Flirt chick alison gets fucked by milf alana

Flirt chick alison gets fucked by milf alana
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NO ONE IN THIS STORY ENGAGES IN SEX WHILE UNDER THE AGE OF EIGHTEEN Brady Harrison and Liam Chandler met each other in the sixth grade and became best friends. They played on the same football team in junior high school and high school.

Brady and Cassie, Liam's younger sister, first met at her brother Liam's 16th birthday party. It was love at first sight but neither revealed their feelings toward the other because of Brady's and Liam's friendship. Cassie was 12 years old at the time of Liam's 16th birthday party and was just beginning to develop an interest in boys. Brady and Liam were four years older than Cassie, and Brady was careful not to show too much interest in her due to his friendship with her big brother.

Brady was just as focused as Liam was on who showed interest in dating Cassie. It was like she had two protective big brothers. The word went out to every boy in school they were to show nothing but respect toward Cassie. She was 18 and in her last years of high school before anyone dared ask her out.

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Those boys that did take the risk and ask her out on a date were true gentlemen in every respect. Cassie sometimes found herself wishing a boy would at least kiss her. She even hoped a few boys would go so far as touch her tits or touch her inner thigh under her dress, but it never happened the whole time she was in high school.

Cassie was frustrated by hearing other girls talk about things that happened to them on their dates. She was concerned she would go through high school and never even experience a first real kiss.

Brady and Liam were in their last year of college when Brady first got the nerve to ask Liam if he could date his little sister. Cassie was in her senior year of high school. She was eighteen, almost nineteen years old.

Cassie had been taught by her mother to save herself for marriage so, she was still a virgin when Brady received permission to ask her out. Cassie's mother had told her to expect the man she married to be "worldly," so it didn't bother Cassie that Brady had enjoyed sexual experiences with quite a few women by the time they married. Cassie was a smart woman and recognized the fact that since he was experienced and knew what he was doing it would make the sex that much better for her when it finally happened.

They dated for a year before marrying. Cassie loved Brady so much she learned to enjoyed oral sex a week before the actual wedding. She loved the taste of his cum and the way it felt in her mouth.

She developed a real craving for his salty nectar. On their wedding night when his cock entered her for the first time it was a little uncomfortable, but after the initial discomfort, she enjoyed that as well.

As a matter of fact, she enjoyed sex so much that within a couple of weeks she was initiating sex as often as Brady was; if not more. Cassie had been deprived of the little sexual joys her peers had experienced, and now it appeared she was determined to catch up.

By the time they had been married a year, they were using toys, watching porn together and role-playing in the privacy of their home. Liam and Brady had remained best friends, and Liam often brought a girlfriend to Cassie and Brady's house for dinner. Liam never seems to be satisfied with just one steady girlfriend, so it was usually a different girl each time. Most of Liam's girlfriends were as wild and promiscuous as he was and sometimes after the alcohol took over, they would all watch porn together.

At first, Cassie was uncomfortable watching porn with her big brother in the room. However, that feeling soon passed. One-night Cassie and Brady were snuggling next to each other in bed. Cassie was playing with his stiff cock while his hands cupped her firm breast and played with her taut nipples. They were watching a porn video, a new one that they had not seen before. There was a scene with two guys and a girl.

One of the guys fucked the girl while she sucked on the other one's cock. Cassie noticed that Brady's cock got really hard. She felt it twitch and throb as she began stroking it. She squeezed it tight and pumped it faster. Seconds later he shot out a massive stream of hot, sticky cum. As the first spurt flew up over her hand, landing on her breast, she quickly covered his cock with her mouth.

She moaned as she felt his warm cream fill her mouth. She kept sucking, swallowing his seed until he slowed to a dribble and she licked the last drop from the tip. Brady kissed her and said, "Wow, that was great! I'm sorry I came so quickly but, well.when you started playing with my cock while we watched those two guys fuck her, I just couldn't hold out any longer!" Cassie looked up at him.

"That's ok; I think I can get this sex-toy of yours hard again." She grinned taking hold of his semi-soft cock and starting to play with it again. "So. two guys and a girl, it seems to really turn you on." She was surprised when she immediately felt his cock start to show interest. She watched as his cock slowly started to inflate in her grasp. "I suppose it's every man's fantasy to take part in a threesome." "Yeah.I guess" Brady replied as he tweaked her hard nipple with his fingers.

His cock started to harden as she continued. "I suppose it doesn't happen much in real life though," Cassie mused. "Oh, it probably happens more than you think," Brady replied. Even though Cassie had never seen a real live cock other than her husband's, she knew he had enjoyed sex with several other women before they married and it made her envious. As she caressed his lengthening manhood, she asked, "Have you ever had a threesome? You know, like when you were in college?" Brady seemed a little nervous as he replied, "Well.remember me telling you about how wild Liam and I was in college?" She nodded knowingly.

"When we were in a fraternity, and we got pretty wild," Brady cautiously admitted. Cassie's eyes widened. "Tell me more. Did you and Liam pick up some co-ed in a bar or at a fraternity party and engage in a threesome?" Brady looked down for a moment and then looked back up at Cassie.

"I shouldn't be telling you this without Liam's permission." Cassie grabbed Brady's balls in a tight grip and said, "Don't you dare start a story and then stop before the good part. I will rip these balls right off of you." Brady could tell by the look on Cassie's face that she meant business, so he continued with, "We lived in the fraternity house, and we had this house mother at the fraternity house who was a real MILF.

She was a forty-two-year-old divorcee of Vietnamese decent. She was part French and had beautiful Eurasian features that made her very sexually appealing. Everyone wanted to get in her pants, but she made it clear that wasn't going to happen." Brady paused, looked into Cassie's eyes to access her temperament.

Cassie sensed his hesitation and said, "I have a feeling there is more to it than you telling me." "Well.this MILF house mother took a liking to Liam and&hellip." "And what? Don't you dare withhold anything from me," She snarled. Brady paused, looked Cassie in the eyes and then shook his head no and said, "I better not say any more. I don't think Liam would want his little sister knowing just how wild and crazy he was in college." Cassie was really curious now.

Her hand moved slowly back to his balls, "Tell me all about it, or I swear to God I will rip these balls off and flush them down the toilet." As Brady recounted the stories about the house mother and Cassie's brother, they both got really turned on. Especially when Brady explained to his hot little wife how the two best friends had shared everything in college. Before long Brady was once again plunging his hard cock into Cassie's wet pussy and filling her with his hot cum.

Brady's stories about the house mother and the threesomes that included Cassie's brother became a prelude to their usual sex play. They would watch porn videos and talk about the sex Brady, and her brother had with the house mother. Cassie found it arousing thinking about her husband fucking another woman.

She even fantasized about she and Brady inviting another person to join them in a threesome. Sometimes she envisioned another woman and sometimes another man. Her sex life had taken a 180 since getting married.

She was willing to try all the taboo things drummed into her by her ultra conservative mother. Recruiting another person became a number one fantasy for them both. They made it a habit to talk about it before, during and after their amazingly hot love-making sessions.

It almost became an obsession. One night after dinner Brady's cell phone rang. Cassie heard bits and pieces of the conversation. Brady muted the phone and looked at her. "It's your brother, and he just had a nasty breakup with one of his girlfriends. He's been drinking and sounds like he is really down in the dumps. He wants to know if he can come over and talk? Is it okay if Vixen angela white fucks a huge cock invite him over for a talk and maybe ask him the stay the night.?

He is probably too drunk to be on his own " Cassie thought for a minute then nodded her okay. "Sure! He's your best friend and my brother. We can't just turn him away." When Liam arrived, it was apparent he was distraught and in no condition to be alone.

Cassie made up the guest bedroom, then went to bed and let her husband and big brother to hash out his problems. The next morning Cassie ran errands and left Brady to look after her brother. After a full day of shopping, she stopped on the way home and bought three large steaks, some baking potatoes and a couple of cases of beer.

When she returned home, she found Brady and Liam talking on the patio. Liam didn't look any better than he had the night before. Cassie poked her head out the patio door and said, "Hey, Guys…It's Saturday, and I picked up some steaks and some beer, do you want to have a little party tonight. Liam wrinkled his nose and said, "Maybe some other time. I've had my fill of partying after last night." Brady chimed in with, "Come on, Liam.

You should do something to brighten your night. You can even invite a girlfriend over to join us. I know you have an endless list of girls who would love to cheer you up." "I'm not in the mood to entertain a girlfriend tonight, but a thick juicy wifey fucked hard wearing thigh high boots with my best friend and my little sister sounds like the perfect way to snap out of my funk," Liam countered.

"Okay…It's settled," Cassie smiled. "You boys fire up the grill, and I will get busy marinating the steaks." As the sun slipped below the horizon, the two best friends drank beer and talked while Brady grilled the steaks.

Cassie made the salads and baked potatoes. She smiled as she listened to them talk about the things, they had done together in college. She enjoyed seeing Brady so happy and animated.

Cassie had also bought a bottle of red wine, and they drank it with dinner. Cassie rarely drank so after a glass or two she was feeling a little tipsy. After dinner, they moved into the den and popped one of their favorite porn videos in the VCR.

Brady and Liam had each consumed enough beer and wine to loosen up a bit in their conversation. As the porn video played, they started talking about their experiences with the MILF house mother. Brady grinned and casually remarked, "Things sure are different now that I am married." Cassie had never heard many stories from Brady's college days, so she was curious to hear more. "How is it different?" "I don't know, it's just different.

I have more responsibility and less freedom." Brady lamented." "Since when have you lost any of your freedom?" Cassie squawked. "Am I depriving you of some freedom?

Is there a hint of wanderlust in your mind? A need to explore the treasures of some other women's body?" Brady sensed a bit hostility in Cassie's remark. "I didn't mean that way, Honey." "How did you mean it, Sweetheart?" The wine was making Cassie dizzy and freeing her tongue more than usual. She was really interested now. She looked at Brady. "What are you not getting from me, that would be better satisfied by other women?" He felt uncomfortable and looked at Liam.

"Well.ahhh. that's not at all what I was referring to by lost freedom." Cassie looked at her husband. "How are things different?" Brady and Cassie had agreed always to be honest with one another.

Cassie was getting drunk on the wine and horny because of the porn video. She took another sip of wine and said, "If you need to be with another woman occasionally, I won't stand in your way. I'm sure you wouldn't mind me being with a different man now and then." "Damn it, Cassie!

That's not what I am saying, and you know it," Brady looked to Liam for help but didn't get any. "I'm just saying it was different when I was single and free to engage in sex at any time or place, I wanted." Brady could feel himself digging a deeper hole. The alcohol was clouding his thoughts, and the porn video was getting him horny as it brought back memories of wild, sophie m and joanne on a blue sofa lez out pornstars lesbian sex with the house mother.

He was now sporting a hard-on from the porn and the college memories. Liam decided to come to Brady's aid but was so drunk he only made matters worse when he said, "I think Brady is trying to tell you he misses the crazy sex we enjoyed with our house mother.

No matter the time of day or night if we wanted a fantastic blowjob or a nice sweet pussy to lick, our house mother was happy to oblige." Cassie arched an eyebrow. "Is that true? You used to eat the house mother's pussy?" Liam laughed. "How do you think Brady learned how to eat pussy?

She taught him all the ways to pleasure a woman with his tongue. " Cassie was shocked for a moment, but the wine was controlling her mouth. She giggled, "Well he's really a bit of butt with legal age teenager attractive girlie at that!" Cassie suddenly realized what she had just blurted out in front of Liam.

Brady laughed with delight when she turned red and hid her face. Moving over next to her on the couch, he hugged her and said, "I think I've gotten better with practice." Liam laughed too. "I doubt that." Brady pretended to be offended. "Yes, I have! Tell him, Cassie! Tell cute czech babe brooke haze gets banged for some money how much you like it when I eat your pussy!" "Uh.well." Cassie's mind was in turmoil, and she didn't know what to say.

She was embarrassed that such an intimate part of her and Brady's sex life was being discussed with her big brother, but at the same time she could feel her nipples hardening, and the 3x ghian ghirl sex vidaig18 of blood to her pussy was making her labia swell with arousal.

Brady could see the laughter and doubt in Liam's eyes. Accepting the challenge Brady put his arm around his wife. "Okay, I'll show you!" The alcohol and the porno on the VCR had set the atmosphere in the room. Brady's hand had been resting on Cassie's knee but now it was sliding under her skirt. Her leg was trembling as his fingers skated lightly over her thigh sending heat sizzling through her body.

The porno had her hotter than a penny on a sidewalk in Phoenix in July. She knew she should stop this, but didn't know what she could do without making it look like her husband was a lousy lover. Suddenly she remembered the movie she and Brady had watched a couple of weeks ago. She could feel the heat growing inside her as his hand crept closer to his goal. When Cassie didn't ask him to stop, Brady started to kiss and nibble at her neck and shoulder.

For Cassie, her neck was an erogenous zone. She always got turned on when Brady's lips and tongue touched her there. She shivered, closed her eyes and ran her fingers through his hair as he kissed and lightly sucked the sensitive spot below her ear.

When he opened the first two buttons of her blouse, and his tongue fluttered over the skin of her upper breast, Cassie moaned, and her head rolled back as she clutched his face to her bosom.

To her, it seemed as if she was melting inside as she felt herself surrendering to the intoxicating, carnal sensations that were consuming her body. Brady knelt in front of his wife and looked up at her. Their eyes locked and she felt herself shaking even harder as she watched her husband place his hands on husband porn american gf sex hips.

Cassie's pulse was pounding when she heard the soft hiss of her zipper, and she felt his fingers curling into the waistband of her skirt.

Her conscience told her to stop him, but her body told her how much she wanted this to happen. A moment later, when he started to pull her skirt down over her hips slowly, she could barely believe she was doing it as she subtlety raised her hips to help him slide her skirt down over her thighs.

She bit down on her lower lip as she savored the rush of adrenaline that mmv films germany finest lesbian babes fucking coursing through her body. Her nipples were throbbing spires of desire, and she could feel her juices soaking through her panties.

Goosebumps raced over her skin following the course of his fingers as they glided down the length of her legs until he finally pulled the skirt away from her feet.

When he hooked his fingers in her panties and pulled them down to join her skirt, she moaned as she felt the air caressing the wet folds of her exposed pussy.

Brady smiled when he saw the glistening evidence of his wife's arousal. The savory pungency of her sexual juices emanated from her core like a carnal fountain of wanton desire.

Her lips were open and wet, the pink folds dripping as her husband spread her legs and exposed her innermost core to her brother. Brady slid his hands slowly up and down Cassie's legs, using only his fingertips to tease her skin purposely. Placing his hands firmly on Cassie's knees, he looked directly into her eyes, loving the combined mask of lust and hesitation on her face when he started to push her knees up and to the side. She was trembling but didn't resist as he opened her pink pussy like a blossoming flower for Liam to see.

Brady stared directly into his wife's eyes as he slowly moved his mouth closer to her quivering pink slit. Savoring the intensity of the moment, Brady blew gently across the surface of her glistening folds making her gasp. Brady could feel her trembling when he lowered his head and pressed his tongue directly between her swollen lips. She tilted her hips up, moaning with a mixture of arousal and decadent excitement as his tongue began to probe and lick her trembling chasm of desire.

Brady's tongue fluttered over her flesh, scooping up the abundant juices and pulling them into his mouth as he enjoyed the tangy sweetness of her pussy. Reflexively arching her back, Cassie began to whimper, welcoming the intense pleasure Brady was inflicting on her. She savored the mighty waves of arousal flowing directly from her clit into the pulsing core of her body as she surrendered completely to his skilled tongue.

She grabbed the leather couch and clenched it with her hands as she rode the extreme waves of hedonistic sensations she was feeling as Brady's masterful tongue paid homage to her surging passion. Brady could feel Cassie's orgasm was rapidly approaching, but he didn't want her to cum yet.

He wanted her to be so close that she would be willing to do anything. He smiled to himself as he brought her to the edge of orgasm and then backed off, leaving her dangling on the edge of the precipice. Cassie whimpered in disappointment when she felt him lift his head and lean back from her pulsing fountain of passion. Her eyes popped open and pleaded with him not to stop.

She reached out for him, but he evaded her touch. She noticed movement behind him and her lust-filled gaze settled on Liam. He had undressed and stood naked before her. His eyes smoldered as he looked at the glistening folds of her swollen pink gash. His hand was wrapped around the hot, hard length of his cock. He had secretly fantasized about fucking his little sister since she married his best friend. Cassie had never considered having sex with her big brother, but the porno movie, the teasing by her husband, coupled with the wine had her body screaming for his cock to enter her seething hot pussy.

Her eyes were riveted to his rigid manhood as his hand moved up and down over the ridges and veins of his shaft. She had never seen his cock or any other cock than her husband's, and she messy foursome with wild euro lovely hotties spellbound by the sight. His cock wasn't any thicker than Brady's, but it was longer.

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She was especially captivated by the fact that Liam was uncircumcised. Watching the skin move up and down over the round, red dome was making her pussy throb with a growing primal need.

Noticing his wife's fascination with her brother's cock Brady grinned. "He's got an impressive cock, doesn't he?" Moaning, Cassie felt butterflies fluttering madly within her. Knowing that she had been caught staring at Liam's cock, she was so flustered, all she could do was stammer, "Yes.yes, it is!" Brady could easily see the curiosity and lust on Cassie's face. He always had secretly wanted to see his wife fuck another man. It was a secret fantasy that he had never shared; not even with his best friend, Liam.

Brady's heart was pounding as he asked, "Would you like to touch it?" Cassie's eyes widened as she looked at her husband in surprise. The alcohol had caused strange things to happen to them all. As her eyes searched Brady's eyes, she couldn't tell if he was serious. Hit by a sudden surge of adrenaline-charged excitement, her body started to tingle. Embarrassed that her nipples were visibly erect and her pussy was drooling with desire for what she wasn't supposed to have, she said nervously, "No.No I shouldn't do that!" Brady could tell that despite her resistance she wanted to explore her brother's cock.

He smiled as he asked, "Are you sure? Look at it! I know sunny leone and lexi stone full sex stories lesbian porn story must be just a little bit curious to know what his cock would feel like!

For several awkward seconds, Cassie was paralyzed by indecision. Her heart was fluttering in her chest as she tried to decide what to do. Cassie was so highly aroused by the thought of touching her brother's cock she could hardly breathe. Taking a deep honey pleasures chap with fellatio smalltits hardcore, she lifted her hand.

Tentatively, her hand went to Liam's throbbing penis. Slowly she began to caress the second cock she had ever seen in real life.

Feeling the heat radiating from the hardness of his cock the moment her hand touched it, Cassie instantly felt another powerful adrenaline rush. Feeling empowered by her husband's blatant encouragement, after a moment of shyness passed, she encircled his shaft with her fingers and started to slowly stroke her hand up and down the length of Liam's eight-inch rod.

Her sexual desire awakened by the forbidden passion of what was happening, Cassie explored every inch of her brother's throbbing cock. As her curiosity grew, she adjusted her hold so she could grip his erection firmly in her hand. The head of his cock projected past her fingers and pointed straight up toward the ceiling as Cassie looked at the drop of precum that had formed on the tip. Her finger swirled over the head as she spread the thin liquid over his round, purple crown.

Without thinking, Cassie put her finger in her mouth and sucked the precum from it. Suddenly realizing what she had done, her head jerked up, and she looked at her husband. When Brady smiled and nodded his okay, she looked back at Liam's cock and continued to explore its hard surface. Sitting on the couch next to her, Brady closely studied his wife's face. The look of nervous indecision he had seen a few moments earlier was now replaced by carnal hunger.

As she continued to explore her brother's rigid shaft, Brady started to unbutton her blouse. Cassie released her hold only long enough to let her husband slip her shirt and bra down her arms china new xxx story com wrapping her fingers around Liam's cock again. Her breasts were full and round, centered by areola that was eighteen year old floozy gets fucked hard hardcore and massage and puffy, but her eraser-size nipples seemed to be as stiff as spikes.

Brady didn't think he had ever seen them as long and hard as they were now. Brady ran his hands over the length of his wife's body, loving the soft feel of her skin as he worked his way from her knee to her shoulder and back down again. Eventually, he focused more and more on her breasts, using his fingertips to playfully tweak their throbbing points until she was moaning with pleasure. Brady playfully whispered into his wife's ear. "You look so fucking hot as you play with your brother's cock.

Do you want to do more? Do you want to taste it?" Cassie shuddered as she absorbed Brady's words. After biting down hard on her lower lip she shook her head, but it was impossible to hide the lust in her eyes. Her voice was trembling when she replied, "I shouldn't." "But wouldn't you really like to do more than just touch it?

Look how hard his cock is. It's hard because you look so sexy and beautiful." "I don't know, Brady. I'm afraid if I do more, I won't be able to stop." "That's part of the excitement, Honey. See how hard your brother is? That's how turned on he is for his beautiful little sister! He sees how delicious you look right now. He's turned on and wants you so bad. I bet he has dreamed of this moment most of his life." Brady's hot breath against his wife's ear made Cassie shiver.

"I can feel how much it's turning you on, too!", Cassie moaned. "Are you really sure you want me to do this, or is it the alcohol talking? I don't want to do anything tonight we will both regret tomorrow. Brady's hand had dropped down his wife's belly to touch the inflamed lips of her pussy. His finger was running back and forth between her soaking wet outer lips, teasing her pussy into an even higher state of arousal.

"Sweetheart, whatever it is you decide to do, will only be is sex! Not lovemaking, just sex! You and Liam wouldn't be making love; you would just be fucking each other. You would just enjoy the pleasures of each other's bodies.

You can only make love to me! With anyone else, all it would be is fun, physical, sexual pleasure!" Pausing, aware how much his own words were driving her mad with lust, knowing by the look on Cassie's face that he was extremely close to pushing her over the edge to submission, he finally said, "This something we have talked about in the past.

Don't you remember talking about bringing a third person into our sexual adventures? Cassie mindlessly shook her head yes as she continued to grip her brother's hard cock. "So, how far do you want to go? Do you want to just let Liam explore your body with his hands for a while? Maybe let him kiss you? Maybe let him taste you? Or, because your pussy is so incredibly wet right now, maybe you should seriously think about letting him put his cock inside you?

Think about how it would feel if you let him fuck you!" Burning with desire to see what Cassie was going to choose to do, Brady leaned even closer to her, exciting her, even more, when he whispered into her ear, "Go for it, sweetie! Let him please you! Let Liam enjoy your body! Give your brother a chance to see how many times he can make you cum!" Hearing this, combined with the feel of Liam's cock in her hand and the way her husband was rubbing her pussy with his finger, Cassie could feel the fire mounting within her as once again an orgasm started sexy whores being fucked by the boss within her.

She felt the pangs of sexual arousal and incestuous desire to join with her brother and twist into an aching knot of passion that was growing within her like a rising flame. Brady's cock throbbed when he saw Cassie lick her lips and her eyes focused entirely on Liam's cock as she continued to caress and stroke it.

The expression on her face made her look like she was drunk with lust as she ran her hand over the rigid length of flesh. Brady looked at his angelina jolly xxx sex stories full sax friend and nodded. Liam knelt in front of Cassie and placed his hands on her upper thighs.

Slowly his hands rose higher, forming a sea of goosebumps across the soft skin of her belly before gliding up to touch the firmness of her beautiful breasts. She trembled as her brother explored her body even further--- rubbing her face, her neck, her shoulders and finally the aching points of her taut nipples. He moved slightly closer until his hips contacted her knees. Her breasts were heaving with the burning heat of her passion as she allowed her legs to open wider as he snuggled between them.

Liam's hands slid behind his sister's waist. Cassie's eyes burned into his as she lifted slightly off the couch and allowed his hands to cup the round curves of her ass.

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He pulled her toward him until her butt was on the edge of the couch and her back was flat on the smooth leather. He positioned himself directly between her widening thighs and his eyes danced up and down her body before focusing on her pink core.

She was no longer his little sister. She was a beautiful desirous woman who was welcoming him into her hot pussy. The petals of her labia reflected the soft light, the liquid dew of her arousal showing him how much she was ready to be taken. He pushed his hips forward and started rubbing the tip of his cock up and down between the folds of her salivating tunnel. Cassie moaned as the hard ridges and veins of his cock rode directly against the outside of the delicate pink folds of her pussy.

The flower of her passion was blooming, open and beckoning for his rigid cock to take her. Brady felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest when he saw Cassie responding decadently to her brother's touch.

When he fully absorbed the fact, she was no longer resisting, Brady had to reach down and pinch the base of his cock to keep from cumming too soon. Watching as his sweet wife prepared to surrender her body to her big brother was almost more than he could stand.

When Cassie felt Liam's hands touching her body, she felt like she was in a dream as she allowed him to explore her most intimate areas. Knowing full well what was about to happen, her moral upbringing screamed at her to stop, but the burning fire of her passion raged like an inferno and conquered any resistance she might have made. The moment she felt the warmth and hardness of Liam's erection brushing against her sex she knew that no horny step dad fucks iggy amores shaved pussy on top what her conscious was attempting to say to her, there was no way she was going to stop him from going further.

Her body and desire to know what a cock other than her husband's felt like merely wasn't going to let that happen. The nagging fear of wondering whether or not she could live with herself if she had sex with her brother or any other man than her husband was no longer present.

What she wanted more than anything else was to find out how much pleasure Liam's big cock was going to give her. She looked down at his cock as it rested against the outside of her pussy. Slowly, Cassie tilted her hips, raising her pussy to an angle to make it easier for him to penetrate her. Looking down at his beautiful sister, Liam drew in a deep breath.

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He looked at Brady, mutely asking for permission as the head of his cock snuggled against the pink opening within Cassie's split. When Brady nodded his okay, Liam placed his left hand on Cassie's hip, bracing himself as he pressed the tip of his throbbing cock against the entrance to her inviting, pink opening.

Cassie looked at her husband, their eyes locking together as the head of Liam's cock began to spread the lips of her pussy. A second later, her eyes widened as she felt the head and part of the shaft slide inside her. Brady trembled as he watched the head of Liam's cock disappear completely inside his wife. It was done. His wife was really fucking another man. The incredible tightness and heat that enveloped Liam as he pushed his manliness a few inches into Cassie's wet pink depths made him groan with pleasure.

When he finally pressed his cock as deep into her as he could, he looked at Brady. "Oh my God! Cassie's pussy feels fucking incredible!" Feeling Liam's cock sliding deep into her body, Cassie gasped loudly. The intense bodily and emotional stimulation that a man other than her husband was actually penetrating her made Cassie shudder even harder then she had moments before. Cassie moaned as she felt her brother slide even deeper into the welcoming depths of her trembling body.

She thoroughly enjoyed the illicit yet delightful sensation of Liam's cock as it plunged deeper than Brady's would ever be able to reach. When Liam began to thrust his cock in and out of her vagina slowly, Cassie couldn't help but compare the feeling of the two men's cocks. Brady's cock never failed to please her, but the size of her brother's cock and the absolute fact that fucking her brother was strictly taboo; made fucking him the most intensely erotic thing she had ever done.

The more Liam slid his cock in and out of her, the higher the gratification became as her body adjusted to her brother's intrusion of his incestuous cock. She could feel the physical pleasure becoming so great that all of her moral uncertainties evaporated. The only thing she could think about was letting her brother fuck her as passionately and as hard as he could.

Brady felt a sense of pride as he watched his best friend, Cassie's brother, fuck her. He knew how tight and hot his wife's pussy was and had no doubt about how good it felt to her brother.

He could see the joy his wife two sexy teens kissing on webcam lesbian feeling as her eyes closed and her hips lifted up to meet Liam's cock. She hooked her heels behind her brother's thighs, and her body began to pitch in rhythm with his thrusts as they started to fuck with an enthusiasm that both pleased and excited Brady.

Cassie's body was moving with an eagerness Brady had rarely seen. Her back was arching, and her body was responding to Liam's thrusts with an enthusiasm that made Brady's cock throb as she fucked Liam with an unbelievable passion that was more intense than either of the men had ever seen.

She felt her husband cup her breast and moaned with pleasure as he began to tease her nipples just bizarre interacial cock sucking tube porn way she liked it expertly. Brady whispered in her ear, "You look stunning, Cassie!

This is so fucking hot!" Brady looked down and surveyed the orchestrated moves of his beautiful wife's body as she willingly thrust up to meet her brother's cock.

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The excitement was pushing him to the verge of orgasm. He chewed on her earlobe and asked, "Baby does it feel good having Liam's big cock inside you?" Cassie felt another adrenaline rush. It was breathtaking feeling her brother's cock inside her and having Brady right beside her to witness the incestuous event.

It was driving her emotions to staggering heights. This combination of such an incredibly erotic occurrence was pushing her toward the orgasm that was bubbling inside her and rapidly threatening to boil over. The intensity of the sexual energy flowing through her was unbelievable.

Her entire body felt as though it was soaring on waves of tremendous gratification, she whimpered, "Yes! Yes! I want to cum! I need to cum!" Recognizing the intense desire in his wife's voice, Brady wanted to help her reach that goal. He caressed her breast and pinched her nipple as his eyes wandered up and down her body. He felt his cock throb so hard it was painful. His eyes focused on the point where Cassie and Liam's bodies were locked together with intense passion.

He could see Liam's cock glistening with his sister's juices as it disappeared again and again inside her willing body. Brady felt both envy and delight knowing the bliss each of them was feeling. One of Brady's fantasies was finally happening, and he found himself thrilled even more that Cassie was expanding her sexual horizons.

He knew that in the future he would continue to benefit from the door he had opened to his wife's future sexual ventures. Brady pulled Cassie's knees back slightly toward her chest, knowing this would allow Liam's cock to penetrate even deeper into her pussy.

He knew Liam had a bigger cock than he and wanted Cassie to experience every inch of it. Brady looked down at her face again. Seeing how much her eyes were glazed over with lust, he swallowed to control his excitement and said, "Cum for me baby!

Cum on Liam's cock! I want to see you explode with unbridled lust!" Cassie gasped as her brother's cock went really deep in her, and she responded by sliding her hands behind Liam's lower back and pulled him deeper. His massive cock was stretching her beyond belief. She began whimpering and whining she dug her nails into the clenching muscles of his ass telling her brother she wanted him to fuck her harder and faster.

Encouraged by her eagerness, Liam grunted as he started to move his hips back and forth with increasing speed. He pounded her as hard as he could, ramming into her body like a jackhammer while she writhed and sobbed beneath him.

It hurt so wonderfully she cried. For Cassie, feeling Liam's cock roughly slamming into her created continuous waves of pleasure that flowed throughout her body like tiny bolts of electricity. Her fervent desires built so rapidly and with such intensity, she couldn't stop the increasing volume of her primal wails.

As she moaned with sensual delight, she was completely unaware that the sounds escaping her were making it difficult for her husband to control his own orgasm. Brady moved closer and knelt beside his wife on the couch. When she felt her husband's, hard cock touches her lips Cassie's mouth automatically opened. Wrapping her lips around his throbbing cock, she eagerly sucked on his stiff cock.

He slowly pushed into her open mouth, so deep that he touched the fleshy back of her throat. A tantalizing chill consumed her as she took his cock with her mouth. Brady seized her head and thrust his hips forward. Cassie felt his cock slam against the back super sexy blonde milf teasing masturbating on webcam her mouth and spluttered, trying not to gag as he literally fucked her mouth.

Moaning deeply, she reached up and grabbed his ass with her hand. She gagged slightly but pulled him closer, taking his cock deeper down her throat than it had ever been before. Cassie was consumed with a passion that raged like a forest fire.

She wanted to taste and feel the orgasmic blast from both of her lovers. Cassie had never dreamed she would ever enjoy another man's cock much less two cocks at the same time, but the intense actuality of it was driving her to an ecstasy she could never have imagined. She told herself this can never be a onetime thing. She was determined to experience this sensation again and again. Their cocks drove her over the edge as her body writhed and danced in ecstasy to the penetrating jabs of her two lovers.

While her body convulsed and thrashed with extreme pleasure, her scream of release was muffled by Brady's cock as her body exploded into multiple orgasms. Cassie surfed the waves of her climax while her brother and husband relentlessly pounded her with long, deep, strokes.

Brady could feel the orgasmic tremors racing through Cassie's body, and it was enough to cause him to explode in a fury of blasts that shot stream after stream of cum into her waiting throat. She eagerly gulped and swallowed as her belly was filled with the creamy liquid that continued to shoot directly down her throat.

As Brady's orgasm slowed, his passion was refueled by the vision of pure eroticism beside him. Cassie's eyes were half closed, her arms lying weakly on either side of her head, her body pliant and responsive to Liam's thrusts, her breasts dancing in undulating waves as he rocked her with the pounding force of his passion.

Brady was surprised when he felt yet another stirring within him as he watched his wife enjoy her brother's rigid cock. As he watched as his usually conservative wife wantonly fucked her brother. Brady's brain was flooded with emotions of lust and erotic hunger.

Yes, he'd felt a momentary pang of jealousy as he'd watched her give her body to her brother, but those profoundly ingrained emotions he'd been taught he should feel when watching his wife fucking someone else quickly faded. The images of Cassie lost in such total and complete erotic bliss; of her body undulating and driving against Liam's body as she impaled herself on his thick, throbbing cock filled Brady with both a new appreciation of her sexual beauty and his love for her.

When Cassie's eyes opened wide, and she groaned, "Oh My God! I'm.I'm cumming again!" Brady's limp cock slowly started to rise again to the firm rigidity it had possessed moments before.

She stiffened and screamed as fountains of liquid fire shot through her and ignited her body into a flaming bonfire of pleasure as her next orgasm consumed her!

Liam's cock was still deep inside his sister, his hips rolling as he made little short thrusts into her still spasming pussy. She appeared dazed as she slowly came down from the wild, screaming orgasm she had just enjoyed. His cock continued to travel in and out of her velvety tunnel, pulled her inner lips with it making her clitoral hood slide up and down over her intensely sensitive knob of pleasure.

Brady watched Cassie's brother as his marvelous shaft worked its magic on the woman he loved. Cassie was sobbing as her body was wracked by one orgasm after another. Her whole body jerked when Liam's hips started pumping frantically as he felt his own orgasm approaching.

Suddenly he stiffened and let out a loud "Oooohhh, fuck baby, I'm gonna cum inside you! Oh Shit! Here it comes!" He lost control, and his balls constricted sending explosive geysers of his cream spurting into Cassie's pulsating pussy as he joined her in orgasm.

Brady could see Liam's big balls pulsing as he emptied his load of cum deep in Cassie's convulsing pussy. While Cassie screamed and clawed at brother's back, she was cumming harder than Brady had ever seen her cum before. He felt another slight rush busty brunette teen fucks herself with a toy in the kitchen masturbate and glasses jealousy. Cassie and Liam lay still for several moments enjoying the afterglow while Brady slumped beside her on the couch.

He had mixed emotions when he heard her brother tell his wife, "I've been slutty schoolgirl fantasizes about her math teacher a lot of women but little sister no one ever sucked the cum out of me like your pussy just did.

You're the hottest thing I ever fucked. I don't know why I never…I never…" "Never what?" Brady and Cassie asked in unison. The alcohol was apparently wearing off. "You are my little sister. For God's sake, I should have never violated that way. This was a bad idea, and I can't blame it entirely on the alcohol. It was my own uncontrollable lust that took over me." Liam withdrew his softening cock, Cassie starred wantonly at her husband as she kept her legs spread wide to let him get a good look at her gaping pussy.

Brady's cock was rock hard again as he watched a river of thick, white cum ooze out of his wife and formed a pool on the leather of the couch. "Don't beat yourself up over this, Liam.

I wanted this to happen as much as you did," Cassie said. "I'm pretty sure Brady wanted it too. Just look at how hard his cock is again." Cassie got up and moved to Brady's end of the couch. She pushed him back and climbed on top of him, reaching down to guide his cock into her pussy. The way her pussy felt around his cock when it was full of cum was so new and intense, he almost came immediately, but he somehow managed to retain control. When Cassie began to nikki fucks mason with a big purple toy on his stiff cock, he delighted in the silky grip of her throbbing pussy and the feel of the hot, super slick cum that was coating his rigid hardness.

The combination of knowing his wife was filled with her brother's thick cum and the smooth slickness of it on his cock was unlike anything he had ever known. Brady moaned as she began a slow, sensual ride she knew he would enjoy. She looked down at him blond und geil tube porn asked, "Was watching me fuck my brother as hot as you thought it would be?" Brady gasped, "Oh God yes!" Cassie grinned at the sound of his moan when she clamped her pelvic muscles around his thickness as she moved up and down on his throbbing spike.

"Do you want me to do it again sometime?" All Brady could do was a moan, "Yessss!" Feeling the telltale throbbing of Brady's cock, Cassie knew her husband was about to cum again. And it felt like it was going to be more intense than any before. "Oh shit, Brady! Your cock feels so good inside me!" she gasped.

"I want you to cum in my hot pussy. I can't wait to feel you explode inside me and mix with my brother's cum." With that she began to bounce faster, tightening her pussy around his throbbing cock as she sat down on him. She tightened her muscles around his cock and made her cum filled pussy pull on his cock lesbian stepmom and stepdaughter getting horny with each other time she slid upward.

His cock was throbbing uncontrollably, and he was fast approaching his next orgasm. Her pussy sucked hard on his throbbing shaft while at the same time a combination of her juices and Liam's cum flooded down over Brady's throbbing cock.

He felt her shiver as she began to cum and Cassie screamed. "Mmmmmm I'm cumming. Cum in me darling fill me up with that beautiful cum. Fuck me. Mmmmmm I want you so badly." Brady erupted inside her, his hips pumped upward into her embracing channel as he thrust deep inside her.

Her pussy contracted around his impossibly engorged cock, and then he felt himself shooting inside her. He shouted with delight as his third orgasm was even more powerful than his first two. He moaned as her vivacious pussy pulled the cream from his aching balls.

"Ooooooh Goddd!" Cassie reached down and cupped his balls in her hand and squeezed them gently as his cock spurted shot after shot into her. They ground against each other his cock buried so deep inside her that Brady thought their bodies would be bruised the next morning.

She moaned as her body was rocked with pleasure as her orgasm drained her of what little strength she had left. They drifted off to sleep, their bodies relaxed in the afterglow of their orgasmic splendor.

Two hours later Brady was awakened by moans coming from the guest bedroom. Peeking into the guest bedroom, he watched as his wife's pussy rose and fell on her brother's rigid cock. He had released an insatiable sexual dynamo in his wife, and he couldn't be happier about it. This was going to become a permanent attractive gal fucked by black man interracial hardcore of their sex life.

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