Carmen valentina naomi woods in babysitter dirty secret

Carmen valentina naomi woods in babysitter dirty secret
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The first time I ever had my pussy eaten, I was really young. I woke up in a pitch black room, and all I really remember is the sensational and foreign wet object lapping at my little hole. I had been stripped of my Barbie doll panties and I had one ankle tied down with a bed sheet, and the other being held in the extreme opposite direction by his over powering grip.

I was spread eagle. His other hand was twirling my tiny hard nipple, and then pulling my chubby little lips apart to get a real good licking. He was my cousin, 7 years my senior and until then, sex was as mysterious as it was a NO-NO. But he was teaching my little girl vagina that this was going to be the way things were for the rest of my life. A man wants that cunt; you spread your legs and give it. After making sure I was super wet, and "ASKING FOR IT," He jumped up and introduced me to my first throbbing hard cock.

"Shhhh. you like what I just did?" he whispered, without letting me respond and continued, "I'm going to run this fat dick up and down your pussy, and all you got to do is lay there and don't move or say anything." He fumbled around the bed and found my panties. "Put these in your mouth, or I'll go tell them what you're doing to me," I was so confused about that statement I just did it.

As I lay half tied, half naked with him lapping, touching and rubbing his sexy business lady screwed to earn money for a plane ticket up and down my no-no special places my fear went from being scared to pleasure and guilt.

His dick felt good slipping up and down my little pussy's ally way. then he directed himself lower and lower. "You like this and you know it, keep those panties in your mouth and don't scream ok?" And as he slowed and I felt him aligning his penis with my vaginal opening I began to cry so he cupped his hand over my panty filled mouth and slowly put his dick head inside my very tight and wet entrance. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he began to sink his pole into me.

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As I found out later, men in my family are ALL well-endowed, and HE was no different. His 17 year old cock was 6 inches long and 2 and 1/2 inches around, and it had impaled my baby hole a centimeter at a time. Then he stopped. He jumped up, pushed a towel in the crack below the door and he turned on the 4 bulb ceiling fan light hovering above me. His clock said 4:12 am. I knew his parents, my Uncle and Aunt, were fast asleep and I had no idea what was coming next. "Hold your leg behind your head." a practice I had shown him after I learned it in gymnastics- and the precursor to what started his sick plan to use me as his personal sex toy.

So I did. I was completely spread wide open and he began his sick experiment. He grabbed a marker and held his extremely large pecker in his hand. he hawked a lougie on my pussy, then knelt down and started to tongue my baby hole and my chubby little pussy again. This time hands free due to the opportune position he had me in.

Panties still in my mouth, he sat back up, "Keep holding that leg don't drop it," he aligned his hips and began sinking his fatty back down my clinched pussy hole. I was sore from the already over an hour of "foreplay" but he was so excited for SOME reason and I finally figured out what he was doing once he explained, "You're a virgin and because you're a virgin there's this little thing that keeps you a virgin but it's a few inches inside you.

I can feel it press against the head of my dick once I'm inside you so I'm going to measure how deep it is, and mark my dick so I know where to stop." I began to squirm. I knew all this meant was I was going to have his shocking hot brunette teen taking big black dink on desk big snake in my tiny hole and I didn't want it.

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He jumped on top of me and held my panties in my mouth again. "If you wake my mom up, or tell anyone, I am going to blame you and it will only be your word against mine, so you better start liking this because ITS GOING TO HAPPEN, NOW STOP MOVING OR I'LL JUST PUT IT IN YOUR ASS." As he said "ASS" he shoved his pinky in my butthole and it stung.

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He laughed a little and said, "Yea, that's going to happen too- not tonight well maybe I don't know, but it will happen- but that's my dad's gift to you when he feels like it, you're mine tonight," and my blood ran cold. Was he telling the truth? I began thinking of excuse after excuse to go home the next morning and as my mind wandered I felt his circumcised precum covered knob pop into my hole- he sank lower and lower.

he was sliding in very slow. and then he stopped. Sat back a little and Reality hit me. he found how deep he could go.

So he made a permanent marker notch dark enough to see it, and he smiled, threw the marker over his shoulder- and went in the bathroom. When he came back ever rodeo after pecker sucking girlfriend and hardcore quietly- he had a wash cloth, Vaseline, a pornography magazine, and a condom. He placed the items down, reached for the condom looked at me as he stroked his dick, and I dropped my leg. "OH THAT'S NOT GONNA WORK!" He said as he went to his closet and got another sheet.

He took my untied leg and tied it to the top handle strap on his mattress so that I was splayed out for him to finally fulfill his fantasy. He opened the magazine and thumbed through it- "See this?" he held a picture of a girl in the same position as I was in except there were 3 men filling out her mouth, her fit girl teases and plays on cam, and her ass.

"That's going to happen," I was thinking about why he kept SAYING that and it began making me think maybe my UNCLE was in on it. after all, how did he get the magazine and the the condom? My mind raced and stood staring at me stroking his now softening dick. "You're getting dry," he said as he kneeled down sticking the tip of his tongue out to just lick the clitoris.

" My dad says that's what makes you wet, that little button" and I then KNEW my Uncle was in on it. Love that prick hot brunette babe sucks big cock and licks balls rachele richey girl next door had said "I bet you got a sweet button" to me several times and I had no idea what it meant.

That's what it meant and I got really scared. My cousin rubbed Vaseline on the top of his gloved sausage and he had only rolled the condom down to the line he drew. "This is going to hurt" he said through a smile."well, you anyway- just don't move though because you don't want to wake my daddy now, he WILL flip you over and do your butt hole until you SCREAM, he doesn't care." and he popped his head in my baby canal. At first it didn't hurt too badly, but he was pumping in and out of me fast.

In and out in and out until I started hearing noises like a rubber glove and it started to burn from the friction. "Mmmmmmshhooppp" I tried to yell out, I didn't care, it was hurting- damned if I woke people up- he bucked and bucked and I began to squirm and try to kick- he just continued to drill FASTER. I kicked his desk lamp over making it crash to the ground- he didn't care; he kept his eyes fixed on his dick- concentrating on not pushing past the line. And then. the bedroom door opened.

Between the squeaking of the bed, and my kicking the lamp I figured I was saved. But I was wrong. He kept thrusting and concentrating, I looked past him to see my Uncle who had come in the room quietly and shut the door behind him. Without even looking behind to see who was there, my cousin said "Almost done dad" and his response, "How does it feel son? Did you do what I told you?" my cousin continued to fuck in and out of me fast and pretty hard. "Don't break her hymen." With his cock out, EVEN LARGER THAN THE ONE INSIDE MY PUSSY- he stood coaching his son, "Yea Rob, yeah, get her." he walked over and because we were so fully exposed he watched every stroke plunge in and out.

"You masturbated this time, good boy. Make her take it forever that way. Did you take a few swigs off that whiskey like I told you?" "Yup" he smiled and pumped "ahhaa yea little girl, you're going to remember this for a while. he's got stamina- he's been seein' my lady for about six months now" His lady?

I didn't get it. I wasn't even caring what he was saying, all I knew was my little pussy was in fire and they were really enjoying it. "ah-ah, sexy asian babe katsuni endures hardcore ass fucking I'm getting close dad!" Getting close?

I thought, 'to what?' I was so confused and in so much pain, then from nowhere my hair was being yanked, and my panties were being pulled out of my mouth as my uncle was heavily whispering, "Swallow it, you hear me, don't you fuck this up or I will stay home from work today and we can practice all day, now SWALLOW!" He growled, as his son yanked off his condom and crouched his stinky musty sweaty balls over my face and dumped his load in my throat.

"Swallow, don't choke," I managed to obey. "Told you, you shouldn't have woke him up," he looked to his dad and said, "I am getting in the shower, I'll be back- oh, and she likes her pussy licked dad- you should've see how wet she got," he grinned back at me. "Don't cha Kate?" I was crying, coughing, and untying my legs.

"Now hold on there. Who said you are done?" "Uncle Tim he hurt me and . You're going to hurt me. I'm telling. my. mom." I sniveled out. "I am. telling. my. aunt. too." he turned off the light and with all his might twisted my leg and arm untilI was on my stomach, face in a pillow.

He held me down with the full strength that a 40 year old man would have. "Listen here little girl. Your Mom and Aunt don't find anything out or this all becomes a lie that never happened and you'll be in so much trouble your mom will give you up to the state." I sobbed into the pillow, and as I sobbed I coughed.

I was still gagging on my cousin's load of jizm. "Keep coughing." he whispered FIERCELY. "Keep coughing." I kept coughing and HARD. I felt his free hand struggle to pull his boxers down and fully unleash his extremely thick and long penis. it slapped me in the ass with a THUD. I felt its wetness drip down my ass cheek. "Cough little girl" and then his free hand reached for the Vaseline. I heard the top pop off and Latin hoe mia faith gets all her holes poked could feel his lubed fingers one by one begin to grease my anus.

I stopped coughing and he smacked the side of my face because I took my face out of the pillow to breathe a little better *SMACK* you keep your head in that pillow and keep coughing." I began a REAL coughing fit and apparently that's what he wanted.

He slammed his finger to the back of my throat causing me to cough a lot "There you go baby, yeah, this is gonna feel GOOD.sssss," he sucked in some air and as I was in my coughing fit, he thrust forward. My baby sized anus split opened as wide as my mouth, I screamed.

I screamed loud. "Ahh yeaaa that's right." I felt him rubbing his shaft that was inserted in my ass, with more Vaseline, as he simultaneously rubbed my hole making sure to glob it on the now bleeding rims. He sank in deeper, and I screamed again, "Nooo--- ow, stop it hurts, it hurts OWWW!!! TAKE IT OUT!! TAKE IT OUT!!" And he did. My heart pounded out of my chest and I felt instant relief as he pulled his HUGE stick out of my butt.

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As the relief began to set in, my whole body began to spasm as he plowed his fuck stick back in as deep as it went. "AHHHH OH MY GOD STOP PLEASE, Natasha nice gets her tight pussy plowed, PLEASE-- IT HURTS UNCLE TIM!!

IT HURTS-- PLEASE STOP." I Screamed on the top of my lungs, I begged and I pleaded. He just pumped into my asshole. Relentlessly, pulling it all the way out before plunging it deep into my bowels again, each stroke all the way out, and all the way back in and the tip-- was the worst part. Every time it came out, it popped. "I love raping a fresh ass, it feels so good," he said as he buried himself as deep as he could into me.

I was still screaming, "AHHHHHH AAHHHHH STOPP STOPPP AHHHHH UHHH OWWWW" He lowered himself all the way down into, and on top of me, and held his cock inside me. I prayed he was done. His breath reeked of whiskey. "You know the more you scream, the more my cock enjoys this? I told you, you aren't telling anyone, because no one cares- your aunt is back there ignoring you, your asshole belongs to me." and then it began. HE BUCKED INTO ME LIKE A WILD MAN. I screamed ugly desperate screams; terrible, like I was being murdered screams-- and he just drilled my asshole; In and out, deep and shallow, all the way out then back in.

He would stop and spit on my hole and just continue. Then, I heard a knock at the front door. I was saved. Uncle Tim pulled out of me.

He was standing in front of me with his dick erect and a Winston cigarette t-shirt, nothing else. "Don't you move now--- Robbie?

Is Mom asleep still?" he whisper-yelled down the hall, "Yup, still snoring" Robbie called from the back hall. My uncle whispered really sinister, "My buddy is here you remember now-- You let me know if she stops snoring," he made sure Robbie was posted at my aunt's bedroom door. Oh, this was all planned. In my head, I knew they had thought about this for a while now. I lay there with my ass in the air, hurt, ashamed, and crying; my butt hurt so bad and my vagina was swollen from being ripped too.

"Mmm… this her?" I heard a voice from behind me, and I saw my uncle come around the front of me, my head was still down but I was looking to the side, "You like big cocks baby girl?" I knew then I was in for more trouble. "You got the money?" My uncle asked, "Yup, $200 right here… Do I have to use a condom?" They both started laughing, "You know you can cum in her new xxx vduos 2019 page com, no worries." And I immediately was ripped in half again.

Dirk was so excited at the thought of what he was about to do his cock was primed and already leaking precum. He dropped his pants immediately and stuck himself directly down my asshole. "She feels gooddddd." He was a large fat man, my Uncles best friend, Dirk. His cock was smaller than my Uncles but he took no ease or care in thrusting full on as deep and quickly to the depths his dick would allow.

His fat stomach slapped against me and my tight, very raw asshole was on fire so I began yelling, twisting, and screaming. I had to get away. "Ohhh, little girl where do you think you're headed?" Laughing quietly he said, " You ain't done getting' my load. I paid for your little sweet asshole and it's getting FILLED." I kicked him in the knee causing his fuck rod to rip out of me. I jumped up and went running out the front door.

My uncle grabbed me by my hair as my feet hit the concrete just outside their apartment. He snatched me back inside and threw me by my hair. I blacked out. When I woke up Dirk was buried deep in my bowels and I was back in Robbie's room, face down in a pool of drool, so I thought. Robbie was standing next to the bed palming and tugging at his penis.

My Uncle was in the next room fuckin my Aunt because I could hear her moaning and him slamming into her as the bed hit the wall. "Are you almost done?" Robbie whispered to Dirk. He sounded anxious, "My dad is fuckin' my mom and I want some more of Katie before they're done. HURRY UP." Dirk was grunting and all I could hear was the smacking of his balls against my worn out, sore, raw and completely blown out asshole, my face was almost stuck to the bed.

"Ouch, Tattooed latina tgirl assfucked doggystyle tube porn. I want you to stop now. Please. Plea- Ple …" I Tried to call out. But my mouth was sticky and my tongue felt like it was glued to my cheek. One of my eyes had crusted over and I felt wetness down my legs… "After my dad knocked you out, he fucked your ass until he came and then he went all over your face and mouth, and me and Dirk are allowed to have you because he went back to bed to sleep and fuck my mom," he whispered slyly, and matter of fact like.

"Then she pissed herself don't forget that too Rob, woo eee you took that cock hard girl." Dirk began wheezing and bucking harder. I could hear my Aunt receiving the same treatment in the next room.

Dirk was heavy and my legs collapsed so he was on top of me as I lay flat, he lay squishing me as he pegged me to the bed with his dick, fucking into me like a sewing machine bobbin. I felt him tensing his whole body and he began saying, "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit." and I felt like I was being filled like a water-balloon. I needed to poop. He throbbed, bucked, twinged, and then he just lay on top of me. I could hardly breathe and I wanted his cock out of my little butthole.

So, I began pushing him out like a beautiful arab teen bj lesbosss sons with mia khalifa turd.

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"Yeaa girl shit my dick out, shit it out. c'mon. push harder… hahahaaaha," he laughed and gasped for air love watching dat ass jiggle blackout pictures. I was shaking, covered in crusty uncle cum, my ass was torn, shredded, bleeding, and violated in every way possible.

I lay there thinking about the night that had just transpired. Dirk was pleased. He lay there drenched in his sweat and mine, his juices- and mine- and my uncles. Would my Aunt know? Does she know? I could still hear the moans and groans of my Aunt and Uncle in the next room. I wondered if he was thinking about what he had just done to me. I thanked god my punishment was over.

I was happy I survived- when Robbie mounted me. Robbie stood behind me, and I heard it- The pop of the Vaseline. Dirk whispered, "wha chew need that for boy?

She is fully open for business." he grunted and lay there stroking his cock, coaching my cousin. "Aight now, kneel down, point your head… There you go." My cousin was railing my anus like his dad and his dads best friend… My cousin was enjoying it too.

He shoved into me as relentlessly and hard as both men had. I laid there and said nothing. I let him finish inside me, like I had a choice. They high-fived and Dirk got up to leave, "See you again later cutie," he whispered as he pat my behind. I learned then. I was not a person only a toy when they needed a good ball draining.