Grandfather fucked daughter in law sleeep

Grandfather fucked daughter in law sleeep
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my very dark mind thinks up this stuff.have to let it out. Coach Tim was one of the most sought after coaches in the league. All the parents wanted their girls to play for Coach Tim. He had a great reputation of being a fair coach, that won and played everybody and all the girls that played for him had a blast.

My youngest daugter Sandi starting playing for coach Tim 2 years ago, when she was 10. She loves him -- she is always so anxious to go to practice and cannot wait for games on Saturday. She and her best friend Lisa have been inseperable since kindergarten and they have grown up playing soccer together. Lisa also loves Coach Tim, and she and Sandi get all giddy like little pre-teens girls can get, especially when they go to Coach Tim's practices on Friday night.

Now that they are both 12, and beginning to notice boys and fill out I think they think Coach Tim is cute. And I cannot say I am blame them. He is a very handsome guy -- late 30's, dark Italian olive skin, very well built and in shape and very engaging smile.

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Honestly, myself and some of other Mom's have had some conversations about our favorite coach on more than one occasion -- he is hot!! This year my youngest, Summer is playing her first year with Coach Tim and she is very excited, he has been always telling her he cannot wait for her to join his team. It is all setup to be a very fun year for the girls and we cannot wait for the first game.

Coach Tim is such a popular coach that there is always a list of girls wanting to get on his team, but he tries to make sure that he keeps his team together for the 2 years the girls play in the age group, so this year along with Sandi and Lisa, there are good number of girls that have played on his team last season.

It has been something to watch these girls on the team grow and turn into young women over the past 2 years, some of them filling out very nicely.

All the rage is to wear the sofies to practice, very high cut and there shin guards and socks and cleat with a t-shirt -- they are certainly not shy at this age at all!! And my girls are no different, but it is what is in style -- bombastic girlfriend lets the guy squeeze her curves I go with it. After watching a couple practices this season I noticed just randomly something I started to see at the end of last season, Coach Tim and one of the girls Lauren.

Lauren is beautiful -- she must be Italian or something, she is dark skinned, long black hair, beautiful dark eyes and a gorgeous body or being 12.

She is stunning at times. She is also one of the best players on the field, and she is terrific goaltender. Coach Tim defintely favors her at times, but none of us mind because she normally wins us games. I noticed a couple times last season that Coach Tim would be hanging out after practice and Lauren would stay, her parents were not there.

They would be laughing and talking and sometimes I would see him lean over and whisper something to him, etc. She always was very close to him on the sidelines at games.

I didn't think much of it and Lisa's Mom told me that Coach Tim sometimes drove her home from practice because her parents were working late. I started to watch more closely this season and it appeared he was again driving her home after practice, his wife did not show to many practices, she would show up sometimes and on game days.

This past Friday I watched as them together as we were packing up our stuff, doxy with large tits enjoys sex naturaltits and hardcore was paying a lot of attention to her and she looked up at him and had this huge smile on her face -- he motioned to his head and tugged on his hair a little playfully and she lit up like a candle and was very clear something was between them.

I continued to watch and Lauren went over to grab her stuff and Coach Tim played around a bit more with the other girls and told them to be ready for the game the next morning, Lauren took out the rubber band holding her long black hair in a ponytail and then put her hair into pigtails, she looked adorable. She packed up her stuff and caught up with Coach Tim as he walked to his car. I was very intrigued, I don't why but I was -- and wanted to know more.

I asked Lisa's Mom to drive my girls home and told her I had to run an errand or two. I got in my car and watched coach Tim and Lauren as they got into his car. There was know denying Lauren was glowing, and Tim was giving her FULL attention. Her pigtails were bouncing around and she laughed at whatever he was telling her. I knew where Lauren lived because Sandi and Lisa had spent nights at her house in the past and i have picked up there, so I planned to drive a different way there and just see if they showed up right away.

I parked around the corner of the main street so I could see Coach's car come in the entrance, I wasnt' worried because I didn't think they would recognize me or my car. After a little bit, Coach Tim's car came in through the street and I said to myself, this is nothing I should be ashamed of what I was thinking and I started to get ready to leave.

I looked up one more time though and saw that his car went right by her street and kept going, I had to investigate! i drove slowly and saw his car now parked at the end of street with houses still under construction -- it pretty hard to see the car there. What is going on I said to myself.this is all very interesting to me - I was at one sense appalled and on the other obsessed to see if Coach Tim was not all we thought he was -- did he have a dark side?

a very dark side?? -- I could not believe it! I drove by the street they parked on and turned around, I had to see what was going on but was so nervous to be seen - I had never done anything like this, I felt like James Bond. I snuck out of my car and around some trees and behind the half built house they were parked near.

I could see shadows is the car, but it was getting darker so I needed to get closer, my blood was pumping and I was sweating I was so nervous. I don't know if it was more about getting seen or what I might see in the car.but there was this strange excitement coming over me. Sunny leone fight and sex crept a little closer and could see ever so slightly into the front window. Lauren was slid over closer to Coach Tim and he was leaning into her, their shoulders touching.

I exotic big tit gf almost busted on cock that Lauren was now wearing a tank top, so she either changed or was wearing under her jersey she was wearing earlier.

Also she was laughing a lot, he was talking to her and she was some happy to have his attention and they defintely were not afraid to be close to each other, that was for god what was I going to see happen here -- I was in semi state of panic! I watched for what felt like hours but was like 15 mins tops and they just talked and laughed and were a bit touch feely from what I could see -- defintely inappropriate for a grown man to be doing with a 12yr old girl, but nothing at least I thought I could call the police on, etc -- at least not yet.

Finally, I saw Lauren jump step dad sucking on step teen elektra rose big tits the back seat and open her backpack and she looked like she was fumbling around there, almost like she was changing -- Coach Tim was talking to her, but not looking back there - she was laughing still and her pigtails were bouncing around like crazy. She finally jumped into the front again with her backpack, then I saw Coach Tim hold him phone up and take her picture like 2 times.OMG!!

what was going on. His car started and I almost jumped out of my skin, and I ran back to my heart racing like I ran a marathon. I watched them leave the street and waited a bit and followed close behind.this time he turned onto her street and stopped just before her house -- she jumped out of his car, but then turned back toward the window and saw his hand reach up and she handed him eyes focused very intently on what it was - she was handing him her panties.this little 12yr old girl was giving her soccer coach, my girl soccer coach, a pair of panties.

I was shocked and just stared.she then turned and ran to her house and he pulled away. I stayed there for 20 minutes in shock just thinking about what I just saw. I didn't know what to do, do I go to the police?

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the league? tell his wife? her sunny lane sax cxc story it was overwhelming. with all of this rage running through me, I found myself fighting off thoughts of him with Lauren, him with her panties -- it was disguting, but I could stop.

I was disgusted with myself, but kept letting my mind go there. Was this my dark side? I had no idea I had one, especially this deprived. I felt my body start to tingle and a moistness come over me, especially between my thighs thinking about Coach Tim hard athletic body and doing unspeakable things to little Lauren. One minute I was disgusted and the next I wanted to rub myself off thinking about it. I had to stop this, I finally left -- trying to erase this all from my mind.I would figure it out later.

There was alot to think about. more to come in Part 2.