Nympho sloppy sex with hot blonde carmen caliente

Nympho sloppy sex with hot blonde carmen caliente
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This story picks up right where I left off. I promise it gets more interesting in every story, sorry for the slow build up of my last one. Like I said before, I didn't know this was going on at the time, I was about 4 or 5. I could only see a few things and couldn't understand at the time, but my mom filled in the gaps later in life.

My mom's boss was a big, fat, black man called John. He was about 40 at the time, married, and ugly looking. My mom was 17 or 18. John had been harrassing and touching my mom since day one, saying she could have anything she wanted if he "owned" her.

The day after we left grandma's place, my mom was determined to get through. I don't know if it was circumstances, or she needed and excuse to do it, but she immediately went to John to take him up on his offer. My mom told him she would do what he wanted, but she needed a big pay raise, extra hours, amongst other things.

John agreed, but told her she knew what he wanted. My mom knew what he wanted and was willing to give it to him. John took my mom into his office, and told her to get naked, which my mom obeyed.

He groped and kissed her body, and sucked on her breasts. He then got my mom on her knees and had her suck him off. Once she was done, she put her clothes back on, and John told her to be ready for the next day. John gave her some money and told her, "From now on, you are my bitch, and besides fucking you, your gonna making sure my customers keep coming back to see you." Mom said,"What do you want me to do?".

John;"Guys already come in just to see you, but now, your gonna give them more of a reason. You're going to be my slut, and you are going to dress like one." Later that day, my mom took me to the mall, we got some lunch and started shopping.

She started trying on really small miniskirts, some really tight, and some loose. She would ask me how she looked, and naturally, she looked really good. I noticed most of them barely covered her ass, and most were so tight I could see her underwear. Then she tried on really small tank tops that showed lots of cleavege. We went to a famous lingerie store, and she started brunette honey in boots brandy aniston take cock naughty america and black dress out bras and thongs.

We went to the dressing rooms, and she undressed to try them on. I had never seen her in a thong before, and thought it was amazing.

I had see some magazines with girls in thongs, but didn't think much of it, but my mom looked amazing. It's not that she had a big ass, was just really well shaped, and her butt stuck out really good. It was also my introduction to push-up bras. I didn't know much about bras back then, I just knew she had big tits. I found out she was a 34 DD, and when she put on that bra and lifted them really high, she looked amazing. She modeled various combinations of bras and thongs for me, and I told her she looked really pretty.

We shopped for some high heels then went back to the hotel room. I said; you should always dress like that, you look really beautiful.

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Mom; thank you, I am gonna dress like this from now on, my boss gave me money for clothes and he wants me to dress like this for him. Me; is he your boyfriend? Mom; kind of like that. The important thing is that he is going to be giving me more money.

I didn't know it at the time, but I actually felt attracted and turned on by my mom. The next day, we found a small apartment with furniture close to the diner and grandmas house, courtesy of John.

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Mom and I showered together, then she got ready for work that evening. She put on one of her thongs, and push-up bras, then one of her smallest miniskirts and tank tops. She looked stunning. She still wasn't in talking terms with grandma, so I had no one to stay with. We walked outside the apartment, and the every guy that saw my mom just stared, I heard whistling from many men, cars honking, and even 3 guys that followed her all in a 2 block walk.

Once at the diner, everyone stared at her. She sat me in one of the tables, and John called her over. She walked up to him and hot blonde babe in lingerie lesbian blowjob took her to his office. Later in life, mom said she sucked him off, the he groped her a few minutes and fucked her.

Once he was done, they got dressed again and walked back to the table where I was at. She told me she was gonna be working so to sit there and bee good. John told her to take orders from tables that were all men, she was to meet them at the door and take them to a specific part of the diner, where she would serve them.

She was to also shake her hips as she walked away from them, show as much cleavege as possible, and constantly drop things to bend over for them. John came over to the table where I was, and told me we could both watch mom to see how she did.

I noticed there was another 2 waiters working the other side of the diner. At one point, my mom's side was filled with men, with everyone staring at her, including the other waiters and even the cook.

She looked amazing, and every man had that look of lust on him.

She had them hypnotized, and had me wanting to be just like her more than ever. She leaned over while taking orders to show her cleavege, and would have men behind her taking peeks up her skirt.

She kept getting big tips, some were 20 dollar tips. At the end of the day, she had 300 dollars in tips alone. She cleaned her tables once the customers left, with John and every employee looking at her. John called all the employees into his office.

Later in life, mom said John had fucked her while the others watched. He paid her 300 dollars, and told her he liked what he saw, and wanted her to walk to work everyday. They all came out of his office and John gave us a ride home. He walked up to the apartment right behind mom, grabbing at her ass under the skirt the whole time. Mom tried pushing his hands two horny brunette get those wet pussies, she must have felt the neighbors looking at them, I heard John say; "I want everyone to know who this ass belongs to".

Mom continued walking, getting groped, and then he reached around hugging her and groping at her tits also. As we walked in, John started removing her clothes. Mom tried to put me to sleep while John continued groping at her body.

She kept trying to slow him down, but he insisted,"hurry up bitch, I gotta go home before my wife suspects something." She put me on the bed and I pretended to fall asleep. By that time, mom was down to her bra and thong. Mom turned off the lights and tried walking out of the bedroom, John said,"I want to fuck you right here in bed". Mom; "no, she is sleeping there" John grabbed me and put me on a liitle couch close by, then grabbed my mom by the hair, and put her on her knees.

He ordered, "get to work bitch". She undid his belt and pulled out his dick, I couldn't see what it looked like or how big it was, but I started seeing my mom put it in her mouth and start sucking on it. John grabbed her by the hair and started thrusting it into her mouth hard and fast.

I could hear my mom's face slapping his fat stomach, and her gagging. It almost sounded like she was throwing up. He kept grunting and saying," just like that, good little whore, I've always wanted to fuck a little bitch like this".

He undid her bra, and I could see the shape of her big tits. He put his dick in between them and started titty fucking her. He then bent her over and fucked her. I could see her big tits moving underneath her, and I heard the loud smacking sound of her ass meeting John's hips. He spanked her over and over, and then I heard him moan; " fuck yeah, im cumming bitch. Suck it". He grabbed mom by the hair and flipped her around, put his dick in her mouth and fucked her face a bit more.

He moaned louder, then finally said,"good job, that's just how I like it." Tomorrow show up to work at the same time, and expect the same thing. Mom walked John out of the apartment, then came back in to the restroom and I heard her showering.

She came out naked and put me back in bed with her. I felt her breasts close to me and put my head right in between them. I felt "hot", and wanted to be just like mom, more than ever.