up or she will dump you". Tyler,"I won't mom". Tyler's mom left and a few of the boys in class complimented Tyler on getting a girlfriend.

Shawna was a black girl who was one of my best friends, and Amanda was a hispanic girl that was also one of my best friends. They both sat next to me in class. Shawna,"your the first one with a boyfriend, congratulations!". Me,"I'm not his girlfriend." Amanda,"yes you are, you said yes to him in front of the whole class". Shawna,"you don't like him?" Amanda,"he is cute." Tyler was not a bad looking kid, he was actually kind of cute, but I didn't like him really.

I figured I might as well play it out a few days and let it die down. Me,"yeah, i guess he is my boyfriend." Having a boyfriend was not everything it was hyped up to be. He wanted to walk with me everywhere holding my hand, which got us in trouble. He wanted to sit with me in lunch, redhead girl moans loud when she gets I didn't like, because I could not gossip with my friends.

Worst of all, word got around the school that I had a boyfriend, other girls hated me, and Mr. Lopez found out about it. I couldn't flirt with him as much anymore, and Tyler would scare off the boys getting behind me to watch my butt as I stretched. To top it all, my mom even knew. During one of our bath sessions. Mom,"I heard you have a boyfriend now." Me,"How do you now?" Mom,"So it's true, oh my god!

His name is Tyler right, tell me all about it." Me,"mmmm, uhhhh, he is just boy from school." Mom,"is he good looking?" Me,"yeah, I guess, other girls think so". Mom,"oh my god! My baby is growing up. I know his mom, I will call his parents and invite them over for dinner. Im so excited!" Mom ran out of the bath naked, with her big tits bouncing all over the place, and ran staright to the phone, hitting a table along the way.

I was left in the bathtub regretting what I got myself into. That night, Tyler and his parents showed up. I hadn't noticed Tyler's mom before, she was a descent looking white woman in her thirty's, pregnant at the time. Tyler's dad was a geeky looking heavy man, maybe late thirtys. He had been a college football player, which I found out through his mentioning of it various times throughout the night.

My mom decided not to dress her usual slutty ways for her guests, so she wore a red tank top and tight low rise jeans. It was as descent as mom ever got in years. As soon as Tyler's parents were greeted my mom, Tyler's dad was focused on mom's tits.

Tyler's mom tried not to stare, but I caught her glimpsing at mom's tits many times. Tyler held my hand most of the night, and smiled, everytime our parents commented how cute we looked. Both Tyler and his dad kept staring at mom's tits, sometimes with their mouths open, which made them look kind of silly.

After a night kinky lezzies drill their holes with toys masturbation and brunette boredom, I just stared at mom's tits with everyone else for what was cute teen babe alyce anderson pounded by bestfriends dad of the night.

Bill came over after dinner, and introduced himseld as my stepdad. He wasn't married to mom or anything, so I didn't know how he got that idea. He greeted Tyler's dad like they were old pals. They went to the living room, and talked while the rest of us stayed at the table. My mom began cleaning up and we all went to the living room. Tyler's dad asked for a glass of water, and Bill told him to just grab it from the kitchen.

Tyler's dad briefly groped mom's butt as he walked back. I looked around and seemed like no one noticed. My mom did not even flinch. As they were leaving and saying their goodbyes, Tyler's dad gave mom a big hug, with his arms going around her lower back. He lifted her off the ground, with her big tits pressing against him, almost up to his face. He quickly put mom down as he noticed his wife was turning.

I noticed mom's breasts looked wet where the nipples are, and she quickly crossed her arms covering her chest. They finally left, and I ran straight to my room tired of that day.

I switched to my sleeping clothes, which were small tight boxers and a tank top. I lay in bed waiting to hear mom getting fucked but it didn't happen. Mom walked into the room as I was about to fall asleep. She was wearing her thong and push-up bra only. Mom,"how did you like Tyler's parents?" Me,"they are ok, I guess. How do you know his mom?" Mom,"she is my hairstylist." Me,"seems like Tyler's dad really likes you." We both laugh and mom says,"felt like it." Me,"where is Bill." Mom,"he came over to say hi, but had to go work.

So, tell me, have you been practicing." I was shocked for a bit, but responded,"yes." Mom,"well tell me, how is it going, has it worked." Me,"yeah, I think I get it a little better." Mom,"and what do you think of? Do you think of Tyler?" Me,"mmmm, sometimes (never did)." Mom,"what else." Me,"I think of you" Mom was silent for a bit, so I added,"I think of the way you made me feel, and how pretty you look, and how you like breastfeeding me." Mom,"good, do you like when I breastfeed you?

Does that turn you on?" My mom looked hot, her breasts seemed hard and erect, ready to explode. I could smell her milk. Me,"yeah, I think about it sometimes when I touch myself." Mom,"I want you to show me how you please yourself." She went down between my legs and pulled off my boxers and underwear.

Mom,"you have really nice legs for a little girl." She caressed my legs and kissed and gently bit my inner thighs. She pulled my hand down to my pussy and said, "show me." She had that look of lust that men gave her.

I started touching myself as she watched and touched my legs. She crawled up on top of me as I touched myself, and undid her bra. Her big tits fell close to my face, she grabbed me by the back of my head and pressed me against her breasts.

I could feel her heartbeat, I could feel a pump on her breasts, I could smell her milk. I began sucking on each of them, feeling milk pump into my mouth, as she pressed her breasts. Her pussy was rubbing against my arm, trapped underneath her, as I touched myself. She moved back and forth as she fed me. She began moaning and shivering. I felt my forearm get wet, her wetness went right through her thong ran down her thighs. I felt hot from making my mom orgasm.

She let go of my head, and stood kneeling with her legs spread with me underneath. I could get a good view at her soaked thong and thighs, and my forearm and sleeping shirt covered in her fluids. She said, "sorry, I got you dirty." Me,"that's ok, I'm glad you liked it." I don't know what I was thinking, but I bent up a bit and reached in between her and licked her inner thigh. She tasted good. She looked at me shocked for a bit, then went down between my legs and began eating me.

It was different then before, she seemed hungry for me. She inserted her fingers inside my pussy, as she licked my clitoris. Then she would pull her fingers out, and stick her toungue inside of me, it didn't feel deep, but it felt amazing.

Busty milf and teen babe screwed by pervert man on sofa used the fingers that were inside of me, and began to push them into my mouth. I began sucking on them, and she continued to go deeper into my mouth to the back of my throat. I gagged, and she kept going further, I felt them tickle my throat, making my throat collpase around her fingers. I gagged and choked, and started slobbering all over her hand. She pulled the out and I gasped for air.

She continued eating me, licking me inside, the I felt her fingers sliding into my butt. Her fingers made their way inside of me, slowly, I could feel a sting all the way through. She moved her fingers inside of me, as she licked me from inside, making a sucking sound as she swallowed all my fluids. I had the most intense orgasm I stephanie rodriguez fucked by a mature ever had.

I could not control the shaking of my body, I was screaming loud, my butt collapsed around her fingers, I felt like I had a fountain coming out of my vagina, and mom kept sucking it all.

I finally settled down and mom came up and gave me a kiss, her toungue reaching in, making me taste myself. Mom,"how did you like it?" Me,"alot, I love you mom. Can we do this everyday?" Mom smiled,"not everyday, but every now and then, we can have some alone time, just us girls, our little secret." She cuddled with me and we slept together that night. I slept close to my mom's breasts, feeling how warm they were, I slept better then ever.

The next night, Bill showed up accompanied with Tyler's dad. Mom greeted them at the door then sent me to bed. As I was walking towards my room, Tyler's dad already had his arms around mom, grabbing her butt. They all went into mom's room, but Tyler's dad closed the door.

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I heard the usual moaning, screaming, and spanking sounds coming from her room, and knew she had a new client. I felt kind of turned on knowing my boyfriend's father was fucking my mom, I thought it might be worth keeping Tyler around a bit to see what came out of it.

For that night, I settled for watching videos of mom and masturbating. Please comment