Step daughter blackmailed an fucked

Step daughter blackmailed an fucked
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So I was perusing Craigslist and I come across a listing for band members. I thought what the heck and I read them over. Some of them posted pictures of them on stage some didn't.

There were a couple of them that posted pictures that were up close that seemed to wet my pussy so I responded to them for an audition. I did an interview through emails stripper gets bj in close up at orgy. The qualifications included they had to be single or willing to fuck around.

They had to like to eat wet sloppy pussy sometimes after another band member. They had to like to have their cocks sucked. They had to like spanking my ass as they pounded it hard. They had to like or be willing to fill my ass with hot cum. I sent the pictures we took last and I received a 100% positive rating. They were all turned on by my ample 48 DD breasts and long brown hair. My love for cock and anal play was a huge turn on as well.

Most of the applicants were turned on plus size women and could appreciate the curves we possess. From the group I chose a bass player, two guitarists, a singer, and a guy with no talent to speak of but with a promising tongue and HUGE cock.

He seemed to have the location everyone could easily access so I included him based on his availability and talents. So the day comes for the audition I was nervous but excited. My husband of twenty years has wanted to get back into drumming and I want to support that. It was with him in mind that I got ready and was there early. I did not tell him what I was doing as I wanted to keep it a surprise. I dressed in a very short black skirt and a purple top with the buttons only half way buttoned.

I finished up with my thigh high black boots. I omitted the underwear that was more of a hindrance than necessary. With any luck the clothes I did wear would not be on long. The bass player was the first to meet me. He smelled good like a fresh shower and cologne. He was depressed because he had a girlfriend who just dumped him in the last two weeks. That was why he was so willing to get into a band so he could keep busy and his mind occupied.

He confessed in the email exchange that they hadn't had sex in the last three months before they finally broke up. So when he looked at my legs in the short skirt and my boots his eyes automatically roamed up my thigh and he could tell I had no panties on.

His eyes then rested on my boobs sticking out of my shirt. I had a very low cut shirt on and the bra I was wearing was a push up so they really stuck out. His eyes were bulging out almost as much as his cock was.

I could tell he was excited and his cock was straining to be free. I asked him to play for me and I would return the favor. He had some talent on the bass. I was enjoying the music when I lay back in the chair and got really into the music. I was thinking of his fingers playing in my pussy as he was playing the bass and I got very wet.

I decided to see if he was really serious about joining the band I was forming and I pulled up my skirt and began rubbing on my clit. He watched and almost drooled but never quit playing. That cinched his place in the group. He was almost through the time I had allotted and I asked him to come over by me. He stopped playing and sat next to me. I asked him if he liked what he saw. He said "yes". I asked him to lick my pussy and he did with great skill.

I almost allowed myself to cum but I stopped him. I sat up and freed his cock and balls. His cock hit me in the face, and Aidra foxs pussy devours big black cock proceeded to lick all over his teen fucks her best friends dad new years eve party. He was so hard he had so much precum flowing I thought he was shooting his wad.

I could not have been further from the truth. I inched his cock in my mouth and took it back out slowly until I had it all the way in my mouth. He wasn't very long so I was able to easily get him all in and feel the hair at the base of his cock tickle my nose. I pulled him all the way out and with no more teasing him I took it all in at one time and he grabbed my hair and held my head as he cum in my mouth.

I allowed both of us time to clean up and I had him sign the agreement I composed for all band members to sign stating that they all agreed to the conditions previously mentioned and would maintain a single or open relationship status while in the band.

My concern was for the good of the band no cock should go unsucked or fucked. If they had baggage that prevented them from playing well or attending practice they would be of less value. So I took care of necessary provisions.

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He signed with enthusiasm and applauded my foresight. Just as the bass player left the singer arrived. He was more attractive with a more aggressive appetite for sex. The bass player seemed shyer than the singer. The singer just came in and seen the disheveled look on my face and the messy hair. He may have smelled cum on my breath as I said hello I'm not sure.

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He did speak to the bass player as he left so he knew I was in here alone with him. He walked over and grabbed my hair and pulled me to the couch. He had his pants undone and cock out before I could get comfortable. I sucked him but he was very thick and I struggled to get him all in. He was impatient and pulled me off him and up on my feet. Then he shoved me over and slid it in without warning. He grabbed my nipples and played with them.

Not that I wasn't ready or wet enough before then I was soaking wet. His aggression was a huge turn on for me. I wanted to hold back. I tried to hold back. I wanted it to last longer but the third or fourth stroke made me cum everywhere.

It was running down my legs and ran out all over him. I think when he felt the wetness he lost control because he sped up the tempo and pounded my pussy really hard and called out some other woman's name. I was in bliss so I ignored the comment.

I did, however; make very certain he signed the contract before he left. Little did I know the two guitar players were friends and decided to ride together. They were the last pieces of the puzzle. They did not pick up my hints regarding the contract during the interview so I went into great detail about the expectations. The one guitar player had a girlfriend and he said he was reluctant to cheat. But the second guitar player was the driver so both guys had to stay and at least listen to my speech.

I explained how important playing was to my husband and what I expected from them and what I was willing to offer them. The driver was on board to test everything out when the negative one had to put his two cents worth in. It was Mr. Negative's opinion that since he had his fair share of women and none of them had been interested in even trying anal sex I must be lying as to my enthusiasm and love for it.

I wasn't sure what his angle was because I wasn't really getting anything from them that I couldn't get at home. Viewing this as a challenge I proceeded to walk over to his friend and unbutton his shirt and pull it out of his jeans. He had a big grin on his face. I then knelt in front of him and unbuttoned his jeans.

He was semi erect and sprang out of the boxer shorts he was wearing with ease. I licked his cock from base to tip a couple of times before I took it all in my mouth. He let out a long moan that let me know he enjoyed my efforts. When I felt he was hard enough and without lube (he wasn't very big or thick) I backed up on his cock and guided him into my tight ass.

He took it slow and easy really letting out a whistle as he found the depths of my bowels. He found an easy rhythm that was pleasurable for both. Mr. Negative was shocked, dumbfounded, and had little to say.

I moaned really loud as he was fucking my ass because he was small enough to not hurt me but big enough I was able enjoy it. Mr. Negative was so turned on he pulled his cock out and began stroking it. I was hesitant because he was so arrogant and cocky but I gave in and called him over to suck his cock as my ass was getting filled. He placed his hands on my head as I licked and sucked his cock. I moaned several times and the vibrations on his cock were enough to push him over the edge. He cum before the one in my ass did.

After he cum in my mouth I stood up and opened my mouth and let the cum roll out of my mouth on my tits and watching this he busted his nut in my ass. Kagney linn karter anal fun with kagneys buns was tired and sore when they got done. I forgot to have them sign the contract and Mr.

Negative was the one to remember to ask me about it. Seems he really wants a piece of my ass. I bet he tries to get his girlfriend to let him fuck her ass tonight only to be disappointed yet again. He will have to wait though before he gets my ass because he was pretty confidant no woman liked it. That was until he met me. Contracts all signed I was cleaning up to leave when the useless guy or the garage owner would be a nicer name to refer to him sleeping tied down brutal anal assult came into the garage.

He applauded my interviews and said "I did a fantastic job of weeding out the small cocks". That was until he pulled out his ten inch cock. I was drooling at the sight. I was also scared of the girth. There was no hole I had that could accommodate that thing He would rip me in half. He assured me he would be gentle. I had to at least taste it. I ran my hand over it to get a better feel for the size. It was huge. I took only the head in my mouth and felt like my mouth was full.

I kept going until I could work half his cock in my mouth. I couldn't take any more than that no matter how hard I tried and I really tried. He pushed me back on the couch and began licking my pussy. His tongue was as thick feeling as his cock. He licked up and down and concentrated on my clit until I thought I would scream. He then began working his fingers in and out of my pussy. He worked me up so much I would ask for more and he would add another finger. He kept licking and fingering me until he had his entire fist up my pussy.

He made a comment about how he was fist fucking me and I was brought back to reality from my blissful state. He said he wouldn't lick me again until he could fuck me. Then he would lick my cum filled pussy. I agreed because I need to be filled up with his cock. I had never seen such a long and thick cock before.

My pussy so wet it just slid right in. He was careful to go slow. He only needed to apply light pressure to get it to go all the way in. I felt so full like he was going to rip me apart but my pussy was so wet it just slid in and out.

He had my legs up over my head and he bent down and took my nipple in his mouth teasing it and biting it. I grabbed his head and pulled him closer. His weight on my legs only intensified the feeling of how deep he was actually going in my wet pussy. He moved his hips in a deep thrusting motion more than a in and out motion.

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He pushed down on my legs enough that he could reach my mouth and explored it with his. His tongue that had only minutes before teased and tantalized my clit was now intertwining with my tongue. I could taste my pussy juices on his tongue and I became more aroused by the taste. It only took a few minutes to make me cum and I screamed out loud "I'm cumming" and he pounded harder.

He lasted another ten minutes before he flooded my pussy with cum. His cum seemed to never end spurting several large squirts in my pussy. Once he stopped spewing he rested on me to catch his breath. I figured he was going to get up and clean up. He stood up pulled his hair back from his face and opened my pussy up and dove right in. He ate my pussy like a starving man's first meal in a week. He used so much energy to get every drop of cum from my pussy I cum again.

He stuck his tongue in my mouth when he was done to show me he ate every bit of it. I made the decision to keep the band practice at his house and he signed the contract.

He wanted permission to video tape the practices and I agreed. He looked happy and sheepishly told me he took the liberty of taping the interviews today. He thought I was going to be angry and I surprised him by asking for a copy. japnes mom sleeping and son rep

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We went over to the camera and it wasn't turned on and all the footage never taped. Then I was angry! I made him promise to eat the bands cum out of my pussy again only next time I was going to add my husband's cum before he could dine.

He agreed. I also punished him by telling him he had to do clean up eating until I was satisfied he could cum in me. I gave him permission to jack off but no fucking me until he learned his lesson and supplied me with ample video of the wonderful practices to cum.