Linet slag two cocks in the booty

Linet slag two cocks in the booty
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Authors note: a comment in my rewritten chapter 2 informed me that the father was extremely mom and old man fuk in the rewrite.

That was my intention I want to give the reader the feeling of unease when his parts come up as he is meant to be a dark character with hidden ambitions. The comment also said that the sister never confessed but she did she confessed in chapter 1 which has had no changes at all to it chapter one is still the same.

As usual this story contains themes that some may not like such as young, incest, mind control, and possibly bestiality down the road somewhere. I mentioned in sex dot xxx black cuht story previous chapter that for that one and this one there would be no sex so I can develop my characters and the story more I would like to inform you that there will be a sex scene contained within this chapter but it will be near or at the end.

thank you and enjoy. P.S. While I was writing this someone asked if I was from Alabama because they know somebody who could help with grammar and editing. I just wanted to let you know I do not live in Alabama but thank you for the offer.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = "The strongest race? Is that a racist joke or something?" "oh my god please tell me your not serious. God dammit I didn't know you knew nothing! if I knew that I wouldn't have taken this shitty job.

OK so how much do you know?" she said while placing her head into her palms and sighing. "know about what?" "you! Ya retard how much do you know of your situation?" I sat there for a second just drowning out the insults she kept throwing my way and said "umm I know I'm something called a creator and that there are guys looking for me." she sighed even heavier at this.

"Are you fuckin serious kid is that really all you really know?" " I told you that's all I know!" I said with a hint of annoyance "is there something else I should know or something?" "Yeah a whole lotta something else but seriously this is one of the shittiest requests I've gotten in a long time hold on a sec let me read over the whole spiel they want you to say if someone coming into magic doesn't know." she pops a piece of paper out from nowhere.

"alright lets see … here we go" she clears her throat loudly before reading it aloud. "to the new user of magic presented to us today we the council would like to congratulate you on being able to attain your magic powers, your eyes will be opened to a whole new world before you, things that were believed to be myths and legends are in fact real; monsters such a vampires, demons, sirens, succubus, werewolf's, chupacabra's, witches and wizards such as yourselves, centaurs and cyclops and many more.

This may be a shock to you, you most likely don't even believe me but it is indeed true. Us and the many other races have battled for many centuries. The battle which still rages to this very day, and as of this day you are now allied with the magic alliance we look forward to your work with us.

Bine aÈ›i venit în lumea nouÄ&fnof. "of course that's only if you were a wizard and not a creator so no worries about joining our alliance" she said sounding more like she was reassuring herself and not me. I stood there dumbfounded she expected me to believe that creature of myth exist and roam around today.

"What normal person would believe this?" I thought to myself but then again after all that's happened recently it wouldn't be passed me to believe that it was true either. "Ok so what if all this is true huh what then? How are you supposed to train me when were not the same race?" " I was just about to get to that part the creators are a special case when it comes to training a creator.

To be honest I wouldn't even call you a creator I would call you a created." "why created" I asked honestly curious. "well the creators is a race that can master any races ability once taught it so technically the creators don't have there own powers they just take everybody else's powers.

meaning that their powers are "created" from everything else." "so wait does that mean that the training I'll be getting from you will be training to learn magic?" "hey look you're actually keeping along you have more brain cells than I gave you credit for, but my training is technically only 1/10 of your training." "1/10! why only 1/10 and why?" " I don't even know why I'm being asked to train you it doesn't really make any sense to train a loser like you anyways, but as to why 1/10 its because I'm not the only race that's going to teach you your gonna learn from the big ten races" "the big ten races?

Which ones are they?" "well the races in the big ten would be the: witches and wizards, werewolf's, Succubi, Elves, centaurs, Vampires, Phoenix's, hydra, dragons, and the nephilim.

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Just to inform you so I don't deal with another freakout. All of these creatures assume there human forms. some of these myths aren't even true such as the succubus for instance.

It's said the succubus race is made of all females which isn't true at all. some iterations will tell you the male counterpart is called an incubus not true either The succubus is a race not a gender. It also says succubi suck the life out of men they make love to not true they can but only if they choose to. One true thing would happen to be a succubi kiss, when a succubus kisses someone the person they kiss becomes there slave and will do anything they're asked of." "Ok thank you?

Whats with the sudden class about succubi though?" "well it wasn't really for you I'd say more for your eavesdropping guest over there. Come on out I know your there." she yelled towards the kitchen. "wait what there's a succubus here!" I did a quick 180 and what I saw surprised me. I saw ms. Cox slowly come around the corner between beauteous girl licks cock previous to anal bang kitchen and the living room and she stood there not saying a word.

"Ms. Cox? Shes not a succubus shes been my nurse for years" I said while turning around "right Ms. Cox?" she didn't say anything. "Debra? Your not a succubus right?" "go on tell him" the girl said.

"Alex she's telling the truth I'm a succubus" she said with her head hanging down. This confession hit me hard. She was the nurse who always took care of me when I was a kid she was the kind nurse that told me I was her favorite. She was the nurse I had slept with the day before. Then I realized. "yesterday when we had sex is this the reason I couldn't kiss you?" she nodded her head but still kept her head down as well.

"I didn't want to control you. I like you just they way you are I don't want to change who you are, but that's not all Alex what you've been calling me isn't even my real name my real name is willow, succubi don't have last names our race deems it unnecessary so we have to make a name up to survive in the real world.

I'm sorry I lied to you Alex I'm so so sorry" she said as she started sobbing.

The name I thought was funny didn't even exist, but even as Pti patni xxx story sex stories was angry and confused at her I just couldn't stand to watch her cry. I walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her in a tight comforting hug.

I didn't say a word as she wept into my shirt soaking the fabric. When she finally calmed down and looked up into my eyes she just said. "I'm sorry please don't be angry with me" "perfect you can train him first" the redhead said from across the room.

In unison Debra or should I say Willow and me both went "What?!" "yeah you should train him first the records on the creators always said that learning the succubi powers were always the easiest race to learn so it makes sense doesn't it" "b-but I don't even know how to show him my powers".

"oh that's easy the records simply say that they kissed to exchange there powers" "b-but I cant I'd control him if I did" "would you just shut up and kiss! Seriously trust me" still in the hug I looked down at her in my arms and gave her a smile as I said " don't worry I'll be fine you can trust me right?" "y-yes but its my." she started turning bright red. "you don't mean to tell me this is your first ever kiss do you!?" I studdered "yes" she said in a quite almost mousy voice.

I placed my finger underneath her chin and lifted her face up to mine and slowly tilted and leaned my head towards hers as I pursed my lips, as willow reciprocated almost every action of mine until I felt her soft delicate virgin lips on mine. Then there was this sudden flash of light in our heads as if fireworks just blew up right in front of us. The flash was gone almost as soon as it came. Our lips still pressed together she started to melt into my arms from just this innocent simple kiss.

We pulled away as I looked into her beautiful eyes. "that was wonderful does that happen every time?" she asked with a big grin. "well most of it the big flash there normally doesn't happen" I chuckled lightly "so try him out see if it work of if he's yours rich babes fuck their well hung bodyguards command" "ummm … kiss my hand" she said while holding out her palm. I stood still for a second then yelled "yes mistress!" then began to kiss all up and down her hand.

The look on the two girls face was to say priceless they looked absolutely horrified. I started to laugh out loud really hard". Willows look of horror quickly turned to relief. "you little bastard! You don't know how worried I was dammit I thought I actually did" the red headed girl was still on the couch but laughing along with me.

"hahaha I'm sorry I just couldn't resist it was to good to pass by" she punched me lightly but began to laugh as well. As soon as we all calmed down from our laughter I turned to the read head and said. "you know I sunny lone saxy bf vedio haven't learned your name yet" "oh my name my name is melody, melody Stevens " she said with a matter o'fact grin. Just then my sister comes down the hall and walks into the room rubbing her still sleepy eyes.

"whats going on why are you so loud this early?" Alex looked at the clock and was surprised it was only 8:45 in the morning. Melody leaned into my ear and whispered "why don't you try your powers out on her you don't have secretaries get drilled by their hung boss even kiss her to do what you say just give her a slight mental nudge" I thought about and just said "aw why the hell not" I concentrated on Anna for a moment and sent the thought "your still very tired you didn't see anything go back to sleep" sending it almost felt as second nature to him as moving his right arm.

Anna blinked a few times then turned around and walked back down the hall to her bedroom her door shutting letting us know we could continue our conversation. Willow turned to look at me with shock on her face. "what?

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Did I do something wrong?" "No that"s exactly it you did nothing wrong you did it perfectly. It takes succubi years before they can send SMALL mental nudges to people, but you commanded somebody to forget and to go to sleep.

You don't understand how amazing that is. You could probably make anybody do anything for you without ever having to kiss!" then a thought struck me "wait you said anybody a succubi kisses becomes there slave does that mean I cant kiss anybody because of this unless I want a slave" "no no that's not it at all remember when I said that creators mastered the abilities they copy, well you still have to train no matter what but creators become much stronger in a quicker amount of time compared to other races, but with the succubi kiss there's new rap story xxx 2019 training needed cause its all mental" I sighed in relief after hearing this news and suddenly got very happy at the prospect of the powers I just attained.

"uh oh I know that look said Willow he wants to go try it out" "huh I see not also a retard but a pervert as well yep should've expected this much" she sighed "well have fun when you go out there.

Its like a whole new world to you with those powers you have now" she chuckled.

Her laugh was definitely suspicious but I ignored it as I headed out my front door to the drive way. I had just been given a free pass to go and I wasn't gonna shun it. "oh hello Alex" I heard as I walked out I recognized the voice as old Mrs. Adams next door she was a sweet old lady always handed out cookies to the neighbor hood kids.

As I looked over to wave to her I froze and swear my balls went back inside to hide as I had the loudest scream ever. "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!" I screamed as I ran back inside and slammed the door shut behind me. What I saw was not old Mrs. Adams but more like a giant snake with arms wearing an old apron. When I calmed down the girls were both on the floor laughing there ass's off "hahahahaha that was the best oh my gorgeous babe is on top of wild pleasures hardcore blowjob I'm crying, I'm literally crying" she said as she fanned her face with her hands.

"what the fuck was that thing" I yelled not really in the mood for laughter as they continued rolling on the floor. melody calmed down and wiped away a few tears from her eyes as she spoke " remember the piece of paper informing you of the world you remember the words at the end? No? Well let me read e'm again "Bine aÈ›i venit în lumea nouă" it means welcome to the new world in Romanian its a spell that grants new people there eyes to see the world as it truly is showing you what some people really look like.

Now shouldn't you go out there and apologize to your confused neighbor?" I stood there for a minute letting that sink in "there's a lot I'm gonna need to get used to and shes right I should apologize." I thought to myself.

I walked back out the front door and saw Mrs. Adams or giant snake version standing there with what I assumed was a confused look on her face. "Alex are you alright son" she asked worried but all I saw tied up slave face fucked by bbc her forked snake tongue come out every time she spoke.

"um yeah I'm fine I'm sorry for that. How do I explain it I guess you could say I got my eyes today" "Oh! Alex I didn't know you were a creature how exciting now tell me what race are you!?" she asked with an excited tone in her voice as her tongue flicked in and out faster. "I'm a creator" I said nervously "Oooooh a creator now that is a rare breed I think the last time I saw your kind was I think about 600 years ago" "600 years how old are you!?" I asked in shock "oh Alex didn't anyone ever tell you to never ask a girl that" she chuckled "but I'll give you a hint I'm still under a thousand still a child really." "a child I wouldn't say that" I thought.

"well it was nice talking with you Mrs. Adams I said as I walked over to the car waving good by as I left. I drove north to the mall it took me almost an hour to find a parking spot but I didn't really care because that just meant more people to try my new power out on. I walked into the crowed mall making my way to the food court to look for people to try out on.

On my way to there I noticed there were a lot of different species of creature roaming around still surprising me still not used to monsters in my previously human world but then I thought I'm not exactly human either am I? It was a weird thought that I wasn't human it didn't really affect my like I thought it might I still felt human, and as any sappy movie will tell you your heart will tell you the answer and I was told I was human albeit a much stronger human.

I finally found an empty table in the middle of the food court and sat down at it scoping out the area not knowing the full extent of my powers or what I could really do with them this could be seen as a good field test.

I saw a table in the center of the food court containing three girls sitting at it none to fairly amazing but none bad looking either. I began to think I could use this distance at our tables to test out how far my power would go before stopping " I reached out a simple command first I made the one on the right of the table scratch her nose. I waited a second and there it was she was scratching her nose but it could just be a coincidence I thought.

I sent out a another command to her to make her scratch her stomach, right shoulder, and nose again then flash me the piece sign and boom there it happened again she did all in the exact sequence and flashed the piece sign as well. I was giddy with excitement the table couldn't have been more than 50 yards away so I know I'm at least ok at this distance. For some fun later I sent all three family strokes nephew and aunt mom crony companions daughter fuck monster cock stepdads of a mental note with my address on it for them to come over when they need a good fuck I also conditioned them to think It was acceptable to come to my house a complete stranger to them.

I got up from the table and knew where my next location would be I was heading over to hot topic. See my best friend named Kara worked there and I've always had the hots for her. So I wanted to see if maybe I could start something with her with this ability of mine.

I walked into the store and running the register was just a small fox with a bunch of tales sleeping lazily on the counter I ignored the fox just figuring it was another creature in this new world. I looked around the store but didn't see a sign of her anyways so I thought maybe I should ask the fox maybe it knows if shes working today. I walked back up to the counter and shook the fox slightly trying to wake it from its slumber. Then suddenly out of its sleep it sprung to life. "I swear boss I didn't fall asleep on the counter again I was only resting my eyes for a second!!" the voice sounded familiar but I just couldn't point it out.

The tiny fox looked around then looked at me and said "oh its only you I thought it was my boss phew" "yeah well have you seen Kara today is she working?" the fox looked at me for a second and said "Alex are you ok you feeling alright? I'm sitting right here" "What?

What do you mean?" "wait a second Alex your eyes!! your a creature too oh my god why didn't you tell me!?!!" the fox said in a happily excited manner. "wait? Kara?" I said looking down at the small wolf. Now I know why the voice was familiar that voice was Kara's! "yup in the fur" she said giving a little twirl. A little shocked that the girl I like was now a tiny fox although a cute fox. "umm sorry I just got my eyes so I didn't recognize you" I said shaking my head.

"oooohhh so your new to this world huh? Must be quite a shock I can imagine. But you know you can turn them off right?" "wait what I can?" "of course there's a reason creatures dress as humans you know.

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Here I'll show you how this time on the house." she taught me how to change my eyes back which wasn't as hard as I thought It would be. I blinked a few times and smiled. Now in front of my eyes was the cute short haired brunette with pink stripes on some of the bangs. that I remember she wore and torn up kiss t-shirt you know the one that's all black and has the lips and tongue on the back and short cutoff denim jeans.

"hey hey now don't stare to long you'll make a girl have a complex or something" she said while blushing. I started to blush as well from being caught. She leaned over the counter and asked. "so what race are you?" I chuckled a bit at this since this isn't the first time I've been asked that question. "I'm a creator" I said matter o'factly. "funny but no seriously what are you vampire, werewolf, wizard?" "no seriously I'm a creator no joking" "wow seriously that's some cool shit, The creators are a rare occurrence nowadays.

Your bloodlines on its last ropes I bet." "well I'm not really sure about that' I said to her and truthfully I didn't, I didn't know much about anything but I know even less about the creators.

"well hey I'm about to go on break wanna join me?" "sure" I said happy that she asked me to come along "this is kinda like a date you know without all the fun stuff". I thought to myself. We went back to the food court and had conversations about nothing really important just enjoying each others company. " I guess I was wrong" I thought " this is fun". "so what races powers do you have" she asked me out of nowhere while I was drinking my soda causing me to accidentally spray fanta all over her.

"oh shit! I'm so sorry her ill go get you some paper towels" I said as I ran over to get them but she stopped me and grabbed my arm. "no its ok no worries really but I … really need you to come with me" she said her cheeks turning flush "is she getting horny I thought to myself impossible what girl gets horny when a guy practically spits on her in front of a bunch of people" I thought to myself as we rushed back to hot topic.

When we got back she took me to the back and shoved me into one of the changing room and came in with me. "ugh I need these clothes off help me please" she looked into my eyes pleading. I was curious but I was never one to deny a girl her request damn my horny nature. I started striping off her pants while she ripped off her shirt and bra in one fell swoop then she looked at me and said " all of it I need all of it off even the panties". I was getting hard quick as I crouched down to pull off her panties but by the look in her eyes she wanted them off now so I ripped her panties off of her right there and when I did so she let out a low quiet moan.

"what are you doing take off your pants!" she yelled while fumbling with my belt when she finally got it undone she grabbed the hem of my pants and pulled everything off immediately.

She stared at my hard-on before moaning into my ear. "I need this beast in me now!" she turned around and presented her ass to me hands and face against the wall in front of her. I grabbed her by the hips and thrust hard into her as she let out a low guttural moan as I kept pounding into her wet soft pussy, Her breathing getting more ragged and she turned tattooed babe getting fucked hard by a dick head back and we started kissing passionately while she moaned into our mouths our tongues wrestling each other for dominance neither one giving up exploring every corner of our mouths as I pounded into her hard and fast soliciting a long moan each time I bottomed out in her.

"oh god I'm cumming" she yelled through our kiss. I pounded into her faster and faster thrusting my monster deeper into her awaiting cavity. "oh god here it comes!!" she moaned as her whole body tensed up her pussy squeezed around my shaft with incredible pressure. I moaned as well as I felt my oncoming orgasm and at the last second I pulled out and she fell to her knees as I came all over her face and tits.

When it was all done and over with I leaned on the wall behind me and slid down. "oh man that was amazing I haven't had a good fuck like that in a while and I think I found out what powers you got right now too" "oh really care to enlighten us oh mystical one" I said as a joke "well its easy you got succubus powers" I'm actually surprised she got it right "how did you know?" "easy when you spit on me it made me extremely horny only one aphrodisiac is that strong and that's succubus spit" oh now it all makes sense "so does this mean it was a one time thing?" "God I hope not!" we both laughed at this "but seriously I really hope not." "so what does that make us then?" I asked genuinely interested.

"lets just say for now fuck buddies but play your cards right and you might just get the whole shebang" she said with a wink.

Afterwords we both got dressed and even shared in a nice innocent kiss (we didn't want to use tongue cause of the whole succubus spit thing.) and we parted ways until next time I gotta say I left that mall the happiest I've ever been.

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