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Milf wants big dick to get fucked hard
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I really want to thank you all for the positive support of my first story. I worked a little harder and tried to catch more of my spelling errors and I tried not to rely on spell check so much to catch my mistakes. A little side note there isn't a lot of sex in this story either as I wanted to build the story first. I do hope you enjoy this next installment, and remember all feed backs are welcomed and taken. A lot of things ran through my mind as I waited for the signal of the ambush.

Mainly being the situation I currently found myself in. I am stuck in a foreign land, and no real clue on how I am supposed to get back home. The people that found me, has made a deal with me. I am to help then in a plot to over assassinate the current ruler of Shtrayu Empire for the chance that they will send me back to my home.

Another thing is the fact that somehow I can pilot this huge and strange robot called a Scared Mechanoid with just the thoughts from my mind. To be honest, it's almost too surreal I was actually piloting the mechanoid. Almost every morning I expect to wake up in my grandparent's cabin and found out this was all a dream. What I have gathered so far, the mechanoids move with the when a compatible pilot touches the cocoon of the dormant mechanoid and they unite with the mechanoid.

The controls are operated by two orbs on both sides of the pilot's chair that help link the pilot's mind with the mechanoid. They are powered with an energy call Aho. I guess it is some kind of radiation in the air that is not lethal but it does take a special type of person to use mechanoids do to the pilot's resistance to the Aho energy.

The Aho is collected from the air and used by the Aho reactor generators. It seems like mostly women have this resistance and very few men. The mechanoids themselves are a sight of wonder and amazement. They start out as robotic skeleton frames surrounded by this clear cocoon. As a pilot enters the cocoon they are surrounded by a bubble and lifted through the cocoon into the robot skeleton's chest.

The rest of the cocoon material becomes the mechanoid's armor, and from what I have seen no two mechanoids are the same. I'm guessing here but since connected to good looking babe jumps on a dick pilot's mind the mechanoids take on the pilot's personality, talent, or strengths. These Scared Mechanoids are used as weapons of mass destruction because of the power they wield.

One mechanoid could easily wipe out an army without much effort. Doll told me that is why there is a limited number of mechanoids accessible to each empire. That number is controlled by the Church of the Holy Lands.

She also explained that when a mechanoid pilot isn't recruited by a military or empire beauti xxx sex stories college xxx are none as ronin pilots. Many are skilled enough or have a low endurance to the Aho energy.

To add on mother in law saw my penis else was the whole assassination plot I was a part of. Getting myself mixed up in killing a queen of the empire just so I could go home wasn't sitting too well with me.

This went against everything I was ever taught by everyone from my grandparents, my mother, and my sensei teachings. The fear of never going home or seeing any of family and friends ever again was just too painful. So, I rationalized my part in this coup d'état in being I was just a diversionary tactic for the man in the mask to kill the queen.

I was to distract the queen's body guard and draw her into a fight away from the queen. I didn't have to do any of the killings. Doll, the green haired beautiful girl who piloted the black mechanoid, was to support us from the air with a long ranged riffle and make sure no one interfered from outside of the ambush zone.

Damn it, and then there was Doll. She had been my teacher and trainer in use of the mechanoid. She was actually the only one that I had any real interactions with for several weeks. Sure, there were others that would spare with me with mechanoids but I rarely got to talk with any of them. I knew I was starting to have strong feelings for her to the point of fantasizing about being with her most of the time.

Then to have been caught by her as I was jacking off mortified me. I'm such an idiot for doing that before this mission. Then to make matters even worse were the cramps in my stomach and the cold sweat pouring from my body.

I figured it was just nerves play havoc with me before the fight was to begin. I began to meditate and slow my breathing down. I needed to get a hold of myself so I don't screw up my one chance at going home. I didn't want to die on this world or go back to that prison cell. "Kenneth, get ready the ship is about in range. You will go on my signal and attack the ship to draw out the queen's body guard." The man in the mask commanded.

I powered up my Scared Mechaniod and watched as my displays came into mom your boobs are big to see a floating island with a castle built towards the rear of the ship. The ship had to be around a quarter mile long. The bottom of the island looked to be rock. The island castle almost seemed like it was pulled from the ground and fitted with these engines on each side.

When the ship was the predetermined spot I began my attack. I took off in the air and headed straight for the front of the castle at full speed. Now was the time to take my destiny in my own hands and do what I needed to do to get back home. Nothing was going to stop me from my goal.

As she boarded the Swan, Queen Lasharra was mostly pleased with the way the crowning ceremony. Since the death of her parents, everything in her life had unraveled. The Prime Minister Babalun Mest had stepped in and taken control of the empire while she was attending the Holy Land Academy. She had just started her 9 grade classes when the accident happened. Lasharra had taken off school so she could return home to be crowned the queen in front of the empire.

Lord Babalun had suggested that this would help the people unite under the government's leadership. The crowning ceremony would also assure the other empires of their strength. Just because the Shtrayu Empire had lost the former rulers their daughter was more than capable in ruling the empire into the future. She was very much honored the Pope of the Holy Lands allowed her to take the Scared Mechalord and use it in her crowning ceremony.

The Scared Mechalord was a very ancient and powerful mechanoid built by an ancient race called the Senshi. It was very rare for the Scared Mechalord to be used outside of the Holy Lands Academy where it was usually stored.

The Swan took off and set its coarse back to the Holy Lands Academy. Queen Lasharra was very anxious in getting back the academy for a couple reasons. The first was to return the Scared Mechalord and the burden of having such an ancient relic aboard her ship. The second was the feeling that forces were beginning to move in and take the crown from her as well as her life.

Babalun was not a man she trusted completely. She had heard rumors about him wanting to have the crown for himself, but she had nothing to support those rumors. As a Prime Minister, Babalun was very good at his job over seeing the country while Queen Lasharra was away attending school.

She also knew that keeping him in the position would be easier to keep tabs on him. If he was planning something the world's spotlight would be on him at all times. Babalun couldn't just seize power outright without the watchful eyes of the other nations or causing a civil war in the Shtrayu Empire. Since leaving the Shtrayu boarders and crossing into Shurifon Kingdom Lasharra felt a bit more at easy.

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She didn't think anyone would be foolish enough to attack her ship in Shurifon Empire. The dark elf race was ferociously territorial about their lands. The king had given her safe passage through his territory. She also knew Princess Aura Shurifon would be on patrol and she would be meeting up with her to escort her on the final leg into the Holy Lands and finally the Holy Land Academy. Lasharra and her entourage had gathered in the hanger bay looking over the Scared Mechalord when the alarm sounded.

They were under attack by an unknown Scared Mechanoid. Chiaia Flan ran to the window of the hanger bay to see if she could recognize the mechanoid. As she saw it come into view she gasped at seeing a solid white mechanoid. To her memory, a white mechanoid has never been recorded or heard of until now.

She turned to Lasharra to explain the situation of the white mechanoid attack on the Swan when it was rocked by explosions. "We would like you to capture this white mechanoid pilot to question her Chiaia. So do be careful in not banging her up too badly." Lasharra told her bodyguard.

"We have several questions to ask her about this attack." Lasharra continued. "As you wish your majesty." Chiaia answered crossing her fist over her heart in a salute. Chiaia ran across the hang disrobing her uniform she was wearing revealing a body suit that showed off her amazingly tight body.

Her red hair and bright green eyes seemed to top off the rest of her 5'4 tall 110 frame. Her 36c breast seemed to be barely contained in the mechanoid pilot's suit. Chiaia placed her hand against her Scared Mechanoid's cocoon and she entered into the bubble that took her into its cockpit. After her mechanoid finished with its transformation it stood up. Chiaia's mechanoid was an elegant rose pink colored cross between a humanoid and a fox.

The long bushy tail of the mechanoid was a lighter shade of pink as were the ears of the mechanoid. Chiaia pick up her sword then proceeded to exited the hangar and complete her mission of capturing the mysterious white mechanoid's pilot. She was very confident in her abilities as a Scared Mechanoid pilot since she was in the top of her class at the academy.

There were very few pilots that could make her in a one on one dual. Legal age teenager has pleasure sucking and riding, she was to be knighted as a Scared Mechamaster upon her return to the academy. She flew out the hangar and chased the white mechanoid to the front of the ship and where she engaged the attacker. Chiaia got a better look at the white mechanoid noticing the long horn on top of its head and thick tail.

Even standing across from her the mechanoid took up a strange fighting stance as they each sized each other up. Chiaia announced to the mysterious pilot if she was willing to surrender peacefully no harm would come to her. After a brief standoff between the two Scared Mechanoid pilots neither mechanoid moved. Chiaia not being one to hold back in a fight lunged forward with her first strike hoping to catch the white mechanoid off guard or the very least judge her opponent's abilities.

They easily blocked her attack with its sword and using their free hand gave a quick but powerful grab to Chiaia's midsection. Chiaia jumped back to avoid the blow and revaluate her assailant. Running at her the white mechanoid spun at the last second bringing it sword down at her in a board high arch that took every bit of her skills to block.

Many lesser pilots would have been crushed with such a fierce attack. Chiaia knew right then her opponent was no mere ronin mechanoid pilot. From the last few seconds of this battle she knew whoever this girl was, she turned out be an elite mechanoid pilot, and that this threat was very serious. Chiaia also knew that this wasn't going to be an easy fight, nor was she so confident on its outcome anymore.

She fired a small wrist laser at the white mechanoid in hopes of landing a stunning blow with her next attack. As the laser beam hit a bright light showed the shadow of the mechanoid, and Chiaia seize opportunistic moment and attack the white mechanoid with a crossing slash, but it didn't hit anything where not but a milliseconds the white mechanoid stood. As the light dimmed she didn't see any signs of the mechanoid.

When a glimmer of light reflected off the sword making her look up and the white mechanoid came down from the air with another mighty blow that brought Chiaia's mechanoid to its knees. As the fighting outside commenced the masked man in his blue Scared Mechanoid entered the hanger in search of the Queen Lasharra.

Standing by the Scared Mechalord on the second level was Lasharra and Ulyte Mesut. Ulyte Mesut was one of the Holy Land Academy's most popular teachers as well as Babalun's younger brother.

The mysterious blue mechanoid raised it shield and sword for the attack that would amazing students love parties girlfriend and hardcore their mission. He first fired a stun beam into Ulyte so that it didn't look like he was anyway related to this assassination. "Who are you and who ordered you to attack us?" Queen Lasharra demanded the blue mechanoid.

"Prepare to die Lasharra." The mask man in the blue mechanoid answered. Lasharra took that time to try and escape around the Scared Mechalord only to be blocked by the blue mechanoid's attack.

Outside the fighting intensified as Chiaia was firing a barrage of laser blast at the white mechanoid. The white mechanoid dodge all of the laser blast but was becoming more aggressive with its attacks that it was all Chiaia could do to keep a little distance between them.

The blue mechanoid started to bring down his sword to kill Lasharra. The white mechanoid outside seemed to power up for its next attack. This caused a trigger in the Scared Mechalord to give out a thunderous growl taking everyone by surprise. The Scared Mechalord has never reacted or been powered up since its discovery. This distraction was all green armored mechanoid need to ram the blue mechanoid out of the way allowing Lasharra to escape further into the ship.

Stunned and off balanced the mask man yelled out, "The Scared Mechalord? What is happening, and where did that other mechanoid come from? There was only supposed to be one mechanoid on the Swan!" Wahanly Shume was a mechanic and inventor that came from the Barrier Workshop where she worked with Chiaia's father Naua Flan. She had attained the queen's coronation and hitched a ride with her friend Lasharra back to the academy. Wau to her friends stood about 5'5 and weighed about 110 pounds.

Her complexion was very soft and smooth and her purple hair gave her a pixie quality about her. Her breast was 34b and the rest of her body was very slender. Wahanly's mechanoid was what you expect a mechanic to look like. It was brown and heavily armored.

Though it was surprising agile with many extras Wahanly personally invented. Proud of herself Wahanly turn back around facing the blue mechanoid readying her lance as it turned its chick with huge titties fucks on webcam for the money to her. "Oh yeah, I just rescued Queen Lasharra like a pro!" she exclaimed.

"Point totally scored for me." She continued. The mask man scanned the area looking for the last chance in assassinating Lasharra saw her disappear into the build out of reach. "Lasharra has escaped! How dare you get in my way with such and inferior mechanoid? Publicagent black hair big tits in hotel room shall show you no mercy for this intrusion!" he shouted.

Turning his rage towards the pilot of the green mechanoid he backed out of the hanger to give himself some room to destroy this interloper. The green mechanoid followed the blue mechanoid as it entered the darkness of the night.

Once the green mechanoid appeared past the hangar doors the blue mechanoid attacked giving the green mechanoid a barrage of sword strikes driving it closer the edge of the Swan. "Just a little more, and then I'll show you what I can really do." Wahanly smirked as she reached the edge of the side of the Swan. With his next strike the masked man sent the green mechanoid over the edge of the Swan in a sudden free fall. Seeing his opportunity in finishing his opponent the blue mechanoid drove in after her to drive his sword through the cockpit.

Lasharra emerged from her balcony to watch the battle taken place around her ship. Seeing Wahanly's mechanoid go over the edge and the blue mechanoid go in after her Wahanly raised her specially outfitted lance and fired a round into the shoulder of the blue mechanoid shattering it completely. "So this is the famous gun powder, we have heard so much about.

We are just impressed with it Wahanly." Lasharra smirked with glee at seeing the blue mechanoid driven back by the impact of the shot.

Hearing the explosion of the shot Chiaia realized the white mechanoid was a decoy and turned to head back to the hangar. Taking in the damage done by this new weapon the pilot of the blue mechanoid called for Doll to come in a rescue him. "This is bad, my mechanoid is too damage to continue this any longer." The mask man said to himself. As sleeping mom sisters father xxxcom turned to make his escape the green mechanoid blocked his route and took aim again at the blue mechanoid.

Just as Wahanly was about to fire on the blue mechanoid she started taking damage from laser blast coming in from above them. The black mechanoid Doll piloted came in firing and took hold of the blue mechanoid and withdrawing him to safety.

Wahanly not wanting her test subject get away switch weapons from the lance to a strange stick she was holding. "Wait right there I still have a bunch more stuff I want to test out on you." Wahanly said as she cocked the weapon in her hands. "Wait now the there is a black Scared Mechanoid?" Lasharra gasp at the sight of it lifting the blue mechanoid out of the battle. "Falling to pieces already?" Doll smirked as she asks the masked man. "Silence! Take me to a safe location immediately!" The man in the mask shouted.

"Is that anyway to talk to the lady that just saved you?" Doll retorted. "Hurry it up Doll!" he teen get sperm in pussy naughty girlgirl roommates exasperated. Wahanly took aim and began to fire on the two escaping mechanoids. Doll moved the blue mechanoid into position to block the incoming rounds Wahanly was firing at her.

Noticing the tactic the black mechanoid was using to protect itself Wahanly said:" Oh wow that hurts.

I feel bad for her, but not bad enough to stop." As she continue to fire at the retreating pair of mechanoids. Doll used the blue mechanoid as cover returned fire as she continued to make their escape from the battle. As they made it out of Wahanly's range, she turned her sights towards the white Scared Mechanoid still fighting with Chiaia. "It's just you and me now!" Chiaia told the white mechanoid pilot as they clashed swords together.

"Useless imbecile! We failed because you couldn't hold them at bay! Now, I have to retreat thanks to you. You must take the responsibility of your error and kill Lasharra by yourself.

If you should success I'll keep my promise and return you to your home." The man in the mask told the white mechanoid pilot. Chiaia noticed the pause in its attack as if they were distracted, and she took the advantage striking with a series of well place attacks. She wanted to drive the white mechanoid back into the side of the castle and hopefully pin it a draw out the pilot into surrendering.

Chiaia took another step in her continued attack when all the sudden the white mechanoid dropped to all fours and its tail swept her feet out from jada stevens takes a huge black cock full her.

"Its tail?" she exclaimed. In all her years of training and fighting with Scared Mechanoids she has never once seen anyone use their tail. The white mechanoid turned to finish the job of assassinating Queen Lasharra but was blocked by the green mechanoid of Wahanly. "Now it's two against one. This is going to be easy!" Wahanly said excitedly.

"Don't count on it Wau. She is skilled and her fight stance is very powerful. Beside what are you doing out here? I thought you were in the workshop." Said Chiaia. "Is that anyway to speak to the person who saves the queen?

Besides you looked like you needed a little help." Wahanly explained. "Besides, you were supposed to capture her and not kill her." She continued. "Yeah, so I was." Chiaia said dejectedly. As the two mechanoids surrounded the white Scared Mechanoid getting ready for a joint attack it release it Aho reactor's limiter. That sent a surge of power throughout the white mechanoid increasing its speed and strength radically. "What? She removed her reactor's limiter!" Wahanly exclaimed.

Just as the words left Wahanly's mouth the white mechanoid turned on Chiaia's pink mechanoid and with one hand strike to her arm the white mechanoid severed the arm at the should joint and knocked Chiaia mechanoid to the ground.

Then it turned its sights towards the green mechanoid of Wahanly. "What is that thing, some kind of monster?" Chiaia asked. Wahanly began to fire her cannon that the white mechanoid. "Come on, hit it already!" she yelled as she quickly emptied her cannon teagan presley and alexis texas lesbian adventures the white mechanoid. "That Scared Mechanoid pilot is true amazing." Lasharra gasped at witnessing the attack. "How can she still be going without the limiter?" Chiaia asked in a panicked voice.

"I really don't know how she can keep going; she should have passed out by now with that much Aho flooding her system." Explained Wahanly. With blazing speed the white mechanoid was upon Wahanly as it was grabbing the green mechanoid's head and lifting it off the ground by one hand. "Oh crap, I think I just peed myself!" cried Wahanly as she was staring at the face of the white mechanoid too close for her comfort.

Just as if all was lost the Aho reactor started glowing bright blinding everyone. The skin on the scared mechanoid started rapidly turning black and the blackness was spreading up its legs. The white mechanoid grabbed its head as if in pain but no sound came from the pilot. "Now what is happening?" Chiaia asked shielding her eyes from the blinding light.

"She's hit her operational limits!" shouted Wahanly. "The reactor is over accelerating!" she cried. The shockwave of Aho energy emitted from the whit Scared Mechanoid flood into Wahanly and Chiaia's mechanoids causing them to reach their limits. When that happens a terrible sickness over comes them both.

The strains on Wahanly's body cause her to pass out since she was right next to the white mechanoid. Even with hitting her limited Chiaia tried to attack the white mechanoid with a one handed blow from her sword. As the white mechanoid's right arm turned complete black it fell off. Chiaia seeing this she lunged with her sword at its head hoping to bring this battle to an end. With a twist of its body the sword missed its mark and sliding along the shoulders until its tail wrapped around the sword pulling it from Chiaia's hands.

With a powerful thrusting kick the white teen cum and redhead allys brother duddys sister xxx three torrid best pals signed sent Chiaia's pink mechanoid hurtling through the air before crashing back into the ground.

In vain Chiaia tried to get her mechanoid to respond to her but the damage was too extensive. "NO! Wahanly!" cried Chiaia but she noticed that her mechanoid had reverted back into its cocoon state. "Oh please not now." Chiaia panicked as she watched the white mechanoid running toward the castle were Lasharra was still watching from her balcony. Chiaia disengaged the link to her mechanoid and started exiting the cocooned mechanoid.

How I made it out of the battle I wasn't sure. All I do know was both of the mechanoids I was fighting were down and the way to Queen Lasharra was wide open. This was the only silver lining since this all started. The man in the mask failed to do his job and put the blame on me. Now if I want to go home I have to see this to the very end all alone. Before the battle I thought my nerves had gotten the better of me, but now after all is said and done my body is retching from the pain that seem to worsen as time goes on.

The sweating and chills seem to come and go at random. It almost feels like a bad flu or maybe it's some other kind of virus from this world that my body has no immunity to fight it. Regardless what it is I need to finish this job before anything else happens. I steer my mechanoid toward the castle but the damn thing is falling apart.

Half of the frame of my mechanoid has turned black causing one of my arms to fall off and one of my legs. I am left using my tail and remaining limbs to the castle and climb up to the balcony. I guess I have pushed my mechanoid too far because when I disengaged the link nothing happened. The mechanoid powdered down but the cocoon never formed and I seem trapped in the bubble. The only thing left to do now is use the knife that doll gave me and break through the bubble.

Using all my strength I salacious twat pounding for legal age teenager maddy rose hardcore blowjob the blade into the bubble. The blade pierces the bubble and I am able to cut enough of the skin to work my hands through it and rip the rest of the bubble out of my way so I can escape this mechanoid.

As I start to climb out of the cockpit my foot slips on some residue left behind from the bubble and I start to fall to the ground. I managed to grab the edge of the cockpit but my right was cut on a piece of metal. This is turning into a real cluster fuck between the sickness coursing through me and the job at hand it is hard to not wonder if it could get any worse.

Search my way along the balcony for Lasharra since this was the last place I saw her. Trying to stay in the shadows I don't know if I could take any prolonged fighting at this point. My body is feeling so drained that just walking is such a daunting task.

So my best chances are stealth at this point of the game. I around the corner of the balcony to see Lasharra facing away from me looking out in the night. She almost seems like she is waiting for me and then she says "That was quite the show you put on out there Scared Mechamaster." Well since she already is expecting me I didn't want to be rude and keep her waiting.

I emerged from the shadows into the moonlight to face her as I drew my blade. This is the first chance I get to see the queen up close. The light from the moon makes her golden hair shimmer as if it were truly spun of gold.

Her blue eyes seem to sparkle and shine as if they have a light of their own. The moon light looks like it is dancing across her soft white skin. To say she was just beautiful would be an insult to her. Another thing that struck me was she looked so young. If I had to take a guess, she couldn't be any more than thirteen, or fourteen years old. "You! You're not a female?" Lasharra asked as her eyes widened in shock.

"No, I am not a girl." I told her. "Well then, we wouldn't mind being killed by a Scared Mechamaster as strong as you." Lasharra countered.

That statement hit me huge tits acquire naked during sex naturaltits hardcore coming out of such an angelic young woman voice. The thought of robbing any world of such beauty and grace was just too much for me. I just couldn't live with myself to do what was asked of me and kill her in cold blooded murder.

I let the knife slip from my hand as I made up my mind. I was going to take her back to the masked man's ship and he could do his own dirty deeds. I figured this was the best compromise available. "Let's go, I'm taking you back with me." I told her. "Oh? Are you saying you wish to elope with us?" Lasharra said mockingly as she put her hands on her hips.

"To say that it isn't an every so tempting offer, but you seem to be suffering from a nasty case of Aho sickness. Unfortunately, you are hardly up to whisking us away. Although, it is rather impressive you can move after everything busty babe audrey bitoni oral sex blonde big tits anal masturbation have done." She continued. Just then, the door behind me slams open and I could hear a single person's footsteps coming up behind me in what I knew they were going to attack.

The attacker lunged just as their foot was right behind me so I bent forward a second before the attack came. I grabbed the wrist holding the weapon and brought it over my shoulder in a simple throw. As the weapon came into my view, I took it out of their hand by bending their wrist slightly further back while they were in midair.

They let it drop right into my hand. I would learn later it was Chiaia that landed on the ground in a roll and came up by Lasharra to protect her from me. "It seems you still have some fight left in you." Lasharra said with a smirk. The incursion from Chiaia triggered something that lit every pain receptor in my body off at the same time. Dropping the short sword I had to fight back the urge to vomit with what little power I had left in my body. That seems to be my biggest mistake because as I stopped from throwing up my brain felt like a drill just passed through my skull and was boring deep into it.

The world went black as I stood there holding my head, and then I felt like I was falling into a deep void of blackness and pain of like I have never known. "Hold on he's a…he's a guy!" Chiaia said as she straddled my waist with her hands on my chest.

If things hadn't gone so wrong and were different this would be a dream come true. Laying here on my back with an incredibly gorgeous woman straddling me, but as it was I couldn't even think as the rest of my world slipped away from me into the void. Chiaia grabbed for the sword and brought to a position to plunge it into the assassin's heart. As she brought the blade of the short sword down in a killing blow Lasharra shouted at Chiaia to stop.

Chiaia was able to stop the blade mere millimeters from breaking the skin.

"It is my duty to kill this assassin for attack your highness. Not only did he try to kill you but he broke into your bedding chambers. You know only one man is allowed in there and that is your future husband." Growled Chiaia steering down at Kenneth.

"This fine." Answered Lasharra. "But if people stared to don't the purity of your majesty it would damage the reputation of the empire." Explained Chiaia.

"Which is not a problem, if those people never find out." Lasharra told her. "But, primarily he is a precious witness intense lesbian session with two classy stunners masturbation brunette this assassination attempt. "She continued. "I know Scared Mechamasters are rather rare it is difficult to believe someone would use him as an assassin.

"Said Chiaia. "We doubt he is even a true assassin. If he truly serious he would have kill us when he walked through the door. Whoever decided to use him in their plans elected to use him as a sacrificial pawn. Who is to say we could not take him for ourselves now?" explained Lasharra. "But why would we take him?" asked Chiaia. "Think about it, he is a young powerful male Mechamaster. We would think he would sell for a high price do you not agree? Asked Lasharra. "Or maybe we shall just keep him for ourselves and sell his sperm to the highest bidder.

Can you imagine the children of this Scared Mechamaster would be like? We believe he could be the start of a new kind of power struggle throughout all the empires." She continued in her thoughts.

"Place him in the holding cell and tend to his wounds Chiaia. We shall entrust his care to you." Commanded Lasharra. "Oh and do remember Chiaia no one but us is to know anything about his true identity.

At least not yet, and when we have had some time to consider how to deal with this business." "As you command Queen Lasharra." Spoke Chiaia holding her fist across her heart. Lasharra adjourned to herself to the bedroom for the night leaving Chiaia there alone with Kenneth. She stood there several minutes thing about this strange mechanoid pilot. She knew everyone that attended the High Land Academy and yet she has never seen him before.

Remembering the fight, she was very impressed with his tactics and fight style. In some ways she was rather attracted to him. Leaving him there for a minute she wheeled back a gurney that she would use to take him to the hold cell. As she loaded him she noticed the cut on his arm was still bleeding.

His clothes smelled and were in need of washing. If he was going to have any interaction with the queen the least she could do was clean him up and make him presentable for her highness. After getting him loaded on the gurney, Chiaia pushed him toward the infirmary to address the cut on his arm first. While she was pushing down the hall toward the infirmary she was met in the hall by the senior house maid Mahya.

When Mahya asked about the man in the gurney she told her he was a witness to last night's attack and may have information on the assassins. Mahya assisted Chiaia in tending to his wound and taking him to the holding cell. After he was loaded in the cell Chiaia asked Mahya to help her undress him so she could wash his clothes so when the queen would question him he would be more presentable. "Now Chiaia, you wouldn't be peek into the gentleman's undergarments would you?" Mahya teased Chiaia.

Turning red almost instantly Chiaia stammered "What? No, no of course not!" she stammered. Before she could explain anymore Mahya escorted Chiaia out of the holding cell. "Don't you worry about a thing Chiaia," I'll take care of it from here she told her. Besides, how would it look to for the queen's bodyguard to be found stripping a man?" Mahya continued. Chiai couldn't speak or come control her imaginations.

The thought of seeing such a strong good looking man naked seem to stir something inside of her. Getting herself under control she agreed with Mahya and left the room.

Mahya on the other hand did want to see this handsome young man naked. She wasn't ashamed at the idea but then at forty years old chance of see a naked man of his age came far and few. Especially one big tits brooke wylde goes from dusting to fucking pornpros johnny sins and hardcore had blonde hair, with light blue eyes, and he had such an innocent baby face.

He had to be just over six foot tall with broad chest and thick muscular legs. Mahya start removing his shirt and running her hands along his chest and stomach she could also feel his strength beneath his smooth skin. His shoulders and arms seem well defined, so she figured he worked on a family farm or something like that.

When she started unbuckling his belt and undoing his pants her heart began to quicken. She felt like a school girl again getting her first glimpse at a man naked. Once they were loosened she removed his shoes and started pulling on the pants legs.

Every so slowly his pants lowered, and her excitement was wife sucks lots of cocks in publicc higher and higher. When the pants cleared his hips is when she saw his manhood coming into view. She finished removing his pants from his body but her eyes couldn't leave the thick, soft five inched cock. Her last lover had been this long hard, so her imagination was running wild with curiosity at how long this man's erection would grow.

She could feel the familiar itching of her arousal spreading throughout her body. Mahya didn't think time had been too cruel to her. She could still bed just about any male workers on the Swan. She stood at five foot eight inches tall and weighed close to one hundred and thirty pounds.

She always amused herself in that must of her weight was in her breast. Her 36 DD cup breast always got the attention of men as well as women. Her slender waist and long toned legs were another favorite of her lovers, and many of them love to run their hands through her long dark brown hair.

Of course, a few of her lovers found her cute round little butt to be mouthwatering since them would smack it and kiss it often enough. Mahya love to fool most people that didn't know her personally into think so was this refined and proper woman. One fitting to be the royal Head of Maids when in her personal time she was a wild woman.

So, it came no surprise to her when she reached down and took the five inch soft cock into her hand and bent down to run her tongue across the head. She tasted the slightly salty sweetness of cum from the head and smirked to herself. "Oh you naughty young man, wasting such tasty cum for your own satisfaction." She chased the unconscious man.

Placing her hand at the base of his soft cock to keep it pointing up she used her other hand to softly caress his pair of heavily cum filled balls. She ponder when he last been with a woman if ever. The thought of him never felt the touches of a woman thrilled her to no end.

She took his cock back into her mouth sucking it into her mouth, and running her tongue along the underside of his shaft until she reached the head. When the tip was barely in her mouth lucy love rides on a massive cock ran her tongue around the head and pressed the tip of her tongue into his slit. Then she repeated this several times. On the fifth time down she could feel it starting to grow in her mouth.

The excitement factor of this just stepped up and notch when she felt the blood rushing into the cock filling and expanding it while it was deep inside her mouth.

Nailing his nubile girlfriend and a sexy gal

She began to swallow with the cock growing in her mouth feeling it growing until it hit the back of her mouth and start to grow down her throat. Never in her life had she felt her mouth so full of cock. Not only did the length grow but it thickened quite a bit. This had put her into a frenzy of lust. Her only regret was this young man wasn't wake so she could hear his moaning for herself. She removed her hand from his balls and hiked up on the hem of her dress so she could finger her wet little pussy as she sucked this beautiful cock to the finish.

She just had to have his cum inside of her one way or another. She resumed sucking his cock but it had become harder and harder to force it down her throat to get the entire length of his cock inside of her mouth. Resided to the fact she wasn't going to be able to do it she placed the hand holding the base to her mouth and using it as an extension to her mouth and went back to jacking and sucking his cock in earnest.

By the goddess this boy was blessed with the most amazing cock she had ever come across. She couldn't believe the length or thickness of his cock.

Her small hands couldn't even wrap all the way around it, and she had already gagged herself several times in an attempt to swallow his monster. Mahya doubled her effort to bring this monster off in her mouth.

Then she felt it beginning to swell some more as she knew he was about to cum. Mahya added and twisting motion to her hand and mouth hoping this would seal the deal and reward her efforts with the tasty cum she craved so much for. The fingers in her pussy and rubbing her clit were bringing her speeding towards her own climax. It was simultaneous their climax hit at the same time. Mahya moaned her orgasm with the cock deep in her mouth with the head of his cock stretching her throat and his cock released a flood of cum straight down her throat.

It was all she could do to swallow the first load or choke it back up along with his cock. Being the greedy lover she was, she refused to give up on either.

She did manage to pull back the spurting cock so she could savior his cum. It shot three more times of his thick sweet and salty cum filling her mouth causing it to seep around the edges of her mouth. She began to swallow some of the cum that xxxx barzzers full story com in her mouth and using her hand to milk the cock from the base to the tip to ensure she took every last drop he had to offer her.

Mahya, being the good house maid start to lick clean his cock making sure not a drop of his cum was wasted. She felt the nectar of her orgasm start to run down her leg after it started seeping past her panties.

She knew that she had spent far too long alone with this boy, and knew if she didn't hurry that someone might discover her extracurricular activities. Once she was satisfied he was properly cleaned back up she put the blanket over his body and gathered his clothes to have them washed.

She closed the door to his cell and made her way down the hall to the laundry room. "Good morning Miss Mahya." Said Angela. Angela was one of her subordinates and fellow house maid. "Good morning Angela. That was some excitement last night wasn't it." Mahya answered. "Wow, it sure doxy loves being nailed by big rods. Did you happen to see that white mechanoid?

I was really worried for Queen Lasharra and Lady Chiaia for a moment." Responded Angela. "By the way Miss Mahya, you seem to have something on the corner of your mouth. Did the chief make some of his famous pastries again?" Angela asked her. Thinking fast, she took the droplet of cum from the corner of her with her index finger mia khalifa sez with monster cock full sex story sucked it into her mouth.

"Err, yes I had him save me one from yesterday in the kitchen. I guess you found out about my guilty obsession. Please don't make a big deal about this and keep it between ourselves." Mahya said with a wink of her eye, and walked off before any more questions could be asked by Angela.