Beauteous girl licks cock previous to anal bang

Beauteous girl licks cock previous to anal bang
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Flashes of Lightning On the surface everything seemed perfect. The four men were wearing black robes and chanting. There was a virgin tied down to the center of the circle. Her ankles were tied down to a hook in the cement floor, and her wrists were tied tattooed loni evans sitting on a stiff pecker to another hook in the floor. It was a nice effect. Her belly shirt, naval tattoos and skirt framed the clear glass saucer nicely.

In the candle light her largish breasts and thin face were quite pleasing to the eye. Even the symbols on the floor and the way she was held in a gentle 'Y' shape were sexy in their own way.

Unfortunately, a nice effect was not what they were going for. They were attempting to summon a demon with a name that they couldn't even pronounce properly. They had followed the instructions perfectly. They had the symbols as the book had them written, Talia had provided herself as the virgin.

The blood had been spilled upon the symbols, and the chant was perfect. "It's not working boys." Talia's voice was the first to break the chant. Her boy friend Daniel and the other three members of their circle stopped on command. "I knew it wouldn't work," came a murmur from one of the others, but Talia couldn't quite tell who she wanted to yell at.

"I thought it would work." Daniel supplied trying to be helpful. "I could feel the charge of magic in the air." Though she appreciated the sentiment, she xxx vedfor simple 2g phone that Daniel didn't really know what he was talking about.

In this sort of spell you needed more than just power, and more than just ritual. What you needed was for them both to work together. "Go home everyone, we'll try this again next weekend. Soda and beer are in the fridge. Feel free to take a few cans, but don't open them till you get home.

The cops are trying to make quota tonight." "Want me to untie you before I go?" Daniel asked. "No, don't bother. I can get out of a slip knot myself." She tugged the end as a demonstration.

"Thanks though." Without another word, her friends went up stairs and out of her little house. She heard them tromping over the floor through the kitchen and out the back. This left Talia alone with her thoughts. What was she saving herself for, if not for this summoning?

She had to be the only virgin woman into the occult in this or any of the surrounding states. The magic was real, she could feel it. She had even managed to get the boys to follow her directions. There was just something that always went wrong right about the point where the virgin blood was spilled.

She sat alone in the candle lit room thinking sexy thoughts about being ravaged by a demon of her own summoning. The ropes around her arms were pulling the muscles in her chest, and this made her nipples hard.

Perhaps it was the magic in the air, or perhaps it was the cold cement, but it felt good. "I guess it's about time i get loose." Talia tugged at the end of the rope to her right wrist and the rope slid easily. The knot did not come loose though. Annoyed, she tried her left wrist with similar results. She was going to have to work the knots one handed. Her stupid boy friend had tied her up wrong.

Feeling the knots she instantly recognized them as different from the knots that she had been tied up with in the past. She tugged at them, but they did not budge one bit. She might be stuck here for a while. "Hey Talia." "Oh Daniel, thank god you came back.

I can't get these knots undone." "Actually, don't thank him. Thank me. I decided to tie you up so that you couldn't get loose. I wanted to spend a little time with you." Daniel had her right where he wanted her, and enjoyed the way she looked all tied up and helpless. "Sure, we can spend some time together." Talia wasn't naive.

She knew that Daniel had his urges. Fortunately she was tied up with her legs together, mom son aunty xxxx fuck sex fairy tales he might do something foolish. "I suppose you want to fondle me a little bit." "Oh at least that," he responded with a note of control in his voice.

"Go up to the fridge and get us a few beers first." A slight command to point out that her present helplessness did not automatically put him in charge in any sense of the word. Daniel got up, but instead of moving towards the stairs, he moved towards her. He took the saucer of blood and placed it up to Talia's mouth. "If you are so thirsty, drink this." Talia was annoyed, but she did what she was told.

She could surrender this little bit of authority if it would get her untied faster. She tilted her head up and put her lips to the saucer of blood. She drank all of the virgin blood that she had shed earlier. Daniel's hand moved up her shirt and fondled her breasts. They had gone this far before.

She had even given him a hand job once when he was particularly insistent about getting into her pants. There had been one time that she had driven him almost wild with need and he had pinned her down and pried her legs open.

She had been wearing a skirt at the time and he had his fly open and his hard cock out probing under her skirt. He had just got her skirt shoved to the side when they were interrupted by one of their friends walking in. Daniel made it seem as though they had simply been making. Talia was relieved that she had kept herself a virgin for the purposes of the ritual. She was careful about being caught in a compromising position around Daniel in the future.

Now Daniel was getting completely undressed. He had his hard cock at the ready and he was looking at Talia with unmasked hunger in his eyes. "Its nice to look at, but I don't know what you think you are going to do with that thing.

My legs are tied together and my hands are hardly in a position to satisfy you." He looked at her mouth and licked his lips. "If you think I am going to suck you, then you are going to be going home a few inches shorter. I've told you no before." Daniel took the ritual dagger and slid it under her skirt and began cutting away her panties. This wasn't really all that worrisome to Talia as there was no real way for him to get inside her.

Daniel probably just wanted to have a good look and a feel. He would get frustrated and undo one of her hands. Then she would give him a hand job and that would be that. He pulled at a loose cord on her legs. The cords loosened. Then she noticed something strange. Her legs seemed to be tied up separately and then tied together.

Daniel looped the loose end of the cord fucking shaved slut adriana chechik and bruce a spare eye loop and pulled. As he did her legs were pried slowly apart. This was bad. There would be nobody to come to her rescue this time.

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He tied off the rope and she was splayed open. Last time she could at least try to hold her legs closed or push him off with her arms. This time there was no such recourse.

"I'll suck you!" she pleaded. This seemed to satisfy him. He placed his cock against her lips and pushed in. She too the head and the first half inch of shaft into her mouth and began sucking as nuru massage member fantasy hot mom gets oiled and facialed he were a straw. She was totally out of her element here. After about thirty seconds of this he pulled out. "You aren't all that good you know." Daniel was being cruelly honest.

"It's my first time, just tell me what you want me to do." He laid on top of her and guided his cock head to her entrance.

She was moist from her erotic thoughts from earlier. His lips met hers and he shoved his hips forward until he met her hymen. "Perhaps now you are going to quit with these stupid rituals." His first thrust did not make it past her hymen, but it hurt as he pressed against it. His second destroyed her hymen and caused blood to lubricate his cock. He thrust more wildly after that and blood leaked from her vagina onto the floor.

And then everything stopped. A man in a dark storm gray suit and tie with a black silk shirt black shoes and shoulder length black hair walked down the stairs. There was a white electrical pattern upon his paige owens seduces her stepbro into a hardcore bang sesh tie. On his wrist was a gold analog watch with a blue face.

It matched his eyes. His suit was pressed and emasculate. He had a cool power flowing out of him. His hands were strong and his jaw was set. He was in total control of everything around him and he knew it.

At this point Talia realized that, unlike Daniel, the reason that she couldn't naughty shemale gets banged by a friend was simply out of shock and terror.

She forced herself to speak. "You are," she attempted to pronounce the name of the demon, "aren't you?" "Just call me Flashes of Lightning. You mangle my name so badly when you try to use the old tongue." "Then I command-" "Silence," he said calmly, "I didn't give you leave to speak.

You will answer my questions first. Where is my goat?" "Goat?" Talia asked, "I don't know anything about any goat." "Your chant promised me a goat. He sighed, "I guess I will consume the boy instead. I was really looking forward to the goat." Lightning played over Daniel and burned him to a crisp. Occasionally the lightning would burn Talia where the two of them touched. The lightning flared intensely where Daniel's hand was holding Talia's breast.

As the lightning burned down Daniel's body Talia became even more aware that Daniel's penis was still inside of her. His upper torso had dissolved into ashes and the place where his hand had touched her breast was still tender. She saw the lightning playing over his back side. Talia screamed in pain. She was loud enough to wake the neighbors, but they didn't care. She was always doing strange things in her house and they had learned to ignore her.

"Painful, yes. You aren't damaged though." "You bastard. You have all of this power and let me be raped! I was saving myself for you, you know." "Think of it as a sort of parental control. The guy who first designed the spell didn't want a woman of innocence summoning a demon.

This insures that the woman is neither a whore, nor a virgin when the summoning is performed." Flashes of lightning was looking over the virgin that had been sacrificed for him. This was not how the spell was supposed to be played out, but it was close enough for his tastes. He had been given the blood of a virginity willing to partake in the spell.

He had been offered burnt flesh to consume. The chant was not perfect, but it was close enough. Even the symbols had been done well enough. "It was not done perfectly, but all of the formalities have been observed so far and so I must keep the formalities on my end." From a pocket of his suit jacket he pulled out a pen.

Clicking the button at the back a razor point appeared where the pen tip should have been. "I thought that this was going to be different." "I did not give you leave to speak." Blue lightning crawled along the ground emanating from the feet of the demon.

Flashes of lightning was a lightning demon and that was where he kept his power. Helpless little Talia could do nothing but watch the lightning crawl towards her.

It danced along her skin. Here it shocked her. There it burned her. In another spot it simply caused a pleasant electrical tingling.

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In another place it caused an uncontrollable muscle spasm. He was feeling her up. "You didn't expect things to happen that way. Let us look at this another way and see if that works better for you." Her summoning circle was back. They were chanting as they had been earlier.

Talia knew that this was the point where she had called a halt to things before, but just as she was about to do that again a huge form appeared in the room. Her circle all ran away from the monster, and for good reason.

It was hunched over under the ceiling, but if it had stood up fully it would have been well over fifteen feet tall. Its shoulders were strong and powerful. It had horns atop its head and claws upon its hands. It's head was that of a lion. It was dressed only in a loin cloth, but its penis head could be seen hanging below it. Looking at the thing Talia had a moment of vertigo.

The very tip looked sharp and pointed, but only because it tapered from the thickness of a strong arm to that of a large human penis. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked at the phallus.

It was getting hard. The lion's mouth was drooling and its tongue was lolling out. Quickly the shaft became erect and the loin cloth fell to the side. This creature had a cock that could never fit within her. It had ridges along its length like some sort of strange torture device. Taking hold of Talia's legs, the monster ripped them apart. The ropes snapped, but they magically did not bite into her legs more than a little.

She had fantasized about giving herself to that which she summoned, but this thing was going to split her in half and kill her. It did not attempt to pull her panties out of the way or cut them as Daniel had. It simply lifted her by her legs and placed its tip where it wanted to go. With a shove the fabric began to be shoved into her slit. Her panties were torn at the same moment as her hymen was and the cock head was not even fully in her. With a tremendous thrust the beast broke her hips by spreading them with his cock, but he continued to thrust further.

Dimly she knew she was screaming, but that hardly seemed to matter at this point. She was being raped to death by something that should not be. Sound and anything she did to resist mattered not at all. Her hands were still tied down, and her shirt was still on, but this was only a temporary state of affairs.

The teenie zoey monroe and busty mom cherie deville lesbosex lion's tongue licked her and her shirt came up. It licked her a few more times, but the shirt was still in the way. Its teeth clamped down upon the fabric and a single furious tug tore it off of her. It's tongue lapped up her sweat from her belly tatoos and up her breasts where the tongue's sandpaper raspiness scratched against her tender flesh.

And still it only had the head of its cock in her.

It shoved further into her moving flesh and organs out of the way as it did. The pain was extraordinary, but she could not black out. Sweetened milk began to pour out of her breasts and pour up her breasts and across her arms to where her wrists were still tied to the bolts in the floor.

This annoyed the beast. It pulled back and yanked at her bonds. Her arms popped out of their sockets, but the wrists came free of the bonds.

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Now Talia was upright where the beast could lick her milk and blood to its liking. Its cock was nestled up below her heart. She had already been killed by the damage that had been done to her already, but this could end her much more quickly. It shoved more sunny deol blue film download now. It wanted to shove past her heart at just the right moment. The beast began clawing at her flesh and gnawing on her shoulder and breasts.

The pain was there, but this was nothing like the pain that was happening inside of her. The cock entered her heart, but it's beating did not stop. Her heart was pumping in time with the monsters throbbing cock.

It pushed further. It moved up her chest and into her throat. She couldn't breathe. Still the beast thrust. It was shaking her around violently now. Its claws dug into her deeply. Apparently this beast had something in common with a dog, because as its climax built a knot formed at the base of its cock and began moving forward along his monstrous length.

Her broken hips split further. Her heart burst as it passed. When it hit her throat it broke her neck and she died with cum erupting out of its mouth.

Everything went black. She had died. "Ahem. Indeed. Quite messy." He smiled and looked down upon her. Talia was still shuddering from the imagery. She had been torn apart inside and out. One doesn't simply forget that sort of thing.

Flashes of lightning pulled at the sleeve of his jacket, pulling his creases to sharp precision. He straightened his tie and looked down at Talia. He felt that now big natural hardcore juicy latin smuggler mercedes carrera was carefully surveyed on the he was in order that he should get on to his business. He had his pen out and caused Talia to float up before him.

"Other demons might simply conduct an informal agreement, but this leads to misunderstanding on the parts of many people. I prefer to keep everything strictly business. That way I am not disappointed, and you are not disappointed." Talia looked down as the razor in the pen entered her skin and blood began to bead up.

She was going to be the contract. She would have their agreement written on her own flesh. But what was it that they had agreed to? "Now then, you requested temporal power and wealth. You requested to have your fill of women. You equested forty chariots with skilled spear menYou also requested fruitful harvests throughout the year. These are kingly requests, but perhaps they are unsuited to your tastes. I will alter our agreement in your favor, but I wish to partake of your body." "You want to have sex with me?" "That's not how this works," he responded, "you need to do something.

After having had sex so intensely in that vision and in the ritual you need to offer something else. You will suck me." He carved the new agreement onto her chest and body. He withheld his signature however. He needed for her to do that which she would not do unforced, and she needed to do it willingly. She settled down upon the ground and unzipped Flashes of Lightning's pants.

For his part he seemed as though this was a routine part of a standard contract, but his cock responded instantly to being let free. He was excited at some level.

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Talia would simply have to work on eliciting the best here. She caressed his cock with her tongue. She used her imagination and flicked spots where she knew were sensitive. She kissed the tip and all around the underside.

Finally she took it into mother son sex real sex stories mouth. Unlike with Daniel she did not simply suck on it. She moved her head back and forth over and over. She was humiliated to have been reduced to this. It was partly that she was doing something that she had never planned on doing, but it was also that this man exuded power.

Not magical power, though that was there and strong, but power over men. Power such as the leaders of nations and large corporations are said to wield. He began thrusting against her mouth. He must have been getting close, but Talia had no idea of how close he was getting. His cum lept out of him and into her unprepared mouth. "Don't swallow." She did not. "Hold it in your mouth." She did as she was told. "Do you promise to obey me?" She nodded her head in the affirmative.

"Stand." She did and Flashes of Lightning signed his contract. He rubbed her throat and she swallowed.