Super sxcey story nead sex stories

Super sxcey story nead sex stories
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Sue woke up with the banging noise at the front door. There was no sign of gorilla in her bad. She quickly got up and ran towards the door. Gorilla was banging on the door and growling. Sue ran to him and hugged him but he pushed her away and banged the door again.

Sue was very surprised with this strange behaviour. She had heard so many stories of these kind of beast that they are very aroused in the morning but here it was completely different story. It hurt her but she quickly opened the door that this wild animal might hurt her.

But she couldn't believe when she saw that big animal was running lex steele vs ava rose the trees and then shitting and pissing far away from her house. She heard that these creatures are very intelligent but now she was witness. Certainly the gorilla had realised that what he had done last night in her house, she didn't like it. She left the door open a bit that ape might come back after he finished. She was ready to clean him up again.

Then Sue quickly gathered all the dirty towels and clothes put them in washing machine and turn it on. She made a cup of tea and went back in her bed. There was still no sign of gorilla. She started thinking about last night. It was still like dream for her. Sue never had any experienced with any animal before. She thought to herself what a nasty bitch she is. How can it is possible that she loves the taste of animal's Siemens and how can she drink it?

But next moment her own wetness and demand of gorilla from her body forced her to change her thoughts. She thought to herself that no it wasn't nasty at all but it was a love, true love with a lovable animal. And he is not animal, but her love, her lover and that kind of kindness and love she never got from any man.

After her lesbo lookers stretch their deep buttholes and pound fat dildos she lied down. Her eyes were still full of sleep and her whole body was still aching. She closed her eyes and went to sleep again.

It was must be afternoon when she felt heavy weight on her bed. She opened her eyes and she saw that gorilla was trying to tuck in her bed. First she got scared then next moment her brain started working and she smiled at him and gave him room.

Gorilla put her arms around her. Sue looked in his innocent but naughty eyes and first time she kissed on his big lips. They were hot and she could smell of fresh bananas.

The poor animal must be hungry after shitting twice and went out to eat something she thought. Sue was really happy of his returns. She kissed again for long time on his hot lips and buried her face once again in his hairy chest. Once again smell of his kinky woman lily love takes two cocks was turning her on.

She started again kissing on his chest and on his nipples and all the way down to his belly. She was madly pulling his belly hair and kissing him. Then suddenly gorilla grabbed her legs and pulled them toward his face.

She was like small doll lying on his giant body all naked. Gorilla opened her legs wide with his power full hands and started licking her juicy pussy. This time he knew exactly what to do with last night experienced.

His hot long tongue was all over her ass hole and pussy. She was moaning and pulling hard his hair. Then gorilla entered his full length tongue deep inside her. He could feel his teeth rubbing against her clit and his cold nose was trying to entered in her ass. She moaned again loudly and then she Cumming in his mouth.

He loved the tasted and wasn't going to waste a single drop of it. He didn't stop and carried on licking her.

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She wanted to move but his strong arms didn't allow her to move at all And after few minutes she was Cumming again. This time animal had some mercy on her and he let her move. She crawled towards his legs and rested her face one his hairy thigh. Gorilla hold her legs again and now he was licking her feet.

It gave her tickle but she liked it. Now half of her foot was in ape's mouth and he was sucking it. Meanwhile she kissed on his balls and tip of his precum dick.

She hold it in her hand and watching it growing. This is the first time she was watching any dick or balls so closely and so clearly. His balls and dick was clear of any hair.

His balls were really in good round shape .She hold them in her hand and felt their weight. Each one was size of tennis ball. Underneath his balls to his ass hole whole area was hair free. When it was fully erect, she started again licking and sucking it and his balls. She could feel his balls were again full of his sperm. She was rubbing his giant cook all over face again and then she pulled herself. forward and started rubbing it in between her boobs. It felt so nice.

She was going upwards and downwards and her wet pussy was rubbing against his chest. Then she moved from his belly and rolled over. Now she was on his legs.

She his legs and opened them wide. Then she hold his balls and buried her face under them and placed them on one of her soft cheek.

She loved the smell and started licking bottom of balls. Then she was licking his balls and tried to suck them but they were too big to fit in her mouth. She placed her face one of his hairy thigh and hold his dick and squeezed it. His precum came out from the tip. She rubbed it all over his shaft with her fingures.

Sue was looking at his 2 inches around and about 9 inches long big solid rock shaft and was thinking that will she be able to take it in her tiny pussy hole? Will it fit inside her? But she was sure that soon she will be able to take it in and will show him the true love she has for him. And very next moment almost half of his dick was disappeared in her mouth. And once again she was sucking it passion. This time she was sucking it with full confidence and without any danger.

She knew that this ape is her lover and will never harm her. She wanted to show him her lover for him and somehow she knew that this ape has same feelings for her, that's why whatever she was doing to him, he never resist. Sue was sucking his dick and wanted to take it full inside of her mouth. But she knew that it is huge and she needs some time to get her mouth and throat used to of it. She was breathing through her nose and her soft lips were running up and down on it.

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His precum was making easy for her lips to run fast and smoothly on it. He was lifting his bum upwards and throwing it back on bed. When he started growling, she knew that he is about to cum. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and his long prick was almost disappeared in her mouth and its tip was touching deep inside her throat. Her lips were jammed on its skin. She squeezed his balls once again and then his hot powerful sperm hit hard back of her throat. Gallons of cum was going straight inside of her and when she couldn't take any more, she took it out and he started spraying on her face and eyes.

She just loved it and sucked it again and when he finished, she dried it all with her soft tongue. His precum was making easy for her lips to run fast and smoothly on it.

He was lifting his bum upwards and throwing it back on bed. Meanwhile she was rubbing her soared pussy on his bottom part of hairy leg. She was about to cum herself. When he started growling, she knew that he is about to cum too. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and his long prick was almost disappeared in her mouth and its tip was touching deep inside her throat.

Her lips were jammed on its skin. She squeezed his balls once again and same time when she rubbed her pussy really hard on his leg, she came and his hot powerful sperm hit hard back of her throat.

Gallons of cum was going straight inside of her stomach and when she couldn't take any more, she took it out and he started spraying on her face and eyes. She just loved it and sucked it again and when he finished, she dried it all with her soft tongue.

Her tongue was all over his balls, his hairy thighs and where ever she could she a drop of his cum. Sue kissed his prick last time and rolled over in his arms and he hugged her. After having great hug, she got up spent some time in bath room. When she came out gorilla was leaving bed. She was feeling hungry now. She made sandwiches for her and gave him some bananas. Then she went to lounge, turn the TV on and sat on settee to have her sandwiches.

Gorilla was following her and jumped on settee. Sue was about to fall down. She laughed and punched him on his heavy arm. After having her sandwiches she laid down in his lap and watching TV. She hold his hand and started rubbing it in her hair. After couple of minutes gorilla knew what to do and she removed her hand but gorilla carried on combing her hair with his figures. Didn't know how long it was going on when gorilla got up and walked on his fours towards the door.

Sue was looking at him, he turned and looked at her as he was telling her that I will be back soon and disappeared. Sunny leone fucked by cook didn't lock the door, got up and went to her father's study room.

Soon she found those papers of her father's land. If she didn't find her love, she would have gone back by now. She put those papers in a safe place and started cleaning the house. She knew her love will sany lion fool sex stories xxx story back soon.

She had nothing to do now so she made cup of tea, took chair outside and relaxed with her tea. It was evening and weather was nice.

She was miles and miles away from any human being but surprisingly katie morgan cumshot compilation lord of cumshots was not missing their company at all. Sue had come here before with her parents and she liked it here. But this time she was all alone here and loved it. She was thinking of her lover.

She had to teach him lot of things. She sat there for a while and enjoyed with this wild life, then she got up and came inside. There was no sign of gorilla yet. Sue wanted to see what his reaction will be when he will come back so she locked the front door. She knew that he will be bit dirty so reluctant wife gets fucked while husband in next room started to make nice warm bubble bath for him.

After that she waxed her legs and pussy to get ready and impressed her lover. It was getting bit dark when she heard screeching sound at the door. She smiled and ran towards the door and opened it and her lover was there. She smiled at him and jumped on him and put arms around his neck. Gorilla came in and pulled her hard towards him. Then she took him for bath. Again they had great time there and he made her all wet with splash.

Sue dried him and herself. Sue was dying to suck his beautiful shiny black dick and big shiny balls but she had something else in her mind. She took him to the bed and sat in his lap, arms around his neck, face to face. She looked in his big black eyes. This creature was so beautiful and had such an innocent look. She bent forward and kissed on his eyes. Then she kissed on his rubbery big cheeks. She looked at him and smiled and pointed with her finger at her cheek. It was new thing for him so it was bit hard for him to understand that what she wanted.

Again Sue kissed on his cheek and then pointed with her finger at her cheek. But still no reaction. Now she put her cheek on his big black but hot lips. This time gorilla did understand that what his lover wanted from him. He opened thick white girl fucked good hardcore and blowjob mouth and kissed on her cheek with his own way.

Sue was very happy so she put her other cheek on his lips and he kissed her again. Sue knew that eventually she was getting there. Now she held his face with her hands, raised herself and kissed on his lips.

That kissed made so many sensational feeling inside her that she got all wet. She wanted to carry on but still it was too early. She separated her lips and then pointed with her finger at her lips. This time gorilla came forward and put her lips on her lips. Sue took her tongue out and moved it up and down. For doing it few times she was looking in his eyes and touching his mouth. And then she saw that his big black tongue was coming out and now he was trying to do the same thing.

His tongue was so long that he could easily licked her face with one go. Now she started touching her tongue with his. Gorilla was enjoying this new experience. When she had some confidence, she kissed on his long tongue and licked his whole tongue. He closed his mouth and swallowed all the lubrications of her tongue and then again took his tongue out. This time Sue sucked his front part of tongue with her lips. By doing that she was very careful that her teeth don't harm his tongue and he might get angry and do something silly.

After a while she was sucking his tongue with full confidence and gorilla seemed to enjoying it. She again raised herself and held his big face in her hands and sucked his whole tongue and jammed her lips on his lips.

But she didn't stop licking his tongue. Now gorilla started giving her response with these great feelings. His solid hard dick was now touching her newly shaved hair free wet pussy. Now his own lips were kissing her lips and his tongue was deep inside her mouth almost touching her throat moving everywhere in her mouth.

The two lovers were finally having proper French kiss. Now she wasn't scared at all and she was kissing him with great passion. She was so much in it that she even didn't realise that his dick head was already disappeared in her socking pussy.

Her pussy was burning hot. Gorilla took full advantage of her unaware situation and entered another inch inside her. Sue was enjoying so much with kissing that she even didn't feel any pain. Sue was getting tired in this position so she tried to lower herself on his legs but doing that almost half of his dick entered in her.

She screamed with pain and pleasure. And same time both cum together and first time she felt his cum deep inside her stomach. Her pussy lips were stretched to their limit. He was keep cuming inside her. It was first time in her life that she filled so such. And finally when he finished, she lifted herself up slowly and his dick started pulling out from her tight pussy. She felt some pain but finally it came out and same time loads of his cum run down on her pussy and on his balls and legs.

Sue started kissing on his lips, chest, belly and then on his still rock hard dick. She sucked it and started licking all the cum from his balls and legs. Her pussy was sore and she had no power left in her body to get up and clean herself. She crawled back and kiss on his lips and went to sleep in his warm arms.