Nuru massage member fantasy hot mom gets oiled and facialed

Nuru massage member fantasy hot mom gets oiled and facialed
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When we entered the theater room, the intro was rolling. It was an old move that had been transferred to DVD, and the shitty plot was starting to unfold. I reached around Tom's waist and pulled him closer. He reached up and ran his hand through my hair. Bill and Frank sat down and Bill put his arm around Frank's shoulders.

The movie was about a couple who met in a bar and went back to his apartment, and after a lamely-acted come-on, the kissing quickly unfolded into him undressing her. I offered, "You guys are bi then?" Frank said yes, and "We were all or are married, wife goes wild when finds him fucking her mom we all like pussy, but we like cock too." I said, "I've had my fantasies for a long time.

Thinking of a handjob from one of you is making me hard." Tom took his other hand and ran it down my belly and felt for my package; it wasn't hard to find. He turned a little so his crotch was pressing against my hip, and said, "Guys, this poor fellow has a big lump in his pants." Bill called back, "Better make him more comfortable." I said, "That sounds like a good idea." Tom reached for my belt and opened it up. I helped with the button and he dropped my zipper.

I was as hard as a rock by now. Tom reached into my underwear and found my thick seven incher. "Holy fuck, Pete." He started to stroke me. After a bit, I started pulling down my pants and undies; Tom pulled down the other side and my stiffy popped up. Tom looked, moaned a little and reached for my cock. When he touched me, I had a rush of pleasure and my dick throbbed.

Now I could feel a lump in his pants where he pressed against me. He started to slowly stroke me, and I throbbed some more. Bill and Frank were feeling each other up, but they stopped and turned to check me out. Bill said, "Nice shit man." Frank added, "I definitely want a feel of that." They went back to each other and Tom moved around in front of me.

He cupped my balls with his two s seduce teen first time seducing my stepfather hand and closed his eyes, along with giving another moan. I savored the moment for a while, then looked down Tom's body. I reached for his belt and started to open his pants. Tom let go of me and pulled down his pants.

Out popped a short, but very fat uncut cock with its head sticking out of the foreskin. Very hot slab of meat, and I'd always wanted to play with an uncut cock. I said, "I've never played with an uncut cock, yours looks so hot." Tom lifted his shirt up and off, and I got a good view of his manhood.

Now it was my turn to reach for him; I grabbed around his fat 5" dick and slowly stroked it up and down. Tom put his hands on my hips, and I started to throb again.

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I began to touch all around his cock and tickled his big ball sack, which got a grunt from him and a drip of precum out the end. I took it on my finger and licked it, then went back to stroking him. More precum came out, and I smeared it on his shaft. It felt so sexy to glide my hand over his slippery fat cock. I was already starting to get very hot.

I leaned my mouth towards Tom's, and we met for a kiss.

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He reached back to my dick. Our kisses were very sexual and our tongues were having a ball. He reached back to my cock, and we were handling each other.

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As we played with each other, I moved my mouth to his ear and started to lick it. Then I said, "I think I've changed my mind" (lick) "I want to see what it feels like to have a cock in my mouth." Tom said, "Fuck yes, fuck yes, and I want to try to suck this big pole of yours too." We kissed more, then I broke the kiss and indecent ebon beautiful teenie and her fuckmate hardcore and blowjob to kneel in front of Tom.

When I was down, I took his cock and stroked, seeing the foreskin sliding on and off his head. I slid the 'skin down and kissed his head, then licked all around it. It was magical, like nothing I'd ever experienced. A man's cock was right in front of me, I'd kissed it and wanted more. I opened my mouth and took his head in, feeling it on my tongue. My cock responded by tingling all over and pulsing.

I had to open my mouth more because he was so fat, then started moving down on his shaft. I could feel the heat and hardness on my tongue, which I then ran around on his underside. I kept sliding down and soon had his whole five inches in my mouth. God damn. God damn. I loved it. It made me so turned on. If someone had as much as touched my cock, I would have cum right then.

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I started sliding my mouth up and down his cock. I started feeling his balls with one hand and grabbed his muscular leg with the other. Tom started groaning, then began to hump in time with my motion. He put his hands on my head too. My first oral experience with a man, and I was getting my face fucked. I'd take him all in and rub my nose in his crotch hair, then he'd go back to pumping my mouth. "Ahhhh, fuck man, I'm almost there" he said. I took my mouth off long enough to say, "Give it to me, I want your cum in my mouth." I was so turned on, all I could think about was blowing Tom.

I took him back in, and he started to hump me, faster and faster. "Ahhhhhh… ahh… araaahhhh…" He pulled me to himself and buried his cock in my mouth, then I felt my mouth filling up with his man juice.

Fuck oh fuck, I loved it.

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The taste, not so much, but I just loved the motion, the climax, and making him feel so good. I sloshed it around his dick, then started swallowing it. As he softened, I licked it all off his cock.