Family guy chris and lois in the shower italian lewd mother partners daughter photoshoot

Family guy chris and lois in the shower italian lewd mother partners daughter photoshoot
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My friend and her husband were going to Hawaii for a week and I finally got my chance to execute my secret plan. I am infatuated with her, my wife does not know and my friend simply thinks either nothing or that I am a little flirtatious. Not really sure which. At work we used to be in the same office area, so there was a real camaraderie. She got more into the topics that provide that good dose of sexual tension that every guy loves at work than could be expected for someone not interested.

Those 15 or so months were when the infatuation started. I fondly remember the time she told me about something that happened to her over a super bowl weekend. Her and her husband had a are my tight spandex panties making you hard striptease and stockings, more for the fun of it than the fact they were avid football fans, femaleagent sexy agents tits covered in spunk couldn't have cared less about the game to be honest.

The lurid details came slowly, and she was in shock that she was actually repeating it to me. My intense interest none the less spurred her onward. She often pretends she is accustom to the ways of the world and openly announces things I believe would be too embarrassing for her to actually do. Nude beaches in Hawaii for example or the desire to have a dirty thirty birthday party with all the bells and whistles are examples where she is probably all talk.

She once told me about a racy hypnotist that had a girl acting up like a porn star and giving a demonstration of an orgasm with a chair. Or the girls that all went to the bathroom and took their bras off and put them outside their blouses. To me, a racy hypnotist would have people striping naked and flashing the audience, or getting way too friendly with the people they sat next to. Or even something like having a couple girls suck on each others nipples, or guys for that matter.

She is a little tamer than she would have people believe. There is still a little more fire in there than the average girl. She heard about my big screen TV I stuck in my bedroom and her first comment was to ask when the pajama party was to watch porn videos at my house. This was a good example of the type of thing she would say that brought my cock to a raging hard state. This sort of thing happened at least twice a week.

Apparently what happened the night before the super bowl Sunday was she and her husband had been feeling a little frisky and got it on. Their new camcorder that also took digital pictures was involved. Although she never actually gave any of the details, I like to imagine that after they took some video and pictures and checked it out. Her husband got too horny and he took her off to the bedroom and finished up the festivities.

What she did tell me eventually was that the next day as the crowd was sitting down to the TV and it was turned on, the video feed selected was the camcorder. It was in picture viewing mode and was displaying one of sunny leone full xxx story prob star shots for everyone to see.

She was extremely embarrassed and it took several seconds to get the TV off and unplug the camera. Other than my instant flagpole hard on just thinking about it I tried to act all cool like I wasn't hanging on every word. But in truth I was and kept finding not so clever ways of asking more about exactly what happened. I was having to push too hard and had to give up my line of intrigue eventually before she figured me for too big a pervert. These hot types of stories came up more often than chance would have it.

I think the sexual tension was fun for her as well. Although she would never make any advances, and I would not either, we simply had to enjoy the electricity in the air and fantasize about the rest.

I would fantasize during sex with my wife on rare occasions or more frequently while masturbating and thinking about a topic of current interest to push me to the edge. A hotty fucked after massage hardcore and blowjob or so later she was asking me about their new camcorder. I was much more of a gadget guru than she or her husband, so I offered to help figure out how to get digital pictures onto a computer.

She brought the case over and we went to work pulling off a few cute pictures of her kids so she could email them. She left the camera at work a couple days before she remembered to take it home. I often work late as after hours tend to be more productive. This one night however I had ulterior motives for working late. Once the office cleared out I gathered up the camera and searched the bag for the super bowl tape.

They just had two tapes and the other one in the pocket was it. They left the date heading always on, probably didn't know how to turn it off, so it was easy to find. The pictures weren't as sultry as I had imagined, she was acting as more of a glamour model that was posing in various positions her husband asked for. The video was a constant stream of 10 minutes of posing and he was talking to her as a photographer would.

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He would get her in a position, ask for an emotion and then give her a movement to make, such as toss her head back or slowly turn and face the camera.

Then he would click a shot and the camera would make a fake picture sound and freeze the frame for a few seconds while the audio continued on. I rushed home with the tape and made a quick huge titted mature lady craves for a young cock that night and got to work early the next morning to replace the camcorder.

I watched the video several times since, but it is so tame compared to the type of video I normally watch that it is more to inspire my imagination that she is talking dirty to me more than anything. When she told me about the Hawaii trip I began formulating my plan. I watched from the parked car for a few minutes to make sure no one was there, and none of the neighbors were watching. It was late and all activity was directed inside away from the cold outside air.

I opened the door and quietly got out of the rented car. I did not want to have to explain anything, so there was no way to trace this back to me unless I got caught inside.

I grabbed my backpack of necessary gadgets and hiked back in from where I had parked. I carried my VCR, blank tape, cables, towel, Astrolube, vibrator, small flashlight, and a mask just in case. I had been at the house several times once when it was being built and at several parties, so I knew my way around.

It was a strange feeling to invade their privacy in a way that if caught the police would get involved. But I was pretty sure I had everything planned well. As I made my way down the street there was no movement in the houses. I simply walked up the driveway and over to the porch and quickly opened the door with my stolen key and slipped in. The key was a copy made one day at lunch when she had left her keys out. She stayed there for lunch so I made a stop at the local Home Depot to get the key copied.

I locked the door and took my shoes off as not to make a mess in the house for someone to find. Then I made my way to the bedroom and started looking for where the videos had been stored.

I had to search for a while. I sniffed at a few pairs of thongs and lacy lingerie, but that was not too exciting since they had been cleaned. Finally I found the tape she had led me to believe was the masterpiece I was looking for. It was simply labeled "X" and did nothing to give away the extreme lustful nature of the material.

I was about to find out just how nasty she could be.

Now I am even more infatuated with her and fantasize more regularly about her. I quickly hooked up my VCR with a blank tape to record all the action. I fed the output to the TV and sat down with one of her thongs and my bag of tricks. Rubbing sunny leone xxx porn movi discharg in mouth thong on my naked body I rewound the tape and hit play.

I was set up comfortably on their bed and had a couple pillows propping me up as the tape started. There was a blister of motion and spinning as the camera was being examined and placed upon a tripod. As the scene became still, it was focused on a bed in what appeared to be a hotel room. The date on the camera was earlier than the date I expected to find the scene I had pieced together the existence of.

She came into view and got on the bed, with much sexier attire than I had seen on her before. She was wearing a red skirt with black fishnet stockings and a low cut blouse with flimsy see through white material. The bra she had on underneath was red. The outfit was astonishing on her. She was wearing a deep red shade of lipstick, and the obvious effort she had made in putting on her make-up looked stunning.

She was so gorgeous. Her hair was pulled back tight making her look like a studious secretary, almost unaware of her own beauty, and only known for her willingness to efficiently complete all tasks.

It quickly became clear that she was aiming to please her husband, and now me. She succeeded. Music started playing in the background and she quickly found her beat and began what looked like a strip tease dance next to the bed.

The camera panned over slightly to center her in the screen. During the entire first song she danced with such energy that I was in awe of her stamina. When the next song came on she started to undo her blouse.

Soon the bright red satin of her bra was visible and was pushing her cleavage up, a look rarely seen at work. She left the blouse hanging on her shoulders, turned from the camera and began inching up her skirt.

Soon her ass was visible above the fishnet pattern and below the rising hemline. She began bending over ever so slowly which had the effect of bringing her pussy covered with a tiny triangle of red fabric. Her thong had a visibly moistened spot in the center as she spread her legs slightly and kept bending down. Her skirt was now sliding up on its own to give way to her round voluptuous ass with a thin red line barely covering her ass hole. She slid her hands behind her back and unhooked the bra as her breasts came into view between her legs the bra fell to the floor with her blouse.

She had gone from clothed to only wearing the stockings with the skirt bunched up at her waist in seconds. I was very happy to be recording this tape as I poured more astroglide across my fingers as they stroked my achingly hard cock.

She bent over so far that she was able to face the camera with her tits bumping her chin as she swayed back and forth to the music.

She grasp one and moved it to her mouth so she could lick her nipple while her other hand began caressing her ass. A couple of times while sliding her hand across her ass she pulled the thong out of the way for a second. Her puckered ass hole was pale colored and just dying for loving attention and when the thong came up off her pussy at one point before she let go and it rolled back there was a string of wetness that stretched from her pink swollen lips.

Grandfather fucked daughter in law sleeep that moment the camera panned back to the bed with her on the edge of the picture and once settled her naked husband came into view.

His face covered her ass as he began to lick the sweet nectar from her pussy. The view at this point was very disappointing, as they were out of the frame mostly and the good stuff was hidden.

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After warming her up he remembered he had focused the camera on the bed and moved her there. He pulled off her skirt and stockings and had her put her ass to the camera doggie style. He then set up at the head of the bed and fed her his cock to feast on.

Again the view was bad, but her head going up and down while she moaned and commented how good it was occasionally with a mouth still half full of cock was very erotic.

She eventually began playing with her pussy after she laid her head onto one of his legs to take his cock in where his balls and rod peeked into view each time she bobbed up and down. As her hand came up to her pussy she dipped her three middle fingers into her sopping wet cunt and pulled out her very wet fingers to rub all over her clit.

Her pink flower now blossomed as her pussy lips parted and stayed open while she began mashing her clit back and forth. Her soaked fingers and quick motions became a slurping noise I could hear when the volume was turned way up. I was getting close myself as her husband apparently went over the edge. She brought her hand back up from between her legs and lifting her head slightly she finished stroking his cock and catching the shots of cum in her mouth.

As soon as he was done he had to grab her hand so she would stop rubbing his now sensitive prick. She then turned over and sat down facing the camera. She spit the cum that made it in her mouth into her hand, the rest was on her chin and cheek and ebony secretary ivy young gets fingered by boss of her tits.

With her handful of cum she now lye back and placed it in her spread open crotch. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a small triangular patch and she slathered the entire area from her pubic hair to her ass with his semen. Her hand graciously massaged the entire area for a few moments, and then once spread over the entire area evenly she tightened her focus on her clit once again.

Her husband now moved down and started kissing and licking her inner thigh while thankfully her wide spread open legs left her pussy in full view. The moans and intensity of her motions showed off her desire and soon she would bring herself to orgasm. She violently slid her fingers back and forth making a frothy mess out of the soup between her legs.

All three fingers took turns rubbing across the focus of her pleasure while her other hand had pushed down upon her pubic hair while pulling it up at the same time to have the effect of completely peeling back the hood over her clit and making it poke high into the air.

Her legs became rigid kinky woman lily love takes two cocks spread out at almost 180 degrees but slightly upward. Her neck pulled her head upward while she looked closely at what her husband was doing.

She made one final plea before the impending orgasm inundated her senses, "Lick my pussy baby." His head shot down and he apparently rammed his tongue inside her pussy. His head twisted back and forth over and over as fast as she had been, and still was, slipping her slick fingers across her now bright pink juicy clit. She lost all control and her legs began to shake as chattering teeth do in the winter. Her moans now sounded more animal like and she grew much louder.

I had to turn the volume back down so a passer by wouldn't hear the throws of her orgasm if they happened to pass outside the house. I grabbed her thong I had been playing with and filled it with streaming gushes of thick cum shooting out in ropes to land across the silky material.

The exquisite look of devilish pleasure on her face as she started to bite her bottom lip and moan in what oral job and vaginal lovely teen sex hardcore and blowjob the beginning of her orgasm pushed my over the brink.

My long infatuation with her served to bring me to orgasm just as she entered the passionate throws of her simultaneous one. I began to relax and squish my cum into her thong as I watch her orgasm unfold. Her orgasm came in waves her head convulsed forward and her legs slightly upward as she let out a screaming grunt. She was in the midst of the most erotic and extremely intense orgasm I had ever seen. With the first thrust her husband had started licking her clit vacated by her fingers now clinching the comforter on the bed.

With the second thrust he pulled his head up with a surprised look on his face and some liquid was dripping from his bangs and down his nose and already glistening cheeks.

With the third thrust her pussy now gaping wide open for the camera shot a shaky stream of liquid about 12 inches in front of her pussy all over the comforter. A fourth and fifth wave sent smaller shots into the air and a sixth was simply one last gush of fluid that ran down across her ass hole.

She had been watching her husband lick his cum from her pussy and now was watching the liquid shoot from her pussy.

Her husband commented, "Oh my God, have you ever done that before?" He moved back down and examined the fluid more closely. Put some on his fingers from the comforter and lifted it to his nose as he rubbed it to feel its character. Her legs were still shaking but no longer rigid. "I have never had an orgasm that good," she said, "and I have never done that, where does it come from?" She reached her hand down and rubbed her fingers on her perineum and lifted upward across her slit.

She also moved the liquid to her nose to smell it. "Its not pee," she informed him, "what does it taste like?" "You tell me first," he said. "I guess I owe you that," she agreed as she stuck her fingers across her tongue and licked the fluid off. "Hmm, it's not really any flavor at all, you wants some?" she said. She again dipped her hand back down and this time got a much fuller dose by rubbing the three fingers inside her pussy also wiping up any leftover lubricants and some of his frothy cum that had been recently worked into a lather.

She held her fingers out for him in front of his face the contents in plain view of the camera. They looked at each other a moment she almost dared him with a glare that challenged him not to. He smirked back and said, "So you have to swallow next time," as he pounced on her fingers and took them into his mouth in one fell swoop and sucked them clean giving her no chance at a rebuttal.