Blonde teen solo play watch part on liacamcom

Blonde teen solo play watch part on liacamcom
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Fbailey story number 548 Stop Masturbating And Fuck Your Sister Mom caught me masturbating one night after I went to bed. She had thrown that door open with such a start that I froze with my cock in my hand, just as if I were a deer caught in headlights.

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I couldn't do anything. Then Mom said, "Stop masturbating and fuck your sister." I didn't move so she said, "Do it now. Get your ass out of that bed, get in her bed, and fuck her.

NOW!" I jumped out of my bed naked and walked past her on my way to my sister's bedroom. I opened the door, walked across the floor, and climbed in with her. She was not asleep and she had heard what Mom had said. I whispered, "I'm sorry but I have too." She whispered, "Go ahead and get it over with, I'm tired." I reached down and whispered, "Your panties are in my way." She lifted her hips up, removed her panties, and tossed them on the floor saying, "Okay, now do it." Mom stood in the doorway watching us.

I pulled the covers up past my waist and got between her legs. It was Kelly that reached down between us and aimed the head of cock at her opening. After all she knew where it was, not me. I pushed in and she cringed a little. I didn't know what to do but since I had been very close to cumming when I got caught I just started thrusting into her violently to get my rocks fucking story old gryani hindy. When I did cum in her she was crying silently.

Mom said, "Okay get back in your own bed. From now on every time that you feel like masturbating, I want you to stick your cock in your sister's pussy. Is that clear." I answered, "Yes ma'am." Kelly said, "Yes ma'am." Then she sniffled. Mom said, "Stop your sniffling. You'll get used to it, I did." As I lay in bed I actually got the urge to masturbate again.

My hand was on my cock and I was stroking it. Then I stopped, got out of bed, and went back over to my sister's bed. I said, "Sorry but I've got to do it again." Kelly let me and spread her legs for me.

Then she said, "Try not to be so violent this time. I think that I'm supposed to enjoy it too." I slipped it in and that time I was more gentle. When I did cum she was not crying.

I went back over a third time that night and just stayed there until Mom called us in the morning. During breakfast Mom asked, "So how many times did your brother fuck you?" Kelly said, "Three times last night and twice this morning, so far." Mom said, "Put on a short dress and no underwear.

That way he can get at you whenever he wants too." Kelly said, "Yes ma'am." Then she asked, "Can Judy come over and play?" Mom said, "Yes" then she waited for Kelly to get out of range before she said, "When Judy has been her for a while I want you to go into bedroom, pull up Kelly's dress, and fuck her." I asked, "In front of Judy?" Mom said, "Yes, and if you play your cards right you might have two girls to fuck this summer." Then Mom said, "Be sure that Kelly is holding onto the edge of her bed, then tickle her clit to make her squirm and have an orgasm.

With the other hand molest her hanging breasts." I looked at Mom and asked, "What's a clit?" Mom's eyes rolled sexxxx vidicoat goal bf sex stories she said, "Come here and look." Mom got up on the kitchen table and opened her legs for me.

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Mom had on a short dress with no underwear just like she had told Kelly to do. She opened up her pussy lips with one hand and pointed to her clit with the other hand. She let me rub it and then she told me to do it harder and faster. Soon I had her squirming and cumming. I was fully excited so when Mom stood up and turned around to check out the table I pushed her shoulders down, lifted her dress up onto her back, and thrust my hard cock into her before she even realized it.

I had one hand girlfriend decides to share bfs dick with bff her pussy rubbing her already sensitive clit and my other hand was molesting her hanging tits.

My throbbing cock was enjoying her velvet-lined pussy. Mom was fucking back at me just hard too. She said, "Please don't cum in me." I replied, "That's not what you told me to do with Kelly. You said that she could suck my cock, that I could stick in her ass, but that when it came time to cum, that it had to be in her pussy and the deeper the better." Mom sighed and said, "You're right.

Cum in me. It was your father's rule and you are fucking me, so go ahead." I did not have to be told twice. I started thrusting into her hard and blowing my load just as deep into her as I could. When I finished, Mom said, "I guess you now have two girls in this house to fuck whenever you need too.

Judy could make it three. Give it a try after they have settled in for a while." I asked, "Mom are you on the pill?" Mom replied, "No honey, and neither is your sister. Your father always wanted it that way too. He loved the possibility of getting me pregnant again." I said, "But that was years ago before the car accident. What about now." Mom said, "It doesn't mater. You are the man of the house now. Do with us girls what you want too." Judy arrived and Kelly took her up check up interracial sex hardcore big dick her bedroom.

She had put on a short dress as Mom had requested. She wasn't wearing any panties either because I had my finger in her pussy right up until she opened the door to great her friend.

I saw the concern in her face as she wondered if I would pull my finger out or leave it in there. I smiled at Judy and watched them walk up the stairs.

Her twitching ass in those tight shorts made me hard. Hell, half of her butt cheeks were hanging out the bottom. I loved it. I gave them about twenty minutes and couldn't wait one minute longer.

I entered my sister's bedroom, spun Kelly around, lifted her dress up onto her back, and shoved my cock into her. Judy smiled. Then I reached under with both hands, one on my sister's pussy rubbing her clit and the other on her small hanging breast. She was squirming as I tickled her clit and pinched her nipple. Judy watched me give her two orgasms before I filled her pussy with my cum. Kelly said, "Oh my God, that was fantastic." Judy said, "My brother doesn't do that to me." I asked, "Are you a virgin?" Judy said, "Sort of, my brother makes me suck his cock but he doesn't do anything to give me pleasure." I asked, "How old is he?" Judy said, "He is only twelve and I'm thirteen, like your sister." I asked, "So why do you suck his cock?" She replied, "Because my mother told me too.

I think she got tired of doing it herself." I laughed and said, "Your mother used to suck his little cock. She must have been hard up." Judy laughed and said, "Used to be! She is still hard up. She masturbates more than I do and she keeps wearing her batteries out in her favorite vibrator." I said, "Invite your mother over for dinner, but tell her not to bring your brother if she wants that itch of hers scratched." I told Mom that we might be having Judy's mother over for dinner and that she needs a hard cock worse than Mom did.

She laughed and asked me how it went upstairs. I told her that Kelly was impressed and that Judy was jealous.

Mom laughed. Then she said, "It looks like your harem might contain four real soon. Make sure you do Judy as soon as you can. Then save it for her mother later." I went right back up to Kelly's bedroom, took my clothes off, and told Judy to suck my cock hard so that I could fuck her.

Kelly laughed and knelt down on the floor with her. I watched as the two girls sucked and licked my cock. Once it was hard I told Judy to get undressed and up on the bed on her back.

I licked her pussy and rubbed her clit before I slipped my cock into her virgin pussy. She liked the way that it felt. Soon Judy said, "Oh I'm having an orgasm." Stefani kovalyova shows off her shaved pussy a minute later she said, "That was great." Not long after that I was thrusting deep into her and cumming like crazy.

Mom was right I just knew that Judy would be mine anytime that I want her in the future. An hour later Ruth, Judy's mother arrived and did she ever look sexy in her short skirt and tight top. Her nipples were hard and her face was flushed. Mom asked, "What's your bra size Ruth?" Ruth said, "32-C, the same as my age." Mom laughed and said, "I'm 36 and I were a 36-C too.

How about that." Just then the girls said, "We are both thirteen and we wear a 30-A bra, that is hard hammering for ebon playgirl hardcore blowjob we wear one." Then they giggled.

Mom said, "We don't wear panties in this house either, so if you are wearing any, my son would be happy to remove them for you." Ruth said, "I'm not wearing any, Judy said that I might get lucky, and I didn't want anything to get in the way." I told Ruth to grab the edge of the coffee table. When she did, my pants were gone, and my cock slipped into her wet hole. She gasped and I reached for my two favorite places to put my hands lately. She jumped when my finger found her engorged clit and I pinched her nipple at the same time.

She quickly got into the rhythm that I had set. She even bent her knees and opened her stance to line herself up with my thrust perfectly. She purred, she meowed like a kitten, and she even begged for more. I had given her everything that I had to offer. Then not knowing what more I could do for her, I spanked her ass just as I pulled back, and then I slammed it home.

She cried out with what was just her first orgasm of that session. Ruth liked it rough, so I gave her what I could.

Between the clit rubbing, the nipple pinches, and the spankings, she had three more orgasms before I came in her. Ruth went down on her knees with her breasts resting on the coffee table. She laid her head on the surface and then she just tried to relax after the most incredible sex she had ever had.

Mom said, "And then there were four." Judy asked, "Four what?" I replied, "I now have four women in my harem." Judy asked, "Like sex slaves?" I replied, "No, more like wives." Judy said, "Then you can fuck us anytime that you want too." Ruth said, "Yes Judy, and you will let him too. He is the best that I have ever had.

And I've had my share." Mom said, "My sentiments exactly." Kelly said, "And then there were four." We all laughed. The End Stop Masturbating And Fuck Your Sister 548