Shay fox watching porn with son

Shay fox watching porn with son
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Part 1 I had an upbringing that I would consider pretty normal. Normal friends, normal school. Everything as it should be apart from one thing.

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My cousin Sophie. For roughly a year we experimented a lot. She was 6 and I was 7. We had no idea what we where doing most the time, but we did it anyway. We never had sex or anything, but we felt and kissed each other a lot. My most vivid memory of it was when we where on my bunk bed and my mum was walking the dog with my sisters, leaving us in the house alone.

She was wearing a red dress with a ribbon in her blonde hair. She laid me on the floor and lifted her dress up, showing she was wearing nothing underneath. She knelt just above my mouth and asked me to kiss her bum.

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I kissed it for a while and she told me she liked the feeling. That's pretty much what I remember of that time. A bit afterwards she moved and we only saw each other a handful of times a year.

Eventually we grew apart and didn't communicate much or do anything how we did when together.

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So anyway, to our weekend. Both 19 now, Sophie had grown very well. She now had dark blonde hair and sexy close up amateur handjob and cumshot eyes. I don't really know girls breast sizes, but hers where quite big. Seeing her grow through the years, her boobs got big round about the age of 13. She had an athletic body, her whole family are pretty active with sport so that came naturally. The part about her I loved most was her ass, it was big but not too big.

It looked perfectly round, thick and hinanos big tits sucked and fondled until she is insane with need. So many times I closed my eyes and thought about being able to do what I wanted to it. And there isn't a single thing I wouldn't do for that ass.

It'd been roughly a year since we last saw each other and round about October I noticed I had a missed call and a message from Sophie. The message said that she was hoping she could come up and stay at mine for the weekend to visit my mum and some friends.

I text her back saying of course she could and told my mum. My sisters had both moved out by now and my mum had a full time job, with me then being unemployed I didn't have much to do through the day.

I laid down and had a think about her. About her sexy green eyes. Suddenly I had a thought. Maybe I should say something, mention about what we use to do when we where young and see if she still remembered it. This was a stupid idea I kept thinking. But then I kept thinking about that thick round ass of hers.

Eventually I thought I wouldn't try anything too forward, but I'd drop a few hints here and there and hope something would come of it. Little did I know what was going to come at all this weekend. Before I knew it Friday had come and I was on my way to the station to pick Sophie up.

I arrived a little early and sat on a bench waiting. Eventually her train came and I perked up a bit waiting to see her. I made her out from the crowd with ease, she was wearing tight black uniform trousers and a black polo shirt with thin red horizontal stripes. She was also carrying the mother of all suitcases. I walked over to her and we had our usual friendly greeting.

She told me she'd come straight from work, explaining her clothes. As we walked to the car I kept trying to get a sly look at her ass. After a long struggle I got her suitcase into the car and we where driving back. We shared the stuff we share every time we meet after a while.

Talk about how everyone is from each side of the family and that.

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We spoke about what we where going to do tonight and she said we should have a few drinks and watch some films, an offer I definitely wasn't going to turn down. All through the day I kept staring at her ass. Somehow it looked sexier than I'd ever imagined. I forced myself to stop it since she almost caught me once. When xxx nayeka story full sex stories got back she asked if I'd put her suitcase in the spare room whilst she had jess and sophia share a massive dong brunette and voyeur shower.

She quickly popped in and I put her suitcase in her room for her. It was hard not to get a full on hard, all I could think about was her pussy and ass in her underwear she'd been wearing in all day. As I was sitting there, the bedroom door opened. She had a white towel wrapped around her whilst drying her hair with another towel.

She asked me to leave for her to get changed and to sort her clothes out. I agreed and headed to the bathroom. When in I immediately thought, the wash basket. I opened it and sure enough, her clothes where in there. I pulled her black trousers out and her panties. They where small pink boy shorts with a little bow on the front. I help them to my nose and took a deep breath. Her smell got me hard straight away. I kept taking breaths, each one getting deeper and deeper before finally I had to.

I got my hard member out and started tugging. About 30 seconds later and I came. All through it keeping the panties firmly pressed against my nose. I put them back in how I found them and quickly cleaned up then waited for Sophie to finish.

After dinner with my mum we all sat in the living room and watched a film. After the first film my mum went upstairs to bed due to an early morning start.

At this point we got some drinks and put another film on. Sophie asked for some covers and I got some, before I got the chance to get myself some she said to share with her.

We got in them and put another film on. All I could think was the smell of her pussy and her panties. Before I knew it I was fully hard again.

When the film ended Sophie had fallen asleep, I on the other hand was wide awake with a massive hard on. I tried to move with out waking her, as I did she turned around onto her back. I checked her face and she was still sound asleep. I slowly moved back the covers to see her legs spread in her black tights. Everything was telling me to go upstairs and sleep, but I couldn't leave.

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Very slowly I got lower and lower. My nose was about two inches away from her sexy soft pussy. I took the final leap and buried my face gently into her hot mound in her tights.

The sensation I got in my manhood was sensational. I gently kissed and licked, all the while being scared to death of her waking up.

She let out a sleepy moan, which turned me on more than scaring me. I stroked one out quickly into my boxers. After I quickly pulled the covers back over her and headed upstairs to bed.

It was about an hour before I got to sleep. I couldn't believe what I just did. She smelt perfect. I never wanted her so bad, and tonight I almost had her. Right then I made a promise to myself.

Before the weekend ends, I was going to fuck Sophie.