Mya nicole lesbian ass fuck

Mya nicole lesbian ass fuck
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Every once in awhile I like to get away from it all. There's a camping ground close by and I have a good size tent and I pack every thing and go for a weekend. I got there late Friday and set up every thing and eat some supper. I noticed a group of guys just over a couple of lots. While I was eating I noticed they we're looking my way, and I thought no way good I get that lucky. Anyway I fiished eating and went into my tent. I brought my lap top and I was pretty horny so I thought I'd watch some porn.

What I like to do is put on panties and stockings and a nice short slinky nightie and get out my toys.

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I found my favorite crossdresser site and prepared for some fun. I started to really get turned on and my cock was leakin precum, which I scooped into my mouth.

When I masterbate I always swallow my CUM. Any way I looked up and noticed that my tent flap was not completely closed. I thought I saw it move a little. I thought somebody was watchin so I put on a little show by deep throttling my big toy cock while rubbing my cock. I keep this up for awhile and the tent flap moved more.

Being hotny as hell by this time I thought what the hell and said you wanna come in. And sure enough this older guy stepped in.

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He wasn't the best guy I've ever seen. But when I'm horny I only look fot one thing and sure enough there was a looked like a nice size cock straining to get out. He just smiled and said I like what your wearing. I said I like what I see in those pants. He said would you like a closer look. I licked my lips and said yes. He pulled out a nice size cock that was leaking pre-cum. I hurried over and got on my knees and sucked real hard on that nice big head licking up the pre-cum.

He said bet you like that cock you little bitch. I just moaned and start bobbing my head up and down that tasty shaft. Suck it you little slut. I started to work faster on his cock I really want his CUM!! You want my big load don't you.

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I said YES GIVE YOUR HOT LOAD!!! He grabbed my head and started fucking my face. That really turns me on. I was chocking and couldn't breath but I didn't care. I wanted his CUM. All of a sudden his cock swelled up and got real hard. The next he moaned real load and said take you bitch. It was wonderful he shoot spurt after spurt down my willing throat.

It tasted so good. He than pulled his cock out of my mouth. It was still leaking CUM. So I sucked it some more. He stepped back zipped up and smiled and winked at me foxy babes get nailed in an orgy turned and left.

I savored the CUM and was still horny so I lubed up my toy and was getting ready to give my self a good fuck. I was about ready to ride my toy when my tent flap opened and his two friends step in.

This said yor a horny little slut aren't you. I said if you only knew with a smile on my face. They noticed my toy and said I bet you'd like that little man pussy fucked real good!! I smiled and said I bet youtwo can help me with that and turned around and wiggled my ass. When I looked back they where striping down and rubbing there cocks.

Both of the cocks where real nice. One was about 7 or 8 inches long and slim. The other on was a monster, I bet it was 10 inches and big boob s twgirls one man. The guy with the slim cock stepped up first. And to my surprise he pulled my panties of and lifted my legs way up above my head and dipped his head down and started to rim my hot little hole. This really turned me on and I started to moan and pleaded with him to fuck me.

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The guy with the big cock came around and stuffed my hungry mouth with his cock. God I loved it.

By this time the other guy was finger fucking me with two then three fingers. I pleaded with him to drive his cock up my ass. He grabbed his cock and rammed it deep inside of me and said take you little slut. He stared plowing my ass deep and hard. All I could say was faster!! The big cock in my mouth was leaking so much pre-cum I thought he had cum.

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I just kept swallowing and sucking. The guy in my ass all of a sudden started fucking me like a jack hammer and yelled take my seed you slut! I felt his cock start jumping in my ass and fill me with his CUM. The big cock guy ripped his cock out of my mouth and said with a laugh, now its my turn.

I was a little afraid of this minster. So I tried to relax and BAM he plowed into me like he wanted the head to come out of my mouth. It really hurt and I yelled and he eased up a little and then it started to feel real good. I yelled fuck me fuck me hard with that big dick!! I was really getting into this big cock. When he said your to good of a cock sucker and grunted and unloaded what had to be a gallon of cum. He pulled out way to soon. But then I heard the flap again and the next thing knew the first guy was sliding into my hole.

I shouted Yeeeesss fuck me more!! He pumped me hard and fast and dumped his seed into my willing hole. They dreesed and said thanks kid. I smiled and said I come here a lot. Just look for me and do me again. We will with a big smile and left. Loving cum so much I bald guy bangs a girl in stockings there was a lot in my ass. So I squatted and started shooting it out on my hand and eating as fast as it came out. YUM CUM!!

I packed up my things Sunday and went over to ther camper and gave them all a good bye blow job.

I left the camp with a big smile and the sweet taste of cum in my mouth. I never did see them again but there was some other times that I had fun in that camp.

Look for part two you cum loving sluts like me!!