Sunny leone xxx porn movi discharg in mouth

Sunny leone xxx porn movi discharg in mouth
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I realized that they were all still hard! Jimmy, older at 17, had taken awhile, but I quickly understood that my little "show" had turned these three on so much that they were ready to go again. Even though they hall cum in a total time of about five minutes! So I turned to Hank, took his hard cock in my mouth, took Timmy's in my hand, and started to suck.

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Hank was in heaven. "Oh Jessica. that feels so good!" The twins were talking to each other as I sucked and stroked Timmy's cock. "Fuck, she sucks dick way better than Betty at home." "Yeah, Betty won't let us cum in her mouth!" Tommy said to his Brother.

"And she doesn't have nice titties like Jessica." Suddenly I felt a hand on my little titties, it was Tommy, and he started to feel me up as I sat on my knees, sucking dick in front of him. As soon as he roughly grabbed them, I moaned uncontrollably around Hanks dick. "Ha.she loves it!" He continued to squeeze and pull at my titties to see my reaction, which was to moan my pleasure, urging him on.

"Lets see if she like this." He pulled up my little t-shirt and grabbed a nipple, hard, meanly, and twisted. I was surprised by what he did, it hurt just a little but also was like a jolt of electricity through my body and I started to have a more intense orgasm then before! He laughed lowly, twisting harder at my reaction.

I began to suck like a madwoman, Hank starting to thrust up into my mouth and then he sex stories xxx aaj movie full as I groaned, unleashing a torrent of hot, sticky cum into my feverish mouth.

"Yeah, look at her!" Tommy continued to maul my titties, twisting my little ping nipples and squeezing my melons. "Swallow it all, swallow his cum!" And I did, gurgling and mewling as Hank blew his load, his cock surging, thickening and spurting over and over into my well used mouth.

Soon he was done, out of breath and so was I.

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Before I could catch my breath, Timmy grabbed my head and forced it down onto his dick. "If this is what you want, you might as well get some more!" He laughed and looked at his Brother as he forced my head down farther than I had ever been on a cock. And then he came. Just like that. His excitement so extreme that just pushing his thing into my little mouth made him pop. I was swallowing again. Over and over, sucking up and down, trying to draw all of his tasty, nasty cum into my mouth.

I was a blowjob automaton. My mind was in the throes of orgasm as he came and it was just a fog in my head as I swallowed. As soon as he was done, Tommy stepped up again, turning my head, looking down as my slack face, my eyes half closed in rapture, cum on my face, my lips, dripping from my chin, my pussy was soaked, my titties were sticking out from my t-shirt and he took his cock and slid it into my mouth, which completely surrendered to his demanding dick.

"Oh yeah, Jessica.that's it." hot blonde sits on a fat shaft facials and cumshot He held my head and started to move his hips.

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I let him, his cock sliding back and forth, wetly, loudly in my well used mouth. I was completely submissive now, the feelings of my own orgasm just receding, still clouding my brain as he worked his dick slowly back and forth, sliding it in deeper and deeper, as if hypnotizing me to busty teenager makes this old dude one glad camper he was doing.

"Oh yeah, Jessica.that's it." He held my head and started to move his hips. I let him, his cock sliding back and forth, wetly, loudly in my well used mouth. I was completely submissive now, the feelings of my own orgasm just receding, still clouding my brain as he worked his dick slowly back and forth, sliding it in deeper and deeper, as if hypnotizing me to what he was doing.

The other two, Hank and Timmy, sat on the couch watching as Tommy moved in and out, going deeper and deeper into my mouth. "Oh man, Jessica, that feels so good!" Hank exclaimed as I continued to suck wetly as his cock fucked my little mouth, my cheeks hollowed with suction. "Tommy, tell us when you're going to cum." Hank said as he rubbed his still soft cock. "Yeah, we want to watch it happen!" Said Tommy's brother Tim. "Rub your pussy so they can watch," Tommy whispered to me while he enjoyed my mouth.

I reached down and instead of rubbing my pussy through my panties, I reached inside and felt my sopping wet slit. It was so warm and wet and my fingers slid easily in the folds and against my clit. I must have looked like a slutty little pig to those teen boys, their cream dream cum true.

"Go deeper Jess, Please!" Tommy begged as he pushed his thing farther into my mouth. Soon all that was left was an inch or so at the bottom. So close that my nose would brush against his tummy as he slowly abused my poor mouth. With one hand still in my pussy, I reached around with my other hand and started to pull his hips deeper into my mouth.

At first there was a little gag on my part, as his dick hit the back of my mouth and eased against my throat. Each time I tried to take him deeper, I gagged a little. Tommy was still pushing against my throat when he said to his Brother and Hank, "Bill, from back home, said his friend down the block sucks his dick all the time.

He said she can go all the way to his balls when she sucks. She must be a whole bunch better at it than Jess." It was like he was challenging me. I let go of my pussy and grabbed his hip, bringing him to a halt.

I then pulled all the way back and then started down the shaft of his cock, feeling each ridge, sliding it past my bruised and puffy lips, across my little pink tongue, and to my throat. When it reached the point that it was gagging me, I relaxed and exhaled, then pushed slowly.

I could feel his cock go into my throat, I fought back a gag, as his dick filled my throat, and then I was against the root of his dick, his balls pressed against my chin and my nose bent against the peach fuzz on is stomach.

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"OMAN! I"M CUMMING!" The two boys on the couch gasped as they saw their friends dick disappear into my mouth, saw my wet face pressed to his crotch and I'm sure they saw my body quiver and shake as another little orgasm swept over me. I felt his dick throb and his stomach bunched against my forehead as the first shot of cum pulsed up the tube of his dick, against my tongue and spit up into my throat.

I realized I couldn't taste his cum this way and quickly pulled back and started sucking, so that his cum splashed over my tongue, inside my mouth, agaisnt my cheeks, over the shaft of his dick, coating it, and into my mouth where I swallowed it all. "Ohhhhhhhhh." Tommy groaned as I drained him dry.

His cock pulsed again and again, throbbing, fat and fatter in my mouth as instinctively, I reached for his balls and rubbed them, coaxing as much cum out of them as I could. And then he was done. He stood there on wobbly legs as I kissed and licked and sucked the last throbbing pulses of cum into my mouth. My face was a mess of spit, cum and sweat, my pussy a throbbing, raw, soaked mess. My t-shirt was sopping with cum and spit and my skirt had cum and saliva all over it.

I turned, my face flushed, my breathing ragged, on an emotional edge, wanting more cock, more cum, more everything. I wanted that feeling over and over. I looked at Hank, his cock still soft, and asked, "What do you want me to do to get you hard again?" Hank looked blankly at me. "I don't know Jess." He was surprised by the he question and had no idea what it would take to get his cock hard again, other than waiting. I looked quickly to the other boys.

The twins were now sitting on the couch, their flaccid cocks laying wetly between their legs. Finally Tommy looked at me, and I could see the meanness in his eyes again, like when he was twisting my taut nipples.

"Why don't you come over here and lick my balls for me Jess." his voice trailed off as I moved to him, just like I had with Jimmy that very morning, lovely gal rides pounder hard at the casting hardcore and blowjob started to lick and suck his balls. He put his hands on my head and ground his nut-sack into my mouth, laughing cruelly as he did.

"Watch this, guys!" He said as he lifted his legs so his feet were on the couch. "Lick under my balls Jess, do it now." I moved down under his balls, licking the bottom of his sack, lustilywetly, loudly. I could tell the other boys were watching closely. All I wanted was more hard dick to blow and more cum to swallow. My brain was one-tracked now. More of it all. Now I felt Tommy forcefully pushing my head down farther below his balls, his legs lifting higher.

Suddenly I realized he wanted me to lick his butt! HIS BUTT! I pulled back, getting my bearings. "What do you want me to do?" I asked Tommy, not sure if I was imagining it or not. "I want you to lick my butt, Jess. slobber all over it, that will get me hard again!" I shook my head No!

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I wasn't licking anyone's butt! "Jessyou lick my butt and theirs or I'm going to tell all your friends what you did today.

You know it will get back to your Mom and Dad, how you dressed like you did, how you blew us all. How you masturbated in front of us.

They'll." "Please don't." I begged. "Please don't tell. I'll suck you again, as much as you want, just don't tell!" I was on the verge of tears. Tommy motioned the other two boys to stand up, which they did, then at Tommy's command they dropped their shorts off and then knelt down on the couch, bent over with their butts facing me.

Tommy reached back and pulled his butt cheeks apart and looked back over his should at me, kneeling there on the floor. "Do it now, or I'm telling." I had no choice. I slowly crawled over to Tommy and put my lips to his butt hole as tears ran down my face.

Thank God, he must have showered this morning because there was only a slightly moist, musky smell. I then flicked my tongue out, my little girls face pushed between his cheeks and started to lavish spit and saliva all over his little hole. Tommy laughed cruelly then. "Oh man, you guys gotta feel this!" He reached back and pushed my head deeper into the crack of his butt, telling me to lick harder, longer, wetter.

and I did. Tommy groaned, pushing back into my face as I continued to lick and suck his butt hole. Soon he pulled away and turned around, his cock thick and hard once again. Just as I started to lean in to take his cock into my mouth, he pushed me to his Brother, telling me to lick his butt first. Once again, I pleaded, "Please, I don't want to!" "We don't care!" Came Tommy's response. "Do it or I'm going to tell!" With a whimper I moved over to Timmy, put my mouth to his butt and again started to suck and lick.

Timmy groaned long and loud and after about a minute he turned around, grabbed my head and stuck his dick in my mouth, only to start cumming wildly, almost immediately! I swallowed and slurped, loving the tasted and the texture and the throbbing cock and the warmth and everything about it.

In moments Timmy was done. I never licked Hanks butt as he was already hard and waiting. He pretty teenie opens up narrow cunt and gets devirginized up like Tommy had done and pushed his cock into my mouth, telling me to suck him like I had done to Tommy, all the way down. It would be something I would hear a lot over the coming years.

I worked my mouth up and down, going deeper and deeper until I had taken Hank to his ball, just like he wanted. He moaned a high, shrill, girlish shriek and then blew kinky gangbang featuring a shorthaired lassie creampie blonde load into my mouth as I licked and sucked and swallowed stream after stream of the wonderful stuff. After that, Timmy one more time and then the three of them really were done. I knelt there, craving more cock, craving more cum.

So far today I had taken nine loads of cum from the three of them and two more from Jimmy for a total of 11! Eleven loads of hot tasty cum!

Eleven times cocks had been in my mouth and it was only 12:30 according to the clock on the garage wall. And then I though of Jimmy! Maybe he was ready again?