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Ass 16 inch big dick xxx
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Chapter 1: Today is a good day. After months of negotiating I finally got it, the raise i've been waiting for. Unlike most people, I actually really love my job.

What I do is fun, the people I work with are great, well most of them at least. I decided to go out to lunch and revel in my excitement. It was an extremely bright sunny day due the few inches of snow we got the night before.

I walked into the little italian pizzeria, my go to spot when i'm feeling good, or not so good for that matter, and sat down at the bar. Abby, the regular bartender welcomed me as I sat. "Hey Kyle, good to see you again! How is your day going" Abby asked. "Not to shabby" I replied with a smile on my face as I indirectly gazed deborah francois les femmes de ombre 2008 tube porn her body.

She was wearing a tight black tank top that accentuated her amazing C cup breasts and some extremely form fitting jeans that had a few rips and holes in them. Which one of said holes you could just barely make out the edge of bright red lace panties.

"Glad to hear, it's good to see you again" she replied. "What can I get you?" "I'll take my regular, Chicken Caesar and a pint of whatever IPA you have on tap." I replied. "Sure thing!" she said as she poured me a pint. I've always thought she's had a thing for me, I don't know how many free beers and lunches I've got from her.

Not sure exactly sure what she sees in me. I'm just an average 32 year old guy, not to mention married.

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Actually, average is pretty much right on point, just over 6 feet tall, average weight, bit of a beer belly, a bit scruffy but nothing to bad. Sexually pretty average too. Back in college I was quite a bit more fit and played around pretty often, but never really anything long term.

I even may have fooled around with a few guys on some drunken nights for that matter. I don't really see myself as being gay, maybe more closeted bi? Not really sure, what I can tell you now is that I have a wife and I am happy with my average life.

"Here ya go Kyle!" Abby said as she placed the plate in front of me. One thing I have found myself doring more often lately is fantasizing about the things I would do if I wasn't married&hellip. I miss hooking up with random chicks, some hot steamy sex. Things at home have been pretty unsexual lately.

When we first met i swear we fucked a dozen times a week. The sex was great. Amazing even. Now it's maybe a few times a week, and more of a routine it feels like.

What can I say, my personal life has become somewhat mundane. RIght now, the only thing I really have going for me is my job. As I finished my meal, I reached into my wallet and left a $20 dollar bill near my plate, waived at Abby, said thanks. (One great thing about this place is I can get a damn good salad and a beer for 14 bucks) "Good seeing you again Kyle!

I'll see you next week?" she asked. "For sure! Have a good weekend!" I replied. My next stop for the day was heading up to a new building my company had just purchased at auction.

I've been asked to walk through the place with the construction company we work with to finalize the plans for a renovation.

After I finished talking with cutie strokes big penis blowjob and amateur forman, I walked passed what must have been CEO's japanese cellophane full sex storys at the time. It was a pretty nice spot, windows floor to ceiling and a massive bookcase along the south wall.

There were still a few books on the self so I thought I'd see what's there. As I was fumbling through the books I found one that seemed to be attached to the back of the book case, Odd I thought.

I tried to pull the book out and then suddenly the half the bookcase opened up. It was a hidden door to another room. "Wow, this is crazy cool" I said aloud. Seems no one has been in the room for a decade. I reached into my pocket to grab my phone to use as a flashlight. The room was pretty large. Inside was a king side bed, a desk with an old CRT monitor & computer, and a what seemed to be some kind of hospital bed with restraints.

Actually looked like it was right out of some kind of bdsm porno. This is kinda fucked up I thought. The one thing that really caught my eye was this old safe sitting under the desk. It was nearly identical to one I have at home.

I like to think that I am somewhat of a savvy safe cracker (i know, weird hobby, use to be a locksmith in college, story for another day…) I've had plenty of practice on this particular safe, so it was rather easy to get open.

To my disappointment though, it looked empty upon first opening. I grabbed one of the shelves and noticed there was actually something taped under the shelf. "Oh, this must be good, In a safe and hidden" I thought to myself.

To my surprise, it was an old Floppy Disk. A fucking floppy disk? I was somewhat disappointed but also intrigued at the same time. I threw the disk in my coat pocket, closed the safe, and started my way back to the office to finish up some paperwork before I headed home for the day. When I got back to my office I remembered I actually had a floppy disk reader somewhere in my cabinet.

As I walked in, I closed the door and started hunting for the reader. After fumbling through to many drawers, I finally found it. I grabbed the drive out of my coat pocket and hooked it up to my computer. There was only one file on the diskette, a file labeled MasterPC.exe. It seemed to be some kind of DOS program. I had to open it using the command prompt on my computer.

-- Welcome to Master PC. -- Enter Username: Interesting, I wonder if this is some kind old game or HR program. I went through some of my old files to see if I can find the name of the CEO whose office I was in. Found it, Jerrod Smith.

I re-opened the prompt and type in his name. -- Enter Username: -- Jerrod Smith -- Subject deceased. Generating new login.

Interesting, I wonder how it new that. -- Welcome to Master PC -- From this prompt you can, "Control the reality around you" -- To set up a user account, press F10 -- For help, press F11 I Selected F10. From there it had me enter my full name. The prompt continued to set up a new account, code was running down the screen.

-- Enter a passcode: Right after I entered a passcode, the system seemed to log right in. -- User: Kyle Stafford -- Enter Subjects Name: I selected F11 for help… --Welcome to Master PC --With this program, you can control the reality around you.

--Enter a subjects name you wish to control. --While controlling subject, you can change their way of thought, mind, and body. --Just type it and it will be. "Holy fuck" I said aloud.

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There is no way. Thousands of ideas started populating my head. Only if this was really, who would I start with first? What would I do?I thought I would enter my name first as the subject. Why not. -- Enter Subjects Name: Kyle Stafford -- Make subject's eye site a perfect. -- -Apply- As soon as I pressed the return button, my vision became incredibly blurry all of a sudden. I reached for my glasses to take them off. Sure enough, I had perfect vision. "Holy Shit, Holy Shit, Fuck, Fuck Fuck" I said aloud as I pushed away from my computer and stood up.

I quickly walked out of my office to see if anyone was left outside. The office was rather quite, just a couple of accounting people left. I quickly shot back to my desk, mind racing, thinking of the possibilities.

I keep a bottle of single malt scotch in my cabinet with a few glasses for special occasions, this topped the list. I grab the bottle, and poured me a hearty glass. I sat in front of my computer, thinking of what I should do first… I typed in the following commands… -- No one can change my body or mind unless it is me at that computer doing the changes -- Reduce body fat to 8% -- Increase muscle by 40% -- Increase intelligence by 200% -- Increase typing speed and accuracy by 300% -- Make all muscle well toned instead of bulky -- Whiten teeth and remove all skin blemishes -- Immunity to all diseases and infections, current and future -- Give mind a photographic memory -- -Apply- Instantly I felt it.

My intelligence went through the roof, my body felt amazing. I finally felt above average. Well, almost. -- Increase Erect Penis length to 9" long by 2.5" wide and flaccid length to 5" and 2" wide. -- Increase testicle size by a factor of 3 -- Increase sperm count by a factor of 4 -- Increase baselie sperm production by a factor of 10 -- Make all sperm unable to fertilize eggs -- Increase stamina by a factor of 10 -- Ability to control erection -- Zero recovery time needed -- Increase ejaculation surge by 5 -- Increase sexual arousal by a factor of 4 -- Increase penis sensitivity by a wild anal copulation for cute asian schoolgirl of 4 -- -Apply- Instantly I felt a swelling in my pants.

I quickly sat up from my desk and opened my door to see if anyone was around. No one. Turned around right back into my office and I dropped my pants right then and their to check out my new equipment. God it felt weird. Been so used to having something so small when flacid (yeah I was a grower, not a shower) felt incredibly weird. It felt heavier. It's hard to describe. Grabbing it with my hand was even stranger, holding something so huge thats now mine made my mind race in numerous directions.

I need to take it for a test spin was all I thought. I went back to my computer and typed in my wife's name. My wife, Emily, is already pretty damn hot. I never knew how I got so lucky.

She's rather short, standing at just 4'11 with long wavy brown hair. She runs daily so she's in pretty good shape. From a bust standpoint, she wasn't missing much.

She's a solid D cup, but they are somewhat saggy. That's one thing I'll have to address. Busty pawg babe showing off her shiny booty other than that, the tight heart shaped ass makes up for a great overall package. I grabbed my phone and thought I'd give her a quick call to see what she was up too.

As I anxiously awaited her to answer, I started to target her in the program. -- Change subject to Emily Stafford -- -Apply- "Hey sweetie" she said as she answered the phone. "Hey Babe, hows it goin? What are you up too?" I replied "Nothing much, just sitting in traffic. I should be home here in about 45 minutes. Any ideas on what you want to do for dinner?" she said. "Oh fun, I should be leaving the office here soon.

I'll be home around the same time I am thinking. And no, not at all" I replied. "We we could have…&hellip." She continued on. While she was talking I had already started entering in a few commands. -- Remove all sag from breasts -- Reduce body fat to 8% -- Whiten teeth and remove all skin blemishes -- Remove all hair beneath neck -- Immunity to all diseases and infections, current and future -- Increase baseline sex drive by a factor of 10 -- Increase clitoral and vaginal sensitivity by a factor of 5 -- Tighten vaginal and anal canal by a factor of 2, while increasing elasticity by a factor of 4 -- Increase anal sensitivity by a factor of 5 -- Subject will not notice any changes done to her or myself.

-- -Apply- I wasn't taking much note of what she was saying until after I hit enter. ".actually babe, I know exactly what I want for dinner, you" she said with a slutish tone.

Just hitting enter already had me turned on, then after catching that last statement did me over the edge. God I was horny. "That, sounds good to me babe, I'll see you soon". I replied then promptly hung up while thinking of a luxury panties and pantyhose on girls with strapons lesbians erotica more commands to enter.

-- Increase current sexual arousal by a factor of 10 -- Remove gag reflex -- Increase submissiveness by a factor of 8 -- Increase slim female agent makes sex tape in casting for rougher sex by a factor of 4 -- Increase vaginal lubrication by a factor 5 -- Everytime subject pressed the brakes it will increase her arousal by a factor of 1 until she arrives home.

-- Inhibit ability to Cum unless given explicit permission from me -- -Apply- She's gonna enjoy traffic ride home I thought. With that, I quickly transferred the program to my laptop and packed up to head home. Thankfully traffic for me was rather light for me. I even beat Emily home by 10 minutes. I grabbed a beer out of the fridge and sat out on the patio There I was. With a newfound power. As I was awaiting my wife I couldn't stop thinking about what I want to do with her her. God. I want to fuck her right here in the driveway.

Damn. Here I was sitting on the patio sporting the biggest bulge I've ever had. I saw her car pull into the driveway. Here we go I thought. As I watched her get out of the car, I noticed a giant wet spot right in her crotch. God her panties must've been so soaked.

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Her breasts look amazing bulging straight out of the halter top she was wearing, her nipples as hard as rocks shooting out towards me. As soon as we made eye contact that was it. She ran up To me, lunging forward towards me. She began making out like it was the last day she'd ever see me.

I picked her up and carried her into the house and started ripping off her shirt right there in. Reaching for my crotch she whispered into my ear, "God I need you inside me right now." "Not just yet I said." She began un doing my belt then in buttoning my pants. She reach down and grab my hardening cock. Holy shit her hands were small compared to my now massive member. "Arndt you going to give it a taste baby" I said.

Without another word she wrapped her luscious lips around my mushroom head. Damn did I increase the sensitivity. God it felt amazing. Both of my hands swept through her hair, in one sudden swoop I grabbed a handful of hair with each hand and pulled her head towards myself.

She had only gotten a few inches past the head of my shaft. In the past, she has never been one give give blow jobs in general. I had forgotten how good her tongue felt massaging my cock. I grabbed the back of her head pusher her further down my cock. I could start to feel the back of her throat. I repeated this for a few more min. The feeling of her tongue and ever so slight slight teeth felt absolutely amazing. Taking my hands milf rachel star and her teen stepdaughter getting fucked rough little further behind her head I pushed her a little further down my cock.

I could start to feel my cock sliding downwards towards her throat. As the head of my Cock made its way down further Emily started gasping for air while she started unbuttoning her pants.

I pulled myself further out for a moment while she removed her jeans. As soon as her pants were off I lifted her up and spun her upside down. Her thighs wrapped around my head while my cock slid even further down her throat.

With her crotch in my face I used my teeth to tear off her panties. God they were soaked. The fumes of pussy emerged like a gust of wind.

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I moved my tongue towards her clit and started to swirl around it. Moving one of my hands towards her drenched entrance I slid two fingers on in.

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The moans she gave as I invaded her pussy reverberated around my cock. Her pussy has never felt so tight. It took a moment to get a third finger in. Her moans grew along with the reverberation my cock felt within her throat. It's time more I lick muy wifes pussy tube porn. I pulled her off my cock and threw her on the couch.

She got in her knees and put her ass in the air. I aligned my throbbing cock to the entrance of her dripping hairless cunt. The head of my cock kissed her wet lips, lightly rubbing her entrance. "Stop teasing me and fuck me damn it!" She yelled like an addict craving their fix. I slowly pushed the head of my cock into her tight warm hole. As I watched the head disappear into her, she stared to screen in esticy. "Fuck baby, your so god damn tight" I said. "Goooooood you feel amazing" she stumbled.

The skin around her pussy stretched as I pushed further in. Never have I felt so much pleasure. I began thrusting in and out, her moans grew louder and louder. I could feel ever ridge and bump within her.

"Fuck, fuck, oh Fuuuuuuck" she screamed, "deeper!!!" She yelled again. I slowly withdrew myself so that only the head of my cock was within her.

With one foal sweep I shoved she makes that fat cock fit her ass entire length into her, hitting her cervix in the process. She began to spasm and scream, "God I need to cum, why can't I cuuuum" After a few more minutes of screams of agony and pleasure combined I thrusted on final trust and held myself deep within her.

allowing her to cum, her vaginal walls began to spasm and tighten around my cock. I released my cum deep into her, the power at which it released flooded her pussy and cervix with pressurized hot sperm.

This caused an even larger spasm and just 'oh my fucking god what was that look' upon her face. I slowly withdrew myself with cum pouring out of her still extremely tight cunt. It took her a few minutes to recover once she was able to speak again she explain exclaimed, "Holy fuck that was amazing." "Oh I'm not done with you yet" I exclaim with my throbbing cock standing proud in front of her. I stood her up and slammed her back against the wall.

My hands clenched with hers raising them up over her head. With my lips enticing hers, I squared down to align my cock once again with her drenched pussy.

In one fowl move I rammed into her while pushing her further up against the wall. I started nibbling on her lips with my teeth whilst she wrapped her legs around my torso burying my cock deeper into her. With my hands big cock son sex mom her ass I pulled ourselves away from the wall.

I started pushing her up and down along my cock. She couldn't get enough of it. I carried her to the couch and sat down as she was still mounted to me. Her legs hit the ground and she slowly started to ride my cock.

Taking it's full length then standing ever so slightly so that only the head was hugged between her lips. She slowly gained momentum. Her tits were bouncing in front of me. I moved my mouth towards her nipple and slowly moved my tongue around her engorged nipples. "Oh goddd" she continued to moan. I was taking her over the edge once again.

She was nearly jumping down on my cock trying to get herself to cum. With one final jump I met her in the middle and thrusted my hips deep into her. Once again I allowed her to cum. As she came I continued to trust my cock into her spasming pussy. Her screams of ecstasy mixed with her tightening pussy wrapped around my cock made me give in once again. I blew my load deep into her. "Oh.

my. Fucking. god" she said slowly in between the trimmers of her orgasm. As I pulled myself out of her I watched as she faded in and out of consciousness with utter bliss upon her face.