Brunette in fishnets sucking balls in fake taxi

Brunette in fishnets sucking balls in fake taxi
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This story does involve young children,incest and anything else that u may dem offense u r here to read at ur ownd choosing and can leaving anytime :-) for everyone else enjoy. I d say sorry this was done all on phone so spelling and grammar maybe hard to read, but do read and comment on wat u think.

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Part 2 coming soon if u enjoy. It was a hot summers day, the sun baking my young boy body, im mike and being only 13 years of age and hadkiller boy body, a skater kid, blond hair blue eyes, I was favoured by everyone, an even tan from head to toe. On this perticter day I was feeling the heat for sure, lucky we had a pool so I dove straight in, dad was upstairs sleeping and mum had left us some time ago so me and dad share the houseload load, I loved to feeling of the walk slashing around, water in my hair running down my hot boy bod.

As I sat and relaxed in the water, my boy dick grew harder, I imaginedone of the popular jocks from school swimming in the pool with me, his hot six packed rippedbody moving closer to me, his massive manhood swaying in the water in front of me, my fingers dove straight in my ass imagining it was his big hard manhood, I was pumping my boy cock in my hand furiously will pushing in fingers as fast as I can, school girl naughty america download I was moaning and grunting nearing my climax my cock pulsing and sweat pouring down my body.

I was hit back to reality by my bog barking at me from the screen door, I decided I had my fun despite not creaming, and let him out.

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I let Max our German shepherd out to play while I walked up stairs to my room to finish wat I had started, as I near my room I peeped in dads room to see if he was still awaked, sure enough, he was, he looed so hot and I know he would be naked on a day like today and by his clothes all on the floor.

My dad a dam hot stud father, six pack. with massive pecs and big bulging biceps, made so proud to have him all to myself, god I loved my dad, as I decided to ease the door open more I had an idea, and went with it, as I sneaked up to the side of dads bed hearing him snoring and his hot chest lonavala singh sex story lonavala and fall with each breath I knelt.

Down next to him and easily slowly removing the blanket top down his body careful not to wake him, as I pulled it down to his hips I went for it, and pulled the remaining blanket past his prize and joy.

There it was, the magnificent manhood my dad had, my eyes were glued to it, it had to be 8 inchs soft with a big bulbous head that was goody with pre-cum the sweet nector I've been wanting all my life, I reached for to feel t in my hand, grasping it like a new toy, I lifted it up as one price ads I heard a moan rise from my sleeping dad I looked over and saw him relaxas I sore him relaxed I moved on further, grasping his big dick once again and sliding his dick up and down, feeling it slide between my finger and palm, as it began to grow, having trouble with holding on to my dads manhood I wicked beauteous girlie craves for a large cock hardcore blowjob to use two hands hold on for my life as I began pumping my dads manhood faster and faster it just grew and grew the head of his manhood more exposed and gleming with more juices, his balls hung low big softball sizes filled with juices that I needed, as I pumped my dads manhood fast man juice poured out I had to taste it, I lowered in sliding out my tongue to collect his nector, I licked his tip the musky aroma of man, and the sweet taste of man juices lifted me into the heavens, I loved the tastes and smells, Ineeded more, I dove on my dads monster manhood lapping at his head like a ice-cream, collecting more and more man juices for my desire, I wrapped my mouth around his manhood head and sucked for my life, moans grunts and panting came from my dad his balls were firm and were moving closer to his manhood, I stopped where I was and stood up adoring my daddy's God like body his cock still pulsing and.

Bouncing for its needed relief, I needed to help him to finish my boy cock also bouncing and my boy balls close to me alwell I needed him in me As I climb on daddy's bed and went to move to his man hood I immediately drove 2 finger in my boy ass I moaned loud and thruster back, I removed my fingers and saddled daddy gripping his manhhod and summing it right at my boy hole, I sat down slowly feeling his monster manhood against my add, his juices lining a way for his monster manhood, I moaned and gripped him harder, his head popped in and I scream for my daddy little by little more and more of his manhood filled my ass I rose and fell it tearing my up inside but I loved it, I quickened holding on to daddy as his magnificent manhood distroyed my hole.

"Fuck me daddy, give me your manhood, give me ur juices inside me" we were both moaning and grunting and as I sat on my daddy now raging 11 inch manhood, I felt him pulsing deep inside me as I bounced faster and faster moaning and panting more and more my boy cock bouncing and swaying with each thrust on my dad, as I bounced one last time on my daddy's monster prize he unleaded everything inside of him, my ass was covered inside and out with daddy's juices wave after wave travelled through me and that was all I could take I blew all over daddy.

As I heard him shuffle I worried as I jumped off daddy's manhood in a flash his big tool popping out of me as I ran out of his room and into mine, I jumped under the cover to hind as I was waiting for something next, but all I felt was my daddy's juice beginning to pour out of my boy hole onto my sheets, as I scooped my hand under my hole I collect my daddy's juices and held them to my nose, it was intoxicating as I lapped up like a dog and swallowed his juices I went back for more licking and swallowing him down, might was hard again as I went down once more to feel my boy hole, and I was shock as I was able to slide 4 fingers into my needing hole I moaning and I thrashed about driving my finger in and out.

I pumped my boy cock furiously nearing my climax, as I panted and moaning to a mean orgasm, my boy cock juices erupted lil uder the cover fun homemade pussy my tip onto my killer bodyi layer in complete relief as I relax and awe back to earth. Later that day daddy finishes making dinner, s I'm sitting at the table he asked me what I got up to today, I smiled and replied, "not alot.

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Went for a swim played in my room", he nodded and we sat down eating peacefully. As I finish I head back upstairs, my dad calls from downstairs telling my to have a shower, I agree and forward in smiling and re-counting the events that happened, Im gotta do it again, I need him inside me, as I walk in the shower and lather myself in soap, mmmm, my manhood twitching again.

Next time his mine again.