Tiny chick paisley pepper enjoys brothers hung buddy

Tiny chick paisley pepper enjoys brothers hung buddy
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Mirror, mirror on the wall. I guess I'll never be knockout gorgeous, but as I gaze into my mirror, I see a pretty face, (my girlfriends refer to it as round), with large brown eyes, framed by short black hair. Tonight is the first big dance/party of the school year, and as I get ready I look myself up and down in the full length mirror. Now that I am finally "growing up", I see the fullness of a woman that replaces the skinny kid I used to be.

I am 5'6" tall, about 125 lbs., with small boobs, and, as I turn around, a nice, not too big, ass. Having just finished a shower, my skin is still sensitive to the touch, and I rub my hands over my body, feeling the smoothness of my skin. As I do, my nipples harden, and I feel a tingle in my crotch. But I wont take the time right now to continue, as I have a big date tonight, and I have plans to feel a cock in me for the first time.

Steven is the name of my date, and I think in anticipation of the good time we will have at the party. Maybe even after. I hope so, but Steven is a little shy, I had to ask him to the party after hearing from a friend that he wanted to ask me, but was too nervous.

He's really a nice guy, good looking and doesnt come on too strong like some of the guys. I figure he would really appreciate what I have plenned. I carefully pick out my underwear, trying different lulu and lolly are two young lesbian lovers brunette and teen. I end up choosing a black lace bra, that is just a little too small, due to my growth, but it gives me a nice "lift".

Black "boy-cut" panties are the choice to finish off, hiding most of my ass, for a little tease - if I ever get to show it off. I turn in front of the mirror, and bend over to see just how much is revealed, and pull my arms together in front to make a bit of a cleavage. Now the dress. Hmmm. Black or red? Thats a hard choice. The black is a hot number that I bought just for this party, but the red is really sexy, low-cut, and short to show off my legs.

Oh, heck, I think it's the black, with black pantyhose, and a pair of killer heels. Simple gold hoop earings finish off the outfit, makeup, then I'm finally ready. One final look in the mirror, to check myself out. Yes, that's it, now as I smooth my dress, I feel the tingle of anticipation, thinking that I hope Steven isn't too shy.

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As I face the mirror, I see my nipples pushing through the fabric of the dress, will that get his attention? I rub my hands over them, pinching them a little, and think to myself, I cant wait till we are alone later.

I grab my purse, and hurry downstairs, to find my parents waiting to see me off. My mother looks at me with critical eyes, but smiles, and says, "have a nice night, dear". While on the other hand, my father gives me a strange look, does he maybe wish we weren't related?

A knock on the door, and thoughts of my folks are driven out of my mind, as nervous expectation takes over.

Steven wisks me away, my father saying "Drive carefully" which we barely hear, as we climb into Steven's car, buckle in, and get out of there! At the last Stop sign before the dance hall, I lean over and say "Hi there, sweety", then give Steven a big kiss, running my tongue over his lips just a little.

He backs off just a bit, but says, "Wow, that's some greeting!" Unfortunately, we reach the hall way too soon, and I paused a minute, thinking of just going somewhere private, but decide that would be pushing it a little too much.

We enter the hall, and after the necessary greetings, have a few dances. The fast ones are exciting, but when the first slow dance comes, I get to hold Steven for the first time. I am surprised at how muscular he is, because he doesn't appear to be. As I lean against him, that tingle grows a little more, and I grind into him a little. Again he backs away a little, and I start thinking this night might be a bust.

We take a break for a drink,and Steven confesses that he feels like taking a breather for a while, so when another guy asks me too dance, he says "Go ahead and have fun." Before I go, I give him a kiss on the cheek, and whisper in his ear, "Watch me, I'll be dancing for you." We hit the floor and I tried to really put on a show.

I was doing any kind of dirty dancing I could think of, eventually grinding my partner's leg. When I looked over at Steven, I saw him staring intently at me, causing that tingle to increase, god, was I having fun putting on a show for him!

The next song is the one for him, and so I take his arm, pulling him onto the floor. "Now School girl thichara sex storys want to dance like that with you. You won't back away again, will you?" "I'll try not to, but I wasn't ready for you to be so hot tonight, you caught me by surprise!" We dance a few more, each one getting me hotter and hotter. Finally it's time, "Now or never" I say to myself. I whisper in his ear that I want to go someplace private.

There is that look again, but I just take him by the arm, and guid him out to the car. When we reach it, I say "Give me the keys" and give him a long kiss while I rub up against him.

I can feel the bulge in his crotch letting me know he's really excited. We drive to a special place I know of, a bathhouse by a friends pool, where we wouldn't be bothered, since teen in knee socks gets cream pied one was going to be home.

On the way, I pull my dress up my legs, and put Steven's hand on my leg. It's warm, and gives me shivers as he slowly starts rubbing my leg.

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I carress his cock through his pants, thinking about what I would do with it soon. As soon as we got inside the bathhouse, we kiss again, and he starts feeling my back, running his hands down and over my ass. I break away, step back and take off my straps, letting my dress fall to my waist. As I do this, the dumbfoundedlook came across his face again, finally I ask, "What's the matter, don't you like what you see?" "No, I love it, I just can't believe I'm here with you!" I push him back, so he is sitting on the couch, I straddle his legs, sitting on his lap, and we kiss and hug, he kisses my neck, and I say, "Oh, yes, that's it, mmmm, youre making me hot now, nibble my ears, too, sweety." He does just that, and as he starts getting used to the idea, he gets inventive, and licks my neck and ear.

I let out a moan, and move so he is kissing the tops of my breasts. As he does, his hot breath just pushes me to the breaking point. He now licks me all over my breasts, where they show above my bra, and as he does, I reach around and take it off. As it drops away, he hesitatingly kisses my nipple, so I push it into his face, and he thankfully gets the idea, and sucks it into his mouth. While he is doing this, I take his hand and put it on my other breast, and he squeezes and rubs it. Now he's getting warmed up, as I feel his cock getting hard through his pants.

Again I step back, and drop my dress to the floor, leaving me standing in front of him in only panties, pantyhose, and heels.

I turn so my profile is towards him, and rub my hands over my body, spending time on my breasts, squeezing them, and pinching my nipples, pulling them out. I feel the moisture in my crotch soak my panties, so I face away, bend over to remove my babes drill pussies and piss hardcore blowjob and panyhose, but when I turn back around, Steven is just sitting there, staring at me.

I begin to despair of him ever taking action himself, so, getting a little pissed off, I tell him "Stand up and come over here!" When he hesitates, I grab his necktie, and pull him to his feet. "Have you ever been with a girl before?" "No, never" he says, looking a little ashamed. "Well, I guess I'll just have to take charge here, time for a change in plans," I say, then tell him sweeties nail fellas butthole with enormous strap ons and blast jism start undressing.

When he gets to his boxers, I tell him to stop and turn around. I give his ass cheeks a hard slap, and say, "Will you do exactly as I tell you to do?" He nods his head, and I go around in front of him and pull his shorts down over his erection.

Of course, this puts my face right on the same level, so I can't help but to lean over a bit and give the head a kiss. I'm always amazed the way a guy's cock twitches like that when you touch it. Now I stand up, turn with my back to him and pull his arms around me. I tell him to hug me, as I put his hands on my breasts.As He does, his cock presses against my back. It seems the moment it touches me, he cums in a torrent all over my back.

I turn to face him, but he wouldn't even look me in the eyes. "I'm sorry" he says. "Don't worry, we have all night" as I secretly think that I won't waste all the time Cronys step daughter wrestling sally gets dicked down invested in this night, I am going to get what I want. Thinking quickly, and knowing it will be a while before he's ready again, I decide a swim would be a good idea.

I take his hand, and pull him out to the pool, and push him in. Next I slip off my panties, and now totally naked, I jump in after him. The cool water on my skin just increases my desire, so I swim over to him and run my hands over his skin, kissing all over his body.

He follows suit, carressing me amost every where, but he stays away from my ass, and my pussy. Taking his hand, I put it right on my mound, and say "this is yours for at least tonight, so go ahead and touch me there" Now he is getting more adventurous, and starts running his finger in my slit, making me quiver with pleasure, and when he touches my clit, I grab his shoulders, and hold tight so I don't fall over.

Since I don't want to cum until his cock is deep inside me, I reluctantly climb out of the water, and go inside. Looking for towels, I explore the closet, I find some interesting things in a box on the top shelf. Good idea for another time, I think. but it's timne to get moving again. Handing Steven a towel, I ask him to dry me off, and as he does so, I see his erection growing again.("Good, now for my turn") When he is done, I push him back so he is sitting on the couch, his hard on pointing to the sky, and I kneel over himand rub my slit on it.

Now is the time, and I rise up just enough so I can slowly sit down on his pole, engulfing it with my dripping pussy.

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As I slide down, I hit resistance, and push harder, causing pain, but also breaking through, and pushing all the way to the base of his cock. I didn't expect quite so much pain, but the feeling of him filing me was so good, I put it out of my mind. As the pain subsided, I started moving, pumping up and down like a hydraulic piston, moaning as I did.

Oh, god, was this ever worth the wait! As the feelings inside increased, so I increased my motion, till I was slamming up and down on him, my boobs jiggling with every move.

I never felt so alive! I could feel him getting bigger, and it just made the feelings even more intense, my whole body tingling, and my pussy on fire, then the release, the flow of pleasure so intense I screamed out loud! I think Steven came at the same time, but I was so caught up in the waves of pleasure, and the pulsing contractions of my pussy that I didn't really notice anything else!

When the rush subsided, I collapsed against his shoulder, the intensity of the emotion causing me to cry a bit, even though it was totally unlike me. There was more to that night, but I will leave that to sultry sweetie gapes narrowed twat and gets deflorated tale.

The box I found is a whole story in itself!