Jamming huge titties asian pretty chick japanese hardcore

Jamming huge titties asian pretty chick japanese hardcore
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Edward sat at his computer screen, staring at his monitor until his eyes started to close from exhaustion. Every once in a while, he would get so horny, so desperate to experience his fantasy he would stay up all night just stroking himself and looking at porn, desperate to feel. .

. it. He had pretty much resigned himself to the fact that he was never going experience his dream come true. What was his dirty little secret? What thoughts tormented him? You see Edwards's ultimate fantasy was to become the complete strapon slut of a sexy Black woman. To have her take control, to use him and to fuck him senseless. He would masturbate and think of nothing but the seductive curves and beautiful Ebony skin of a dominant and powerful black woman and he could see the darker than midnight strapon protruding from the full hips that only a sista could possess.

His fantasies were so real, he could see himself, on his knees, with his face in the pillow, looking back with desperation in his eyes, spreading his ass cheeks, waiting for her to use his hole, to fuck him hard and make his scream like a bitch. He could hear himself begging and whimpering to get fucked, for her to do it harder, for her to use his slutty asscunt for her pleasure, using his body like a toy with little regard for his façade of manhood.

He wanted his asshole to be left open and sore as a sign that he had been thoroughly fucked. One night, Edward was dirty whore milf pounding act japanese hardcore, looking for someone local to chat with that would be able to help him get off, someone that he could tell his secrets to, and maybe even meet up with and help him fulfill his fantasies.

He had gotten out all the things he needed: a towel, some lube, and his favorite butt plug. It was his favorite because it was big enough to hit his spot and keep him horny but small enough that he could sit back on it without any discomfort.

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He was searching for local profiles for women with the interest of strapons and the heavens smiled down upon him. He found a profile that was surely too good to be true.

There was an incredible black woman milf mona and candence goes pussy licking and tribbing suggested very subtly that she was capable of fucking any man she wanted senseless and leave him begging for more. He decided the best route to take with her would be to send her a polite but discrete message saying, "Hi, I saw your profile and I thought it was quite interesting, I see that we are in the same town and I was wondering if you'd like to chat." There was no response for at least a minute and he was just about to give up hope and a message popped across his screen saying, "Chat about what specifically?" His heart raced momentarily and he got a thrill and he quickly typed his response.

"Oh nothing, whatever's on your mind." Again, there was no immediate response but Edward was stroking himself harder, rolling his balls around in his fingers, trying to work that butt plug in his ass more by grinding in the chair.

"I don't have time for idle chit chat, tell me what specifically you want to chat about or get lost." He started to type something and the he changed his mind. His heart felt like it was pounding out of his chest and his asshole was throbbing. Finally, he sent a one-word reply, "STRAPONS." He could tell she was typing a response and he was so turned on and they hadn't really even discussed anything yet. "Listen, you have exactly ten seconds to tell me SPECIFICALLY what you want to discuss or you will become a member of my very esteemed ignore list, along with other dipshits that have wasted my time." Almost before he could form the thoughts in his mind, he typed, "I've always fantasized about a gorgeous black woman using a strapon and fucking me.

I saw your profile and I couldn't help but send you a message. You seem so powerful, so sexy, something about you just made me want to be your little boy toy and have you fuck my asshole until I'm screaming. I know you probably have someone that you already fuck so I guess I just wanted to say that he's a lucky man." His breathing was heavy now and was playing with his nipples, and spreading his legs in order to feel slutty. Something about her was manipulating him through his computer screen.

"Is your pussy experienced," she asked? "No, I've never had anything back there before but I think about it a lot," he lied. He could feel his ass lips gripping that butt plug as she was staring at the screen, waiting for a response. He grabbed the base of it and was fucking himself, feeling that surge of pleasure every time it hit his spot, imagining what it would be like to get his hole fucked beyond his wildest dreams.

"Too bad, I was really in the mood for some boipussy tonight and my dick is really hard but I don't fuck newbies, I only deal with real sluts that can take every inch of my strapon and beg for more." FUCK, why had he lied? He could have kicked himself for not telling her the truth but there was this part of him that wanted to hold onto his image of masculinity, the notion that he was totally virgin, even though he was fucking himself as they chatted.

With humility and respect, he replied, "I wasn't being very truthful. Nozomi nishiyama spreads her legs for a cunnilingus and sucks a dick have never had a black woman do me in real life, but I do sometimes fuck myself." Again, there was no response for a long time and finally, he saw she was typing a response.

"If you think you can take all my strapon, every inch, if you think you can get dicked deep and hard and still not be satisfied, meet me at the 1831 Walnut Street in one hour, be ready to have your fantasies fulfilled." Edward felt like he was going to faint. There was no way in hell he could go through with it.

He didn't know her name. It could be a set up, she could be out to rob him, hurt him. It was after 2 AM, there was no way he could do it.

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And even with all of his reservations, he found himself sitting in the driveway of the address in less than an hour, stroking his cock and telling himself that he should turn around and go home.

He knocked on the door and within seconds it opened. She stood before him and he almost couldn't believe his eyes. She was breathtaking. She was wearing a black leather bustier that pushed up her magnificent breasts and she was wearing a strapon dildo that stuck straight out from her body.

She didn't even ask his name, she just invited him in and said, "Follow me to the bedroom." He could hear his heartbeat pounding in his ears and his cock was so hard it was dripping. Once in the bedroom, he was told to undress. He did and she just watched him as he nervously folded his clothes. She told xxx forner girls sunny liyon to bend over and she pulled his asscheeks apart and inspected him like a piece of meat.

She must have been pleased because he could hear her moaning a little. "I want it three ways," she said. "I want you on your knees with me banging you from behind, I want you to ride it and ride it hard while you are on top, and I want to finish off by you holding your legs open and me pounding your hole while I look you in the face while fuck you on your back. Got it?" He wanted to ask her name or what to call her but he didn't dare. Instinctively, he got on his knees and looked up at her before he started sucking that strapon.

He was using skills he didn't even know he had, deepthroating it, sucking it, getting it wet. She was fucking his face hard, making him choke, and ramming it harder than she should have. Ed was in heaven. Get on the bed now! Spread your cheeks and get ready for the ride of a lifetime. He did as he was told and he got scared again for a moment. What if he couldn't take it? What if it was going to hurt too much? He didn't have much time to think about it because he felt the head of the 8-inch dildo at his asshole, pushing in.

He shut his eyes tightly and felt it sink in, There wasn't any pain at all, it was just overwhelming pleasure. It was what he had waited forever for. He felt her soft hands grab his hips and he felt her pushing august ames my sister hot friend and deeper inside him. "Oooooo shit. Damn your pussy feels good. It's so tight.

Yeah, you little slut, take my big dick. Show me you love it cunt. Ride it. Yeah, tell me how good it feels." She was out of control. She started pounding him harder and he was feeling so much pleasure he thought for a minute he might pass out.

She was manipulating and controlling his body, using him and he loved it. He was stroking himself but it was evident that all his pleasure was coming from his man pussy. She was slapping his ass now, hard, giving him sensations he'd never dreamt of before. He could feel the head of that dick deep inside him in a place that forbidden and dirty and he wanted more. He could feel her thighs on the backs of his legs. She pushed him off her and his hole was empty and he cried out for more like a wounded animal.

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"Fuck MEEEE," he screamed She lay on the bed and he climbed on top of her. Awesome girlie knows how to play with shafts hardcore creampie positioned the dildo at his hole and he slid down on it in one motion, taking it to the balls.

He started riding it, proud to show off what a cheap tramp he was. "You like that bitch? You like feeling like a woman with my big hard Black cock shoved in your slutty cunt? Let me see you suck it. Suck all that assjuice off that prick that's been deep in your ass. Show me what a nasty little whore you are. Show me that you'll do anything to get this big hard Black dick shoved up your asshole. You make my cock feel so good." She was relentless and he loved every second.

By the time they had shifted positions where he was on his back, the roomed smelled like sweat and fucking. She made him beg for it before she put it back in. He was practically crying. "Please, I need it, I need your black cock in my white slutty hole. Fuck me, make me your bitch, show me what a sissy faggot I am. I need this. Use me. Turn me out. SHOVE YOUR FUCKING DICK IN ME NOW DAMN YOU. Cant you see I'm a horny white slut that loves getting fucked?" He was holding his legs open and she was staring down at him and he felt so dirty.

She took careful aim and drove every inch in one last time. He could see her beautiful tits swaying and the sweat on her chocolate colored skin. He could feel the weight of her body pressing into him and he grabbed his cock and started stroking it. She leaned close and whispered in his ear. "MMMM, I can't get enough of this sexy pussy. Yeah, bitch, I'm going to cum. I'm going to shoot my cum deep in your hot wet twat, is that what you want? You want me to make you pregnant?

Yeah, I bet you wish it was a real cock, don't you? Oh Shit, take it you fucking cunt. Oh shit I'm cumming." Edward took a deep breath and tried to collect himself.

He took the towel and wiped off all the cum that he had shot, pulled out the butt plug, put his things away, and turned off his computer, and crawled into bed. His fantasy lover had satisfied his desires again and he would call on her again on another night when he was obsessed with the ultimate black strapon domme.

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