Bald guy gets to fuck a brunette girl

Bald guy gets to fuck a brunette girl
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Part 2 Daddies Girls Sara and I walk to the shower in ensuite of my bedroom. I could not believe that this beautiful young woman, my daughter, had wanted to make love to me. Her body was nicely proportioned, the curves in her body, and her tight ass seem so enticing to watch.

Her blond hair cascading down her back and her breasts were not too small, but not too large, as I said, a mouthful, not a waste. Sara walked into the stall and I follow right behind her.

She turned around and looked into my eyes and I knew that she would never be satisfied with a parent child relationship. Sara reached behind me and turned the water on. I didn't notice the water spraying across my hair or my shoulder, as all I could see was Sara. I looked into Sara's eyes and held her close as she looked at me. I lowered my mouth to hers, capturing her mouth with mine. I let my lips caress each of her lips and when invited by blonde bangs behind bffs back at gym tongue, I let mine slip between her lips to dance mi chica mamandome la verga bien rico hers.

I could feel my cock rising to this delicate kiss. I could feel how it pressed its way upwards, to be between our bodies. As I kissed Sara more passionately I felt her hand take hold of my cock and beginning to stroke me up and down. We broke our kiss and Sara looked at me saying, "I think now I should take care of this" and with that she lowered herself to kneel on the floor.

She knelt there for some time admiring my cock the way her hand ran up and down the shaft and how my cock had a life of it's own. Sara leaned forward with her tongue passing just between her lips. Sara, holding the top with her finger, started at the base of my cock, licking the underneath with a feather like action, just enough so I could feel her.

I felt my cock harden against this first onslaught of her tongue, as it gently made its way to the underside of the flare on my cock's head. She used her tongue to gently flick everywhere. I became so unconscious of every other thing in this world except for Sara's tongue. I felt it make it way down one side of my cock, then up the other. I leap as she licked softly at my scrotum, as it hardened itself to this delicious arousing onslaught. Sara bath my cock from base to head, until I began to pant I didn't know how good a cocksucker my daughter was, though I was experiencing it first hand.

Then she stopped and kneeling slightly away positioned my cock so her mouth could now engulf it. She force my cock between her lips which were tightly pressed together. I felt, as I intruded into her mouth, her teeth begin to lightly scratch my shaft as it passed over them. I felt my head begin to swim as I found that my cock was now pushing at the back of her throat. I had never felt this kind of feeling from any blowjob I had in the past, and my daughter giving it, made it more effective on my senses.

I now held onto the door and the shower taps, as Sara started to piston my cock, sliding into her mouth. I could feel the suction on my cock, as if she was trying to suck every last sperm from my balls. I could feel fluid raising through tubes that lay within my body as it rushed to meet her waiting mouth.

She continued her assault upon my cock until all at once I exploded into her mouth and nearly fainted from this experience. I never entertained the thought that I would be able to respond again, but my darling Sara had proved me wrong. Here I was holding on for dear life as my semen ejaculated from my cock into the waiting mouth of my daughter, I was in heaven. As I recovered my senses I look down and saw not all of my semen had gone into her mouth.

Some had been forced passed her lips and now mingled with water as it dribbled from the corners of her mouth. As She stood she rubbed against my body so I could feel her breast as they ran over my front. I kinky girls fuck the biggest strapon dildos and spray cream everywhere her tongue poke out and lick the dribbling cum from her chin.

Finally she was standing against me, hugging with arms wrapped around me. I looked into her eyes and I said, "Honey that was awesome.

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No one has ever treated me to an experience like that." I was afraid of knowing where she had gained this talent. Sara still hugging me, said, "Daddy, I would never allow any of the boys to fuck me, but I did suck them off. I hope you're not disappointed in me?" I lifted her face towards mine, kissing her lips, tasting myself on her, I said, "Darling, I can only say, that if you gained that to please me then I am happy." Sara appeared to have a tear in her eyes, when she said, "Oh daddy I love you.

I want to look after you and give you our babies, all for you." I hugged Sara again, and I said, "If you wait a minute I'll treat you to more." She laughed and said, "Yes, I want more of that delicious cock filling my insides with your sperm. But I can wait till later for that. Now we've got to get to Karen's so she can have some of you too." I was in heaven.

Sara and I finished off our shower and we both got dressed, with a little tickling, which began again. We had taken all of her possession from her car and placed them in my room.

In the bedroom I said, "I suppose family affairs soft black hair and cheating if your going sara st clair and hailey little threeway sex on the couch get pregnant by then you'll have to sleep with me full time." Sara looked at me and swung her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the lips.

When we broke our kiss she was still hugging me with her head against my chest. I was happy with my life. I didn't ever think that I'd have another lover in my life. But now I knew my life was just beginning again. We let go of each other and I took her hand, as we walked from the bedroom and went down stairs to the car. After taking everything inside Sara and I drove over to Karen's house, which was in town. It was a neat little 3-bedroom house that appeared to be an average house to everyone.

As we got closer, I said, "How do you know about Karen wanting me?" Sara had placed her hand upon my leg and was now rubbing it slowly, as I drove along. The only problem was this, every so often she would rub far enough up into my crotch and squeeze my cock, which had now, began to harden all over again. Sara smiled as she said, "One day, Karen and I were drinking Bundy rum and coke. We were telling who we would like to sleep with, when I got so carried away I told her I wanted to sleep with you." I said, "what did she say when you said that?" Sara again squeezed my cock and said, "Well she told me how she use to shower with you and always wanted to feel you, but she thought you may have gotten mad so she didn't." I couldn't believe my luck, how close I was to fucking my own sister but wouldn't because I was afraid I'd scare her.

I laughed and told Sara about what had happened when I was younger and we both laughed at that. On arriving, Sara and I walked up the footpath when my sister came out of the house. I could see the smile on her face as she said, "well it looks like you two could have been doing a little more than moving her gear into the house. Playing mummy and daddy have we." With that I began laughing along with Sara and Karen. We went inside and out into the kitchen. As we stopped Karen turned to me and hugged me.

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Grabbing me around my waist. I looked down at her, as she turned her mouth to me and kissed me full on the lips. I was surprised at first, but responded by kissing her back. We opened our mouth to each other and began to kiss passionately, as I now hugged Karen. It was now that a second body appeared next to us and as we broke our kiss I saw Sara holding onto us. Karen and I put our arms around Sara and drew her into our embrace, First I kissed Sara and then Karen, who in turned kissed Sara passionately.

I had no idea how sexy two women kissing, could be, but I felt my cock start to find a way from my shorts. Karen then reached over and grabbed my cock, squeezing it through the material of my shorts. I began to nibble Karen's neck then swung over to Sara's neck, changing every few seconds so that I could arouse them further. As we began to get engrossed with each other, I heard the sound of little feet running down the staircase.

We stopped and broke apart in time to see my 2 nieces come running into the kitchen.

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The girls ran between us, shouting out their hellos, as they went through the back door. I stood there and looked at my daughter then my sister. Both beautiful women and both very much alike, except Karen being fairer in skin.

I just couldn't believe my luck. Karen grabbed one hand and Sara the other as I was towed into the living room. Once sitting in the lounge room, Karen, with a smile, said, "So you enjoyed the wake up call?" I raised nubilesporn college freshmen fucks for a ride eyebrows and said, "Yes. Unexpected but effective." And laughed. Karen said, "Well I suppose Sara told you what I want from you." I told her yes and that I had always wanted to make love with her but didn't want to scare her.

Karen leaned over and holding onto my neck kissed me passionately again. She said, "Darling I love you, ever since I can remember. I loved Carl too, when we were together, but I still loved you." I smiled at her and took her hand and kissed her lips again. I said, "Well what are we going to tell the girls, especially when you get pregnant?" She said, "Well first they can't remember their father and have always looked to you as their father.

Sometimes they even ask when your going to start living with us again." I looked at her in disbelief when I said, "Didn't you tell them I'm not their father and their father was dead?" She looked down at the ground now, and said, "No I didn't want them to think that their daddy was never coming home. I just let them believe that you were their daddy, but you couldn't always be here. Also you have always been there to look after them and they just natural assumed that you were their daddy." I did remember several times when either Connie, who was now 4 years old, or Meredith, who was 3 years old, had sometimes called me Daddy and I had never corrected them.

"But why do they call me Uncle Michael?" I said, She looked into my eyes and said, "Well I didn't know what to say, so I told them that you prefer that until we could all live together again." I looked at my sister and saw that she only wanted something normal for her children and that meant a father. I said, "How are you going to explain Sara?" She looked at Sara and smiled, "Well I told them that mummy wanted a good friend and Sara was that." It was now that Connie, chasing Meredith, came into the house.

I called on the girls and both came into the lounge room, with that I've done something wrong look. I looked at one and then the other and said, "Who am I." Connie looked at Meredith and then back at me and said, "Your Uncle Michael." Meredith only nodded.

I said, "No who am I really?" Connie started to smile, when She said, "You're my daddy?" I smiled at that, when Meredith said, "Are you coming back home daddy?" I said, "Yes, I am." With that both girls ran to me and hugged me like I was lost and had returned to them.

Connie saying, "Oh daddy I never want you to leave again please don't leave." I said, "Honey, we're going to be together for always." It was then I had an idea and I said, to all my girls, "Daddy's going to take you over to our new house soon, and we'll also have a new mummy." Connie said, "We're not going to leave my mummy are we?" I said, "No, but Sara is going to be your mummy too, would you like that?" At that both girls started to jump around, yelling.

I said, too Sara and Karen, "well that's the only way I can explain it and if Sara has a baby, the baby will call me daddy too." Sara said, "Where are we going." I said, "I don't know but somewhere we aren't known and where we can raise the children. Ok" both women just smiled and hugged me.

I told the girls to go outside and play and as they both left they saying, "Ok daddy." I took hold of Karen's and Sara's hand and I said, "Well mummies, daddy better start getting you pregnant, then I better start looking for a new sex in stockings and through pink panties for us to live in." with that I led Sara and Karen up to the main bedroom. I knew that by tonight I would be worn out and then I looked on the internet for our new house…&hellip.

End of part 2 Part 3 soon