Sunny leone porn in forest

Sunny leone porn in forest
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My Affair Part 4 It was Thursday and I had on the skimpy, sexy underwear he gave me on Tuesday. He said that today was going to be a special time. For two days I was thinking of what was to come. I loved all the different things I was getting to experience on those afternoons in the privacy of the motel.

I loved the submissive roles I played for him. We developed the pictures about every two weeks at the campus photo lab.He was a photographer for sports events on campus and had use of the lab whenever he wanted. He kept a set of our pictures as did I and also, I always left with the negatives.

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Just after noon he walked in the office with a friend of ours from the nonprofit we all volunteered for. I hadn't seen "Mike" for almost three months.

He was about five seven about nine inches shorter than Bill or my husband. I am five four.I was wondering if he knew about what was going on on Tuesdays and Thursdays and got my answer right away. Bill walked over to me and hugged me and kissed me, long and hard, his hands fondling my breasts and ass, then turned me to Mike and then Mike kissed me with his tongue forcing its way into my mouth, grabbing my ass and fondling my breasts.

.I was so wet with 2 guys kissing me, sharing that part of me in the office. Mike was one of the guys I fantasized about in my fantasies involving two guys and me. I knew now this was the surprise I was getting this afternoon.

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I found out that Bill had recently told Mike all about us and he told him about this fantasy and asked him to participate. Mike asked me if it would be okay to join us for the afternoon.He told me he wanted to fuck me the first time we met two years ago,and many times fantasized about fucking me when he was fucking his wife.I answered YES, but deep inside I was hoping the reality was going to be as good as the fantasy.We left for Wal-Mart.

Inside the room it was wonderful. Two mouths and four hands all over me as they took teen cutie td bambi enjoys double dicking my top, jeans, shoes and socks leaving just that sexy bra and thong I was told to wear.

I also helped with their shirts and pants and and soon all of us were in our underwear. Bill needed a picture of the three of us and I stood there with their hands on my breasts and pussy and my hands inside their shorts holding their cocks and all of us with big smiles looking at the camera. I loved seeing the pictures and they really turned me on posing like that.

Mike started to kiss me again and I felt Bill undo my bra. Mike stepped back a little and slid my bra off and stared at my breasts then bent down and gently kissed each nipple. Bill had his hands all over my ass and wanted his turn.

I turned around and Bill kissed my breasts and told me to get on my knees. Of course I knew what they wanted so I knelt down and took off their underwear and kissed their cocks and started to give them a blow job.

Bill told Mike how great I was at sucking cock and Mike agreed and soon was close to coming as he stopped me and I felt his cock throbbing in my mouth. I didnt want to stop as having two cocks to suck on was a total turn on, but they pulled me up and told me to get on the bed. On the bed I had one guy on each side of me.Kissing me,sucking my nipples and four hands touching me all over.

So far the reality was every bit as good as the fantasy. No, it was much better.

I loved both mouths on each of my nipples and so did they. Mike commented how much he loved my breasts and Bill corrected him and told him from then on they are called tits. Bill told me that it was time to have two cocks inside me, using my mouth, cunt and ass for their(and my) pleasure. He told Mike to take off my thong and lifted my hips a little and he slid them off and took my legs and spread me before him.

My pussy was dripping and he went down on me while Bill kissed me and suck my nipples. I came right away and Bill wanted his turn to eat me and Mike took his place working on my nipples and kissing me. I came a second time and then they decided to start fucking me. Bill told mike that my cunt was ready for him and I took Bill in my mouth while Mike fucked me so hard, coming in a short time.

He replaced Mike in my pussy and I took Mike's cock in my mouth and cleaned his and my cum off his cock while Bll pounded my pussy until he came. After I cleaned off Bills clock he told me to assume the position of legs open for them to play with me. Mike told me that he wanted my soles of my feet together with my knees spread opening my cunt for him to play with whenever he wanted. I pulled my knees back and apart and followed his directions.

Mike couldn't keep his hands and mouth off me, and I hot waxing and tape bondage of amateur slave aylith in cruel pussy burning harsh fire it. He liked to finger fuck me(what guy doesn't like that) and soon they were both hard again. Bill explained that this time one would be in my pussy and one in my ass.He said it wouldnt matter who was first because before the afternoon was over they both would have a turn in my pussy and ass.

He told Mike that my ass wasn't red enough for him and he should spank me.I assumed the position across Mike's lap as he spanked me hard until my ass was so hot I almost came again.

they then had me straddle Bill and Mike used lots of lubed and slid his cock gently in my ass.I was in heaven! It felt better than my fantasy and their two cocks worked in and out of me at the same time. I felt Mike tense and soon he was moaning as he shot his load deep in my ass and Bill soon followed in my pussy.

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I held them inside me as long as I could but soon they both slid out. I rolled over and lay on the bed with my legs spread for them. Having my pussy and ass stretched at the same time with two cocks was everything I could want.

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While I was on my back with their hands and mouths all over me Bill told me to use my hands and masterbate for both of them as Mike never got to debolina dutta hot sex story that.

I did as I was told and with their mouths on my nipples and their hands touching my body I touched my clit and came in seconds. While lying their Bill explained to Mike that he now also owned my mouth, tits, cunt, and ass and I was to be used by him for his pleasure whenever he wanted. I was now the fuck toy for both of them. MIke said he would be sure to take advantage of my willingness to be his fuck toy.I smiled.

The afternoon was just one great fuckfest. Two cocks coming everywhere in my body. I loved it and the time just flew by. They fucked me every way they could, and I loved the two cocks at a time inside me taking turns with my mouth, ass, and pussy. As we were getting dressed they asked me if it was what I expected and I answered that it was better than the fantasy. I loved it sunny leone sexsunny leone sex Mike said he would come back again but wouldn't announce when as to surprise me.

I was glowing.It was wonderful. Bill said we would develop the pictures on Tuesday. I nodded Ok. As we got to Wal-Mart for my car, Bill said that he was glad my fantasy was so good for me and he would try to work on some of the others. I smiled and said whatever he wanted to do I was there for his pleasure. I looked at MIke and told him the same thing.

(But I was really thinking that it was for MY pleasure)