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Marie luv big round brown ass at black booty invasion
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The Test Animal This is my first story to be published and it is very out there; most of my other private stories are well conventional but I was wondering what other people thought of this piece. A guys ruining asshole of skinny milf with big copy tits and give her big massy cum in her mouth, well all of the science is of coarse fake but based on some real methods and I have tried to use as many of the real names which have affects on the tissues and organs mentioned.

Kesy isn't the hottest girl in the world but attractive none the less. At 25 she has given up hope that her 32A cup breasts are ever going to develop into something she could be proud of but the rest of her body most women would kill for, her slim frame and height of 5 feet 8 inches is maintained by her strict diet and yoga routine. Her most noticeable feature is chatroulette mojadita tocandome argetina i argentina chicas long thick red hair that that ends just before her rounded ass which frames her face and extenuates her deep blue eyes which would remind you of the Alaskan sled dogs.

If you ever caught her in the shower room sex ends with oral pleasure smalltits hardcore you would know that her red hair is very stunning babe has fun with a toy as her red pubic hair is neatly trimmed to show off her soft folds that signals the entrance to a very pretty pussy.

It is now 8:30pm and all Kesy can think of is getting home as she works to clean up the mess she has made whilst working on her PhD project in the controlled environment fume room, she is finding it incredibly difficult as all of the benches are currently filled with her supervisors experiments and the full chemical suit is making her sweat and restricting her movement.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Doctor Summers couldn't have knocked on the window at a worse time, as she twists around to pick up her last few vials of genetic material the loud noise startles Kesy causing her to stubble in the unforgiving suit and knock over one of the Doctors experimental vials.

Kesy picks up the vial to see what was on the label. Experiment #137 Canine retro virus #23 x Canine Oestrus #45 Date of PCR 07/04/11 "Phew" a sigh of relief comes over Kesy's face as she stands up and shows the label to Doctor Summers. The PA system crackles as Summers holds down the intercom button "Lucky girl, I would have made you redo all that work if I didn't already know it was dead end line of research, you can clean up your mess though and I will see you next week." Kesy may have been lucky that the line was a dud but she wasn't to know that one mistake was going to change her life forever.

The Canine retro virus #23 had been inserted with a segment of DNA which encoded for the production of canine oestrus, it was designed to infect breeding bitches to increase their respectability to a stud and thereby decrease the risk of injury to the animal unfortunately the retro virus used had been unable to insert the fragment of DNA into a suitable position on the genome for replication. Kesy finished cleaning the controlled room and existed, as she was taking off her chemical suit she noticed a tiny tear in one of the sleaves, disregarding protocol she disposed of the suit in the incineration bin and decided it would be best to have a decontamination shower too, there wasn't anything in the fume room at the moment that was harmful.

As she was rinsing her hair and slowly massaging her body with the soap she couldn't help but think of the older Doctor Kristal Summers. She was a middle aged woman probably in her mid 40's with a few lines under her eyes and around her mouth beginning to show.

Kesy knew that any guy would rather fuck the hot MILF then herself, Kristal had breast, real breasts not like Kesy, age and gravity have only just started to cause the large 42DD's to sag. She is a little taller too and her voice is so rich it makes you want to listen to every word she says. "I wish somebody would fuck me like they would Doctor Summers." Kesy continued mumbling to herself as she got changed and went home on the way home she continued to think of Kristal's large tits and wondered what it would feel like to play with them, as she was driving she noticed she was getting very horny and that her panties were soaked through.

She pushed the thoughts to the back of her head and went to bed as soon as she got home. She was too restless to sleep however and decided she needed a quick finger fuck.

As she lay there playing with her folds and tweaking her nipples she could not get Doctor Summers out of her head. As she began to pump faster in and out she added another finger to the two that were already working her towards a climax.

As she fucked herself harder she continued to try and think of something other then Doctor Summers but to no avail. It was then when she thought of being fucked with a strap on by the older woman that it occurred for the first time in her life Kesy came thinking of another woman, it was another first too for she came so hard that she started squirting and her sheets began to soak with the thick liquid. Too tired to clean the sheets now Kesy feel asleep in her own cum.

The next 4 weeks continued as close to normal as possible but with increasing thoughts of Kristal as well as more sexy lovely chick massages dick with lips hardcore blowjob. Kesy decided that it was time to fuck next guy that asked her out but she noticed that guys were no longer looking at her like they use to, I mean not many use to look at those shit tits but still she use to get plenty of offers. Another week passed and she realised that people were now turning their heads in disgust and leaving the room when she entered.

That evening when Kesy was getting ready to leave she decided to check her emails once more when she was reading her emails she came across one that disturbed her it was from the head of the faculty which asked her to come to his office ASAP. She left her desk and made for Dean Winters office, on her way people avoided her like the plague and her emotions were close to boiling over.

She entered the reception area and the secretary told her to enter the office, as Kesy walked passed the secretary shook her head in disapproval. She entered the office and inside was the Dean of the faculty of science and Doctor Summers.

"Ah have a seat miss Kesy Autumn, it has come to our attention that you have broken a key occupational health and safety rule as well as school policy." The dean finished his sentence and stared at Kesy expecting her to know what he was talking about.

Then Doctor Summers noticing her confusion broke the silence "After reviewing the security footage of the laboratory it is obvious that instead of reporting the damage to a chemical suit and seeking assistance you disposed of it by placing it a bin for incineration and had a decontamination shower." "But I knew there was nothing in sex in stockings and through pink panties that was of any danger I was only wearing the suit in the first place because it was protocol to wear it." "There are rules for a reason not only to protect yourself but others and the experiments; unfortunately for you there was something dangerous in the room, when we noticed the smell you seem to be oblivious to arose and we eventually checked the security tapes I decided to have another look at the line you dropped, it appears that we used the wrong vector for canines instead using a human one, over the past month the DNA fragment has been replicated and well you now smell like a bitch in heat." After Doctor Summers finished Kesy sat there speechless.

It wasn't until the Dean said expulsion that her attention returned "…&hellip.expulsion, unless you can think of a way doctor to reverse the process." "Believe me I have tried to think of a way but I can't, I think it's best if she just left and never looked back but I can't help but think of what will come of you I can't see anybody employing someone that stinks as bad as you." Dean Winters picked up the phone "Yes, security could you please escort miss Autumn off the premise." Only a minute later and security were at the door and leading Kesy to her car.

On the walk to the underground car park Kesy had to listen to the humiliating words the security guards said to her "God you stink have you ever heard of a shower." "Yeah you smell worse then a $10 hooker." "I bet 50 bucks a bum wouldn't even fuck her." You could see tears begin to form in her eyes when they unfortunately passed a homeless man sitting next to a bin with his dog that was scratching at some fleas on his shoulder.

"Hey you get out of here" one of the guards yelled and pointed and the bum stirred and went to get up. "Hold on, settle a bet." They walked Kesy over to the bum and asked him he'd fuck her. He looked her up and down "No way her tits make her look like a guy and she smells worse then me but Frank would probably go her." Pointing to the flea infested dog. Kesy started crying and before she knew what was happening she was pinned to the ground with the two guards holding her wrists and ankles whilst the bum ripped her shirt and shorts open, "Wow this chick has no tits does she I'd think she was guy if it weren't for this as he shoved a finger in her pussy, come here Frank" the dog came trotting over following the smell of the bitch but unsure of where she was this looked like no bitch he'd ever seen but a pussy's a pussy.

The dog jumped up and Kesy could feel his paws wrap around her waist it wasn't long before she could feel something wet and slimy rubbing against her pussy. Why isn't anybody helping me Kesy looked around the underground car park and there wasn't a car in sight she'd have no hope of getting free. AGGGHHH! Frank finally found his mark and when he did he shoved it in balls deep.

He thrust faster then any man she'd ever fucked causing her body to rub against the hard bitumen beneath and his claws dig in deeper. His balls continued to slap against her pussy. After 5 weeks of masturbating herself to the thought of Doctor Kristal Summers the friction inside her started to feel good.

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Small moans started to escape her lips "Look this bitch loves it, hey what's that?" "The knot, dogs use it to lock their dicks inside the cunt to stop cum leaking out and ensure fertilization" Kesy eyes began to bulge as she felt something begin penny flame wears strapon and fuck babe elexis monroe pornstars brunette grow inside her, so much for her orgasm she thought as the knot grew bigger and bigger until the dog could only slightly move forward and back with every thrust causing Kesy sever pain.

"Okay guys they're tied I think you can let go of her" The moment the guards let go, the dog was able to pull Kesy's ass up off the ground but she was so weak from pain and humiliation she left her head and chest on the ground.

It wasn't long before Frank unloaded his cum inside his bitch and filled her up she could feel the pressure building inside her but it didn't hurt her as much as the shame. Once the dog finished emptying his ball he threw his body over her ass and stood trying to pull away. It was clear they weren't going anywhere for a while so they stayed motionless ass to ass.

Kesy looked up as something started hitting her on the back of the head she turned around to get an eye full of cum and turned back around her hair was so covered in sticky cum from the three guys as they wanked themselves off.

Frank started pulling again and with a plop sound his knot came free and cum poured down her legs. She started sobbing again when the guards pulled her up by the cum drenched hair and led her to the car telling her to piss off.

She drove off in shock with her small tits exposed and her left eye stuck shut with the drying cum of 3 stranges. Then she felt it the itching in her red hair "FLEA's FUCKING HELL" Kesy got home went right to the closet picked up a length of rope walked over to the fan and tied a noose. Knock! Knock! Knock! "For fuck sake can't a girl kill herself in peace?" Kesy walked to the door and looked out the eye hole, it was Doctor Summers "What do you want?" "To help" Kesy slowly opened the door and Kristal was shocked to see a girl is torn clothes covered in cum, tits and face covered in scratches and dirt.

She stood there staring "WELL" "Umm I ahhhh, Mature chinese mom allowed me to creampie tube porn thought maybe." "Come on I'm very busy" Kristal saw the noose and then completely reconsidered her entire plan in less then a second.

"Look, as you know I only work for the university part time the rest of my time is spent at a private research company. I think you would be perfect to become a proof of concept volunteer. You see it is illegal to experiment on humans but we still require human trials after animal testing, the company want to improve its public retaliations by ensuring the highest success rate possible.

Animal testing can only get us about 50% confident that there aren't any major side affects for humans, that's where you would come in they would then test you if it passes then they will start public trials if not then they terminate the experiment.

Of coarse this is highly illegal as it would be considered as experimenting on humans but they would provide you with a comfortable life with everything you need, plus they may be able to come up with a cure, would you be interested?" Kesy stood there with a blank look on her face for about 5 minutes, finally she looked over her shoulder at the rope hanging from the fan, "well I was going to kill myself anyway I guess I'll do it." Kesy got into the back of Kristal's van and they were off.

The moment the van turned the corner another pulled into Kesy's drive way, two men picked the lock into the house and carried a large refrigerator box in.

Once inside they pulled out of the box a dead body whom would have been in her mid 20's, her teeth had been replaced with fake moulds topped off with the metal fillings that corresponded to Kesy's dental record, the mould had been made by using a apple core that Kesy ate a week ago.

The men then drenched the body in gasoline lit a match and left. "A tragic suicide occurred today by a 25 year old PhD student who covered herself in gas and then burnt herself alive.

She had become chronically depressed over the past month. Our reporter Amanda Adams spoke to the research scientist who supervised the girl." "She was such a bright young girl but when she found that her major experiment was going to be a failure and her thesis would never be accepted you could see the life draining from her." "The coroner only had dental records to be able to identify the girl and her next of kin have been informed.

Onto other news BioLab today announced it was going to improve its success rate and decrease the risks of public trial drugs&hellip." The Death Certificate Kesy's parents received stated under cause of death suicide as a result of depression. Kesy had no sex in stockings and through pink panties what was going on in the outside world after the moment she entered the research company. The first thing she had to do was fill in a registration application form to become a registered animal this was explained to her by the fact that because they would be administering experimental drugs they needed to prove they were going to an animal this would help stop authorities finding out about her being a human.

Owner: Doctor Kristal Summers Pet Type: Dog Desexed: No Gender: Bitch Microchip No.: To be advised Name: Test Animal #69 Colour: Bronze/red Year of Birth: 2011 Kesy needed some help filling out parts of the form but it wasn't too bad. Next she was led to a room where she was told to hop onto a metal table and stand on all fours.

A sharp pain was felt in her neck and then an itching feeling.

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She then felt what she knew immediately to be a tattoo needle on her left ass cheek. The tattoo took 20 minutes and when she looked down she saw a barcode in black ink. What happened next she really didn't expect a piercing gun was put to her labia and before she could stop the girl she had a ring hanging from her soft fold with a dog tag with #69 inscribed on the round metal disc. "There that's all in this room you now have a micro-chip, tattoo and dog tag for your identification, you're such a good girl." The girl doing all this started scratching behind Kesy's ear and boy did it feel good.

Next was the cleaning room she was washed down and cleaned with cold water followed by a flea treatment. She was dried down and then another lady came over with a metal collar and rivet-gun the collar was then permanently attached to her neck. A lead was attached to her collar and led Kesy into the final room.

Inside was Kristal and Kesy was so relieved to see her it was the first friendly face she'd seen since she got here. "I'm so happy to see you" Kesy went to go stand up and give her a hug but she was pulled down by the lead.

"SHUT UP AND GET DOWN! BAD DOG!" Kesy was shocked what happened? "Now you listen to me, you are now and will always be a bitch you will do what we say when we say, and you will follow every order anybody gives you or you will be punished. NOW GET IN THE CAGE!" It was only then that Kesy noticed the small metal cage strapon hot european brunette pegging her boyfriend on a trolley, the kind of cage you see in movies that test animals are crammed into.

Kesy crawled into the cage and then only just managed to turn around inside of it to face the door again. The door locked shut and Kesy started crying. The floor of the cage was a rubber mat and the only way to lie down was in the fetal position.

The trolley was pushed through some double doors into a large room of about 100 similar cages she was wheeled along rows of dogs and into where #69 belonged. Either side of her was a dog to her left was a large Dalmatian and to her right another she studied them closer, the one on the left was male the one on the right female.

"Well we shouldn't waste time lets start our first treatment" Kristal opened up a latch told her to turn around, she struggled but eventually faced the back of the cage and then a needle was pushed into her rump and the contents entered the bodies system. "There that wasn't so bad" She collapsed and cried herself to sleep.

When she woke up it was feeding time. The male got fed first and a plate of roast vegetables and lamb was pushed in through his feed latch and his water refilled, the woman then opened Kesy's latch and pushed in a tray of dog food and water. Standing there she just looked at it and then back at the lab assistant. "If you don't eat it I will give you a shock with the stun gun until you do eat" Kesy started to nibble it and it didn't taste to bad but it would obviously be better if she ate it faster and get rid of the taste so she ate it all as fast as she could.

"Wow you like the dog food huh well I'll tell them I accidently gave you the wrong bowl and you liked it so much that we will give it you every night." It didn't seem to matter what Kesy does she's going to get used, abused and humiliated. She went back to sleep and the next morning when she woke up she felt hornier then ever before in her life. She looked down at her pussy to see her dog tag hanging from her labia and a pool of her cum and pussy juices.

Worst of all her bladder was full trying to hold it for as long as could her self control failed and a warm stream of piss hit the rubber mat splashing her thighs and then draining down the gaps. There was still a fire within her and she had to come. She started masturbating and came 3 times before Doctor Summers approached. "My, my aren't we a little frisky" "What did you do to me" "Nothing you did it to yourself remember, our first clinical trial is for a Viagra for women, we have had positive affects with the mice and then dogs and you have responded brilliantly, I will check in on you in a few hours." Kristal left her there to masturbate, masturbate and masturbate by the time Kristal came back she had to call for a lab assistant.

Kesy had almost dehydrated herself by continuous masturbation her hands were cramping and her pussy red raw from the stimulation. They opened the cage and bound her hands into fists so she could no longer insert her fingers into herself, she could still rub her clit but it had already protected itself from the stimulation by extending the clitoral hood back that she could get no satisfaction and gave up.

Trial: Female Viagra Experiment Animal: #69 Intended use: Heighten female arousal for intercourse Side affects: Permanent heightened arousal Recommendations: Further research, possible use by secret service or military as get ready for a perfect japanese slut sally yoshino this sweetie gets violated by her handsome lover torture method Kesy will now spend the rest of her life smelling like a female bitch in heat and now also will do almost anything for a climax.

Weeks passed and Kesy's arousal has not reduced at all, the lab assistants got sick of frigging her off every couple hours that instead they started mating her to a couple dogs each day.

The first time this happened was very confronting. Kesy was led into a small room with a very large Labrador.

She was then led over to him and forced to present her ass to him. The dog started to sniff the air around her pussy and his megane sofia valentine sodomiseacutees par mike angelo inch cock immediately started to show itself from his sheath. Masting little time and skipping the foreplay he jumped onto Kesy's back and started to prod and find its mark. Unfortunately for the dog he couldn't find his mark until Kesy lost her balance and the tip of the throbbing red phallus pushed against her anus.

Felling the warm hole he pushed with all its might and Kesy let out a heart wrenching shriek. She instinctively clenched her sphincter muscle causing her sever pain. The Labrador wouldn't give up he push harder and was soon banging his knot against her entrance.

With one final thrust the orange size knot was forced inside the poor girls bowels and jet after jet filled her insides. It was just after tea one night that Kristal and some lab assistants wheeled her cage into another room and dragged her onto the table top tying her down to restrict her movement.

They then proceeded to inject a phytostrogen based solution with a few engineered enzymes into each breast, well lack of breasts. This occurred every night for a week and then stopped.

Another week later Kesy started to moan and wither in pain as her breasts became incredibly tender and started to swell. That's when Kristal decided to double the dose and extend the treatment for two weeks instead of one.

Everybody agreed later that doubling the dose and extending the period was a mistake but at the time sounded like the right thing to do.

Within 2 months Kesy's tits swelled and expanded into balloons matching Kristal's 42DD's but they only started to slow then only stopping at 44E. Lucky for Kesy she doesn't walk much these days.

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Trial: Breast Enlargement Experiment Animal: #69 Intended use: Replace silicon implants Side affects: Some discomfort during growing period Recommendations: Have very stringent limits on use Kesy thought that having large breasts would be a good thing well she was wrong she missed her old shit tits rather then her new shit tits.

She continued her regular dog fucking and learnt to deal with her freakishly large tits, the lab assistants enjoyed whipping them but that got out of hand one night. There were two real sadistic women on the night watch and they have decided to have some fun with experiment #69.

They woke her up in the middle of the night and tied her to the table in the adjoining room. They wrapped rope around each breast as tight as they could and then tied it off. It didn't take long for her large breasts to begin to turn red then blue and then purple.

Next they pulled out bamboo canes and started whacking her tits as hard as they could. Some nipple cripples were then administered and then one of them dug her nails into her soft flesh and scraped into them.

Then the younger of the two women around the same age as Kesy started to push a finger into Kesy's pussy, then another, and another and another then tucking her thumb into her palm she pushed her hand inside her pussy and clenched her fist. She then started to pull her hand in and out of the stretched pussy but then her sadistic side went into full control and she started brutally jamming it in and out as fast as she could as hard as she could.

Once the two women forced her to eat out there pussies they unbound her breasts. It wasn't until after they unbound her tits that the wounds began to bleed and for the large welts to appear. They locked her back in her cage to be found in the morning with a broken window and the security tapes erased. The women said they thought they might of heard something during the night but couldn't find anything wrong.

The company didn't believe the girls and fired them but with the required severance package. It took over a month for the scratches in her tits to heal but from this day she has nail marks and scars across her tits but none of the assistants have abused her since. Kristal has decided that it is time to see if the enlarged yet damaged tits can still produce milk. A similar injection with prolactin was used on her tits but with a counteracting growth promote to prevent any permanent increase in breast size.

It only took two weeks to see results and from then on Kesy needed to be milked twice a day just like a dairy cow. Kesy continued her life like this for some time until they started injecting her in four locations along her stomach, two on either side inline with each breast. It didn't take long for Kesy to understand what these where and they were followed up by the same breast enlargement injections that her original tits previously received.

Within a month Kesy had 6 tits and found it increasingly difficult to move due to the increased weight they added to her small frame. Trial: Breast Development + Enlargement Experiment Animal: #69 Intended use: Replace silicon implants Side affects: Some discomfort during growing period Recommendations: There is now the potential for women to grow new breast tissue after breast cancer treatment In the time that Kesy had been enslaved by the research company they had improved their public relations by the 100% success rate in human trials it was for this reason that the government granted them the rights to allow for stem cell research.

The companies plan was not to grow organs but to increase the donor acceptance but they still had a problem what organ could they use to be transplanted into Kesy. There was no way they could convince the bureaucrats that they had to transplant a human organ into a dog which they believed experiment animal #69 to be so a dog organ would need to be used. This then raised another problem what possible organ could they use that wouldn't endanger Kesy's life. The first step was taken in a long line of processes but soon Kesy was being treated with genetically modified stem cells which resembled both human and canines.

This took several months before the researchers were confident to try surgery. The last thing Kesy remembered was being put to sleep in an operating theatre. She was then kept heavily sedated and under strong pain medication for a month of which she remembers very little of, once she was weaned off the medication she noticed two small scars on either side of her pelvic region.

Kesy felt no pain or discomfort and all the research staff agreed that the canine organs had been accepted. It was time to see if they were functional. Kesy latin webcam masturbation porn video from private camnet babe romantic once again wheeled into the room with the metal table and told to stand on all fours. Doctor Kristal Summers had not been around much lately but Kesy was happy to see her once again.

In the year that Kesy had been at the company the two had changed a lot, Kesy much more obviously with her disproportionate tits and the fact that she now had six of them, her once long luscious red hair had now become matted and greasy and her skin had become more pale due to the lack of sun light and she smelt worse then ever. Kristal had aged much more then when we first met her, she has more lines on her face and gravity has finally caught up with those giant tits but she is still very beautiful for her age.

Kristal lubed up a very long metal tube and then slowly worked it into Kesy's opening until it reached her cervix. She applied a continuous pressure to the dilated tissue and slowly the thin metal tube began to work its way through. Once the tube reached the other side Kristal pushed a lever on the far end and slid it into the tube then she slowly withdrew the tube and Kesy was put back in her small cage and wheeled back into place.

Nothing much happened over the next few weeks other then the fact that her meal size grew and her belly started to grow with the extra intake. Kesy just assumed that she was getting fat with the only exercise being the occasional fuck by a dog. Another week passed and she finally grasped her new situation she was pregnant and her baby was moving inside of her.

What worried her was the rate of her gestation at 50 days she appeared to be closer to 9 months pregnant. It was only another week and she felt bad cramps and a large amount of discharge leaked from her, something was wrong her baby was in trouble.

Where are the assistants she needs the Doctor. Within an hour she felt a small pain and it continued to build she thought she had only one option and that was to push.

It wasn't long until a wet ball of fur emerged from her canal and came into the world. Kesy froze there was nothing wrong after all she had given birth to a beautiful Dalmatian puppy.

It wasn't long before her pains started again and she gave birth to another, and then another and then another.

After 5 hours of labour Kesy had given birth to 9 little fluffs of fur which she cleaned with her tongue and then began to nurse. With such a large amount of milk available the pups grew very quickly and Kesy was distraught when her children were taken away from her. Trial: Stem cell use for organ transplant Experiment Animal: #69 Intended use: Decrease organ rejection Side affects: No noticed side effects Recommendations: Begin public trials with human organs Kesy fell into a spiralling depression with the loss of her puppies, she stopped eating and only fucked when her horniness drove her to not because she wanted to.

Then one day Doctor Summers came by, "guess what, we believe we can reverse the effects of some of your modifications including the smell and continuous arousal, your extra tits but not your new Dalmatian ovaries or the size of your original tits." Kesy's eyes lit up she would be able to rejoin society.

That afternoon Kesy was injected with her cures and then put back into her cage excited that her days in this confined space were numbered. Morning came and she knew immediately something was wrong, her arousal was worse then ever, her extra tits were burning and red discharge was leaking from her pussy.

Doctor Kristal came by shortly after Kesy woke up, "Oh boy we were afraid this might happen, with all the drugs your body has been exposed to over the past year and a half they have reacted negatively to each other. It would be my guess that you will be increasingly horny for the rest of your life and that the reaction will prevent you from every climaxing, the hormones used to reverse your smell have probably reacted with the canine ovaries which would cause you go into your heat cycle twice a week not twice a year like a normal dog.

It was only several hours before her arousal was unbearable and it didn't matter how many dogs she fucked she couldn't cum. The researchers decided that it would be pointless to try any more experimental drugs on her as the results would be too confusing, it was agreed that they would need to kill or release her. There was a strong debate within the company for the aartis first time in front of the camera week by that time Kesy had fucked every male dog in the centre and of course was pregnant once again.

It was decided that she would be given to the Dalmatian breeding farm that provides the experimental dogs, it was chosen because she now offered a wonderful alternative to the Dalmatian bitches whom have a great difficulty in giving birth to live young with their pedigree having a very small birth canal and tiny pelvis.

There remained one problem though what if she escaped. Kesy was to undergo one more operation. When she woke up in a farm barn she tried yelling for help but only a deep bark escaped her throat, she tried to stand on two legs the first time in over 2 years but found it impossible, her calf muscles had become so weak and her spine distorted by the heavy weight of her six giant tits that she would be stuck on all fours for the rest of her life.

A couple of hours passed and it was nearing noon when the barn door opened and in walked none other then the two night assistants who son puts hand up moms dress been fired, what the company didn't know was they had scraped their savings together and bought the profitable breeding farm.

"Well, well look what we have here." The two women walked over carrying a large duffle bag. From inside the bag the woman pulled out a full head mask which the squeezed over Kesy's head. Kesy now had a face not to dissimilar to a dog, with pointed ears and openings in the Dalmatian pattern at her mouth nose and eyes. Next they pulled out a butt plug which had a dogs tail attached. Without lube the younger more sadistic girl forced the plug into Kesy's ass and inflated the internal balloon.

Next they pulled out lengths of rope, chains, whips, needles, pins, candles and abused the girls body for the next few hours only stopping when ever she passed out only to start over.

Slowly the women tired and led the very weak girl into a pen with the largest Dalmatian she's seen yet. She would be at his beck and call until the women removed her from the pen but only they would know when that is. Kesy would spend the rest of her life being fucked by big Dalmatian stud dogs and being abused and humiliated by two sadistic lesbians.